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Many ways to say "Thank you"

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Dean and Sam are in a park and they noticed a man with blond hair and glasses smiling excitedly. 


“Hey dudes!” he shouted as he waves at them.


“Do you know this guy?” muttered Dean suspiciously.


“No,” said Sam.


Before the brothers get their guns ready, the man runs to them quickly and shakes their hands quickly.


“Sam! Dean! Been meaning to see you guys! Thanks, Dudes!” said Alfred excitedly.


“Thanks for what?” said Sam in confusion.


“You saved my life!... also you saved the other guys too, well anyway you dudes are my heroes!” said the young nation.


The brothers are confused since they never met this young man...and yet it feels like they know him...he feels very familiar to them and what does he mean by “the other guys too”.


“I see that you are confused...I’m the USA, the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, but just call me America or Alfred or Al” said America.


The brothers get even more confused.


“...Ok let me give you the short version I’m---” America was immediately shot by Dean in annoyance.


America looks at his chest and he laughs as he removes the bullet from his chest and his wound heals up quick.


“...It’s not the first time my own people try to kill me,” said Alfred shrugging as he throws the bullet to a tree and the bullet goes throw it.


“What do you mean by your own people? You’re clearly not human!” said Dean suspiciously.


“I already told you guys, I’m am your land, your home country...” said Alfred in annoyance.


“...You’re uncle Sam?” said Dean as he raised an eyebrow.


“No guys! He’s not real and I’m Alfred F. Jones... not some old fart with the overrated suit!” said Alfred shaking his head. 


Suddenly Castiel appears. 


“Hello, America…” said Castiel.


“Hey Cas,” said Alfred.


Dean and Sam stared at the angel.


“You know this guy?!” said Dean in shock.


“Yes, he has been helping me after Lucifer has been freed…he’s also been helping you two after you sold your soul...” said Castiel.


“...Really? Did the money and stuff came from you?” said Sam in surprise.


America nods excitedly while Dean looks at them in confusion.


“Sam something you’re not telling me?” said Dean.


“...A couple of years ago...someone’s been giving us money and weapons...I didn’t have the guts to tell you...I’m tired of committing credit card scams Dean,” said Sam shrugging. 


Dean sighs.


“...Wait, you said that we saved the other guys too...There are other sentient countries?” said Dean with eyes widen.


“Yeah... but I’m better than all of those guys!” said America as he fist-pumps the air.


Sam rolled his eyes while Dean smirks.


“USA! USA! USA!” chanted Alfred.


“This guy is really our country?…” whispered Sam to Castiel.


The angel nodded awkwardly. "Unfortunately," whispered Cas.


“Oh yeah, I totally almost forgot! Cause you are my heroes..I’ll buy you guys some cheeseburgers and soda and then we’ll get booze and watch the game! Also, there are apple pies!” said America excitedly.


“Alright!” said Dean before Sam could object. 


The younger brother sighed in defeat and walks with them. As the four walked together Alfred gasped.


“Oh right! Another thing I almost forgot...the other guys wants to thank you for saving them too!” said Alfred smiling.


“...Really?” said Sam and Dean in surprise.


“Yeah! some of them would be really happy you saved them! ...though I gotta warn you, some of them are total we don’t get along well …so don’t expect everyone to even give you free stuff or even a thank-you-card, also some will give you lame gifts too...” said America awkwardly as he shrugs.