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Perhaps it isn’t silent, after all.

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An introduction from the author.

I wrote this as a bit of a dirty secret. I’ve spent months on it and terrible guilt follows me with the words. I feel bad. This writing is in no way an accurate representation of Brian Warner or Trent Reznor. In fact, I’ve considered many times changing the names in this to different ones. But I didn’t. And now, it is a Marylin Manson/Trent Reznor fanfic.


I wrote this, originally, because I’d been looking for content that didn’t contain many sexual scenes. As you don’t know me, you also don’t know that I really don’t like smut, or anything of that nature. Weird for a NIN fan, but it’s not my cup of tea. Not that there’s anything wrong with creative writing of smut scenes and such. I really don’t care what you write, I just don’t read that stuff. Anyways. I’d been looking for some Nine Inch Nails content to read upon, and decided to slide on over to trusty AO3. At the time that I did this, most of the writings were rather sexual, and it was harder to find writings where there was simply no scenes of that manner.

Again, I have no issue with what you write, and I’d never write rude comments or anything, but it’s simply not what I like.

So I decided to make my own content.

At the time that I started writing this, I was reading Pet Semetary, by Stephen King. I really liked the novel, and watched both movies. So, me, in need of content, and having just finished a chilling and ultimately depressing story, decided to write about it, in a Industrial Rock world.

This is complete fiction. In many ways, I regret this. Most likely, I’m going to delete this soon after posting it.

To Trent Reznor, and Marylin Manson. I’m so, so sorry.

If you have any comments, please keep them appropriate.

This story does contain a lot of very, very dark themes. My writing is detailed, and graphic. There are scenes of abuse, suicide, and drug use. If you have triggers, I beg of you, don’t read this.

Anyways. This is kind of a Maznor version of Pet Semetary. Enjoy.

I’m sorry.


-The author.