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The Spider Twins

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THROUGH LIDDED eyes, Toni saw two nurses approaching. She smiled softly.

"Hi, Miss Stark." One said, holding a small blue bundle.

The other held a small purple one. "Are you ready to see them?" The other asked.

"Yes, yes." Toni murmured, holding her arms out.

The babies were placed in her arms. "Must've been a shock, having twins, yeah?" One asked.

Toni hummed in agreement, staring down at the small children in her arms. One boy and one girl. "Morgan and Peter." She whispered.

"What's that?" One asked kindly.

"Morgan Sarah Stark, and Peter Benjamin Stark." Toni said louder.

"Beautiful names."

Toni nodded, tears coming to her eyes. Morgan slowly peeled her eyes open, and the billionaire almost started sobbing right then.

Because the little girl's eyes were bright blue, just like her father's. Toni smiled.

"My babies." She whispered, closing her eyes and holding them close.

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"TWINS! TIME for school!" A voice yelled. Morgan groaned, turning over in her bed.


"I don't wanna!" She called.


"Too bad, up and at 'em!"


She groaned again, sitting up. Climbing out of bed, Morgan wandered into her bathroom, wincing at her messy hair.


She quickly ran a brush through her tangles and threw on some makeup, before walking back out to her room and toward her closet.


She grabbed a pair of ripped skinny jeans and a random T-shirt, then threw on a designer jacket just to spice everything up.


Morgan grabbed her shoes from the floor and slipped them on, walking out of her room and into the kitchen.


"What's for breakfast?" She asked.


"Food, eat." Her mother said, putting a plate of toast and eggs on the counter.


Morgan sat down and started shoveling the food into her mouth.


"What's for breakfast?" Another voice called. Morgan rolled her eyes.


"Food. Now get in here!" Her mother said again.


Her twin brother, Peter, stumbled in, in the process of pulling a ratty tennis shoe on.


Morgan and her mother both cringed. "Pete, I'm a billionaire. If you need new shoes, please just ask."


Peter shook his head stubbornly. "I like these ones."


Morgan rolled her eyes again. "Idiot." She muttered.


"Dork." He shot back.


Their mother rolled her eyes this time. "Eat, children."


Peter stared at their mother in confusion. "Eat. . . Children?" He whispered, horrified.


Morgan burst out laughing and their mother choked on a laugh. "Jesus Christ, Peter!"


Morgan shook her head, still laughing as she began to eat. Peter's eyes suddenly widened with realization.


"God, you idiot." She grumbled.


He rolled his eyes, his cheeks bright red. "So, you met Michelle or Edward yet?" Their mother asked.


"Mom!" They cried in unison, their hands flying to their soulmarks on their wrists.


"I'm just kidding." C'mon, go grab your bags." She said with a smile, grabbing the now empty plates.


Morgan huffed and grabbed her bag from by the door. "See you, mom!" She called.


"Bye Morgan, Bye Peter." She called back as the teens raced out of the penthouse and into the busy New York streets.


Morgan glanced back at her brother and smirked, before racing into a nearby alley.


"Wha- hey! Cheater!" She heard him yell, sprinting after her. Morgan weaved through buildings and streets quicker than she could have just weeks before.


She smiled as she heard Peter trailing after her. Soon he was right by her side, though. "Cheater." He panted.


Morgan grinned cheekily. "I was faster than you even before we got bit." She said, referring to the radioactive spiders they'd encountered on a field trip to Oscorp.


"Not true." He snapped as they began to slow to a walk.


"Well we can never test it, so I guess we'll never know." Morgan said in mock sadness.


She snickered as he huffed. Turning down another alley, they saw their school just a few blocks ahead.


"You know mom is going to find out eventually." Peter muttered to her. Morgan sighed.


"Maybe." She deflected.


Suddenly they both stopped. "Peter do you feel that?" Morgan whispered to him.


He turned around, nodding as he looked around. Morgan kept looking straight, frowning when she didn't see anything.


Suddenly her spidey senses spiked and her breath hitched as she spun around.


"Pe-" she was cut off as something hit her neck. Crying out, her hand flew to the offending object and pulled it out.


Her eyes widened in horror when she saw that it was a dart. Blinking rapidly, she turned to Peter, just in time to see him fall over.


"Pe'er." She slurred, reaching for him. Then she fell over too, her vision blurring. Just before she passed out, she saw someone walking up to them.


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PETER YAWNED as he woke up, rolling on his side. Then his eyes popped up and he sat up with a gasp.


"Morgan!" He breathed. There was a groan from the other side of the room.


"Peter?" His sister asked, sitting up.


Peter didn't answer, frowning as he looked over the room. "Uh, Morg, I think we've been kidnapped." He said, glancing around at the bare white room.


"No fucking shit, you retarded spider." She snapped, rubbing her neck. Peter frowned over at her.




She barked out a surprised laugh. "Peter, we've been kidnapped, and that's the most of your worries?"


Peter sighed. "No, of course not, just stressed." He mumbled.


She gave him a blank stare. "Literally, what's wrong with you?" She whispered.


Peter shrugged helplessly. Just then, the door opened and in walked a tall, buff man with his hands behind his back.


"Hello Starks. Welcome to Hydra." He said.


Peter blanched. "Well, I figured out who took us." He said uselessly to Morgan.


She stared at him. Peter stared at the man. "What's your name?" He asked suddenly.


The man frowned in confusion. ". . . Python." He said hesitantly.


The twins burst out laughing. "I'm sorry, what?" Morgan shrieked.


"You're a snake? The heck?" Peter exclaimed, still giggling.


Python frowned. "The doctor will be with you soon." He barked.


Peter frowned in confusion. "That sounds vaguely ominous. Like, are we talking an actual doctor or a time traveler?"


Morgan groaned at her brother's antics. "Peter, you nerd."


Peter only smiled. Python grunted and left the room, slamming the door closed. Just then, his spidey senses flared.


Looking around in alarm, he saw some sort of gas coming from the vents in the top corner of the wall. "Don't breathe!" He hissed to his twin, covering his mouth and nose.


Morgan's eyes widened and she slapped her hand over her mouth.


They both watched in horror as the gas got closer and closer to them, and their lungs burned more and more.


Finally, Peter couldn't take it anymore, dropping his hand and gasping for air.


"No!" Morgan cried, doing the same right after. The twins barely had time to look at each other before their eyes rolled into the back of their heads and they blacked out.


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"WHAT THE hell do you mean, they didn't show up for school? They left three hours ago!" Toni cried, frowning deeply.


"I'm saying, Miss Stark, that Morgan and Peter have not shown up for any of their classes yet."


Toni brought her hand up to her arc reactor, tapping nervously. "O-okay. I'm sorry, thank you for telling me."


Toni hung up and spun around. "J, gimme security footage, find out what happened." She commanded.


"Of course, Miss." Jarvis responded, pulling up a holographic screen.


It was a camera feed of an alley, and she saw her children walking down it. Taking shaky breaths, her frown deepened when she saw them freeze.


Then darts hit their necks amd tears came to her eyes. She watched men in black walk forward and take her babies.


"Oh god. J, what do I do?" She whispered, turning away.


Then she suddenly whipped back around. "Jarvis, rewind." She demanded.


He did so, and Toni's eyes widened. "Pause. Zoom in."


The billionaire felt all the air leave her body. Because on the men's outfits, were Hydra insignias.


"J-Jarvis, bring the car around." She whispered, her voice wavering.


"Of course, Miss."


Toni stumbled before she ran for the door, dashing outside just as her sleek black car rolled to a stop.


She climbed in quickly, peeling off down the road. "Oh god, oh god, oh god. Morgan, Peter, I'm so sorry." She whispered, wiping her eyes.


She parked in front of Avengers tower in no time, stepping out quickly.


"Oh god. Okay. Okay. Here goes " Toni mumbled, walking inside.

The receptionist's jaw fell open and Toni ignored him, striding to the elevator and stepping inside it.

"The Avengers will be delighted to see you." Jarvis commented.

"That's nice." She grumbled, wiping at her red eyes once again.

The doors opened and she stepped out into the floor that was once familiar.

"Oh my- Toni?" A very familiar voice asked.

Toni flicked her eyes toward Steve, who was sitting on the couch with the rest of the Avengers.

"Rogers." She responded, nodding.

"Annie, what's wrong?" Natasha asked, standing up with a frown.

"I need your help. I need all of your help." Her eyes wandered over her teammates.

"With what? What happened?" Bruce asked with a frown.

None of the Avengers ever expected to see Toni back at the tower after that night years ago.

Toni hadn't seen Steve for fifteen years. The others had visited of course, at the condition of never mentioning the twins to Steve.

"Hydra." She breathed, beginning to panic again.

Toni blinked back tears as she ran her hand through her hair. "Hydra took Morgan and Peter. They're gone."

"What?" Clint exclaimed incredulously.

"My kids. Hydra took my kids." Toni choked out.

"Your what?" Steve breathed, eyes wide.

"My kids, Steve. Our kids. Morgan and Peter." Toni explained, tapping her arc reactor nervously, visibly trembling.

"Toni, oh my god." Natasha whispered, striding forward and pulling the billionaire close.

Toni accepted the hug, staring straight at Steve's wide blue eyes.

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"PETER, WAKE up!" Morgan hissed, glaring over at his unconscious form.

He jolted awake, trying to sit up but held back by the restraints around his arms and legs.

Morgan had matching restraints and her back was sore from lying on the hard metal table.

"Mmm, where?" Peter slurred.

Morgan gave him a blank look. Was her brother brain damaged? "We've been kidnapped, Peter." She said obviously.

His eyes widened and he blinked. "Right. Do we know why?"

Morgan frowned. There were only two possible reasons. "Well, they know we're Starks, so that could be it." She muttered.

Then she turned her head to her confused brother. "Or. . ." She trailed off, raising her brow.

Peter gasped. "Shit."

"Yeah, shit." Morgan snapped, turning her angry gaze back to the white ceiling.

When she woke up, she'd looked around to find herself in some sort of medical lab.

"Fuck. I wonder how long it's been. Is mom looking for us yet? Did she go get our aunts and uncles for help?" She stressed, tugging uselessly at the straps.

"Well, we can't get out of these, and if they were for normal people we would be able to." Peter suddenly said.

Morgan swore internally. "So, time traveler! You there?" She called in boredom.

Peter snickered. "And you call me a nerd."

Morgan rolled her eyes. "Idiot." She muttered.

"Dork." He retorted with a grin.

The siblings smiled at each other for a second, before the doors suddenly slammed open.

A man wearing a lab coat walked in, and he definitely looked like a doctor. "Hey dude! What's your name?" Morgan asked.

He looked kind of shocked, just like Python had. "None of your business, Spiders."

Okay, so he knew. "Fine." Morgan sneered, sticking her tongue out.

The doctor slapped her and Peter yelled. She glared. "Don't touch her." Peter snapped.

"Peter." Morgan said flatly. "We've been kidnapped. Did you expect them to treat us like royalty?"

Peter rolled his eyes and the twins watched as the doctor turned his back on them, messing with something they couldn't see.

"We should call him TT, like time traveler." He wondered.

Morgan let out a high pitched laugh. Peter gave her a strange look.

"Th-that sounds l-like T-Titty!" She shrieked.

Peter burst into laughter and they lied there laughing for what seemed like hours.

"Oh god. . . We're definitely calling him Titty." She managed to say, tears in her eyes from laughter.

Who knew getting kidnapped was actually fun? Titty turned back around holding blades.

Morgan gulped. Okay, maybe not so fun.

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•P eter&Morgan•


"THERE IS literally no reason for this!" Peter cried, yanking as hard as he could against the straps holding him down.


"They're bad guys, idiot!" Morgan exclaimed, also trying to get out. Titty was bringing a blade down on her bare arm.


"I know that, dork! Hey! Fucker, leave my sister alone!" Peter growled.


"His name is Titty!" Morgan corrected as the doctor continued to ignore their banter.


"Fine! Titty! Hurt me instead!" Peter hissed.


"Wha- No! Titty, I'm enjoying this, please keep cutting me with your evil doctor tools."


"C'mon, leave her be!" Peter yelled, tears stinging his eyes.


"No, I'm just fine here." Morgan snapped, screaming in pain a second later.


"I swear to god, I'm going to peel your skin like a potato!" Peter screamed.


Titty froze and Morgan gave her twin a look. "That was creative." She said, tilting her head.


"Oh for God's sake." Titty grumbled, walking over to Peter. He grinned cheekily at his sister, who scowled.


"Are we seriously fighting over who gets to get tortured?" She asked suddenly in confusion.


Peter paused, then nodded. "I mean, pretty much."


Titty rolled his eyes and shook his head in exasperation.


"I think I actually fucking hate you." His sister said suddenly.

Peter turned his head toward her. After their strange torture session hours ago, they'd been dragged down a hall and placed back in the room they'd woken up in.

"Why?" He asked.

"You literally are so stupid. Why would you make him hurt you instead of me?" She snapped.

Peter sighed. "Morgie, you're my sister. I'd do anything for you."

Morgan let out a noise like a sob/laugh. "Oh my god. First off: You're so cheesy, and second off: You haven't called me that since we were four." She said in amusement.

Peter's eyes lit up. "That gave me an idea. Wanna hear a joke about pizza?"

She gave him a blank look. "No Peter."

He glared at her until she rolled her eyes and nodded.

"Nah, nevermind, it's too cheesy." He waved it off.

Morgan's mouth dropped open as she stared at Peter.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" His twin asked quietly.

Peter began laughing, clutching his side from the pain as he laughed hysterically.

"Petey oh my god." She groaned.

Peter finally stopped laughing, grinning stupidly at her. "You haven't called me that since we were four either."

She rolled her eyes and looked away. Being kidnapped really was fun.

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"THEY'RE PROBABLY so scared. God, what if they're being hurt?" Toni stressed, running her hands through her hair.

"Toni, calm down." Clint said, placing a comforting hand on his friend's shoulder.

Toni nodded jerkily. "Toni, explain." Steve begged.

"I was pregnant when I left, Steve. I kept trying to tell you." She whispered, looking down.

Guilt and devastation flooded his features. "How did I never know we had children?"

Toni shrugged. "The world doesn't know. They go to a fancy private school where everyone was forced to sign NDA's." She explained.

"And. . . They knew?" He gestured to their teammates.

Toni nodded. "I saw no reason to tell you. You didn't listen to me before, so why should I have tried talking to you then?"

Steve recoiled, swallowing. "Can. . . Can I meet them? When we find them?" He asked quietly.

Toni sighed. "Yeah. Yeah, you can meet them. But I'll have to talk to them first. They have no idea that Captain America is their dad."

Steve nodded slowly. Then he ran a hand through his hair and left the room. Toni sighed.

"We'll find them. They're strong kids." Natasha said, her eyes shining with determination.

"I know. But how strong? What if they're not strong enough?" Toni stressed, her voice breaking.

Natasha smiled softly. "They're your kids, Annie. They're stronger than anything in this world."

Toni hugged the redhead tightly, crying into her shoulder. "Thank you Natalia, thank you so much." She whispered.

"Anything for my best friend." Natasha joked.

"You stealing my wife?" A voice teased.

Toni pulled away from Natasha with a laugh. "You bet. Tash, would you leave Bucky for me?"

"In a heartbeat."

She sounded completely serious and Bucky guffawed.

"W-why?" Toni asked between her giggles.

"Chicks before dicks."

Toni nearly died in laughter as Bucky pouted, reaching for his soulmate.

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"WHAT DO you mean, we have enhanced DNA? Why does that surprise you? We're spider vigilantes." Morgan said flatly, giving Titty a blank look.


"No, that's not what I meant, Stark." He growled.


Morgan sighed, rolling her eyes and looking over at her brother. He yawned. He actually yawned.


She giggled quietly and Titty looked over at her with a glare. "Interesting. It seems the enhancements were hereditary." He muttered.


Morgan and Peter choked. "Excuse me, what? Mom's enhanced?" Peter exclaimed.


"No, of course not." Morgan replied, rolling her eyes.


"The female Stark is correct, you get this enhancement from your father."


The twins froze. They didn't know a single thing about their father. As far as they knew, he didn't exist.


"Do you know who he is?" Peter asked, his curiosity outweighing his disgust for the man.


Titty's eyes sparkled with amusement. "I do. You've both heard of Captain America, yes?"


The twins choked, coughing harshly as they struggled to process the information.


"Oh my god! Steven!" Morgan exclaimed, remembering the name on her mother's side.


"Oh my god! Our parents are superheroes! It makes so much sense now!" Peter cried, eyes wide.


"Now I get why all the other Avengers are our aunt and uncle's, but we never got to meet Captain America!" Morgan breathed.


Then she frowned deeply, turning her head to look at her brother. "But, what the hell did he do to make Mom never want to see him again?" She questioned.


Peter frowned too. What did happen?


a/n: sorry, this one's super short! <3


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"ARE WE sure this is a good idea?" Toni asked quietly, biting at her nails.


"It'll help us find them. I know you didn't want them being found out, but it could really help." Pepper replied with a soft smile, her hand on her friend's shoulder.


Toni nodded. "Right. You're right.  Okay. Let's do this." She said, smoothing out her suit.


Then she caught Steve's eyes and nodded. He walked over to her and the two stepped through the door, met with a crowd of reporters.


They all jumped up and began shouting questions. Toni simply raised her brow and they all suddenly cut off immediately.


"Alright. I know what you guys are thinking, Why is Toni with Steve right now? Well, that's what I'm getting to." Toni began.


The reporters looked between each other in confusion. "Fifteen years ago, I met my soulmate."


They started screaming. Toni sighed. "How about everybody shut up!" She yelled.


They fell into an awkward silence. "It's this guy, yeah. Well long story short, I got pregnant and had twins."


The reports were practically clasping their hands over their mouths to keep from screaming questions.


"I had a fight with Steve so I left. Their names are Morgan and Peter Stark."


Pictures of the two smiling teens appeared on the screen behind her. "And two days ago they were kidnapped. If anyone has any information, and I mean any, contact me immediately. It could be something as little as someone that might look suspicious, or might look like them. Thank you all for your time, we won't be taking questions."


Steve and Toni left the room, ignoring as the reporters began yelling again.


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"WELL THAT didn't go as planned." Morgan grumbled, cupping her hand over her furiously bleeding nose.


Peter gave her a blank stare, licking his bloody lip. "Oh really?" He asked sarcastically.


"How was I supposed to know there were a bunch of armed guards?"


"Morgan, we're at Hydra. What the hell else did you expect?"


She shrugged, watching as blood dripped from her hand. It definitely wouldn't be stopping anytime soon.


Morgan sighed and removed her hand, frowning in disgust as blood splattered on the ground.


She wiped her hand on her pants and let the blood flow freely. Peter looked to her with a soft sigh.


"I miss Mom." He admitted.


Morgan rolled her eyes. "No shit, Peter." She muttered.


His tear filled eyes flicked to hers. "I know, I just-" He cut himself off, wiping his eyes with a sniffle.


Morgan's face formed into one of sadness. It wasn't a time for joking anymore.


She crawled over to her brother and pulled him close. He lied his head in her lap and she didn't say anything as tears dripped down his face.


"'M sorry." He whispered, eyes falling closed. Morgan carded her fingers through his hair with a frown.


"Stop apologizing for everything." She mumbled.


Peter didn't respond, and soon began snoring, curled around Morgan's legs.


With her twin asleep, Morgan finally let her own tears fall. She kept running her trembling fingers through his hair, tears sliding down her face.


She had to be strong for her twin. Peter had always been emotional and she was always the tough one, the one that cracked jokes and didn't get sad.

It was all a facade. And she knew exactly where she learned it; her mother. She wasn't faulting the woman, she never would, but Morgan never really showed what she was feeling around others.

She had to be strong for her brother. She was his rock. So Morgan lied down and tried to steady her breathing.

This was the first time they had ever been kidnapped. The world didn't know who they were.

Outside of their highly paid off private school, they were Peter and Morgan Parker.

There was never a reason for someone to take them before. Then again, it was Hydra.

Morgan's thoughts wandered to her mother. She squeezed her eyes shut at the thought of their witty, kind mom.

God, she missed her. She could only imagine how worried and stressed the older woman was.

And suddenly Morgan's brain screeched to a halt. Because when thinking of her mother, her thoughts had wandered to her father.

Captain America. Steve Rogers. That was fucking insane. Morgan vaguely noted that her nose had stopped bleeding.

Anger boiled in her stomach suddenly, as she thought of the fact that her mother hadn't told them that their father was Captain America.

She wasn't mad at her mother, no, she was mad because, what the hell had he done to cause such a rift between them that their mother wouldn't even mention him?

What had he done to make her stare off into the distance for hours sometimes with a sad look on her face?

What had he done to make her rub her hand over her soulmark with tears in her eyes when she thought her kids weren't looking?

What had he done to give Toni Stark such a broken look?

Whatever he did do, Morgan hated him for it.

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"TONI, CAN we talk? Please?" Steve asked quietly.


Toni shot him a scowl. "In case you didn't notice, I'm searching for my missing kids." She snapped.


Steve frowned, his eyes swimming with devastation. "Our kids, Toni." He corrected softly.


Her brows shot up. "Our kids? Were you there to tuck them in at night, or to hold them when they cried? Did you change any diapers, or watch them grow up?" Toni seethed.


"You never gave me the chance! I didn't know they existed!" Steve cried indignantly.


"I tried to tell you fifteen years ago, Rogers! I tried to tell you countless times!" Toni hissed.


"You spoke like ten words to me and left!"


"Are we seriously fighting right now? Are we doing this again? Our children have been kidnapped, and you're fighting with me!"


"I don't want to! I'm just trying to talk to you!"


"Oh, like I tried fifteen years ago?"


Steve flinched. "Toni. . . Please. I am so sorry." He whispered.


The billionaire let out a high pitched laugh. "You're sorry? Well guess what? Sorry doesn't fucking cut it!"


Tears welled in his eyes, and Toni refused to acknowledge the ones blurring her vision.






He sighed. "Toni, what happened to us? It used to be us against the world." His face was anguished and Toni took a shaky breath.


"Rogers. . . Steve. You happened. Bucky was more important to you than me." She said quietly.


They weren't angry anymore, just sad. "Toni, I was. . . Frankly, I am stupid. God, I'm the most stupid man on the planet. How could I have messed up so badly as to have lost you?" His voice broke and a tear rolled down his face.


Toni let out a tearful laugh. "I know."


He tilted his head with a wobbly smile. "You know what?" He asked.


She grinned, even as her tears finally fell. "That you're stupid."


They both laughed softly, then fell softly. "Toni, can you just tell me. . . Is there even the smallest chance of me ever getting you back?"


Toni bit her lip, her fingers coming up to tap the reactor. "I don't know." She breathed softly.


Steve took a trembling breath. "I want to try to fix things. I want to try." He said firmly.


She gave him a sad smile. "So do I, Steve, but I don't know if this can be fixed."


Steve took her hand. "Then I'll keep trying until I die."


Toni let out a watery laugh. Then she sighed and leaned forward, resting her head against his chest.


"Don't die," she whispered. "I can't be mad at you if you're dead."


He huffed out a soft laugh, but they both knew neither was angry anymore.


"Let's find our kids first, yeah? Then we can start talking about us again." Toni finally said, pulling away and wiping at her eyes.


"Yeah. Let's do that." Steve mumbled.


Toni smiled, a real, genuine smile. Things between them were far from perfect, but their relationship was mended, just a bit.


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"STARKS! GET up!" A voice barked.


Peter jolted awake, seeing his twin bolting up right next to him.


Python was standing in the doorway with a scowl. "What is it now, more torture?" Morgan snarked.


A grin tugged at Peter's lips but he forced himself not to smile. Standing up, he ran his tongue over his almost healed lip.


It would've probably been healed already if he'd been fed at all the past few days. He frowned.


How long had they been gone? He was pulled from his daydream by Python literally slapping him.


His head whipped to the side and he yelped. "Hey! Don't touch my brother!" Morgan snarked, stepping in front of him.


Peter grabbed her wrist and tugged her back. "It's fine, Morg."


His twin continued to glare at Python and the larger man rolled his eyes, beckoning for someone in the hall.


A few seconds later, six armed guards came in, three grabbing Peter, and three grabbing Morgan.


The teens giggled quietly as they were led down the hall. If they really wanted to, they could throw all these guards down the hall, but they weren't feeling like becoming swiss cheese at the moment.


They rounded a corner just as they stopped laughing, but they still glanced at each other with small smiles.


Suddenly a door in front of them was opened and they were both shoved in.


"Hey!" Peter snapped as they shoved Morgan so hard she stumbled.


Python slammed the door behind them and they were left to look around.


"We have decided," a voice started.


Peter jolted in shock and they looked around, spotting Titty in the far corner with his hands behind his back.


"That we want to test just how well your healing abilities work." He finished.


"Uh, do you not remember cutting us open with your evil doctor tools?" Peter snapped.


"Because I sure do." Morgan added.


"Well, yes. But we never really tested with. . . fatal wounds." Titty said with a spy smile.


The blood drained from their faces. "I'm pretty sure the word 'fatal' gives it away." Peter squeaked.


Titty smiled and held out a gun. So that was what was behind his back. "I guess we'll see."


He then aimed the gun and fired, right at Morgan's stomach. "No!" Peter shrieked at the top of his lungs, sprinting to her side.


She stared up at him with narrowed eyes, before they rolled into the back of her head and everything went dark.


Chapter Text



"MORGAN! WHAT the fuck did you do?" Peter yelled, pressing his hands firmly to his sister's stomach.


Blood was oozing between his fingers, staining his sleeves and her shirt.


The doctor (he no longer got the nickname) simply watched in interest.


Peter's breathing picked up as he struggled to stop the bleeding. Why wouldn't it stop? "Morgan! Morg, wake up!" He croaked, bringing one bloody hand up to her neck to feel for a pulse.


His own heart stuttered when he felt only stillness. Peter blinked, not able to suck in his next breath. Morgan was dead.


Morgan was dead. His twin, his other half, his everything was dead.


Peter let out an anguished sob, not able to take another breath before he sobbed again.


"Morgan!" He screamed, placing his hands over her heart and starting clippy compressions.


The doctor had a small frown on his face and he tsked quietly. "I thought she'd last longer." He said, disappointed.


Peter, however, was not giving up. He continued doing CPR long after his hands went numb and the doctor had started looking around bored.


"Alright, fun time's over. Guards!" The doctor yelled.


The door opened and four Hydra agents came in. "No!" Peter snarled, throwing the men back as they tried to pull him from his sister.


"Doctor! The subject is resisting!" One barked.


Peter saw red. He stood abruptly and threw his fist at the closest unsuspecting agent, knocking him clear across the room.


He hit the wall with a satisfying crunch and Peter moved his focus to the other three.


He grabbed two guns at once, crushing them between his fingers and dropping the pieces at his feet.


He grabbed one of the men's arms, snapping it with a flick of his wrist and kicking his feet out from under him.


The other two rushed him, but weren't expecting the boy to flip onto the ceiling and hit them both in the face so hard they fell unconscious.


Peter dropped back down to the ground, gasping for breath as blood dripped from his hands.


His furious gaze landed on the doctor, and just before he could step forward, the door burst open once again, revealing the Avengers in all their glory.

Chapter Text


"BOSS, I think I've found them." Jarvis announced.

Toni sat up immediately, hyper aware of her teammates all tensing as well.

"How? Where?" She demanded.

"I've been hacking into Hydra's file, like you asked, and I've found some concerning video footage." The AI explained.

"Well let's see it." Clint demanded, impatiently.

"Of course Mister Barton." Jarvis said, and a hologram popped up in front of them.

The recording began with Morgan and Peter, clearly unconscious, were lying in an empty room.

Toni's hand flew to her mouth and tears pricked her eyes. Peter suddenly turned over in his sleep and yawned.

The adults watched as the young boy sat up in shock. "Morgan!" He exclaimed.

Morgan groaned and sat up. "Peter?"

"Holy shit." Toni breathed.

Then they continued to watch as the teens bantered, then engaged in one-sided teasing with one of their captors.

"We've seen enough. Where is this, J?" Toni interrupted.

After Jarvis spouted out some coordinates, the Avengers suited up and headed for the Quinjet.

The entire way there, each of them were thinking of the Stark twins.

Toni couldn't wait to have them back in her arms, Steve was fretting about how they'd react to meeting him, Natasha and Bucky were planning slow and painful deaths for the Hydra agents, Bruce was struggling not to Hulk out, Clint was coming up with a plan to get into building, and all of them were worrying about Peter and Morgan.

They expected the fight they got, they expected the yelling and gunfire, they even expected the guards and agents begging for their lives.

What they did not expect, was opening a door, only to see one child covered in blood and surrounded by bodies, while the other lied completely still on the ground.

Chapter Text



MILES AWAY from the Hydra base, Edward "Ned" Leeds and Michelle "MJ" Jones were completely unaware of what was happening.


Sitting in Ned's room with the door wide open (Ned's mom's rule), MJ was gazing at the TV in front of them with a bored look.


It's not that she didn't care about Star Wars, but, well, she didn't care about Star Wars.


She put up with it, though, because Ned was her friend.


Suddenly MJ felt an intense pain in her chest like shed never felt before, letting out an anguished wail as she bent over, clutching the spot where her heart was.


"MJ!" Ned gasped, tearing his eyes away from the screen at the speed of light and darting to her side.


Suddenly, MJ felt that same horrible pain on her wrist, right where her soulmark was.


She sucked in shaky, unsteady breaths, and looked in hirror to her arm, where the name Morgan was flickering.


Despite not being one to cry, MJ's eyes began dripping salty, wet tears as she looked into her friend's eyes.


"Oh my god." Ned whispered, horrified.


"What the hell do I do?" MJ sobbed, struggling to keep her composure, but it just hurt so bad.


They were both at a loss for words.



Chapter Text


THE FIRST thing that Morgan saw when she woke, was the door wide open, a shitload of familiar people standing there.

"Pe'er." She rasped, reaching weakly for her brother. Peter spun around with wide eyes.

"Morgan!" He sobbed, dropping to his knees by her side again, pulling her close.

She hissed in pain and Peter pulled back. "Holy shit! I'm so sorry! Oh my god, Morgie I'm so sorry." He rushed out, tears shining in his eyes.

"Morg? Pete?" A very familiar voice said in disbelief.

The teen's looked to their mother, who's face had crumpled. "Mom." Morgan gasped.

Toni slipped from her armor and dropped down, pulling both her children close.

"Titty!" Peter suddenly exclaimed.

"What?" Bucky asked, eyes narrowed.

"Titty." Morgan clarified, pointing at the wide eyed doctor that was still cowering in the corner.

Natasha's face flooded with fury, and the spy stormed over, kneeing the man where the sun dont shine, then knocking him out.

"You two okay?" Clint asked softly, crouching down next to the small family.

Morgan frowned, squirming out of the hug and lifting her shirt. Her scarred and thin stomach was almost completely healed.

"Thank fuck for enhanced healing." She said nonchalantly.

Toni choked. "W-what?"

"Oh. They didn't. . . Shit." Peter said softly.

Morgan winced. "Yeah, uh, The Spider Twins? That's us." She said awkwardly.

Natasha, Bucky, and Clint didn't react. Toni's eyes widened almost comically and Steve. . .

Morgan's eyes landed on him and she frowned. "What is he doing here?" She spat.

Captain America actually flinched at her words.

"Maybe that's something we should talk about later, once we get you guys home and grounded." Toni said, rubbing her neck.

"Oh no, we know who he is." Peter responded, crossing his bloody arms.

Their eyes widened. "Known since. . . I don't remember. One of the first days?" Morgan tried to recount.

"Don't remember." Peter said, shrugging.

"Yeah, we'll talk about this later. Now, look at me, both of you." Toni said firmly.

The teen's looked to their mother immediately. Toni grabbed Peter's face, planting a kiss on his forehead, then repeating the action with Morgan.

"I love you two, so, so much, and I have never missed you more. But you two are grounded for the rest of your goddamn lives!"

They swallowed anxiously. "Uh, sorry?"

"Rogers, grab Titty, or whatever." Toni commanded, standing up.

Peter stood as well, letting Morgan lean on him. "Let's get out of here." Clint spoke, shooting small smiles to his niece and nephew.

"God yes. Let's."


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"So, does this mean we're not grounded?" Peter asked hopefully as they sat in the Medbay being checked over.

"Are you kidding me? You two have parading around in pajamas behind my back for months!" Toni snapped, her arms crossed.

Apparently the happiness of having her children back had faded. "Oh, come on! You've been Iron Woman since before we were born! And Captain America is our dad!" Morgan exclaimed, throwing her hands in the air.

Her wound had thankfully healed. "Yeah, well I wasn't a fucking child!" Toni growled.

"We aren't children!" Peter piped up.

"Last I checked, fifteen is under eighteen." Toni said with a pointed glare.

"You were doing drugs and drinking alcohol at our age, but we can't use our powers for good?" Morgan hissed.

Toni flinched, a muscle under her eye ticking. "You could get killed!" She yelled.

They didn't mean to, but both teens flinched violently at her yell. Toni blinked, eyes flooding with realization.

"Morgan, Peter." She breathed.

"Sorry, we're too busy being children." Morgan sneered, her arms crossed.

Toni huffed and strode from the room. Bruce glanced between them with an awkward smile and continued to examine them.


"What the hell do you mean the entire world knows who we are?" Morgan asked blankly.

"Exactly what she said." Natasha responded with a raised brow.

Morgan groaned. Then Peter gasped. "Does that mean we can finally go to Midtown?"

It had been their school of choice if they were ever allowed. "Maybe." Toni said, her arms still crossed. Did she just never uncross them or something?

"Come on, please?" Peter begged.

"You unveiled our identities for no reason, the least you can do is let us choose our own school that doesn't have a bunch snobby rich kids in it." Morgan said passive aggressively.

Toni's frown deepened. "Watch how you talk to me." She snapped.

Morgan's eyes widened for a split second. That tone sounded eerily familiar. It was the tone the doctor used when ordering them around, usually when he was going to hurt them.

Her breathing picked up and she  could hear everyone's heartbeats at once, practically drums in her ears.

"Morgie?" Peter whispered. She flinched.

"Shit." Peter hissed, too quietly for anyone but Morgan to hear.

"Jarvis, sensory overload mode." He called.

"Of course Young Sir." Jarvis obeyed, blacking out the windows, shutting off the lights, and making the room soundproof.

"Everybody out." Peter whispered.

They obeyed and Peter brushed his fingers over her arm, before exiting as well.

Morgan lied down on the couch, staring at the ceiling. Soon, she started laughing quietly.

"Fuck panic attacks." She spat, laughing until it turned to cries, then turning on her side and sobbing.