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Headcanon Requests Book (OPEN)

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Requests are OPEN


Aight y’all.


I know that in like, April, I said my next big project was a writing requests book.


So I may have forgotten about that.


And then remembered.




So, this is less of a requests book for stories, as intended, and more of a Headcanon requests book.


I’m copy pasting a list of things I’m completely willing to do HC lists for from my original document, so ya. Here y’all go.


  • NSFW Content (see below for details)
  • Fluff!
  • Angst
  • Character x Character
  • Character x Reader
  • pretty much any AU
  • Most kinks
  • Poly relationships
  • Genderbent characters
  • Any LGBT+ alignment headcanons, I.E. trans characters, non-binary characters, and any sexuality headcanons
  • Any disability headcanons/scenarios.


Basically, what I want is a comment saying something along these lines


“... a list for Todoroki getting gum in his hair and cutting it out...”


It can be as basic as that, or as elaborate as,


“... a list for Todoroki getting hit with a genderbend quirk and dealing with her period, helped out by Momo, with a bit of side TodoBaku...”


The more details you leave in your request, the better. It’s just easier. Any details you leave out, I’ll fill in. That includes quirks for reader inserts, character ages, and even ships. If you don’t specify a ship, it will not have one at all.


sO. The NSFW Details. I will write kinks, roleplay, and all that fun stuff. I do, however, have strange feelings about certain NSFW content, and will be very clear in telling you what I am comfortable with when a comment comes through. Usually, I’ll try to compromise though. Just know, I have the right to deny any requests.


Also, I’m completely fine with slightly freaky kinks. Go ahead. I (probably) won’t care. Y’all have seen the shit I write already. I’m literally 40k words into an age regression fic and wrote a 2.5k word thing satisfying one of my own freaky kinks. It doesn’t get much stranger than that. Go nuts, suggest freaky shit. I’ll tell you where my boundaries lie when we get there.


It will take me a while to write these, but it really shouldn’t take longer than a week or two. Updates will come only on weekdays, because I’ve got other stuff to write! If you have some crazy, burning desire to see a list expanded, or a list based off another work I’ve done, ask using the chapter number and title, or the story name, along with what you want elaborated, and I’ll see what I can do.


I will also, if you have a certain image you want me to do a HC list based off of, link it! I’ll do cosplay photos, drawings, and probably more, and I’d prefer a photo directly from the source so I can properly credit the original artist


Please, as one last thing to say, only put requests on this chapter. Anything requested that isn’t here on this chapter, I won’t do. And be kind, please. I’m a student, and my time is seriously divided right now. If your list isn’t up within two weeks, I’m probably just a tad bit backed up. Be patient, I’ll get around to it eventually. Any requests that come my way while requests are closed will be done when I open requests again, but not before. Thank you!


aNYWAY! Go ahead and suggest stuff!