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Problems After The Problem

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I sat in the company car that has been parked some ways away from the shady hotel, but still in plain view of the door. Well the front one anyways. I took a sip of my, at this point, cold and tasteless coffee. "Ugh. Come on George, would it kill you to not get the instant coffee." I said to no one. I checked my watch and wondered where he was anyways, he should came by now. I sat in silence with only the soft pitter patter of rain to break the silence. I stared into nothing and remembered back to my ghost hunting days with the gang.

It was been five short years since the Fall Of Fittes as the papers put it. The DEPRAC went though and cleaned up as much as possible. They made progress with repairing what damages the the Fittes Agency committed in there name of Penelope and there efforts have not gone unnoticed. It was a slow change, but a change never the less. The ghosts started to show less frequent and the were less powerful; it was actually a good thing that the Fittes Agency absorbed most of the little agencies since The Problem went away the giant company that the Fittes Agency become actually kept more agents in the field then if there several small agencies who cannibalized themselvs though lack of work.

Business was great after the Fall. With our names just about posted everywhere; people came from all around just to have us be their ghost hunters. We been to France, Italy, Scotland, Germany, Ireland, and Spain. We been in papers, books, tv, and movies at one point. Lockwood and George wrote a few books, hell even I wrote one. It was an amazing time, but like everything else it didn't last. We......I thought I was special, maybe it was the fact that I could talk with Skull, or the fact that I was center of it all. However I was just like everyone else. I grew up and my powers faded, all of ours did. Lockwood went first, then George, Holly, and then me. Thank God Holly helped us though by changing our business, but not too much.

Lockwood &Co. stayed Lockwood &Co., but now we instead of investigating the dead, we now investigate the living. Although it was completely different there was some similarities between the both: late nights, fights, stakeouts, reading, and interviews. Lockwood's charisma, George's thoroughness, Holly's neatness, Quill's experience, Flo's connections and my.....toughness we adapted and we stayed together.

On night like this I often wondered what the Skull would say to me over the years. Probably call me a stuck up and stop talking to me. The jar still sits on a shelf in my bedroom covered in dust. I kept it clean for awhile, but soon after me cleaning it became less and less frequent. With all the ghost almost gone I'm sure that he would not be coming back. I do miss him from time to time. A knock on the window made jump and look over to Lockwood's face looking in. I acted as if I didn't see him before I leaned over and unlocked the door.

"Thanks Luce, I thought you were going to leave me or there." Lockwood said as he closed the door.

"I should after you got me nothing for my birthday, but I would just have to trust you, don't I?" I said to him spitefully.

Lockwood just held up a small bag and a steaming cup of coffee. "I got stopped by your favorite cafe and just made fresh cup coffee for you."

I looked over to him and he gave his Lockwood smile that he gave to all the new clients we get. I grabbed the bag and the cup. "I still haven't forgave you." I pulled out a muffin and started to eat it.

Oh yeah I should tell you me and Lockwood have been dating for past four years. It surprised me that Lockwood would go for someone as plain as me, but it was no surprise to anyone else. The three years were great, but the honeymoon was over as they say. I guess I was foolish to think that we would last.

"I know we have been going though.....a rough patch. Ever George and Flo moved out of the office it has been...empty with just us." Lockwood said awkwardly.

I just hummed in acknowledgement as I took a drink from the coffee. After the ghost started to go away the need for relicmen dropped. Flo needed a new line of business and I think she was still scared from the time George got attack by Fittes' men. She moved in with us. We didn't have a spare rooms for sleep in besides the basement; although it never matter since the day she moved in she made a beeline to George's room and stayed in there. She never did pick up a rapier again and she worked as a relicmen until her senses went away too. Lockwood was able convince her that investigating humans where not the same as investigating ghost so she finally joined Lockwood &Co. Her underground contacts had helps us more then once. Not to mention that George always seem to do better when she was around. It was weird living with a couple: them exiting the bathroom together, when their clothes were rumpled, his hair messier then usual, when Flo had that glow about her, not to much the late night noises that I heard when I went to the bathroom at night.

Flo never warmed up to me, but she never warmed to anyone expect for George. We lived repecting each other spaces and lifestyle. Once Lockwood and I started to date it got less awkward between us. Less worrying about what the other was doing and more about what we were doing. Of course I'm sure that they had similar experiences with us like we did with them. They moved out soon and got the place to ourselves which was great. Aslong as kept it outside the kitchen and office we could do anything wherever wanted to. It was clumsy at first but we learnt alot about each other. A few months ago Lockwood had began to act differently trying we seemed to staying in more often and he been taking more job the he usually does. When I asked him about he told that he was saving up some money for something and that I should trust him. I did, but that still didn't stop me from using my new snooping around for clues, but didn't find any.

"So any sight of the husband?" Lockwood asked, breaking the silence.


We fell back in too silence.

"Well I was going to wait for our anniversary, but I think if now is going to be a better time." Lockwood said as he reached onto his inner coat pocket and pulled out an envelope.

"What's this? Divorce papers?" I asked as I took it and opened it.

"Remeber our first kiss?"

I opened the envelope and saw a plane ticket to Italy. The memory came rushing back.

It was sunrise. Me and Lockwood were sitting outside. We locked ourselves out in a balcony. We were running away from a ghost and we went though any door see could see and shut it behind us. It has seen three hours since then, and the sun was coming over the skyline. Lockwood had told me to rest my head on his shoulders to rest. I couldn't fall asleep with him so close. It felt right. It felt nice. I turned to him and he turned too. We locked eyes and we just leaned in and kissed. Looking back it was a bad kiss, but we have made our improvements over time. Quill had interpreted us with his frog goggles, but he had seen us. He asked me out as soon as he got back home and I said yes before he finished the question.

"Lockwood." I said softly.

"With the money we saved and the extra jobs I have been doing; we should have enough money to spend two weeks there no problem." He said looking at me.

I looked up and Lockwood speechless. "Wow I was just going to get you a new coat and boots." I looked back at the plane tickets "I have been bitch haven't I?"

"It fine. Blind trust is hard to come by. I still worry when you tell me that 'you have it"."

"Still. This is a great present." I sat in silence.

"Tell you what you want to make it up to me?" Lockwood asked holding me hand. "Forget all this, and just have a great time with me in Italy."

I looked up I lean over to kiss him, but stopped before our lips met. The husband of you client just walked by us, not really looking at us.

"There's our mark." I whispered as watched him past us.

We didn't move as watched him walked in the hotel.

"Hold on to that kiss?" Lockwood asked.

"Save the flirting, Lockwood." I told as I opened the door and got out. "Work to do." I shut the door and made my way to the hotel. With the biggest smile on my face.