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Getting To Know You

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“Damn, damn, damn, Doll, oh so good, yes, ah.” Clint finished inside of his girlfriend, the last vestiges of her orgasm milking the final strains of release from his tired cock. He rolled from her, bringing her to him again.

“I’m never going to get tired of this,” he said to her, tangling his fingers in her hair. “You are so sexy, do you know that?”

“No. I honestly have no clue,” Hermione teased, and he pinched her lightly. “Hey! Don’t get me started or I’ll wear you out again.”

“Oh, hell no. Not tonight. Three seems to be my limit, and that was my limit like twenty years ago. So at some point, I’m going to go all ‘old man’ on you, and you’ll have to be satisfied with two.”

“Hm. I can think of other ways we can play.”

Clint perked up, propping himself up on one elbow and head on his hand. “Tell me. Because I don’t know what’s better than this. The real thing or nothing.”

Hermione frowned. “You really think that? You’ve never experimented with toys, or lotions or anything?”

“Nah. Who needs it?”

“I do,” she answered quietly. “Adding ‘extras’ can be a whole lot of fun.”

“You replacing me already?” he joked, but with a serious note to his tone.

“Hardly. It’s not a threat to your manhood or anything. In fact, if it makes our sex life richer, don’t you want to give it at least a try?”

Clint thought about it. Just because he was what some of the guys called ‘Vanilla,’ didn’t mean he wasn’t open to trying new things. His ex-wife hadn’t ever suggested it, so he never brought it up. Clint wasn’t happy when he’d found a vibrator twice his size in her underwear drawer but figured it was better she stuck that inside herself than some other guy’s prick. That was one thing he’d always been thankful for; they had both been very faithful spouses.

“I – uh – well. I don’t know much about that stuff. You got anything you want to try now?” her lover asked apprehensively, and she laughed.

“Oh, not at the moment. But I can come up with some stuff. And if you prefer natural, I can do themes.”

“Nothing wild or really kinky like ropes and shit, Doll. I – I’m not sure I can get into that.”

“You like to hold me down, don’t you?”

Clint got a sexy gleam in his eyes and leaned over to kiss her, their tongues entwining until he was kissing her breasts, pulling, pinching, then lowering himself to pleasure her again with his mouth, holding her thighs down and licking and sucking her clit, finger fucking her with three fingers, curling them upwards until she cried out and rode his face, utilizing his nose, mouth, and chin to stimulate her as much as possible.

Moving up when he was done, he wiped himself off using the sheet and tossed it off the bed. “Does that answer your question?” he said to her, his tone low and sexy, still idly playing with her breasts.

“Affirmative Sergeant Legolas.”

“Aw, Doll, PLEASE don’t bring Stark into the bed with us. He was such a prick, the way he set us up.”

“But aren’t you glad he did?”

“Sure, just, don’t mention him, okay? Talk about limp dick syndrome.”

Hermione snorted, then laughed, grabbing her middle. “Oh, fucking hell Clint, that’s funny! ‘Tony Stark, Proprietor of Limp Dick Syndrome.’ I think I’m going to pee. Shit, I gotta go, hang on.” And she streaked into the bathroom, still laughing.

Clint smiled and laid back against the pillows. Wow. Life was pretty good right now. It sure was wonderful to get away with his new Doll for a while, hole up and pretend the rest of the world didn’t exist. The nagging tension headaches and irritable mood swings had vanished, replaced by the replete satiation of a well-fucked man. Oh yes. Life was good. And what was even better? He didn’t even have to use condoms with her. Just to prove to him she was clean, Doll had gotten a clean bill of health, so he’d done the same. It loosened a knot of worry in his stomach he hadn’t realized was there until they decided to just get it over with. Who knew he’d be dating an actual witch, and she didn’t even have any warts?
He snorted at his own joke and closed his eyes. The bathroom door opened and closed, but he was just starting to fall into a light doze. Hermione slid in behind him, pressing her warm breasts against his back, and he held his arm up for her to place one of hers around his middle, then covered it with his own and fell asleep.




Mornings always sucked. It didn’t matter where you were. They just generally sucked. Clint got up first, never able to sleep much past dawn whether he could see the sun or not. His body clock had always been that way, so even if he stayed up late, he got up at the ass crack of dawn, but damn, was he good at the power snooze. Good thing or he really would have been bitchy.

Hermione slid into the shower behind him, and they helped one another cleanup. As much as his morning wood begged for relief, he was still getting used to keeping up with a woman ten years his junior, and the old jolly roger needed to toughen up yet. He’d fucked her three times a day for three days straight, and eaten her out a good deal more and she still wanted more. Maybe toys would save him some skin down the line. If he didn’t rest, there wouldn’t be any left by the end of the four day weekend.

Hermione pushed herself back against the tile, looking up at him, sexily from under her wet lashes. Her hand snaked out and grabbed his tender cock, and he winced and danced away. “Sorry, Doll. No can do. He’s all tired out.”

“Oh, really? He looks pretty ready to me,” and she licked her lips in the direction of his straining prick.

“Doll, I would love to fuck your pretty pussy again. But it’s not happening.”

Hermione pouted a little, and he shut his eyes. “I’m not as young as I used to be. And my body’s been through a lot of hard shit. You gotta give me a break, I’m sorry.”

Hermione got a wicked idea and said, “I’ll be right back, don’t go anywhere.”

He shrugged, hoping she wasn’t going to try and beg him using a different technique. When your dick was done, it was done. Or so he thought.

The shower door pushed open once more, and he stood there, soaking up the spray, eyeballing the two vials she had in hand. He’d made no bones about it that he was a little wary of some of the ‘wizarding’ stuff she talked about, and wasn’t sure he was ready to experiment with potions or the like, even though she’d patiently explained, in-depth, how they were made and what they did. So seeing those little vials sent a shiver through his belly.

“Drink these for me. I know they make you nervous, but they’ll help with the soreness, ache and all of that.”

“I thought we discussed this –“

“No, I tried to discuss it with you, but your mind was made up long before I finished talking. I can tell. Your eyes glaze over and wander everywhere but at me.”

“You’re serious? I – I’m still a little nervous about this magic stuff, I mean, I know Loki and a couple others like Strange can do it, but I like keeping my feet on the ground, thanks.”

“This isn’t magic, Clint, not really. It’s like the pills you take for a headache, without the nasty side effects on your stomach and liver. And it has therapeutic properties.”

“You really wanna get laid again, don’t you?”

“What can I say? You turn me on, and I’m making up for the dry spell.”

“I’ll say. I went through a pretty long dry spell myself, but I feel like I’m caught up for a bit.”

“It’s either these or the toys. There is a great shop down the road that sells magical toys. I’ve got enough wizarding money with me to get a really nice vibrator.”

“You drive a hard bargain. I’m going to remember this. Blackmail.”

She smirked at him sexily. “Bottoms up.”

Clint took one in each hand and eyeballed them again, sighed, and chucked them back at the same time. Oddly, they weren’t too bad. A bit minty, a smooth sensation in the back of his throat, and no aftertaste. He startled a bit when the ache in his knees was suddenly gone, and he felt – stable – solid – like he had when he’d worked out to keep in top physical condition before significant assignments. Oh – that was nice – his libido had kicked in again. Shit! He felt like a new man! His erection felt like steel, balls heavy, an intense lust settling over his brain.

“Doll. I don’t know what was in those things. But if they make me feel like this every time I think I’m done, I’m going to wear you the fuck out.”

“You’re not supposed to take them all the time, but a couple of times a week doesn’t hurt if we end up wanting that much sex.”

“I’m never going to be able to get enough sex with you. I wish I could keep my dick in you twenty-four hours a day.”

“Wow, thank you, I feel the same way. Not the dick in you part, but you know, your dick in me part. Never mind.”

Clint just grinned at her. “I know what’cha meant. Did you take a couple of those medicine potion things too?”

“I might have.”

“Come here. We haven’t christened this shower yet.”

But he moved into her space, lifting her quickly, no preliminaries as she rubbed her pussy along his hardened shaft. “Shit, Doll. That’s so hot, going to fuck you until you can’t walk.”

“Make my day, Archer,” she teased and yelped when he slapped her ass.

“You want me to take a little control? You got it. Gonna fuck you so hard I’ll bust a new hole through your back.”

And he sucked in a deep breath, lining up with her cunt. But he didn’t slam in. That wasn’t his style – usually. He eased her onto him, inch by inch, teasing her, holding her slippery body tightly, so he owned all of the control of movement.

“Clint! Shit! Faster!”

“Mm, in a little bit. I’m enjoying the feel of your sexy body riding the hell out of dick. I honestly never knew what a hot screw felt like before I met you. I’m not going to dig into my past, things were – okay – in that department. No complaints. But sex with you – blows everything out of the water I’d ever experienced before. And I feel like we’ve barely scratched the surface.”

“If you don’t start fucking me harder I’m going to blow something.”

“Don’t tempt me Doll. At the rate I’m feeling, I don’t know if I’d be able to keep from choking you with it.”

Hermione tightened on him at those words, and he was astounded when her vaginal muscles clamped down, a slow, rolling orgasm shaking her in intense waves. Clint cried out and pistoned into her, amazed at the things that turned her on. And she was right, what turned her on, turned him on, because of her pleasure. He’d do anything for her – almost anything – sexually – if she just let him work up to it a bit at a time.

She came down and clung to him, allowing him to slam into her over and over, the hot water starting to go cold, but neither noticed as it was really only hitting their feet and Clint’s lower legs at this end of the bath.

They didn’t need words as he grunted, lifting and lowering her, then holding her in one place, working his hips as fast as he could in that position, balls slapping beautifully with each thrust, and she felt him start to come undone, the hitching of his breath, tightening of his arms and fingers, biting down gently on her collar bone.

“Doll. Doll. Gonna blow soon. If you’re gonna come, do it quickly.”

“Fuck me as hard as you can. I think I can go over with you.”

“Shit! Hold on!” And like a marathon runner, he went into overdrive, hunching up into her, legs bent, fucking her for all he was worth, cock reaching deep inside of her, hitting her G-spot perfectly, and just as the girl screamed he blew his load inside, slamming tight against her, shouting how perfect she was as her high pitch said his name over and over. And when the rush ended, he literally dropped to the tile, catching her in his lap, ravaging her mouth and laughing when the water was suddenly ice cold, and they needed to get out.

“Damn, damn, that was so hot. We gotta do that again.”

“I agree. But next time, let me charm the water heater, so it doesn’t run out.”

“That’s a massive waste of water.”

“Are you complaining?”

“Fuck. To the NO. I’ll let Niagara Falls go down the drain if I get to bone you like that again.”

“Bone me?” Hermione burst out laughing but saw he was serious.

“Yeah. I feel like a sick old fucker talking to you like this, but you’ve corrupted me. Brought out a nasty side I didn’t even know existed. And now that it’s here, I can’t get enough. I feel addicted to you, and it scares me a little.”

Hermione’s eyes softened, and after they were dry, sat down on the edge of the bed and just held him. “You know I won’t smother you if you need space, right?”

Clint nodded but felt a few tears forming in his eyes. What the fuck was wrong with him? He had a hot naked chick in bed, and he was fucking crying. He tried dashing them away, getting angry at himself, but she stopped his hand.

“Don’t. Everyone cries. It doesn’t make you less of a man because you have emotions. We just shared a really intense experience, and sometimes this happens.”

“Not to guys like me.”

“Well, guess what Barton? It just happened to you. Did you feel like something busted loose, and it’s floating around and feels bloody great but scary too like a ride when you were a kid?”

“Yeah, yeah. Almost exactly like that. Like, like, I know I’m never gonna be able to control it, and I’m terrified I’m out of control, but it feels so fuckin’ great. But I don’t deserve to feel that good, you know?”

She tilted his head towards her. “But you do. You do deserve it, and it’ll take time, but I’m going to convince you that you’re worth it. Because you’re mine, and I love you, and I’ll spend as much time as you need giving you space, wiping away your tears, fucking your cock, or bringing you soup if you’re sick. You. Are. Worth. It.”

Clint thought he was going to start crying again, he was so lucky to find this woman, so instead, he took advantage of his dick’s happiness and took her to bed again. And after that, they slept like the dead, because even potions can only carry you so far before you turn into a zombie.