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Our Time Is Running Out

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The cloaked male approached the big group of people on a street slowly. This was something he didn't want to miss. Fires were burning all over town, like they always did. Panic and fear were the scents lingering in the air. He hugged his long coat closer to his body and looked around. He could see glowing ashes dancing around in the sky.
He pushed his way through the bunch of people recklessly, occasionally mumbling a quiet 'sorry' to those who got annoyed with him.

The center of the people's attention was a man standing by a broken street lamp. He was the only one smiling.
The man shifted his weight from one foot to the other multiple times. The people watched him carefully in total silence. They could have done anything to be in his shoes.

The cloaked man watched the scene breathlessly as a bell rang. It was midnight and a new day had begun.
The exact moment the sound of the bell reached the ears of the people, a shriek escaped the lips of the man by the street light. He laughed maniacally and fell down to his knees.
Shadows of the lively flames from the fire caressed his face. He screamed and laughed in turns, digging his hands into his legs.

The cloaked man felt cold as the dark cloud, which always hung over the city, reached with it's frail arms towards the man on his knees. He had watched the same thing happen a number of times, but it never stopped to amaze him.
The dark cloud surrounded the man on his knees and lifted him towards the sky. The people watching the happening could see a white substance being sucked out of his mouth. Then it was over.
It wouldn't get better than that.

The dark cloud let go of the now lifeless body and it fell to the ground with a loud thump. Since there was nothing left to see, everyone left the place quickly.
The cloaked man stayed at the scene a while longer. "Happy birthday." he whispered to the body on the street. He turned his gaze to the fires placed randomly on the streets. They continues to spew ashes.
He knew that the body would be gone by the morning. Probably eaten by various types of animals.

It will soon be my turn. I just have to be wait a little bit more , he thought and walked into the night.