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So I have a soft spot for you, what of it?

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“I knew you were slow, Belmont, but this takes the cake.” Adrian croons and cocks his head leaning forwards a little from where he’s perched in an armchair. Trevor looks up from the book he’s clearly trying his best - and failing, might he add - to read and Adrian’s grin grows. He's clearly struggling and hasn't gotten very far, but he's made some progress. He's got too much pride to ask Sypha for help. And there's no way Trevor is asking him for help. He knows he’s going to get a quip from Trevor, he knows he’s won. But much to his surprise, and disappointment, Trevor only raises an eyebrow and frowns at him before going back to trying to read.

Well,” he thinks, narrowing his eyes. “That’s new.”

While it’s very unlike Trevor to not fight back against the jabs he makes towards him, it’s in his nature to fight, after all, Adrian knows it’s not impossible. He also knows, however, that that is extremely rare. It’s only when he goes too far does Trevor not answer. Opting instead to look away, clearly hurt.

It’s easy to pick fights with Trevor. Adrian is childish when it comes to petty insults and bothering Trevor. But it's always fun to pick fights with the Belmont. All you really need to do is look at him funny for a while and he’ll stomp over and put himself in your personal space, demanding to know why you keep staring. Or this, or that. Or...well, anything really, it would seem Trevor isn’t too picky. As long as he gets an excuse to fight. He’s just that kind of man.

Frankly, he should know better than to pester the hunter to no end, but perhaps Sypha was right when she laughed and told him he was just a teenager in an adult body, not that he would ever admit that out loud. He found some sort of morbid amusement on driving the other man up the wall. It was fun to see the man annoyed and angry, it was a good look on him. And while Adrian is hiding his staring by "looking" down at the ground, his eyes are on Trevor.

“Stop that,” Trevor says suddenly. Adrian’s head snaps up, hair falling in front of his eyes. He tilts his head innocently.

“Stop what?” He purrs.

“Don’t be coy, stop staring.” He said. He clearly tried to snap at him, but it comes out half-hearted and tired. Adrian tries to pretend that it doesn’t bother him. Because not getting a rise out of Trevor is boring. But the half-hearted way he answers makes him pause. That's new.

After a moment of silence, Adrian gets up, brushing some dust off his pants and frowning. This is boring. If Trevor won’t fall for his insults than he’s got better things to do. He saunters past Trevor, taking a moment to look down at the page. Simple conjuring spells. He scoffs and brushes some of his blond hair behind his ear.

“You’re making great progress, Belmont. Only a few two hundred more pages to go.” He mocks, continuing his stride. He puts a sway in his walk, but Trevor doesn’t even acknowledge him until he’s almost out of earshot. Adrian can hear him just fine, however. Advanced hearing does help quite a bit.

“Fuck off, fangs.”

Adrian pauses. He expects the satisfaction of getting a rise out of Trevor, but it never comes. Sure, he gets an answer, but it’s quiet, soft. Tired. He doesn’t shout at him and call him a bunch of names or yell a bunch of obscenities at him. He doesn’t turn around to glare at him or flip him off, or to launch the book at him. It’s all...very unlike Trevor. He doesn’t quite like it. It was out of character for him.

When Adrian turns to look at Trevor, his head is resting on the armrest of the chair, and his head is resting between his crossed arms. He looks to be asleep. Adrian smiles gently. Ah, so that’s all that is. Just tired. Nothing to worry about then. Good. While it was fun to harp on Trevor, he didn’t really wish any harm. Nor any ill mind. But he wouldn’t dare admit that. He sighed gently as he left the room, pulling his coat closed tighter than it already was, hating the sinking feeling of dread in his stomach. And while advanced hearing helped a lot, he still missed the small sob that echoed in the room where Trevor “slept” as he walked away.

Adrian was careful as he walked through the rows of books in the Belmond hold, softly trailing his fingers on the spines of the books he passed by. Every once in awhile, he would pull a book from the shelves and flip through the pages absentmindedly with a small frown. Eventually, he found himself standing in the “main” area of the hold if you could call it that, staring up at the ceiling. It was quiet. He liked that. Finding than other than at night, it would be hard to get some silence. And even that was rare. Because Sypha muttered in her sleep and the Belmont was plagued with nightmares that left him whimpering and waking with gasps and sometimes shouts, though he had gotten better at not doing that last thing over the years.

"You're still up?" Sypha's voice snaps him from the reverie he'd fallen into. He blinks and slowly, ever so gratefully, strains his neck to look at Sypha.

"You're still up?" He returns with a sly smile. The speaker scoffed as she reached his side. Looking up as well.

"It's not late." She answered, making Adrian chuckle. He smiles, that small smile he knows infuriates Trevor but that Sypha loves and brushes a strand of hair from his face. If it's not late why ask him if I'm up? He muses to himself.

"My dear Sypha, it's the middle of the night." He muses aloud, giving her an amused but slightly confused look. And Sypha blinks. Her face falls and Adrian holds back a laugh at that.

"I must have gotten too caught up in my reading," she murmurs, crossing her arms. "Fine, you don't sleep, so what are you doing just standing here, staring at the ceiling. Weren't you with Trevor?" She speaks quickly and it takes a moment for Adrian to completely understand her what she's saying. He frowns.

"He's asleep. And while I may, in his words, be an "asshole" I was not going to wake him. The barbarian sleeps too little as it is." Alucard shrugs. It's partly the truth, partly a lie. Because while Trevor was sleeping. He also hadn't been talking and that was boring. So of course, he'd just left.

"You're just going to leave him there? In that uncomfortable armchair?" Sypha frowns, planting her hands on her hips. Adrian knows he isn't winning this "argument" between them before he even thought of opening his mouth, but he isn't going down without a fight. So he crosses his arms and shifts his weight onto one leg.

"As a matter of fact, yes." He says, pouting. He knows he's looking like a child, but he frankly does not care.

"You can't leave him there." Sypha protests. She sounded annoyed, which was fair. But he didn't care. He heaved a sigh but didn't budge. Didn't even bother replying. Just raised an eyebrow and gave her a blank face, bored.

"Alucard," Sypha warned, crossing her own arms. She doesn't say anything else, but it's clear that if anyone is going to move the sleeping Belmont, it's not her. She's much too small to carry Trevor. After a few moments of glaring at each other, Adrian breaks.

"Fine." He snaps tossing his arms up with a hiss. Sypha gives him a small genuine smile and it annoys him how easily he caves when it comes to her. She can always get what she wants from him because he finds he never has the heart to deny her anything. And with his increased strength and his size, carrying a sleeping Trevor Belmont would prove much easier for him than it would for Sypha, as strong as she was.

Turning on his heels, his coat blowing up with the movement, he headed back to where he and Trevor had been going through the old tomes and looking for things that could help them with their quest. He strode down the hall, not making a noise and keeping quiet, slowing his pace as he reached the room. Trevor was still perched on the armrest of the chair, but he was resting his chin on his arm and no longer the armrest itself and every once in awhile Trevor would bring his other arm up to wipe his eyes and sniffle. Adrian stopped. Was- he faltered. Was he...crying? He had assumed he’d been asleep.

He paused a few feet from the doorway and just watched him. He didn’t want to intrude on something that was so...personal. Trevor Belmont was only ever annoyed, drunk or tipsy, tired or lazy. Seeing him show something else than those, seeing a more vulnerable side of him - if he was in fact crying - was disorienting. After a moment he sighed gently.


Adrian had never seen someone bolt upright so quickly.

Trevor spun to look at him, eyes wide for a moment but they quickly narrowed and Adrian realized that it did appear that Trevor was - or had been - crying. For a moment, he didn’t know what to say. He felt grounded on the spot, he felt like he had come across something he hadn’t been supposed to see. Neither of them said anything, Trevor too shocked to do so, and Adrian’s throat had gone dry. Awkwardly he cleared his throat.

“Were you cry-”

“I’m allergic to dust.” Trevor cut him off before he could even finish his sentence. He raised an eyebrow and looked around the room, to Trevor’s credit, it was dusty. But he didn’t quite believe him. It seemed almost too convenient as an excuse.

“The entire Belmont hold is dusty.” He challenged.

“This room has been secluded and unused for an even longer amount of time than the library was,” Trevor said. Adrian had a feeling he was lying, but it came so naturally to Trevor that for his sake, he was inclined to believe it.

“Why are you even here?” Trevor hissed crossing his arms. Adrian made a face.

“I was coming to check if you were sleeping and..” he trailed off.

“And?” Trevor indulged him.

“Well it doesn’t matter now, does it? Since you are not sleeping.” He said with an awkward cough, turning away. Trevor didn’t seem very impressed with him.

“What. Were you going to pick me up and whisk me away to bed?” Trevor crooned, throwing one arm up in a surprisingly elegant motion. It took a moment of debating if he would even answer or not before Adrian gave Trevor that small little smile he knew the man hated and cocked his head a little, Trevor curled his lip up in a silent snarl, ready to quip back at him. But Adrian frowned.

“Yes.” He answers, deadpan.

“Oh.” Trevor’s face has a slight blush and Adrian finds himself puzzled by that.

"But since you're awake, I'll leave you to getting to bed on your own." He frowned. He felt almost disappointed he couldn't carry him off to bed. That would have provided some good grounds for teasing him about it. Oh well. Whatever. Adrian turned on his heels and he heard Trevor shift and get up himself. Soon there was a thump and Adrian spun to look behind him, reading to snap at the man.

He never got the chance to.

The sight of Trevor, panting and leaning against the wall, eyes glassy like he'd been injured made him pause. Trevor looked up at him and cocked his head.

"I guess Sypha was right about me needing to sleep more." He mused. Adrian knew he was going to pass out before he even did. He wasn't even sure if Trevor had lost consciousness when he dashed forwards to catch the man. His nose stopping just short of bumping Trevor's, though it was clear the man had lost consciousness at this point He huffed and hoisted the man up so he was leaning against him.

He sighed, holding him up a little bit more and frowned. Lousy, stupid, dumb Belmont. Never sleeping properly. He really was a huge child. And while he hated to admit it, he had a soft spot for the man, and he needed him to take down his father, it would be quite unfortunate if he died before they could do their job. Adrian sighed as he walked down the hallway, mindful of the man asleep at his side and as he walked, he went over what had happened in his mind. Trevor Belmont had been crying. He knew that much, no matter what the man said. Dust allergies, sure. Adrian frowned. What had brought the man to tears, was in being in his childhood home that brought it, or was it something else that had been building up over time and being here had finally made it burst.

He didn't know. And frankly, it bothered him.

When he reached the middle room of the library, he paused to consider where he could leave Trevor to sleep. He could have left him in the room, simply on the ground on a pile of blankets he would have eventually found, but that didn't seem right. There had to be a study somewhere where Trevor could sleep.

It was easier to find than Adrian had expected. But he quickly found a small corner of the library, in a little side room. It wasn't a bed, but the chaise lounge would have to do for the man. It was plump red velvet and he figured that Trevor wouldn't mind it. So gently, Adrian laid the sleeping Belmont on the chaise and he grunted a little as he stepped away. Even with his massive fur coat, Adrian caught the shiver that wracked Trevor's body. He sighed gently, though a little annoyed, as slipped his coat off, laying across the man.

He walked to the door, and with one final look at the Belmont, turned away and stalked down the hall.


Sypha was waiting in the main hall, sitting in a corner by the staircase, nose buried in a book she was reading, and it took quite a while for Sypha to acknowledge him. And when she looked up, it didn't take long for her curiosity to turn to confusion.

"What happened to your coat?" She asked although he was sure she knew. Adrian sighed.

"I'm sure you know. Someone needed it." He shrugged, sitting down beside him and peering over her shoulder to look at the book she was reading, but quickly looking away, uninterested.

"What's on your mind?" She asked. Ever the mind reader.

"This may shock you, but I'm worried about Belmont," he said. Sypha didn't react at first. "He was crying." He said. This caught her attention and she stiffened.

"You're certain?"

"It's no dust allergy." Adrian frowned. "Something is bothering him, and he's not going to tell us unless we wrestle it out of him." He muttered.

When Sypha laughed, Adrian frowned and raised his eyebrows. "What?" He asked, but he knew, or, more had a sinking feeling, he knew what she was about to say. And he shook his head.


"No?" Sypha blinked.

"No. I'm not talking to him. He hates me. He would probably stab me again before I got any information out of him," he crossed his arms. "He actually likes you. If you asked him about it, I'm sure he'd be...less reluctant to hide things from you." He frowned, looking away.

"Alucard, can I ask you something?" She said. He sighed.

"Shoot." He muttered.

"Have you not seen the way he looks at you when he thinks we don't see?"

Adrian went stiff. "What- what do you mean?"

"Don't play coy. You know we both see it. The way Trevor watches you. He acts rude and snobby but he definitely cares, you can't expect him to be good work emotions when he had nothing or no one to help him." She said, determined. Adrian bit his lip.

"Please?" She asked when he didn't answer.

Adrian sighed and Sypha cheered even though he hadn't answered.

"You're lucky I don't have the heart to say no to you."