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Where I Belong

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A Terrible Surprise  

Regina Mills, a 26-year-old teacher, strolls through the airport. She had just arrived back after a four-day trip with her history students. It was amazing to see the kids actually appreciating the subject and this made her smile even more. She was happy to be back, excited to see her girlfriend of six-years, Mal, which is why she was surprised not to find her waiting at the arrivals gate. Looking at her phone and realizing it was indeed dead, she decides to grab the train and as the station is just around the corner from her house. “Maybe Mal got tied up at work,” she says to herself as she makes her way to their house. 

Regina and Mal met in their first year of University. They immediately hit it off, due to the fact that they were both Americans living in South Africa. Their friendship soon turned into a romance filled with expensive dates and lavish gifts and Mal doting on Regina as if she was a queen. Regina loved the attention and she gave everything she had to the relationship. Mal was now a successful Chartered Accountant and the work kept her extremely busy; she often worked late nights and weekends. Regina did not mind, she did miss her girlfriend and their sex life took a hefty knock, but she loved Mal. Regina had been working at Enchanted High school in Johannesburg, for the last three years. She loved everything about the job; the school the staff the kids, everything was perfect.  

Regina struggles to pull her luggage up their front steps, but eventually she gets everything inside. She closes the door and happily removes her coat and hangs it in the closet. She takes a deep breath and walks up to the bedroom. The moment she gets to first floor, she hears it. There is someone in her bedroom. When she opens the door, she is shocked into an utter silence. In their bed, Mal is busy riding a middle-aged man, and moaning at the top of her lungs. Regina doesn’t know what to feel as she stands there, looking at her girlfriend. She turns around, ready to close the door and walk away, when she remembers something. Taking a deep calming breath, she walks into the room and straight to her night-stand, snatches the photo of her parents, and walks back out. She feels the tears streaming down her face as she drives, but doesn’t pay them any notice for now. She books herself into a hotel and starts making some calls, first to her a moving company and then to a few old friends. 


Now, three months later, she’s unloading the last box from her car and peering up at her brand-new little house. It’s been a struggle to get here, but she’s glad she made the choice that day. 

Mal tried phoning her, begging her, pleading and then eventually placing blame and throwing insults. She refused to see her in person and did not answer any of her calls. She wanted a clean break. When you see the person, you were in a relationship with cheating on you, it changes you and Regina was not willing to sacrifice her dignity for a person like that. She arranged for all her belongings to be packed up and stored until she could find a new place. She, regretfully, quit her job after Mal started showing up at school and decided to start fresh. An old University friend of hers got her an interview at her school and they immediately hired her. Everything fell into place and now here she was; a new house, a new job, and a new city. Things were looking good. 

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Chapter 2 – New Life  

So, it turns out that starting a new life, on your own, after so many years is quite...boring, and really lonely. The first month went by quickly, settling into a new job and learning all the ins and outs, take up a lot of time, so does planning, when you start in the middle of the school year. The staff at the new school was really nice and welcoming. Regina even liked her Head of Department, Eugenia. She of course had her friend, Kathryn, to speak to and was pleasantly surprised to find that her seat in the staff room was next to Kathryn’s. It was great catching up with her and getting back on track with a friendship that drifted a bit due to the fact that they lived in different cities (and the fact that she was in a relationship and Kathryn was very much single). After six months in a new city, she was really getting lonely, but the risk of going out and being hit on, was just not worth it.  

When Regina entered the staff room on Monday morning, she was not surprised that Kathryn was waiting for her. “Good Morning sunshine, how was your weekend?” Kathryn greets her holding out a cup of coffee. Regina takes the cup from Kathryn and takes a large gulp and sighs as it runs down her throat. “HMMMMMM, you are my favorite person.” Regina says with a smile before answering the question, “Oh, you know, marking and prep work, add me binge watching Orphan Black and you have a full weekend,” Regina chuckles at herself before adding, “and yours?”  

Kathryn smiles smugly at Regina, “Do you really want to know?” but before Regina can reply, Kathryn jumps right in, telling her about how she met the most gorgeous hunk on Friday night, “I swear he is pure muscle! He drilled me so hard that I still can’t walk properly!” Kathryn finishes. Regina simply stares at her, mouth turned into a scowl as she fights the urge to puke. Kathryn is a great friend but she is a bit too lose with her body. “You know Reg, why don’t we go out together this weekend? We can go to that gay club that just opened up and find you someone delicious to take care of your itch?” Kathryn says. Regina snaps her head back to her friend before replying in a shout-whisper, “ I.Do.Not . Have.An ...itch! I just got out of a relationship. I do not need another person messing with my life.” Regina says and was about to continue, when the Principal, enters and starts off the morning meeting. After the meeting, Regina gets up and leaves the room, she has another department meeting before the day officially starts. Kathryn packs all her things in her bag and when she moves to get up and head on her way, Ruby Lucas plops down next to her. “Hey slutty, we need to talk.” Ruby says. Kathryn just looks at her before replying, “about what Rubes?”  

“Well you see, Regina is a delicious piece of ass and I have been trying to get her to come out with us for a while now, but she just refuses. I could help to over-hear your conversation and I think it’s about time that we join forces, don’t you think?” Ruby says.   

“Yeah, she needs to get laid Rubes, I fear for her health if she goes on like this. It’s been long enough.” Kathryn replies.  

“Okay,” Ruby says while leaning in closer to the blonde, “We are going to drag her out on Friday, you bring the booze and I’ll get the girls together for a wild night.”   

Kathryn stops and thinks for a while before she speaks again. “Okay Rubes, but just make sure that whoever takes the bait, is not too clingy, Regina really doesn’t want a long-term thing right now. We just want her to lose that stick up her butt.”  

“Deal!” Ruby says. “See you on later Kat.” Rube

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Chapter 3 - Friday Night 

Regina’s week had been a surprisingly busy one. She was slammed with marking and teaching and planning an excursion for her classes. Her Head of Department was so impressed with what she did at her previous school, that she wanted her to do something similar now. It was for that reason, and only that reason, that she once again declined Kathryn’s invitation for a girl’s night out. Making her way back home after school, she was happy that she could simply relax with a glass of wine.

At six o’clock, she was dancing in her pjs, while preparing a quick dinner for herself. She was so distracted by the loud music, that she didn’t hear her front door opening, nor the sound of people entering her house. She yelps when the music suddenly turned off. She turns around and sends a seething glare at whoever has invaded her home.

“Kathryn! What in heavens name are you doing sneaking into other people’s homes?”

Kathryn stifles a giggle at her friend's dance moves before answering, “Well doll I was simply enjoying the show.” She then breaks out into a burst of laughter that lasts a while longer than justified when Regina turns beet red.

Regina finally realizes that Kathryn was in her house when she was not supposed to be and asks, “Why are you here Kat? I told you I was not going out tonight?”

Kathryn gave her a sly smile. “Well you aren’t going out with my dear friend, but you are going out. The cavalry should be here shortly, "she drawled out.

Asif on cue, the doorbell rang loudly through the house. Regina groaned out her frustration before gesturing to Kathryn to get the door while she finished off her meal. She didn’t even have time to switch off the stove before the ever-loud Ruby Lucas strolled into her kitchen with a whole kit trailing behind her. Looking down at Ruby’s luggage.

Regina scowled at the woman before asking, “What are you doing with that Ruby? You are not planning on staying the night are you?

Ruby gave Regina a devilish smile and a shrug before bringing her bag in front of her. “Oh no my lovely friend, we are going to doll you up and then feed you to the hungry lady wolves tonight.”

Regina immediately shook her head at the statement and started her reply but was interrupted by Kathryn grabbing her arm, pulling her along and Ruby pushing her from the back. Before she knew it, she was being shoved into the bathroom with a commanding “shower” from both her friends.

Twenty minutes later, walking out of the bathroom, she was once again ambushed. It all happened in a whirl-wind of clothes and make-up and various other things.

At 7:45 exactly she was shoved out her front door and into her car, with only the briefest of instruction as to where to go (at least she could convince those to tyrants to go in her own car).


She pulled into the parking space and stared at the building she was supposed to enter. She knew that Ruby was already inside, waiting, due to the text she received a few moments ago.

Ruby Lucas: Hey Gina, we’re in the back on the left. I’ll have a drink waiting for you just get your but over here.

Regina stared at her phone as she reread the text, and then her eyes trailed back to the building. It was a simple restaurant and Ruby assured her that they were going to have a nice, relaxing time. So before she could psych herself out, Regina took a deep breath and excited the car. She walked up to the establishment with all the confidence she could muster. She was just inside the door when a big group of people came shoving passed her.

After struggling to get through the crowd she straightened her shirt before trying to seek out her friend. She spotted her leggy companion, at a table closer to the back, just as she said she would be. She was clearly flirting with the table’s waitress if the touching and exaggerated laughter was any indication. Regina gave a little shake of her head while moving closer to the table and saying to herself “some things never change,” but as she got a little closer, the waitress moved away and Regina’s eyes were pulled to the space were she stood.

In that spot, Regina saw the most gorgeous creature she had ever laid eyes on. Stunning cheekbones sat under shocking green eyes and pink rosy lips that drew up in a earth-shattering smile that stole Regina’s breath right out of her lungs all topped off with beautiful, blonde princess curls that hung elegantly over her shoulders. She felt like she was frozen in that moment, as if she couldn’t move for the fear that this woman would vanish if she blinked.

She was pulled out of dream by Ruby’s voice calling to her. “Hey Gina, over here.” Regina lightly shook herself back to the present and approached the table, forcing herself to focus on her friend rather than the gorgeous blonde.

Ruby took the time to introduce her to the rest of the people. “Ladies, this my old friend Regina, she’ll be joining us tonight so let’s teach her how to do things properly.” Regina couldn’t remember any of the names or focus on most of the things that the people were saying.Unfortunately all she remembered was the name of the woman seated next to her. “Emma”.

For the next two hours all Regina could do was smile and try to contribute something to the conversation, while drinking the many cocktails that were placed in front of her. She was trying really hard to keep her heartbeat under control and to avoid the blonde as much as possible. The woman was confident and intelligent and could steal the conversation without trying.

Regina was about to make an excuse and bail, when Ruby made an announcement. “Alright bitches, it’s time to go shake our asses off. Drink up let’s move.” Before Regina knew what wad happening she was once again, with much protest, whisked away to a new location.

This time it was a booming club filled to the brim with woman of all kinds. It was hot and loud and definitely not her scene, so she did what she could to get herself a little more relaxed, she had a few shots with the girls before they all went dancing. Regina declined that offer successfully and stayed seated at the bar. She watched Emma on the floor dancing and swaying to the music. A couple of times she was approached by other women and hugged or blatantly propositioned something else but she never gave them any sign that she wad interested, clearly there to simply enjoy the company of her friends.

Regina turned back to her drink and was once again lost in her thoughts. She sat like that for long moments before she felt a tap on her shoulder.

She turned around and found a clearly very drunk woman standing close to her. “Well why is such a good looking lady sitting alone. I could show you a good time. Why don’t you come home with me?” the woman aid slurring badly. Regina tried to decline the offer in a friendly manner but the advances got even worse.

The woman backed Regina up into the bar and was leaning in so close that Regina could smell, and almost taste, the whiskey on her breath. Regina was extremely uncomfortable and was starting to panic when she felt a hand wrap around her wrist and pull her away from this situation.

She kept her eyes down and when she looked up she was staring straight into those gorgeous green eyes of Emma. Emma gave the woman no notice as she wrapped Regina into a protective hug and swaying with the music. She kept looking at her while giving her a knowing smile. Regina couldn’t think of anything else and when she opened her mouth to thank her beautiful saviour, Emma did the most unexpected thing. She leaned in and captured Regina’s lips in a kiss. A kiss that instantly made her knees go weak and soaked her panties through. 

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Chapter 4 – Friday Fun

Regina lost herself in the feel and taste of Emma’s lips. She could feel herself losing control and she didn’t even care. She was being consumed by the passion she felt behind it. She felt a whine leave her throat when Emma pulled back. When she finally composed herself enough to open her eyes, Emma was staring at her with hunger in her own.

“I’ve wanted to do hat since the first moment I saw you,” Emma said.

Regina smiled and wanted to reply but Emma cut her off. “Let’s get out of here,” Emma said.

Regina was a bit taken a back. “What?” Regina asked in shock.

Emma leaned in and kissed her again before saying. “Take me home Regina, I don’t think I want all our friends to see me fucking you right here.”

Regina responded immediately by grabbing Emma’s wrist and dragging her out of the club, thanking the universe that she was here with her own car. She got inside and as soon as Emma was in, he drove off. She was so focused on getting to her house as quickly as possible that she didn’t notice Emma leaning over until she felt her hand sliding up the thigh and rubbing her core through her jeans. She let out a quiet moan at the friction, just shy of being enough to get her, her release.She sped up even more and soon they were parking in her drive way.

Neither of them wasted any time in getting out of the car and making their way into the house. Once they were inside, they both took off their shoes and jackets. Emma was still hanging her jacket up when she was turned around and shoved up against the wall. Regina attacked her lips with a fierce need and they both lost themselves in the moment.

That was until Emma spun them around and picked the brunette up. Regina wrapped her legs around the blonde’s waist and allowed Emma to devour her neck.

She only stopped for a moment to ask, “Bedroom?”

Regina pointed in the direction and Emma carried her all the way. This gave Regina the chance to nibble on any piece of skin she could find. She latched onto Emma’s ear and suckled and nibbled there until the blonde let out a hearty groan of pleasure.

They didn’t waste any time in divesting each other of their clothing and once Regina’s back hit the bed, she was burning from need.

Emma kissed her slowly, and trailed kisses down her jaw, neck and to her breasts. She sucked a nipple into her mouth and was rewarded with a gasp from Regina. She slowly slipped her hand down between them and slowly parted Regina’s folds.

Emma groaned at the wetness she found and was lightly playing with the brunette’s slit when Regina lost her patience. “I can’t take teasing now, just Fuck me, there’ll be time for slow later.”

Emma didn’t have to be told twice; she was turned on beyond belief. She lowered her hand to Regina’s entrance and entered her with two fingers. She started a deep, slow pace, but it seemed that the brunette was not having any of that.

Regina just moaned out “more” and Emma picked up a thunderous pace; drilling into the woman. This had Regina mewling and writhing under her and soon she could feel the brunette’s walls quiver around her fingers. It was magical, to feel this magnificent woman be reduced to a sexy mess and a few moments later Regina released a scream so arousing that Emma almost went over along with her. She slowed down as she helped the woman ride out her orgasm and then laid gentle kisses to her neck and cheeks.

She smiled down at the remarkable beauty. “You are absolutely beautiful.” Emma said while stroking a few strands of her from Regina’s face.

Regina didn’t say anything in return but simply flipped them over before descending down Emma’s body; leaving kisses and nips as she went. Once she reached her destination, she wasted not a single second before she started devouring the blonde. She groaned at the first taste. Emma was sweet with just the right amount of tang. She moved her tongue between the blonde’s clit and entrance a few times, before circling her nub with the flat of her tongue.

“God Regina, your mouth is amazing!” Emma shouted.

Regina took the little pearl into her mouth and sucked it hard while still continuing her circular motions. It didn’t take long for the blonde to start grinding her hips in time to Regina’s tongue and then she was coming in her mouth, juices running out of her as she releases a long passionate scream of “Regina!”

They lay next to each other for a while catching their breath, when Emma turned over onto Regina and positioned herself between the brunette’s thighs. Emma leaned down and captured Regina’s lips with her own, while moving her hips to slide their cores together.

“I actually wish we did this at my place, so that I could fuck you with my strap on, “Emma said.

Regina liked the sound of that and she was just too happy that she could help.

“Well just give me two minutes,” Regina said and then lid out of bed and moved over to her dresser, after opening it up she produced a brand new box and Emma’s eyes darkened immediately.

The blonde jumped up and grabbed the box from Regina, then made her way to the bathroom. When she came out she was wearing the harness and the thick eight inch, blue, cock was protruding from between her legs.

Regina stared at the gorgeous sight before her and with her finger beckoned Emma closer. The blonde wasted no time in approaching the bed and crawled towards her prize. Regina spread herself wide open and pulled the blonde down on top of her. With an ease of old lovers the connected again and kissed with fever until Regina shifted and positioned the head of the toy at her entrance. She was wet and swollen that it only took the blonde two thrusts to be buried deep inside the gorgeous brunette.

Their bodies moved in an immediate rhythm and slowly they built up speed. Soon hey were panted and moaning in unison ; sweat running down their bodies as they chased their peaks.

Regina was the first to scream her release, a roaring “Fuuuuuuck Emma!” as she reached her euphoric release. It was the most amazing feeling she had ever experienced. Emma moaned at Regina’s scream and soon she picked up her pace, thrusting harder and deeper into the woman below her. Regina was barely over her first orgasm when she was hurled, head-first, into a roaring second. This one so powerful that she release a spurting stream of ejaculate. That was Emma’s undoing as she came with a cry at the feeling of Regina’s cum against her skin.

The rest of the night was spent either fucking furiously or slowly taking each other to their peaks. It wasn’t until the sun started rising that they fell into an exhausted sleep, curled around each other and breathing in the smell of the woman in their arms

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Chapter 5 – Sunday Blues  

Regina stretched out her sore muscles with a contented hum. The burn was a delicious reminder of the mind-blowing sex of the previous night. She’d never experienced such a skilled lover in her life. With those thoughts, she reached out to the person in question; hopefully to continue what they started last night. With a deep frown she lifted her eyes when her palm was met with cold sheets. The utter disappointment set in at the sight of her empty bed. She scanned her room and realized that the blonde’s clothing was missing as well. She fell back onto the bed and could feel the burning in her eyes at the realization that Emma,  hmmm  Em -ma , had left her without a word. It hurt, and she couldn’t understand why. “This was just one night, you fool, snap out of it!” she scolded herself.   


After a short pity party for one, Regina gathered herself and slipped out of bed, putting on her silk robe and dragging her sorry ass down to the kitchen. When she rounded the corner, the smell of coffee invaded her senses and she was filled with immediate hope that Emma stayed after all. Her face fell as she took in the empty kitchen. There was indeed coffee, freshly brewed, and a plate on the counter with some fresh pastries. Next to it was a note. She grabbed herself a mug and poured some much-needed coffee, before picking up an Apple Danish and taking a seat at the kitchen counter; staring at the folded piece of paper with her name on it. She sat quietly and delicately nibbled on the treat while savoring her coffee. Eventually her curiosity got the better of her and she reached for the note.   


Good Morning Beautiful  😊  

Firstly, let me just say that I am extremely sorry for not being there when you woke up. I had some important things this morning that I couldn’t put off. It killed me to leave you there looking even more yummy than last night.   

Thank you for the most amazing night of my life.  

See you soon  😉  


Regina read the note and realized, much too late, that she was smiling like a buffoon. Then she noticed the last line, “See you soon?” she said loudly. Wondering how Emma would do that without leaving a phone number. She thought back to the previous night and realized that she should not get hung up on seeing this woman again. Yes, Emma was amazing in bed, but she didn’t know anything about her and she just got out of a relationship. “Yes!” she said to herself. “Last night was just that, one night,” she continued her inner monologue before her traitorous brain supplied a silent - best fucking night of your life Mills.  


After breakfast and a refreshing, brain-cleansing, shower, Regina spends the rest of her Saturday watching some Netflix rerun and trying not to think about green eyes and beautiful golden hair. Unfortunately, her endeavor is unsuccessful, she realizes, as she finds herself scrolling through multiple social media accounts in search of the blonde that destroyed her mind, and body. By the end of the night, she is frustrated with herself. She constantly checks her cell-phone in the hopes that Emma took her number and would message her about meeting up again. The only messages are from Kat and Ruby inquiring about the previous night, and she is too devastated to reply. She decides to call it a night and eventually drags her sulking, pining, body to her bed and falls into a fitful sleep.  


Regina’s Sunday is spent much in the same manner, that is until she brings out some wine and attacks her students’ essays with a little too much aggression. Once again, she spends the day staring at her phone, and again no message of any form of contact is made by the blonde.  That night, Regina drags herself to bed, a little drunk and very depressed. “Great, I am so going to regret this in the morning,” she says before drifting off into sleep.  


Monday morning has Regina woken up by an incessant buzzing beneath her head. She digs for the source that is disrupting her sleep and after realizing it’s her phone presses a few buttons and with a gruff “Ello” answers the phone.   

“Regina! Please tell me, you’re not still sleeping! Staff meeting starts in 15 minutes!” Kathryn yells over the phone.  

Regina doesn’t respond, but simply jumps out of bed and rushes through her morning routine. She skips breakfast, and probably breaks a thousand traffic rules, but makes it into her parking spot 25 minutes later. She doesn’t take any of her things with her except for her purse and is rushing into the staff room just as the principal is finishing his morning greeting. He sends her a glare and with a “glad you could join us, Miss Mills” he continues with the meeting.   


Regina takes her seat next to Kathryn and when a huge cup of coffee is pushed in front of her eyes, she sends her friend a grateful smile and words out a “Thank you.” The meeting continues and Regina finally feels herself relax after the hellish start to the day. She is vaguely aware of the new faces sitting at the back table in the room (must be new student teachers) and examines them. There seems to be four of them, all still young and fresh-faced. Two guys and a girl are sitting around the table, but the fourth one is obscured by the body of a young guy, dressed in all-black. She is staring directly at Regina, licking his lips and clearly checking her out. She sends him a seething glare. This seems to get his attention as he scoots himself further down his chair and ducks his head. The action causes the person on the other side of the table to come into view, and Regina’s eyes grow wide and her heart speeds up! All the blood rushes out of her face and she loses the ability to breath. There, sitting opposite the sleaze, staring directly into Regina’s eyes with all the confidence and bravado of Friday night, is Emma.   


Before Regina can look away, Emma sends her a sly-cocky little wink and blows her a kiss. Regina is still stunned and looks down at her hands. Trying to figure out how the fuck she’s going to handle this situation. If Emma is a student teacher, then that means that Regina has to deal with having the insufferably arousing blonde around her. This is a mess; student teachers were off limits and could get you into big trouble.   

“Fuck me” Regina silently whispers to herself as she takes another peak at the blonde, who is still staring at her with a smug smile on her lips. Emma must have read her lips because the next thing she notices is Emma mouthing back at her “gladly,” before smiling even bigger than before.