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talented (angst+fluff)

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enjoy this oneshot :)

all of the members were different. each of the members' hearts was laced with talent and glory, above and beyond. jin? well, he came here knowing how to act, and now he can sing AND dance. hoseok? aye, a little ball of sunshine that has the sickest of moves as the main dancer who can rap, AND sing. namjoon, who's the leader and reason why the group is alive to the said day. jungkook, the sweet maknae and his boyfriend, who's got a charming and devilish side, and perfect at everything (except for making cotton candy). taehyung, got the beyond-standard idol looks and one of the most handsome men in the world. yoongi could rap like a fucking god and he was able to fight depression. jimin came to himself...he sang (obviously since he was the lead vocalist) and he danced (as the lead dancer). there was nothing beyond that. jimin couldn't take acting seriously because he bursted into giggles despite NOT wanting to. he couldn't rap, even though he did some shitty rapping just for the show for ARMY. what else? he couldn't draw, and he wrote "eh" songs that were truly not as good as the words and deliverance of the other members.

of course, there would always be the fans that liked everyone but jimin. he already suffered right after debuting in the group. he got his fanbase back, but it's 2019. he hasn't done even fifty-percent of what the other members could achieve. he acted as a member of the group... that's all. and the so-called "fans" were doing a great job at pointing this out.

and when ever crappy thoughts like this crossed his mind, jimin bawled his eyes and wrapped himself in a blanket in his room. after five minutes, jungkoko came running towards him, spooning him with his hands and coaxing him with his poetic words. everything would end up find then, but now it was getting too much. jimin felt like he did nothing in six years. i mean six years? jimin felt ashamed.

currently, practice had just finished. due to lack of sleep from such stressful thoughts, he had to practice a little longer in order to nail the dance. jungkook watched from the side, sighing when he knew his baby jimin was lying to him. jungkook never failed to ask jimin and see how he was.

"have you eaten?"

"are you tired?"

"are you hungry?"

"do you want cuddles?"

"hyung, baby, why are you sad?"

but something bothered jungkook. there was always that silent connection between jimin's thoughts and jungkook's gut feelings. he always ended being right when jimin was in the dorm crying, even though jungkook went out to eat. it nagged at him. and now? jungkook knew something was wrong, and he was done seeing his beautiful boyfriend put up a facade of trying to seem okay.

"hey baby..." jungkook said while kissing jimin's head.

"i'm so tired..." jimin said.

"i know, take a break." jungkook said seriously

"i need to practice the dance one more time, love. i'll be done soon." jimin said bitterly, masking it however.

and before jungkook could say anything, he watched jimin's body sway to the repetitive music again.

jimin collapsed after finishing the dance, in a fun way. he faked a smile while going back to the dorm, staying silent amongst the miraculously chatty members in the car. jungkook stayed silent to, watching his hyung and love of his life quite carefully. jimin stared out the window, thankful that no-one was questioning him.

the car finally got back to the dorm, and jimin rushed inside without saying anything. jungkook ran after him, slowing down once he caught up with jimin.

jungkook scared his boyfriend when he gave a soft back-hug, giving a light kiss to jimin's neck. jimin gasped but giggled when he knew it was jungkook.

"hyung, are you sure you're okay?" jungkook asked when they went into their shared room.

"of course i'm okay..." jimin said defeatedly.

"don't lie." jungkook stated suddenly.

"lie?" jimin whipped his head around.

"you've been worn out at practice. i know you're not sleeping well. i know you've been skipping meals again. you don't drink as much water as you should and it worries me. you've been lying this whole fucking time!" jungkook again suddenly raised his voice, making jimin flinch.

"what? how can you accuse me of ly-"

"take your shirt off." jungkook strictly stated.

"excuse me jungkook, but i'm older and you're in no position to demand me." jimin fired back.

"i said take it off. i'm your boyfriend and i have every right to know what's going on." jungkook darkly said while leaning against the wall, also dangerously close to jimin's face.

"jungkook please it doesn't have t-"

jungkook pinned jimin against the wall, as his hands slithered up his stomach to stop at jimin's ribs that were dangerously poking out.

jimin whimpered when jungkook touched his body, knowing that it wasn't quite different from before.

"you see," jungkook put his hands on the outside of the t-shirt again, "this?"

jungkook shredded the t-shirt into two, and there it was.

jimin's upper body bruised from falling during practice. it was unhealthily pale and lacked the sufficient amount of fat. jimin stared at the ground guiltily.

"this is exactly what i'm talking about." jungkook spoke harshly while his boyfriend sobbed fat tears.

"i'm sorry jungkook, I-"

"no excuses, baby. you're going to eat right now." jungkook said softly again, kissing away jimin's tears one by one.

"jungkook i already ate, so please don't worry." jimin said again.

jungkook poked his tongue inside of his cheek, and walked away. jimin knew he angered jungkook, and decided to go take a shower.

"where do you think you're going hyung?' jungkook asked.

"t-to take a shower, love." jimin's breathing got erratic when jungkook came close to him again.

"i said you're going to eat... didn't i?" jungkook asked while getting even closer.

"i said-"

and jungkook crashed his lips onto jimin's.

it wasn't wild or crazy, or driven my mad lust. it was sweet and passionate, as if it was a blanket of medicine making jimin forget about the pain throbbing everywhere on his body.

"jimin baby, you know why I'm telling you all of this? because if you keep up this shit, I'm gonna lose," jungkook kissed and bit jimin's lips, "this. you're red and luscious lips. and i'm going to lose your beautiful stomach, and your adorable face. but most of all, i'm going to miss you. you are amazing jimin-ah. you're my inspiration to try my hardest at everything I do. you're the reason why everyone think i'm perfect in singing and drawing and sports and rapping. your dedication inspired me hyung, don't you see that?" jungkook kissed him again with clear tears running down his face.

"i know jungkook, I know what you're saying. but everyone except for me has some other talent besides their role in this group. i mean namjoon is the fucking leader who can play guitar and you're perfect at everything along with being more than i deserve. jin knows how to act, and yoongi knows how to write songs and poems, and you're perfect. and taehyung, fuck, that man can act and he's known as one of the most handsome men ever. if anything, you should've been with someone like taehyung, not me." jimin sobbed through his words.

this angered jungkook. the fact that he saw the other members to be more than him, more special. but jimin was wrong. in jungkook's eyes, jimin's flaws were what made him "perfect" and he didn't want jimin to change. no.

" you can play piano. you can command the whole stadium to fall silent when you sing with those invisible wings on your back, because you're an angel. you're a hundred times more flexible than the rest of the group. you spend the most hours perfecting yourself. you're our therapist and most supportive member. you're patient and considerate, letting six annoying people *like me* rant to you. you can't let these thoughts stop you from doing more, because i know you can..."

and then jungkook gave jimin the brightest smile ever.

"thanks jungkook, oh, i love you!" jimin squealed and hugged jungkook tightly.

"i love you too baby..." jungkook nuzzled his neck and they lived happily ever after.



jimin and jungkook decide to go on a fucking date in london (not part of the story just saying that they literally actually did go on a date in london).