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Tony had taken it upon himself to keep a closer eye on Peter. The kid was very capable, as he had already proved several times and he had some pretty awesome powers, but he was still a kid. After that homecoming mess, Tony intended for their relationship to be one as mentor and mentee. Nothing more, nothing less.

When the kid rejected his offer to join the Avengers, he decided that he wanted to spend time with Peter outside their superhero activities. If the kid was not ready to be an Avenger, well, that was okay. So knowing Peter was a science nerd –much like himself- he offered him a real internship at Stark Industries to keep the kid close.

At first he was fooling himself thinking it was because he felt responsible for the kid and he wanted to be a good mentor but with time he realized Peter was more important than that. He saw him like a son, like the kid he never had. He wanted to do right by him. So they grew closer and closer. Peter would come over to the compound almost every weekend to work on the lab with Tony or even some training in the gym. May and him were sort of co-parenting.

He and Pepper reconciled. In the press conference that was originally held to inform the world Spider-man was the newest member of the Avengers, well it turned out to be the occasion to make public his totally-prepared and not-at-all-just-planned engagement announcement.

They married a month later and were expecting their baby girl not so long after. Peter was there since the beginning. He was the one talking with Pepper when she started going into labor and was not panicking at all when it happened. A few hours later, the world welcomed Morgan H. Stark. Tony definitely didn’t cry when he held her for the first time and he definitely didn’t take a picture when Peter held his little sister in his arms.

Tony made sure to include Peter in his life, especially since Morgan was born. He was already part of his family, as well as May and he didn’t want him to think he was forgotten, since they were both his kids. Peter was -in all ways but blood- Morgan’s older brother and he knew the kid loved her as his little sister.

Tony was happier than he had ever been in his life. He was married to Pepper and now he had Morgan. Rhodey and Happy were her honorary uncles. Peter was her older brother and soon May became her Aunt May. The Avengers had split up but he gained a new family, and he knew he would protect them with his life.

Everything was perfect. Until a couple of years later, that things started to get complicated. This random guy called Doctor Strange suddenly appeared at the compound and told them he was the guardian of the Time Stone, one of six infinity stones. He told them about its power and how an alien race had tried to take it from him a few days earlier. He told them about Thanos and the threat he was for the universe. So they needed a plan and back up, none of which they had since the team had split so long ago, but you never really know what to expect when you are Tony Stark.


After the Civil war the ‘Rogue Avengers’, like the media now called them, had gone into hiding for a while. After leaving Bucky in Wakanda, Sam, Nat, Wanda and Steve just traveled around and dealt with life being war criminals, trying to take on bad guys whenever they could, while Clint and Scott stayed home with their families.

They had gotten used to this way of life but then, after a couple of years, an attack on Vision happened while he was with Wanda. Some weird alien race tried to take the mind stone off of him. They managed to stall them long enough to get help from Steve and the others but they knew they needed help, someone was after that stone and it wasn’t a good sign.

So naturally, they went to Tony, hoping the fate of the universe would be more important to the man than the division and rivalry the team had been going through for the last few years. They were surprised, however, when they arrived at the compound. They encountered not only Tony with Spider-man, but also this new wizard guy called Doctor Strange.

He explained once again the power of the stones and how Thanos, if he got all 6 infinity stones together would snap the universe in half. Now, with the fate of literally everyone at stake, they decided that staying together was the best way to prepare for a threat like this, hiding and protecting the two stones that were on earth (mind and time) and hoping Thanos didn’t find the other 4 (space, power, soul and reality.)

Since the ‘Rogue Avengers’ were technically still criminals, there was a lot of talking, fighting and yelling to get them back on the right side of the law, but in the end they managed to bring the team back together, under new accords and new leadership. Ross was no longer on command which was a great relief to all of them. Scott came by occasionally while Clint decided to stay with them, they needed all the help they could get. Even T’Challa had been informed of the situation and Bucky returned as well. Eventually, they became a team again.


Peter had managed to keep his identity a secret for the amazing record time of 2 weeks. Rhodey and Vision already knew who he was, obviously. So after meeting the Rogue Avengers that were not Rogue anymore, they started to train and spent a lot of time together to prepare for what was coming. Even though he knew Tony would try to keep him away from the fight, he also knew he would have to help them, if the threat was as big as they were imagining.

So he joined them for team’s activities such as training and eventually, they all found out who he really was and to his surprise, they were all really supportive of it. They all cared for him and helped him train. They were starting to act like a family again.

He had even convinced Doctor Strange to teach him the basics of magic –mostly because the inner nerd in him wanted to do magic- and with that weird looking ring Doctor Strange gave him, he was starting to learn how to create a portal, that yellow sparkly thing that he does. Well, it was a work in progress.

Sometime after everything between them was settled, Thor and Bruce arrived from space with Loki, a new scary woman called Valkyrie, half of Asgard and the space stone. Telling their adventure in Sakaar and how on their way to earth they encountered Thanos, who wanted to take the space stone from them. They lost some people along the way but managed to escape and arrive on earth to warn everyone.

Unfortunately, the presence of a third infinity stone on earth meant that Thanos would be attacking them, sooner or later, so they needed to be prepared. Also, Fury somehow got the news of the situation and called someone named Captain Marvel. Apparently she could be a real help against Thanos.

Peter was 17 and Morgan was about to turn 3 when it all happened. They were just chilling in the common room, like they did most evenings. With not much to do, some of them were watching a movie, some of them were reading or in their rooms. Peter was with Tony in the lab. He had just graduated high school and was about to go to college. To MIT, much to Tony’s pride, so they wanted to spend as much time together as possible.

That is when a spaceship arrived. Everyone panicked, thinking it was Thanos but the people on board were actually allies. They introduced themselves as the Guardians of the Galaxy, they were in possession of the reality stone after taking it from the Collector and now were looking for the rest of the infinity stones to keep them away from Thanos.

They informed them that Thanos had previously obtained the soul stone by sacrificing Gamora, her daughter on Vormir and had taken the power stone when he decimated a planet called Xandar.

Now, his logical destination would be earth, were the rest of the stones were. They were all into fight mode, spending days planning the best way to deal with the threat.

The original plan had been to separate the stones. Take them to different places so Thanos wouldn’t have them all together in one place, but then decided that with an army like Thanos’, it would be better for them to stay and fight together.

So now, the new plan would be to try and retrieve the stones Thanos had already taken, while the stones they did have would be divided between them to keep them apart and protected. They were in the middle of talking and arranging everything when Pepper came running into the room, carrying Morgan in her arms and a panicked look on her face.

There was a giant spaceship outside and that could only mean one thing. Thanos was coming.

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A journey to the past. Part I

Thanos was coming. Even if they had a plan, they weren’t 100% ready for this but Thanos was here and they had to work with what they had. The fate of the universe depended on it. Strange had the time stone. Vision had the mind stone. Thor had the space stone and Natasha had the reality stone. They needed to retrieve the soul stone and power stone. Now, they would be divided and split into teams to go face Thanos and his army.

Everyone left to suit up and get ready to fight. Everyone except Tony, Peter, Pepper and Morgan, who stayed in the room. Peter was about to leave to get his suit but before he could, Tony stopped him. He glanced at Pepper and with a nod of her head he approached the kid and said “Pete, wait. You are not coming with us to fight.”

“What? What do you mean? I’m ready for this. You know I can help!”

“I know you can Pete” He sighed and gave a short glance at Morgan “But I actually have a more important job for you to do”

“What is it?”

“I need you to take Morgan out of here”

“Wait, what? What about Pepper?”

“I’m going to use the Rescue suit Tony built for me.” Pepper answered. “Pete, you know I love you and you are part of our family so we don’t want to put you in danger. We want you to be safe, both of you. I’m going with Tony and we want you two to stay together.”

“But… I want to help… with Thanos”

“You are helping kid. I wouldn’t trust Morgan with anyone else. I know you will protect her. And I also need to keep you safe. Right now, those aliens are going to be after all of us, you need to evade them and escape.”

Peter was about to protest this plan that Tony had obviously been keeping from him but Tony talked before he could complain “Don’t give me that look. You know it’s for both of your sakes. And for my peace of mind. Put on your spider suit just in case. Use the tunnels underground, you know your way around them. Once you are out of the compound, go to May’s, she is probably with Happy and stay there, you hear me? No matter what. I need you and Morgan out of danger”

Peter was not happy with this plan. At all. But if Pepper was going to be on a suit along with Tony, then it meant they were in real trouble. And they needed to keep Morgan out of the fight so if they trusted Peter to do this, he would make sure she was left unharmed “Okay” he said reluctantly.

Pepper was hugging Morgan and kissing her forehead as they said their goodbyes. She passed the little girl to Peter saying “We trust you with her and we know you’ll keep her safe. Just make sure to look after yourself too, okay? Be careful”

Tony went to hug his kids tight, he placed another kiss on Morgan’s forehead and kept an arm around Peter “I know you don’t like this but it’s my job to keep you safe and sound. Both of you. Okay? Stay safe. I love you”

“I love you too. Stay safe”


The stones were separated into teams.

Strange and Wong were obviously in charge of protecting the time stone, with some back up from Drax, Mantis and Pepper.

Thor, Valkyrie and Loki were protecting the space stone.

Bruce, Bucky, Sam and well, Vision were protecting the mind stone.

Natasha, Clint, Rhodey and Scott were protecting the reality stone.

Tony, Steve, and Carol were in charge of retrieving the power stone.

Quill, Groot, Rocket, Nebula and Wanda were in charge of retrieving the soul stone.

And Peter? Peter had the most important job. To take Morgan away from the compound and away from danger.


Peter was running with Morgan in his arms. He knew the team had to split to separate the stones. He felt like he could help them but right now, with little Morgan in his arms, he felt he had the most important job of all and he couldn’t fail, not with his little sister’s life on the line.

“Hey Mo.” He said, holding Morgan tight to his chest “Everything is going to be okay. I’m going to get you out of here. Take you to Aunt May and then I’ll come back to help your parents, alright? I’m gonna keep you safe”

He was finding his way out of the compound, through some tunnels underground made for situations exactly like this. He was wearing his Iron Spider suit -made by Tony and him- just in case he had to fight any aliens, when he saw the yellow sparkly thing that indicated the creation of a portal. His Spidey sense wasn’t alerting him of anything bad so it must be Doctor Strange.

“Peter.” He stepped through the portal and he looked tired already. The battle had begun a few minutes ago so who knew what was already happening “I was looking for you. I need you to do something”

“Hey. Mr. Doctor Strange, I… I want to help you but first I need to take Morgan away from the compound. I have to go” He was kind of in a rush, if he wanted to come back in time to help after leaving Morgan with May.

“I know. Which is why you are the one I need to do this” Said Strange

“To do what?” Peter asked, confused. What could he do if he was going away?

“Remember the ring I gave you? To teach you magic and to create portals?”

“Yeah…? What about it?”

“Thanos’ army is bigger than we could have imagined and we cannot risk more damage or casualties. This will be a big fight. We need to keep the earth and the universe safe. So I have this plan but I need you for it to work.”

Peter had no idea what he could possibly do but he just nodded anyway

“I’m going to transport Thanos and his army, along with some of us to another dimension. The circle of Obsidian. To keep the fight away from here”

Peter had to frown at that “The what now?”

“Listen carefully Peter. In this dimension, we will be able to fight Thanos without worrying about earth and we will be able to keep him away from the other stones. The downside is that if we take any stones with us to this dimension, their power will still have its effects if they are used. The magic in that dimension is unstable so I don’t know what would happen if someone were to use the stones while being in there, but I don’t think it would be good, so I need you to know this plan just in case”

“Just in case of what?”

“In case we don’t make it back by ourselves”

“WHAT? What do you mean you don’t make it back?!? If it’s that dangerous, why would you do it at all?”

“Peter, this is a way to trap Thanos and keep him away from here, where the other stones are. Then, all we need to do is take the missing stones from him. Once we are there, no one can leave. Not without someone taking us out. That is where you come in”

“Me? How am I going to take you out of that place?”

“The ring I gave you to practice, it is linked with my own. Even though you have never been to Obsidian, the ring will know the location because of the connection it has to mine. So you will be able to find us by creating a portal there”

“Okay, let me stop you right there. What? This plan is relying on me creating a portal? Yeah, I don’t think so.” This was a really bad idea, Peter thought. “I don’t know how to. I know you were teaching me but I never really managed to do a fully functional one, and for all of you to depend on me for something like this? Nope. No thank you. Why don’t you ask Wong to do it? He has more experience”

“Because I need him to help me create the spell to transport us to Obsidian. It is a big spell”

Well, shit.

“Peter, I wouldn’t be asking if there was another way, but there isn’t and I know you can do this. I trust you, okay? You’ll be fine.”

“Yeah, right”

“So you get out of here with Morgan, stay safe and when all of this is over, you can come back for us, okay?”


“Good luck. I’ll be on my way now”


The only slight problem with Doctor Strange’s plan was that Peter didn’t currently have the ring with him. It was in his room at the compound. So if something happened to the compound or if someone found it before him, well, it would ruin the whole plan and anyone in that dimension would be trapped in there, probably forever, since those two rings were specifically connected to each other and there would be no other way to find them.

He needed to go back to his room. He didn’t want to risk Morgan but he didn’t want to risk anyone in that dimension either. He needed that ring. And then, he would be on his way out of there, just as he had promised Tony.

He managed to avoid any aliens that might have infiltrated the compound with his Spidey sense and his sticking to the ceiling. So far, he had not gotten into any fights against anyone, which was great, because he had an almost 3-year-old in his arms, her life depending on him.

While he was running, he could hear the sounds of the battle going on outside. The explosions, the screaming and just the mess. He needed to do this quickly. He finally arrived at the living quarters and stepped into his room. It was kinda messy. He should probably start cleaning it sometime. He pushes those thoughts away. Now is not the time to think about cleaning your room. There are more important things going on. He looks for the ring Doctor Strange gave him. It was hidden behind a bookshelf Tony gave him to keep important things safe.

He takes it out and just as he is about to run towards the tunnels again, he sees himself standing in front of Morgan’s room. Who knows if this place will still be left standing after all of this is done, so he goes inside her room and takes her favorite Spider-man and Iron Man plushies. He knows she can barely sleep without having one or the other, so it’s better if he takes them for her to keep.

Now it’s time to get out of there.

He is on his way back to find the tunnels to get out with Morgan when he hears someone running and shouting. He knows he shouldn’t risk any more delays but what if that someone is from their team and needed help? Before he could make a decision to either help or to keep going, the person decides for him, because now he has the other Peter in front of him. The Star-Lord guy. Quill. And he has the soul stone with him.

“Hey, you are Spider-man, right?” He sounds out of breath, like he has been running for a while now. “I need you to take this” And he hands over the soul stone to him. “We took it from Ebony Maw, one of Thanos’ allies and now he is chasing after us with his mental powers or whatever. So to keep it out of his hands we have been passing it along between us, so he doesn’t know which one of us has it. Now it’s your turn.”

“Wait no, hold on” Peter says, trying to give the soul stone back to Quill “I can’t do it. I have another mission” He says, pointing to the little girl in his arms and the golden ring Doctor Strange gave him. “You should find someone else to do it”

Before Quill can answer, they hear the sound of explosions coming their way “Listen, that’s him. He is after me because he thinks I have the soul stone, so I’m just going to run and distract him so you can get out of here, okay? Keep that thing safe”

So now he is left with Morgan, the ring and the soul stone. Great. He doesn’t even need to be in the battlefield for everyone to be depending on him already. He needs to find someone else to protect the soul stone. Right now, he has too many important things and if he is caught, well, all of them would be screwed.

He runs towards the tunnels again, having no idea what to do when he hears the sound of more explosions and sees that ahead of him, the way to reach the tunnels is sealed by debris and rocks. Shit. This was really bad. That was their way out. How were they going to get out of there? He could try to lift the obstacles and reach the tunnels but that would probably take a lot of time. Time he doesn’t have. And his priority right now is Morgan. To take her out of here and keep her safe, away from the fight. And he is doing a terrible job at it.

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A journey to the past. Part II

Without knowing what to do, Peter runs towards Tony’s lab. He has always felt safe there. He knows the place has high security, the walls are reinforced, so even if the compound is destroyed, this lab would most likely still stand. No one without clearance could get in so they could be safe here, at least while he thought what to do next.

He needs to come up with a plan. And fast. The sound of the battle is reaching his ears. He can hear parts of the compound falling apart. Walls coming down. Explosions damaging the building. Everyone else is outside fighting Thanos, fighting for the universe. Tony must be out there, risking his life, thinking that both Peter and Morgan are safe now. How could he disappoint him like that? This was Mr. Stark’s daughter. His little sister. He only had one job. Take her to safety. And now they both were in a lab, closer to the fight than they should be and he couldn’t help but think he failed. How was he going to get her out of here? All he had right now was his suit, the ring and the soul stone.

Wait a minute. The ring. He could try to make a portal to Aunt May, keep Morgan safe and then he would deal with the soul stone. Because there is no way he was going to arrive at his aunt’s house with an infinity stone in his hands. That would put them in danger.

He wasn’t entirely sure this would work. As he had told Doctor Strange, he hadn’t exactly learned how to make a portal right just yet. Sometimes when he tried to do it, the sparkly things would show but nothing else would, and the one time he managed to open a portal, it hadn’t been anything special, it had been a portal to move in the same room, nothing big or successful. But now, he was desperate. This was the only way. So, with all the confidence he didn’t have, he started to try and create a portal to his aunt’s apartment.

He thought of Aunt May. Of their apartment. Specifically, his room. How his bed looked, how it was probably a mess and how he should probably organize it too sometime soon. How he needed to take Morgan away from this place.

It didn’t work the first few times so he just kept trying. “C’mon I can do this. I have to do this.”

And after another couple of tries, he did it. The yellow sparkly thing formed a perfect circle and on the other side of it, he could see his room. He carefully sent one arm through the portal first, to make sure it was secure to go through and then, he threw one of Morgan’s plushies through it -just to be safe- and the toy just landed on his bed.

Once he was sure the portal had actually worked, he had to say goodbye to Morgan. He would be back for her. He just needed to deal with the soul stone first and then he would be right back with her and Aunt May. Now, he didn’t want to come back to fight, he wanted to stay with his little sister.

“Hey Mo.” He said while carrying Morgan in his arms for the last time –at least for a while- “You know I love you, right? I have to let you go. You will be fine though. Aunt May will take care of you while I find my way out of this. In the meantime, you can use the Spider-man plushie to remember I will always come back for you. And so will Iron Man. And so will your entire superhero family.”

More explosions and fighting could be heard from the outside. He needed to do this fast. He pressed a kiss on her forehead. She was staring at him with her big brown eyes, holding his finger to her chest. “Don’t worry about us. We’ll be fine. Just remember we love you, okay? I love you” And with that, he sent his little sister through the portal to his room. To his Aunt May. To safety.

Now, he had to find a way to get rid of the soul stone, so no one from Thanos’ army could take it back. He needed to find someone to keep it safe, so he could get out of there. But first, he also needed to make sure the ring was safe. He didn’t know what he could find on his way to protect the soul stone, but if something happened to that ring, it would be over too, so he decided his best option was to hide it in the lab.

He asked FRIDAY to open one of the Iron Man suits and he placed the ring inside the compartment for the arc reactor. No one could get it out unless they had the right clearance and they needed to go through FRIDAY first too. He would come back for it later. Morgan was safe and so was the ring. Okay. Now the soul stone and then he would be out of there.

Peter runs out of the lab and almost immediately he runs into Wanda, Clint and Sam. Something bad must have happened, because these three people were literally in different teams each to protect different stones and Wanda is crying. He looks at them with a confused look on his face but Clint just says “We’ll tell you on the way” As he grabs his arm and they start running again.

When they finally stop running, it’s to start fighting the aliens that were after them. Fortunately, it’s just a few of them and it’s a rather easy win. Now, explanations.

“Okay” Clint starts. “First of all, what the hell are you doing here? I thought Stark had sent you and Morgan somewhere else”

“I know but we found some problems along the way” So he explains how in his way out he talked to Doctor Strange about the Obsidian Dimension and about the ring, how he had to come back for it and then how Quill just handed him the soul stone. How he created a portal to take Morgan to his Aunt May and now how he needed them to take the soul stone from him so he could get out of there like he had promised Tony.

“Give it to me” Sam said. “But this is not a good idea either, because Wanda has the reality stone” And that is when he noticed the glowing red stone in Wanda’s hand. He had thought it was her magic but it was actually the reality stone, so now between the four of them, they had two infinity stones. That’s just great.

“What happened?” Peter asked “How are you together? I thought you were in different teams with different stones”

“The plan went to shit.” Sam answered. “Vision is gone. Thanos has the mind stone” At that, Wanda started crying again. So that is why she looked so destroyed “I’m sorry, we failed to protect him”

“I’m sorry, Wanda” Peter said, he knew how much she cared for him. She wiped her tears to look at Peter with a defeated look.

“I managed to take the soul stone from Ebony Maw and I gave it to the Guardians, somehow it ended up with you. After I saw Vision was gone, we heard Strange’s plan of the different dimension and everything. They needed to keep away as many stones from Thanos as possible, so Natasha gave me the reality stone.”

“Wait, so that means, Doctor Strange already sent them to Obsidian? They are already there?”

“Yeah” Clint answered. A panicked thought went through Peter’s head

“Who is there? Besides Thanos?”

Clint, Sam and Wanda all looked at each other, as if deciding whether to tell him or not was a good idea and that was all the answer he needed. Tony was in Obsidian.

“No. Please. Not him”

“I’m sorry kid. I know how much you care for him. But he'll be fine. He is Iron Man. We just need to wait for them to take the stones from him and then you’ll do the magic portal thing and they will be back”

“Who else is there?”

“Well, besides Tony, I think there was also Steve, Nat, Pepper, Bucky, Carol, Quill, Strange and Wong. Everyone who was in the battlefield at the moment of the spell”

“And which stones?”

“Thanos had the mind stone. That is the one they are trying to retrieve. Carol has the power stone after taking it from Thanos and Strange has the time stone.” Clint replied.

“We have the soul stone and the reality stone. Last I heard, Thor still had the space stone” Sam added.

“Now what?”

“Now, you get out of here. We’ll manage to hide this while you get to safety. You are everyone’s ticket back from that dimension”

He wanted to help them but he also knew he needed to stay safe. He was apparently the only one between them who knew the basics on creating magic portals with the ring so if something happened to him, there wouldn’t be many options to bring everyone back from the Obsidian dimension.

“Okay, good luck” And just as he was about to go, a weird-looking alien appeared in front of them. From the looks of everyone in the room, the guy was an important enemy, probably the one they had already faced. Ebony Maw.

Wanda hid the reality stone while preparing to attack the alien. They both had similar powers, so for a while it’s just them throwing stuff at each other with their minds, until Ebony Maw manages to catch her off guard and throws her against a wall. She tries to get back on her feet but Peter can tell she is hurt. Not considering her a threat anymore, the alien focuses its attention to Sam and the soul stone. So it’s time to take some action.

Clint, Sam and Peter fight him off to protect it, but at the end, Ebony Maw manages to take the soul stone from Sam. And now he is heading towards Wanda, who is still on the floor, to take the reality stone from her.

Peter sees both Clint and Sam are hurt on the floor, there is nothing they can do. But he can’t let them win. After everything they have risked, Peter cannot let him take the stones. So with the little strength he has left, he manages to get on his feet and before the alien can grab the reality stone, he throws a web in the direction of the soul stone and Peter almost manages to take it from him but at the last second, Ebony Maw evades it and keeps the stone.

He turns around, his eyes on Peter and his back to Wanda. Peter knows what she will try to do. She can finish him off, Peter just needs to buy her some time, keep the alien distracted, so that is what he is going to do.

“You think you can defeat me, insect? Your powers are inconsequential compared to mine”

“You know, Spiders are arachnids, not insects”

“I have the soul stone. And soon, I’ll collect the rest of the infinity stones for Thanos. Your sacrifice will mean nothing. You are nothing, compared to us and our mission”

He could see Wanda standing on her feet and creating her red magic with her fingers, only a few more seconds.

Ebony Maw takes the soul stone in his hand and it starts to glow orange “You’ll regret you ever stood in our way. Now, you will be trapped in the soul realm, where no one will find you.” The soul stone keeps glowing in his hand, the alien’s look is fixed on the stone so Peter uses the distraction to throw a web again and this time, he manages to catch the soul stone.

Now, with the stone in his hand, Wanda blasts him into oblivion.

Ebony Maw is gone. Wanda has the reality stone safe and Peter retrieved the soul stone. Clint and Sam are starting to get on their feet, about to congratulate both of them, but Peter feels something is not right, because he is glowing orange.

Everyone is looking at him, Wanda runs to take his hand but it goes right through him, as if he is a ghost. “Peter. I can’t touch you” He looks at the stone in his hand, glowing orange while he is slowly disappearing. That is when he remembers Ebony Maw’s words before he took the stone from him. You will be trapped in the soul realm. He gives one last look towards Wanda, trying and failing to give the stone back to her, knowing she understands what is happening too. Before he knows it, he has completely disappeared. And so has the soul stone in his hand.


Tony knows the original teams are separated. The original plan didn’t exactly work. Even though they managed to retrieve the soul stone and the power stone, they also lost Vision and the mind stone.

He makes a mental note to remember where the infinity stones currently are. Thor is somewhere with the Space Stone. Strange has the time stone. Carol has the power stone. Quill is supposed to have soul stone. And Natasha gave the reality stone to Wanda. Vision is gone and now Thanos has the mind stone and that is the one they need to get back, while keeping Thanos from retrieving any of the ones they already have.

And right now, they are fighting with their luck and without a solid plan against an army of aliens. That is, until Strange comes along with a crazy plan to take them to a different dimension, Obsidian or something like that. He warns them about the energy of the place and the reaction it could have to having the infinity stones there but on the bright side, Thanos would be away from earth and away from the rest of the stones. They could defeat him without worrying about casualties or any more risks. But more importantly, they would be taking Thanos and his army away from Peter and Morgan.

So Wong and Strange prepare the spell to take them to Obsidian and in a short second, they are all there. Everyone who was in the battlefield not trying to hide a stone away from Thanos is transported to the Obsidian dimension. Out of the corner of his eye, he can see Steve, Nat, Pepper, Bucky, Carol, Quill –without the soul stone-, Strange and Wong. Out of everyone there, he really wished Pepper would have stayed on earth.

Everything is dark and made of solid rock. Looks cold and lonely. The stones would still work there but the ideal thing, as Strange had said, would be not to use them there. There are 3 stones on earth right now, soul, reality and space. And there are 3 stones in here. Power, time and mind. At least Thanos won’t be able to use all of them and he won’t be able to escape either.

Strange had warned them of the dark energy from this dimension. Using the infinity stones in that place could be dangerous, no one really knew what to expect from the unstable nature of the place. But they had to get rid of Thanos and retrieve the mind stone. Whatever it takes. They were still some of them on earth, so he had to hope that if anything happened to them, the remaining heroes would find a way to help them, to take the stones back and reverse it all to what it was.

He wanted to go back to Peter and Morgan. More than anything. But he needed to defeat Thanos. They have been fighting without much progress for god knows how long. They are all exhausted and there is not really much they can do. So he looks at Captain Marvel. At Carol and the power stone in her hands. She looks back at him and she knows what she has to do.

That is when she uses the power stone. It starts glowing purple. Even with all her powers, it is still too much for her. But Thanos knows he has been defeated. You can see it in his eyes. There is no way he’ll win and now he knows it.

Carol is screaming with the energy of the stone cursing through her body, and in a very unexpected move, Quill grabs her shoulder to share the power of the stone between them. It seems to help her somehow so every hero in the obsidian circle goes to help her by touching each other’s shoulders. Dividing the power of the stone between all of them. To defeat Thanos and take the mind stone from him.

They are about to use the stone to finish Thanos when he starts speaking “You may have defeated me, but I won’t let you go without paying for this.” Thanos says while taking the mind stone in his hand and preparing himself to use it, it starts glowing yellow “You succeeded. They will remember all the heroes that are on Terra right now. But all of you? You will be forgotten. Erased from existence in everyone’s minds, they won’t remember who you are and the sacrifice you are paying.” And with that, the mind stone keeps glowing, probably executing what Thanos just ordered it to.

The power of both stones doing their work -mind to erase everyone’s memories of the missing Avengers and power to destroy Thanos and his army- must have been too much for the dimension of Obsidian, just as Doctor Strange had predicted, because now, everyone and everything around them is starting to turn into solid stone.

They barely had the time to realize what was going on. It all happens so fast. Thanos’ army is gone thanks to the power stone but now they were going to be trapped there, turned into statues without people remembering they existed because of the last order Thanos gave to the mind stone. But it was okay, they had defeated Thanos and his army, the universe was safe. And Tony was sure than someday, someone would remember them and would get them out of there.

Chapter Text

A jump into the future

-7 years later-

“Wake up sleepy head, the sun’s been up for ages”

“Ugh. Five more minutes Aunt May”

“You are late for school Morgan”

“School? Oh no!! Why didn’t you wake me up before?” Morgan is suddenly more awake now “The alarm didn’t go off. I can’t believe this! I’m gonna be so late!” She starts reaching for her clothes and gets ready to take a shower when suddenly she realizes what day it is.

“Hang on a second. School is out. The alarm didn’t go off because I’m on vacation. Aunt May, your joke is NOT funny.” Morgan answers, reaching for her blankets again.

“Yeah but you fell for it, didn’t you?” Aunt May says with a laugh

“I’m sleepy. I’m going back to bed”

“You should try to go to bed earlier, you know. You were up really late last night”

“I was reading. Doing research”

“Oh really. About what?”

“Superheroes. Iron Man and Spider-Man”

“Superheroes? Sweetie, don’t you ever get tired of reading this silly thing? Those plushies are just toys. It doesn’t mean they were real superheroes”

“They are not silly, okay? I just want to understand” Because if some members of the Avengers were called names such as Ant Man and Falcon, why couldn’t there be an Iron Man or Spider-Man?

“I know. You think someday you will find something. But besides your research, what else has kept you up?”

“What do you mean?”

“Morgan, I know you honey. I know that face. What happened?”

“I had the strangest dream last night.”

“Again? It’s been a while since you had any of those”

“I know. And generally I can’t remember much but this time was a bit different.”

“Okay, tell me about it while we make breakfast. C’mon.” They both stood up and headed towards the kitchen. “What was it about? The young boy? You always hear his voice”

“No, it was strange. It was about another space and time. A place I didn’t recognize. It was dark and I couldn’t see much. It was made out of stone or rocks. It was like I was there but at the same time I wasn’t.”

“Momo. You know they are just dreams, right? They don’t really mean anything. It’s just in your head”

“Yeah, but then the place changed, into a big abandoned compound. This time, I did recognize the place. I felt like I had been there before, you know? It was on ruins because there was a sort of battle happening. It was so familiar.”

“A battle? You are letting your Uncle Rhodey’s stories about his days as an Avenger go too far into your head now”

“I don’t think so. I still think there is a part of the story that is missing”

“And why would that be?”

“Because my life just doesn’t make any sense Aunt May.”

“Why not?”

“Because no one seems to know who my parents are! I know I’m Morgan Stark and apparently I’m the heir to Stark Industries, since Uncle Rhodey and Bruce are taking care of it, but I’m the only Stark in the world. Who are my parents? How did you, Uncle Rhodey and Uncle Happy even know them? And why don’t you remember them?”

“Honey, you know I don’t know that”

“Yeah, that is what I find so strange.” She knew May didn’t like talking about this, because they both ended up with more questions than answers. “And who is Peter? You had a room for him. Then, I suddenly appeared there in that room where he should have been and now you don’t even know who he is. He must have been important, right? You must have cared for him."

“I do dimly remember a Peter but I don’t have any specific memories about it. It’s really vague and it confuses me. I don’t know what else to tell you about it Morgan”

“Yeah. I know.” She sighed. It always ended like this, May had no idea how to answer the questions about Morgan’s past and that frustrated both of them. “I love you, Aunt May, you know that, right? You have always been there for me but I just don’t understand. How did you end up with me? How did my parents just disappeared from the world? Why does no one seem to remember them?”

“You know the story as far as I remember it. I knew you since you were born. I don’t really remember your parents but they must have trusted me because one day you were just in the room next to me and they never came back. So, with Happy and Rhodey, we decided you would stay with me, since we didn’t really know what was going on either and I care about you, we all do”


“So, what did you find about Iron Man and Spider-man?”

“Not much. As usual. They are like ghosts”

“Why do you need them to be real?”

“Because you told me all I had when I first got here where those toys, so I think they must have some sort of connection to my past, to help me understand where I come from”

“I wish I had all the answers to your questions sweetie.”

“I know. Don’t worry. I know you don’t like talking about it”

“It’s okay. I know you must have a lot of questions. I do too sometimes.”

“Here is another question… are you and Uncle Happy…?”

“Okay! Now, about breakfast, I’m trying not to burn it this time. Why don’t you better help me so we don’t have to discuss my love life?”


Since Morgan was in her summer break, she had time to sleep, do science, wonder about her past and hang out with some of her oldest friends: Cassie Lang, she was Scott’s daughter, aka Ant-Man and Nathaniel Barton, Clint’s younger son aka Hawkeye. How she even knew the children of two of the Avengers was completely a mystery for her, even if they were a couple of years older than her. In her mind, they just had always known each other.

Same with the rest of the Avengers too. She knew the whole team. Or what used to be the whole team in that final battle against Thanos all those years ago. Clint, Sam, Wanda, Bruce, Scott, even Thor and Loki. She and her family didn’t really recall meeting them at a particular moment. They just had been friends since forever.

And about that final battle. Everyone knew about it. How Earth’s mightiest heroes fought against aliens to save the universe, keeping 2 out of 6 infinity stones with them. Reality and Space. The rest of the stones, no one really knew where they were or what had happened to them or Thanos, but the important thing is that they had won and the mad titan wouldn’t be bothering them anymore.

But Morgan was sure there was a part missing in the story. Everyone around her just seemed to accept the strange situations there were commonly put in, like how no one remembers a lot of details about that battle or how sometimes some of the heroes would have to double-check their story because there was a part that didn’t make sense. For everyone else, it was just because they were forgetting things. For Morgan, it was because something was missing behind it all.

She had asked Nathaniel about stories from that battle, since his father had been in it. Clint didn’t seem to remember much but he did say there were some things in his house –like weapons and tasers- that were marked after someone called Natasha. Clint didn’t know who she was. But from the way Nathaniel told her the story, she knew that his friend sometimes wondered if he was named after her, whoever she might be.

Cassie had also asked her dad about that final battle without much success either. The most she got from him was that there was a talking raccoon and a walking tree and they were both part of some weird space group to protect the galaxy. Morgan didn’t ask much about that part.

But what she really wanted to know –and what no one seemed to be able to answer her- was how was she tied with all of this? It couldn’t be a coincidence. Her life had been pretty crazy since she could remember. She always has more questions than answers. It was really frustrating.

Since she was little, she had dreams of a young boy whispering her name. When she had nightmares about that battle, the boy would sing her to sleep. It was a familiar song but she couldn’t put her finger on it exactly. And it was always a voice. Never a face. Sometimes, she thought she saw brown curls and a weird-looking suit. It was similar to the one from her Spider-man plushie but at the same time, it was different. But it could have been her imagination.

One night, he told her his name was Peter and that they knew each other, even if she couldn’t remember it. That is what made her suspicions start, about not everything being what it seemed. The voice was too real to be a dream. And all too familiar.

She wanted answers. She thought the young boy could tell her but he didn’t seem to be capable of talking that much. But she knew she would figure it out. She had always been smart. Everything had an explanation. And someday, she would solve the mystery of her origins.

“Someday I’ll understand, who I really am,” She thought.

Chapter Text

A sweet nostalgia in my heart

Morgan finally goes to bed and has a dream again, except, this time, it doesn’t feel like a dream, it feels like a memory. It is too real and it feels like she knows when this happened, because her mind couldn’t have imagined this.

She was in a big room, decorated with baby things all around the place. It was a beautiful room and Morgan felt like she should recognize it, she felt she had been there before. There was a crib and a baby on it covered in blankets holding an Iron Man plushie that looked exactly like the one she owned and in the other corner of the room, she could see the Spider-Man plushie leaning on a chair full of other toys.

Suddenly the baby starts crying but not 10 seconds later a young boy with brown curls in his pajamas appears in the room and starts to hold the baby to calm her down.

“Stop crying Momo. Shhh. It will be alright.” Morgan listens to his voice. He is talking almost in a whisper and keeps holding the baby “You will wake your parents if you keep crying and they really need to sleep. Calm down. Your big brother is here.” And he starts singing a song to make her sleep. Morgan recognizes it. It’s a familiar song from a Disney movie.

“Come stop your crying it will be alright. Just take my hand. Hold it tight. I will protect you from all around you. I will be here don’t you cry”. The baby stops crying and is now looking at the boy with big wide eyes when suddenly another voice comes from the door, an adult man walking in and joining the song, his voice familiar too.

“For one so small, you seem so strong, my arms will hold you, keep you safe and warm. This bond between us can’t be broken. I will be here don’t you cry”

The young boy looks at the older man with surprise and then with a smile, the man approaches and kisses the baby’s forehead and then they start singing together for the baby to fall back asleep.

“'Cause you'll be in my heart. Yes, you'll be in my heart. From this day on, now and forevermore… You'll be in my heart, no matter what they say, you'll be here in my heart… Always… Always...”

They finish the song and the boy puts the baby -now asleep- back into the crib again. They both stay in the room looking at the baby sleep peacefully before the boy talks with a low voice “Hey Mr Stark! I didn’t know you knew the song”

“Kid, when you have a baby you tend to watch Disney movies, Tarzan is one of them and some songs are kinda stuck on your head. Also, you didn’t have to come here for her, I got it”

“I know you do, but I wanted to help. She might be your kid but she is also my little sister”

The man looks at the boy with a smile on his face “Yeah I know Pete.” He puts an arm around his shoulder. “But you are also my kid and you need to sleep”

“So do you and Pepper. Besides, I don’t mind”

“Yeah, I know. Thank you. Go back to bed Pete, see you tomorrow”

“Okay, no problem. You should go back to bed too. I know you don't usually sleep a lot but you also need to rest."

"Which one of us is the parent here? I should be the one worried about your sleeping habits"

"I think no matter what, you will always worry about me the same way I worry about you, so just go to sleep or you would be setting a terrible example for me and for Morgan"

"Ugh, you got me there Pete. Okay, I'll stay with her a little while and then I'll go back to sleep, how is that?"

"Fine. Goodnight dad”

The boy leaves the room and the man stays looking at the baby for a while, gently touching the baby’s face and holding her tiny hand in his. Then he keeps singing the final part of the song.

“When destiny calls you, you must be strong, I may not be with you, but you've got to hold on, they'll see in time I know, we'll show them together, cause you'll be in my heart…”

Morgan wakes up and feels a sweet nostalgia in her heart. Something she didn’t know was missing returning to her. She doesn’t know for sure if it was real but she is almost certain that the baby in her dream was her. The boy had called the baby 'Morgan' and he called the man ‘Mr. Stark’ and then ‘dad.’ It’s the first time she hears the name Stark not being addressed towards her, so she could be related to the man, and even to the boy, even though she didn’t understand the change of names, from something so formal like Mr. Stark to something so familiar like dad.

The boy had implied they were siblings too, and that he would protect her, but from what? She didn’t understand much but it left her wanting to know more about it.

Sometimes she dreamt about a world she seemed to know well. Dreams of people she had never seen before. But it had never felt like that dream she just experienced. It left a feeling she just couldn’t try to forget. Like something is missing in her. She has always had some weird memories but she can’t decipher what they are.

Someone holding her, safe and warm. Things her heart used to know, things it yearns to remember. Across her memory, she sees flashes of something that looks like a lab? Motor oil, a robot? It felt really far away and really long ago, but real. She feels like a little girl who doesn’t know where the world she left is.

Sure, she had Aunt May, Uncle Rhodey, Uncle Happy and everyone else. Her entire life she had been a lucky and bright kid with a great childhood. They were a family and she always had everything she needed with them, a life full of love and joy. But what if there was someone else? Someone behind those dreams? Because all those years of dreams just can’t be wrong.

Maybe, somewhere down the road of her memories, someone was expecting her, arms wide open waiting for her to be where she really belongs.