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Where I Belong

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Chapter 2 – New Life  

So, it turns out that starting a new life, on your own, after so many years is quite...boring, and really lonely. The first month went by quickly, settling into a new job and learning all the ins and outs, take up a lot of time, so does planning, when you start in the middle of the school year. The staff at the new school was really nice and welcoming. Regina even liked her Head of Department, Eugenia. She of course had her friend, Kathryn, to speak to and was pleasantly surprised to find that her seat in the staff room was next to Kathryn’s. It was great catching up with her and getting back on track with a friendship that drifted a bit due to the fact that they lived in different cities (and the fact that she was in a relationship and Kathryn was very much single). After six months in a new city, she was really getting lonely, but the risk of going out and being hit on, was just not worth it.  

When Regina entered the staff room on Monday morning, she was not surprised that Kathryn was waiting for her. “Good Morning sunshine, how was your weekend?” Kathryn greets her holding out a cup of coffee. Regina takes the cup from Kathryn and takes a large gulp and sighs as it runs down her throat. “HMMMMMM, you are my favorite person.” Regina says with a smile before answering the question, “Oh, you know, marking and prep work, add me binge watching Orphan Black and you have a full weekend,” Regina chuckles at herself before adding, “and yours?”  

Kathryn smiles smugly at Regina, “Do you really want to know?” but before Regina can reply, Kathryn jumps right in, telling her about how she met the most gorgeous hunk on Friday night, “I swear he is pure muscle! He drilled me so hard that I still can’t walk properly!” Kathryn finishes. Regina simply stares at her, mouth turned into a scowl as she fights the urge to puke. Kathryn is a great friend but she is a bit too lose with her body. “You know Reg, why don’t we go out together this weekend? We can go to that gay club that just opened up and find you someone delicious to take care of your itch?” Kathryn says. Regina snaps her head back to her friend before replying in a shout-whisper, “ I.Do.Not . Have.An ...itch! I just got out of a relationship. I do not need another person messing with my life.” Regina says and was about to continue, when the Principal, enters and starts off the morning meeting. After the meeting, Regina gets up and leaves the room, she has another department meeting before the day officially starts. Kathryn packs all her things in her bag and when she moves to get up and head on her way, Ruby Lucas plops down next to her. “Hey slutty, we need to talk.” Ruby says. Kathryn just looks at her before replying, “about what Rubes?”  

“Well you see, Regina is a delicious piece of ass and I have been trying to get her to come out with us for a while now, but she just refuses. I could help to over-hear your conversation and I think it’s about time that we join forces, don’t you think?” Ruby says.   

“Yeah, she needs to get laid Rubes, I fear for her health if she goes on like this. It’s been long enough.” Kathryn replies.  

“Okay,” Ruby says while leaning in closer to the blonde, “We are going to drag her out on Friday, you bring the booze and I’ll get the girls together for a wild night.”   

Kathryn stops and thinks for a while before she speaks again. “Okay Rubes, but just make sure that whoever takes the bait, is not too clingy, Regina really doesn’t want a long-term thing right now. We just want her to lose that stick up her butt.”  

“Deal!” Ruby says. “See you on later Kat.” Rube