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my companions Veelas

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I thought from an early age that I would become an Alpha, but instead I became an omega… I didn't want to be an omega for three reasons.

1 ° I would suffer if someone other than my partner touches me intimately (only if I allowed the touch)

2 ° I could not choose my mate.

3 ° I do not want to have a mate.

That's why I don't want to be an omega. For love, if a Veela is bad enough you can't go against the alpha, no matter if he's not your mate, you are bound to be omega to obey the alphas. And this is really a fucking! My dad kept saying that most veela didn't find their mates so they got involved with other people. This only goes for an omega if after 5 or 6 years he does not find his mate, seeing with the life of an omega Veela sucks ?! My father found his mate who is my mother, but if I don't? What if I fall in love with someone and then I find my mate !? This is not fair to me! I always wanted to be free, since I was little I was raised to be a perfect Veela and Warlock and now this? It pains me to know that I will never be able to tell my feelings to Oliver (a handsome Hufflepuff boy), I will never be able to venture into the world and especially never be a great potion master. I wish I wasn't an Omega Veela, I didn't want a mate, and I especially didn't want to have the last name Prince Snape.