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"Oh fuck me that was amazing." Tybalt said, breathlessly.
"I just did fuck you. But you're right it was." Mercutio replied.
"Call me cliche but I need a cigarette. You want one?" Tybalt asked, reaching over to grab the packet and the lighter.
"Nah I'm good, could you pass me my phone though?" The click of a lighter and the immediate smell of smoke filled the room as Mercutio tapped away at his phone screen. "Shit, Benvolio texted. Oh Jesus I missed a chance to sext!"
"You sext Benvolio?" Tybalt asked after taking a drag.
"Of course I do! Have you actually seen him? We've exchanged more than risque texts as well."
"Fair enough. Same here. Have you ever actually like had sex with him though?"
"Nah, always wanted to though." Mercutio said.
"I'd like to as well though. I've got nothing to do tommorow night. Perhaps you could ask?" Tybalt said, tabbing his cigarette and turning back to Mercutio. "If you could handle the both of us of course."
"Say no more I'm calling him now."