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Never Enough

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“Gunnarr!” I called out for my eldest son. “Come help me with dinner!”
“Ask a thrall” he growled back annoyed. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath before speaking again. Ragna cried out for me in the crib so I started to rock her cot with my feet as I was picking the tenderly baked chicken off the bone.
“Bring Aelif with you” I called out in a hurry.
“Modiiir” Gunn whined in frustration. “He’s covered in mud.”
“I won’t ask again” I yelled picking up my daughter, uncovering my breast for her to suck on and finally go silent. I could feel her diaper was damp resting on my forearm as I portioned the meat with my other hand for the boys. 

The smell of the meal soon got overpowered with the unmistakable smell of firewood, moss, and seawater sneaking a smile on my lips despite my struggles. 
“Gunnarr!” I yelled again, involuntarily softer this time as I watched him enter the house with a bow in hand and a few dead hares hanging on his belt. It sent a familiar warmness through my body as he shot me a grin when our eyes met, his glancing away for a moment to our nursing daughter. He pursed his lips tutting at me rebukingly as he stepped closer. 
“Hello, my loves” he crooned, his arms going around my waist pulling the both of us into his wide chest and as my nose found the spot behind his ear where his familiar scent was strongest I felt my muscles relax. He moaned gently into my hair kissing my temple.
“Hello, father” I whispered kissing the side of his neck tasting the saltiness of his sweat. 
"I told you not to do everything at once, Ylla..." he started his usual lecture softly but was quickly interrupted.

“Modiiir” came a shriek from the small garden behind the house shaking the both of us out of our trance as Ragna popped off my nipple to start whimpering. Ubbe stepped around us going to investigate as I managed to calm our baby girl by giving her my nipple back.

“Stop wrestling, you little heathens before Loki gets you!” he called out, his heavy boots thumping through our home before the screaming and growling ceased outside. Aelif yelped at something before his father spoke again. “How many times does your mother have to beg you to come and help her, huh?” I heard his stern voice come closer. He was rarely really angry, but seeing him disappointed always had an immediate effect on the boys and he knew it. “She is busy trying to feed you and tend to your sister and you can’t even come when she calls? You should be taking care of her like I asked you to. Did I not ask you, Gunnarr?” he questioned as he led the boy by his arm into the house with the younger lifted against his hip, caked in mud to his knees. “Go clean up and lay the table quick,” he asked a bit softer looking me in the eye almost apologetically. I moved to take our younger son over, but he pulled away as Gunn ran off. “I'll get Lif changed, you just sit, I can smell the pups had drained you, elskan” he smiled and kissed my forehead.
“Nothing I am not used to” I chuckled as I finally put Ragna back to her cot filled with the soft furs of hares her father had skinned last winter for her brother. She was sleeping serenity now, not even bothered by being lifted along with the cot as I moved her to our bedroom to shelter her from the sounds of dinner. I took note to change her diaper later when she wakes up from her surely brief nap to feed again.
Our thralls were skinning my husband’s prey outside and I returned to the hearth to check the oats and roasted leeks I have prepared to complete the chicken as a meal. Gunn strolled out of their shared bedroom and got to laying the table without a word, peering up at me from time to time, his face flushed with shame.
I put the food on the table and pulled him into a hug when we were both finished. I ruffled his blonde hair and kissed the top of his head waiting patiently for him to wrap his arms around my waist and groan into my stomach.
“I am sorry, Modir” he grumbled and I smiled. He was getting so big, only five but so defiant with me, like he already knew better than me, but at the end of the day he was still my little pup and we always made up.
“It is fine, my love” I kissed his cheek and he clung to me returning the gesture relieved that I forgave him. Like I had the option not to. “Go ahead, sit down while your father brings out your brother.”

The dinner was spent with Ubbe holding a speech once again of the importance of our boys taking care of their siblings and mother.
“Your mother had carried both of you in her belly as she did with Ragna. You were small tiny babies like she is now and so I stayed with her to protect all of you like a decent alpha has to, guarding his pups and ‘mega” he explained mostly to Gunn while I was trying to feed Lif some roasted vegetables. “But soon… you will be grown and you will get your rings and I will have to go raiding again with your uncles...”
“Bjo!” Aelif called out, his eyes lighting up in remembering Bjorn so vividly.
“Yes, little wolf, with Uncle Bjorn” Ubbe grinned glancing at me for a second, a proud warmth in his soft blue eyes. “and Hvitserk, Sigurd and Ivar. And when I’m gone, you will have to protect your Modir, Ragna and other baby siblings in my place and help them, teach them to the things we are teaching you now.”
“I do not want more siblings” Gunn grumbled, clearly drawing his own conclusion of his father’s words. Ubbe’s face darkened with hurt for a second as his eyes flickered to mine and I gave him a small smile.
“That is not the point, son,” he said plainly, trying to hide his hurt feelings and before he could elaborate I cut in.
“Are you sure, my love?” I looked at our eldest. “You told me just yesterday that you wish Ragna was a little boy, so you could train together like Fadir, Uncle Sigurd, Ivar and Hvitserk did once when she grows up…” Ubbe’s eye shot me a hopeful look, a mischievous glint shining in it, taking my words as a clue that I was ready for another pup. I could feel his scent changing in the air, the alpha in him stirring up, the thick musky scent making me shut my eyes for a quick second before I could concentrate again on our sons. “Did you change your mind?”
“Afraid they might best you?” Ubbe whispered, not waiting for an answer, his blue eyes flaring teasingly. “I would be…” he added quickly. Gunn peered at me then his father, thinking. 
“They won’t best me,” he said with spite, almost reminding me to Ivar. “Ever.”
“Well then you take the challenge?” my husband spoke knowing exactly how our son thought. “Come as many siblings as the Gods bid you?” I felt the omega in me perk up, his voice making the hairs stand on the nape of my neck. 
“I’ll protect them for I am strongest.”
“Of course you are, pup. For now… ” Ubbe messed up his hair from which a smaller wrestling match escalated. I had to lift up Lif and take a few steps back from the table as they fought, making both of us laugh when Ubbe managed to knock the food I was just feeding to our younger son on himself. He swore under his beard at first, but as we all giggled he couldn’t help but join in, his voice caressing my soul, his eyes warming my heart as Lif curled to my shoulder sleepily and Gunnarr tried to hide behind my hips taunting his father to come chase him to bed. 

When the boys were finally at rest and Ragna got changed, fed and fell back to sleep again obediently I found myself watching her as I thought. She was the most beautiful baby I have ever seen, her chubby little cheeks lifting as she huffed in her dreams, little hands grabbing thin air, legs moving under her knitted blankets slightly. She was as cute as her brothers were, if not more and I couldn’t help feeling the longing of my omega side. I loved our family, our three little pups, but somehow it didn’t seem enough. I tried to blame my heat that was coming up for even thinking it and Ubbe was relentless when it came to the subject so it was hard to think it through clearly if I really wanted another baby so soon if I should let Ubbe put another pup in me.

“Smile” his thick voice came as his arms wrapped around my waist like he was conjured by my mere thoughts. I complied without thinking. "Or is something worrying you, elskan?" he tutted gently.
"Just your scent" I murmured turning around in his embrace, arms going around his neck, fingers fidgeting with his bound braids as I slid the bridge of my nose along his strong, bearded jawline to nudge against his scent gland at the base of it. He all but purred, his hands kneading my widened hips firmly.
"I cannot help it" he rasped almost painfully. "You just smell sooo good with your heat around the corner and I can just feel my rut coming on to meet it. Perfectly synced as the Gods intended…” he breathed me in deeply. “... ready to put some more pups in your soft, warm belly” he pulled me close, hands sliding up my sides, his body heat engulfing me with that perfect scent of his, that put my mind to ease and melted my muscles to a warm liquid. “It just turns me on thinking about it, hm, elskan?” he nipped at my sensitive neck that I offered submissively, unconsciously to him, the sharpness of his teeth smoothed over by a broad, hot lick of his tongue making my knees weak and my words come out in an undignified mewl. “Tell me you want it too, have another little girl or boy running around your skirts, hanging on your breast, I just want to keep you filled and heavy with my pups for the rest of our days.” his hips started to lull into mine, making us rock back and forth against each other, his hardness rubbing against my empty stomach, my aching womb. 
"We just had Ragna…” I tried to object weakly, my fingers tracing patterns on his broad back, caressing his nape, my head still resting in the crook of his neck, letting him completely intoxicate me. “... she is still so small.”
“Just a blink of an eye and she will run around like Lif and Gunn” he reasoned, almost begging. “I miss seeing you pregnant, the way you get filled with life in every sense, the way you smell and the way you look and feel and ah… I need to keep you pregnant at all times, it drives me mad to see you so… Mine.” he breathed out the word proud and happy.

He knew exactly what to say to get me going, my omega pushed herself into my mind, taking control, a familiar slick gathering at my core, a dull heat rising in my stomach, churning with desire.
“‘Mega” he whispered to me when he got a whiff of my changing scent, his eyes blown out like a candle, almost black to the rim of his iris. He bathed in his triumph knowing he was pushing me into heat with his mere words, his alpha side roaring forward, eager to help soothe the fire he had started. 
“Alpha…” I moaned eagerly, trying to stay quiet for our baby girl sleeping just next to us. “You always know… you always make me…” I mumbled rebukingly, but he didn’t care. He guided us back to our bed, pushing me down on the furs, tucking up my skirts to get under them.
“Hush, my little wife, hush little ‘mega” he chided me as he kissed his way up my inner thighs, fingers gripping at my soft flesh. “Let me take care of it. Let your Alpha take care of you, everything, you just lie back and let me...” his voice trailed off as he got to work on making me a wanton mess of moans for the night.