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Symbol Of Hope | Boku No Hero Academia Fan Fiction

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Prologue - Life of a Quirkless Person

"You're worthless."

" Why do you even live?"

" I d on't need your help."

"Don't help me, you fucking piece of shit! "

Those are the words a certain green haired boy is remembering while returning home from his school.  That's right. That boy is none other than Izuku Midoriya, a 14-year-old boy without a Quirk. A Quirk is like a superpower that were inherited from their parents.  If his / her family's Quirks are fire, acid, etc..., then they'll inherit the Quirks from either their mother or father... or both.

But for Izuku?

He was born without inheriting a Quirk from one or both of his parents.  His father, Hisashi Midoriya, can breathe fire, but at the day of his birth, he went away, not knowing the reason.  Izuku Midoriya still remember of what happened to his father, because of how his mother, Inko Midoriya, love him so much.  She even told him about how cool his father is. Because of that, even though he went away, Izuku still loves his father and he knows that there's a reason for him to go migrate to another place.

A Quirk should manifest one's body. When Izuku was 4 years old... he didn't feel a single thing... as he was born Quirkless, calling him numerous names that defame his confidence.  Out of all those names, three are common that really tear his soul apart and those are...

"Worthless Izuku"

"Quirkless Izuku"

"Defenseless Izuku "

Or known as Deku.

The last name is usually being called by his childhood bully, Katsuki Bakugou. Izuku just wanted to help, but Katsuki Bakugo, or Kacchan, nickname of how Izuku used to call him, denies his help.  It only hurt his pride. Because of that, Katsuki blast him with his Explosion quirk in his hands and send him flying to a far away rock.  After the collision, Izuku cried so much. Not only that... Izuku gained a scar from his forehead and bleed... because of how he only wanted to help Kacchan, but in the end... he only hurt him.

The reason? Well, when it was the day to see the kids' Quirks, Katsuki got his, which is the Explosion. Because of that 'thought' of him being way more cooler and stronger than anyone else...

Too much pride took over his soul, mind... and his personality.  The incident happened when Katsuki trip over a small rock and Izuku lend his hand to help Katsuki stand up on his feet.  Instead of offering Izuku's help, Katsuki just blown him away. That day... is the start of how Izuku became less and less humane.  His mother, Inko Midoriya, apologize and comfort him when they learn that her son is Quirkless. She gain weight... as a way... of coping with her pain after that.

4 years have passed after Izuku learned that he is Quirkless. He became more shy than ever, but mostly... not showing emotions on his face.  Whenever he's at home, it is there where his emotions resurface to his face, but... it all changed... after two incidents happened.  First, when he was 8 years old, a news was projected to their television and it showed a great massacre came upon Kamino, Yokohama.  What happened? A bunch of villains with powerful Quirks quickly kill anyone who works and live there... One of those victims...

Includes Hisashi Midoriya.

Hisashi is popular for his Quirk, Fire Breathing and people who knows or heard about him thought that he is strong enough to defeat strong villains. Apparently... they're wrong.  When a picture of the Fire Breathing Hero came, Inko's eyes widened while Izuku got confused at his mother's expression.  8 years of his life, up until that incident... he doesn't know the face of his father. Only that his mother telling him that his father is a cool hero.

When she kneel down with a horrified look, Izuku came to her with a worried look on his face. He asked her about that man.  Instead of replying his question, Inko cried more as Izuku attempt to hug her... to comfort her.  When she calm down, she decide to tell everything to her son... about her husband, who died in the Yokohama incident.

When she finished telling it to her son, Izuku cannot believe it. He thought to himself of where are the heroes when the people, who are in danger, needed them in their desperate times.  Few days have passed, a police station contact Inko about the body of her dead husband.  After Hisashi Midoriya's funeral, Izuku continued to study... despite the lost of his father from a massacre at Kamino, Yokohama.

But... he is not like who he is... as depression struck his life, deeper than before, with an addition of Kacchan still bullying him along with his friends.  That was the first incident. The other one?  Much more worse than his father's... or even equal to the first incident.  July 15. It is an important event for the green haired boy. Why? He is 10 years old, which means... that day is his birthday.

He still haven't shown any emotions after his father's incident until now, but inside... he really can't wait to celebrate his birthday with his mom.  When the school ends, he started to walk back home, still showing the emotionless look on his face. Not too far, a large smoke appeared. Curiosity takes over his body, but something hits his mind to stop his curiosity.

The road where he's walking... leads to the big smoke.

Izuku: (Mom.)

That is all he can ever think as he rush back to his home, hoping that the smoke never happened at his apartment.


He is in front his apartment, where he and his mother are living, but his expression? Horrified, because... he cannot believe what he is seeing. The apartment's on fire.  Without thinking first and not worried about his safety, he rush towards the burning apartment... and rescue his mother inside the room they're both living in.


He successfully rescued his mother.


But she's not breathing as fire-fighters came to the scene with a few heroes on their side and one of them is none other than the No. 1 Hero, All Might.  Still worried about his mother's life, he came to All Might after he's done saving civilians from the burning apartment.  He's about to ask something... that will change his life... in a long, long time until the day of his death came.

Izuku: All Might, I have to ask you.

All Might: What is it, Young One?

Izuku: My-My name is Izuku Midoriya and I'm always a fan of yours... and I want to ask you a question.

All Might: Sure. Ask it away.

Izuku took a deep breath and...

Izuku: Can Quirkless people can become heroes?


No answer came from All Might's mouth. After a few seconds, the Symbol of Peace's smile faded and look at Izuku with a serious expression to answer the youngster's question.

All Might: I'm sorry. Quirkless people can't become heroes.


That was five years ago, yet those are the words Izuku Midoriya still remember, because those words...

Really change is life... with an addition of... his mother... passed away a few minutes... after he saved her from the burning apartment.  Today is now his 15th birthday... and his 5-year anniversary of his late mother and 11-year anniversary of his late father and 11-year anniversary... of how his life change, because of Katsuki, other bullies... and All Might.  Now? He became less humane, but his intelligence and determination of becoming a hero in a different way never faltered.

He really need to thank Mitsuki and Masaru Bakugo, parents of his childhood bully to pay a house that is near to them so that he won't become more devastated and isolated from his experience.  Mitsuki and Masaru did this, because of how their son, Katsuki Bakugo, treated Izuku like a dust.  They did this to apologize to Izuku about their son's behavior and he forgive them easily, because... he's still the same Izuku Midoriya before he never knew about his quirk.

His determination, willpower and the pure heart of giving everyone a second chance, it is his true nature of himself.  Everything a true hero has, because...

He's a true hero. Never giving up on his dream... to become a hero in a different way.