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Dragon's Breath

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Ianto sighed as he listened to Jack's morning routine. As hard as he had tried, it was still annoying him no end as Jack openly ignored the ways of Dragon. If he looked at Ianto and said 'but our child is human too' one more time he might bite him before he could stop himself.

A squeal and then giggles as Ianto rolled and pulled the pillow over his head, now trying to ignore both of them.

A splash had him sitting bolt upright as he realised Jack was bathing their spawn of the devil. Three in the morning and a bath? Are you serious? Ianto swung from the bed and stormed into the bathroom to look down at the seaming water.


"Hey B… Holdfast" Jack said without looking up to gauge the annoyance levelled at him "Someone couldn't sleep."

The baby in Jack's arms looked over triumphantly at his Dam knowing full well that Ianto was annoyed with this turn of events. "Jack, I clearly said he was not to have another bath after he forced an early one after dinner."

"Yeah, but he couldn't sleep" Jack pouted, finally looking up and seeing the swirl in the dragon's eyes, "What?"

"Jack. We talked about this. We agreed. He was not to lead you anymore. You must be the stronger one" Ianto said calmly "I said no. He waited until I was asleep and then cast for you. You know he will get stronger and if you let him in now as a baby by the time he is grown you will be powerless to reprimand or scold at all!"

"Well ... seems you do quite enough of that" Jack muttered with a frown "It's just a bath. He likes water!"

"He smashed Juniper's plate. You know it was him that pushed it off the table, do not pretend that just because he is a baby that he is innocent" Ianto knew by the way Jack was tightening his hold that this would turn into a bum fight so he turned to leave.

"He was grumpy, he is upset with being punished" Jack called after him "He's just a baby love!"

"He is a dragon" Ianto spat over his shoulder.

Jack looked down at the tiny little one whose brilliantly blue eyes blinked up at him.

"Tadda is a grumpy bum eh?"





Ianto stood in the kitchen morosely making a bottle up, their son would now need another feed and he felt a hand on his back as Tosh stepped around him "You are up late….or early."


"Oh. I thought he was sleeping through now" she frowned as she put a pan on to heat some milk for a hot chocolate. "Eighteen months old now"

"Still pissed that I punished him for the plate. Waited until I was asleep and woke Jack with crocodile tears. In the bath again, if ya please!" Ianto slammed the bottle down, smashing it with his strength and he swore as he mopped up the milk.

"Calm down, sit down and I will make another" she scolded "You know Jack is smitten. Blaze is a little shit and will press as hard as he can, all hatchlings do."

"Jack doesn't understand that"

"Maybe he doesn't … maybe you need to understand human ways" she replied as she handed the bottle over "They raise their young differently and he has no knowledge of us, Juniper already grown."

"Yeah" Ianto grunted, "Maybe."

"Talk to Rhiannon, maybe if the advice comes from her he will listen more, with you he is defensive straight away" she offered a solution "If a mother of dragons cannot teach a common human that they are capable of naughtiness, who can? After all, she must have stories about you as a hatchling."

Ianto snorted as he rose and went up to find Jack in the bed with Blaze packed in the pillows, sitting up with little hands clapping as his father sang to him. Ianto handed Jack the bottle "Here, since he would rather it were you."

Ianto got back in his side of the bed it then suddenly hit him that he had touched on the real problem here.


Jack did everything for their child, he was the one nurturing. Ianto as Dam was supposed to do these things. It was Jack that was making him prickly, not their son.

He was jealous.

Ianto stared at the ceiling as he whispered to himself "Well I never"

"What love?"

"I just realised that I am jealous of the bond you two have. You are taking my role as the Dam" Ianto sighed "I am hormonal and annoyed because I am feeling left out."

Jack looked horrified "Oh love, I am so sorry. I … I didn't realise."

"It's OK" Ianto sighed as he turned his head to smile at him "At least I know there is no malice. I have to work through this. I need to adjust."

He also needed to talk to Rhiannon more than ever now. She needed to explain to Jack the need for the blood bond to be strong between child and Dam.