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Where I Belong

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Chapter 4 – Friday Fun

Regina lost herself in the feel and taste of Emma’s lips. She could feel herself losing control and she didn’t even care. She was being consumed by the passion she felt behind it. She felt a whine leave her throat when Emma pulled back. When she finally composed herself enough to open her eyes, Emma was staring at her with hunger in her own.

“I’ve wanted to do hat since the first moment I saw you,” Emma said.

Regina smiled and wanted to reply but Emma cut her off. “Let’s get out of here,” Emma said.

Regina was a bit taken a back. “What?” Regina asked in shock.

Emma leaned in and kissed her again before saying. “Take me home Regina, I don’t think I want all our friends to see me fucking you right here.”

Regina responded immediately by grabbing Emma’s wrist and dragging her out of the club, thanking the universe that she was here with her own car. She got inside and as soon as Emma was in, he drove off. She was so focused on getting to her house as quickly as possible that she didn’t notice Emma leaning over until she felt her hand sliding up the thigh and rubbing her core through her jeans. She let out a quiet moan at the friction, just shy of being enough to get her, her release.She sped up even more and soon they were parking in her drive way.

Neither of them wasted any time in getting out of the car and making their way into the house. Once they were inside, they both took off their shoes and jackets. Emma was still hanging her jacket up when she was turned around and shoved up against the wall. Regina attacked her lips with a fierce need and they both lost themselves in the moment.

That was until Emma spun them around and picked the brunette up. Regina wrapped her legs around the blonde’s waist and allowed Emma to devour her neck.

She only stopped for a moment to ask, “Bedroom?”

Regina pointed in the direction and Emma carried her all the way. This gave Regina the chance to nibble on any piece of skin she could find. She latched onto Emma’s ear and suckled and nibbled there until the blonde let out a hearty groan of pleasure.

They didn’t waste any time in divesting each other of their clothing and once Regina’s back hit the bed, she was burning from need.

Emma kissed her slowly, and trailed kisses down her jaw, neck and to her breasts. She sucked a nipple into her mouth and was rewarded with a gasp from Regina. She slowly slipped her hand down between them and slowly parted Regina’s folds.

Emma groaned at the wetness she found and was lightly playing with the brunette’s slit when Regina lost her patience. “I can’t take teasing now, just Fuck me, there’ll be time for slow later.”

Emma didn’t have to be told twice; she was turned on beyond belief. She lowered her hand to Regina’s entrance and entered her with two fingers. She started a deep, slow pace, but it seemed that the brunette was not having any of that.

Regina just moaned out “more” and Emma picked up a thunderous pace; drilling into the woman. This had Regina mewling and writhing under her and soon she could feel the brunette’s walls quiver around her fingers. It was magical, to feel this magnificent woman be reduced to a sexy mess and a few moments later Regina released a scream so arousing that Emma almost went over along with her. She slowed down as she helped the woman ride out her orgasm and then laid gentle kisses to her neck and cheeks.

She smiled down at the remarkable beauty. “You are absolutely beautiful.” Emma said while stroking a few strands of her from Regina’s face.

Regina didn’t say anything in return but simply flipped them over before descending down Emma’s body; leaving kisses and nips as she went. Once she reached her destination, she wasted not a single second before she started devouring the blonde. She groaned at the first taste. Emma was sweet with just the right amount of tang. She moved her tongue between the blonde’s clit and entrance a few times, before circling her nub with the flat of her tongue.

“God Regina, your mouth is amazing!” Emma shouted.

Regina took the little pearl into her mouth and sucked it hard while still continuing her circular motions. It didn’t take long for the blonde to start grinding her hips in time to Regina’s tongue and then she was coming in her mouth, juices running out of her as she releases a long passionate scream of “Regina!”

They lay next to each other for a while catching their breath, when Emma turned over onto Regina and positioned herself between the brunette’s thighs. Emma leaned down and captured Regina’s lips with her own, while moving her hips to slide their cores together.

“I actually wish we did this at my place, so that I could fuck you with my strap on, “Emma said.

Regina liked the sound of that and she was just too happy that she could help.

“Well just give me two minutes,” Regina said and then lid out of bed and moved over to her dresser, after opening it up she produced a brand new box and Emma’s eyes darkened immediately.

The blonde jumped up and grabbed the box from Regina, then made her way to the bathroom. When she came out she was wearing the harness and the thick eight inch, blue, cock was protruding from between her legs.

Regina stared at the gorgeous sight before her and with her finger beckoned Emma closer. The blonde wasted no time in approaching the bed and crawled towards her prize. Regina spread herself wide open and pulled the blonde down on top of her. With an ease of old lovers the connected again and kissed with fever until Regina shifted and positioned the head of the toy at her entrance. She was wet and swollen that it only took the blonde two thrusts to be buried deep inside the gorgeous brunette.

Their bodies moved in an immediate rhythm and slowly they built up speed. Soon hey were panted and moaning in unison ; sweat running down their bodies as they chased their peaks.

Regina was the first to scream her release, a roaring “Fuuuuuuck Emma!” as she reached her euphoric release. It was the most amazing feeling she had ever experienced. Emma moaned at Regina’s scream and soon she picked up her pace, thrusting harder and deeper into the woman below her. Regina was barely over her first orgasm when she was hurled, head-first, into a roaring second. This one so powerful that she release a spurting stream of ejaculate. That was Emma’s undoing as she came with a cry at the feeling of Regina’s cum against her skin.

The rest of the night was spent either fucking furiously or slowly taking each other to their peaks. It wasn’t until the sun started rising that they fell into an exhausted sleep, curled around each other and breathing in the smell of the woman in their arms