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The ship shall not sink

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Gabriel Agreste raised his fist, about to knock on the door when he heard ‘PLAGG, CLAWS OUT!’ From inside.

He opened the door just in time to see his son transform in Chat Noir.


Chats ears twitch and flick towards him, and upon turning and realising he was here, he paused, then cried ‘NOPE!’  Before promptly jumping out the window.




Gabriel sat slumped in his chair, mulling over the event that happened earlier.

“My son is Chat Noir, a superhero, my enemy-“

He pauses, and thinks for a second.

“...And he’s in love with Ladybug...” he smiles.

“Guess I have a new goal.”


He opened the Ladyblog and found the ship name for Ladybug and Chat Noir.

“LadyNoir. My new OTP apparently.”

Nooroo blinks. That... was unexpected.

“Nooroo, I just figured out another way for my family’s happiness...”

“Master, May I ask what is happening?” Nooroo asked, confused.

“You’ll see.”