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Avengers: Children of Thanos

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There are infinite realms of possibilities, different universes co-existing.

Each one different and with their own stories to tell.

Take your universe for example.

The Avengers, a team of remarkable individuals who stands together and fights for the people of Earth from imminent global threats.

Yes, in your universe, they're heroes, Earth's Mightiest Heroes in fact…

But not in this universe.

In this universe, Earth had faced a threat that they were not prepared for, and they lost.

They lost because they had no heroes to help them. In fact, the Avengers Initiative was never ever dreamt of.

No one could have predicted or been prepared for that threat.

The threat was Thanos.

A Genocidal War-Lord from the deep depths of space, that was on a universal mission to bring order through the Galaxy. By killing off half of every planet's population.

To ensure that future generations could live on, without the fear of overpopulation and destruction.

Earth was one of the first planets that he invaded.

Half of Earth's population was slaughtered, and there were no heroes to stop him or his army.

The "Avengers" that you know, were only children during the attack. While the C hitauri Army was invading the planet, Thanos wandered around the planet.

The Mad Titan found children who displayed great potential. and took them all in.

To raise as his own children.

This is the story of The Black Order.

How they survived years of torture, and how they all came together...

And became a true family.