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Off camera - What others don´t see

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He was holding his hand firmly in his. His head against his neck, nuzzling the skin below his ear. Wonwoo was tired. Fucking tired. They had practiced really hard for their upcoming album and comeback concert in one month.

Mingyu moved, snuggling even closer into the curve of his body. This weekend would be exhausting -again. First Japan and then the flight to the US.

"We'll be there in around five minutes," their manager said, who was sitting in the passenger seat. "Get ready."

Wonwoo let out a soft sigh as Mingyu leaned away from him, reaching for his cap. He hated airports and not because he was scared of flying, but because of the crowd, the paparazzi, the fan sites, which kept holding their cameras almost right into his face. Apart from the fact that he couldn´t stand it when strangers were entering his personal space, the flash of the camera light early in the morning was unbearable.

He looked to the left as Mingyu was placing his hood over his head. He had dyed his hair and the crowd should not spot the new color before their performance on the Summer Sonic event. A strand of hair was hanging down over his forehead and Wonwoo brushed it away, hiding it right under the cap, so it could not been seen.

"Thank you," Mingyu mumbled sleepily before pulling his bag up from the ground, placing it on his lap.

Wonwoo grabbed for his mask and was ready to put it on before getting out.

The younger reached for his free hand again, intertwhining their fingers together -so naturally.

Wonwoo got a fuzzy feeling in his stomach. It was normal for them to have a lot of skinship since pre debut times. They stuck together -especially off camera and when they couldn´t touch each other, their eyes would meet. It was a wordless agreement they have formed ever since they met.

Mingyu squeezed his hand after the car stopped and as he released it, he took the warmth away, almost causing him to pout.

The older pulled his mask over his mouth and nose.

"Ready?“ the manager asked and looked into the faces of his sleepy members.

Mingyu glanced at Wonwoo, like he was checking if he was ready before getting out on the other side of the car.

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"What's the matter? Why is the mood so glum all of a sudden?" Mingyu had been the last one in the shower and was now looking into the sullen faces of Hoshi and Dino, who were sitting on the bench in the changing room, already finished dressing.

They had just performed their six songs at the Summer Sonic -in a heat that had made them sweat like pigs. Their flight to the US would leave in a few hours so they didn´t have a lot of time inbetween.

"What is it?" Mingyu asked again when neither of them had answered him yet.

"Wonwoo is getting scolded right now," Hoshi finally replied after Dino elbowed him, fidgeting with his sleeve, his eyes lowered to the ground as if he was feeling guilty.

Nothing about his answer was making sense. "What? Why?" Mingyu asked while putting on his shirt, already pissed at whoever was scolding the older.

"Manager hyung went nuts because Wonwoo had unbuttoned his shirt and taken off his tie during the performance. He stormed into the changing room and started yelling at him."

He had no right to do that. Anger boiled in Mingyu as he put on his pants, ready to confront his manager. "Where are they?“

"We don't know. He literally dragged Wonwoo out of the room a few minutes ago," Dino replied hesitantly.

Done dressing, Mingyu headed for the door, but Hoshi jumped up, holding him back by the arm. "Don't go to them. If you interfere now, you'll only make it worse and drag yourself into it."

Mingyu shook off his hand. "I won´t judge that you didn´t stop manager hyung but don´t hold me back. When it comes to Wonwoo, I want to be involved -it doesn´t matter because of what,“ he replied before walking out. He really liked his manager, but if he would hurt his precious member in any way, then-

"Mingyu." He looked up. Wonwoo was standing right infront of him in the hallway. His gleam was gone, replaced by a dull look. He seemed downcast, his body posture rigid.

Mingyu´s heart ached at the sight of him. He stepped towards him, placing his hand at his cheek which was slightly reddened.

"Why are you looking so sad?" Wonwoo asked him concerned as if the younger was the one who had been scolded, always worried about him more than himself.

„Did he yell at you?“

Wonwoo lowered his head but Mingyu took his hand off his cheek and placed two fingers under the older´s chin, forcing him to look into his eyes. He knew him by heart and that´s why he could see the sadness hidden inside him.

"It's okay. I deserved the scolding. I shouldn't have just unbuttoned my shirt and-"

Mingyu shook his head. It was not okay. He couldn't fool him. "You deserve a lot, but not a scolding. You didn't do anything wrong! It was fucking hot out there and besides, it was no important event so manager hyung doesn´t need to make such a fuss out of it.“

Wonwoo bit his lip and tried to lower his head again but Mingyu´s fingers under his chin were keeping his face exposed to his gaze. He really hated that the older´s happy mood was simply taken away by his manager. He had been all smiley, enjoying their performance and now-

"Did he slap you?" Mingyu asked and inspected his cheek more thoroughly, leaning close to his face, ready to fight the middle aged man if he had dared to touch Wonwoo.

"What? No, of course not. What are you thinking? He just scolded me because our performance was filmed and it was not professional from me to act like this. My cheek must be reddened because of the shower,“ Wonwoo replied with a cute pout and Mingyu pouted with him but breathed out, relieved that their manager didn´t start hitting his members.

"I'm sorry I wasn't there when he got you out of the changing room," he mumbled before letting go of his chin, taking a step back. He would have never allowed him to raise his voice at his hyung.

Wonwoo shook his head, his hair still slightly wet. The manager hadn't even given him the time to blow-dry them. "I'm glad you were still in the shower at that time. You would only have got yourself into trouble even though you had nothing to do with it.“

Mingyu ignored that and brought his hand to Wonwoo´s head, stroking his hair. "Hairdry them, otherwise you will get sick."

Wonwoo pouted again -like a little boy, causing him to coo at the older. He never would admit it but he was cute in those rare moments where he was acting like a child towards him. "You've been walking around with wet hair lately, too," the older accused Mingyu.

"But I don't get sick every week."

Wonwoo clicked his tongue before heading for the changing room, pinching Mingyu in his arm while passing him. "I'm not sick every week. I've been fitter than ever since I started working out."

Mingyu rolled his eyes while following him. "Please don't brag about your new fit body again."

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It was already after midnight. They were sitting on the plane on their way to L.A, where they would perform at the KCON. It was dark and quiet, a perfect atmosphere to close the eyes and get some sleep.

Wonwoo was sitting at the aisle seat, next to him was Joshua, already slumbering. They had been flying over an hour already and he still couldn't fall asleep as bright flashes of lightning were dancing in the sky. Leaning his head against the back of his seat, finally tired enough to doze off, the plane suddenly dropped without a warning.

Seatbelt signs were turned on. "Dear passengers, we are encountering some turbulences. Please remain seated and fasten your seatbelts," the stewardess's voice said over the loudspeaker.

Wonwoo closed his eyes as the plane swayed. It wasn't that bad, but for someone who hated flying, it could be brutal. And that someone was sitting two rows behind him, his whimper could probably be heard by all. Mingyu wasn't afraid of flying, but he had been always really scared of turbulences.

The plane swayed again, Joshua still deep asleep beside him. As a blonde stewardess passed him with a glass of water, Wonwoo turned around in his seat to check on Mingyu. He was pale, his eyes wide and he was taking short breaths. The sight made Wonwoo ache.

The stewardess was handing him the glass and Mingyu looked so scared, he was a mess, making Wonwoo worry. Dino, who was sitting next to him, seemed too overwhelmed with the situation, holding the hand of the tallest member firmly in his.

The stewardess reached into her pocket, pulling out a white pill. She wanted to give him a tranquilizer. Wonwoo didn't want that. He unbuckled himself, stood up and headed towards them. "Sir, please go back to your seat," the blonde told him while Mingyu´s eyes were shut tight, his free hand gripping at the armrest, knuckles white from the strain.

The plane tilted to the left and Wonwoo had to hold himself at the head rest beside him. "Dino, would you please change seats with me?"

Three pairs of eyes stared at him. Mingyu seemed only now to notice that Wonwoo was standing right in front of him, little pearls of sweat were covering his forehead. Dino let go of his hand and squeezed past him, letting out a thankful smile towards Wonwoo.

"Okay, but please, sit down finally and fasten your seatbelt," the stewardess remarked, placing the pill on Mingyu's lap.

Wonwoo snatched it away. "He doesn't need that. He'll be all right in a minute," he muttered as he squeezed himself towards the seat at the window.

"Fasten your seatbelt," the stewardess repeated before walking back to the front. Wonwoo obeyed her instruction and then turned his upper body towards Mingyu, who had his eyes tightly shut again, hands placed back on the armrests.

Wonwoo wiped the sweat of the younger's forehead before pulling his left hand off the seat, entangling their fingers. The plane swayed once more and Mingyu tightened his grip. "I think I do need the pill," he mumbled, tired and scared.

"You don't need it. The side effects of those pills could be really bad. You will likely experience severe dizzyness and I don´t want to see you faint at KCON," Wonwoo replied, trying to slide closer to him, but the armrest between them made it difficult.

Mingyu placed his head on his shoulder, the position looked uncomfortable, but the younger didn´t seem to care as he let out a shaky sigh. "I hate turbulences," he whispered, snuggling his face into the older's neck, his lips touching his skin.

"I know. It'll be over soon," Wonwoo mumbled while caressing his arm.

"Can you tell me a joke to distract me?" The younger really had to be scared, otherwise he wouldn't ask Wonwoo for that. He was bad in telling jokes, probably the worst ever but he really wanted to help him to think about something other than the turbulences.

So Wonwoo thought of something ridiculous, pretty embarassing but surely distracting. "Open, shut them. Open, shut them. Give a little clap," he mumbled softly, remembering a finger rhyme his five year old cousin had recently taught him on Skype. He grabbed Mingyu's hands, moving them along. "Open shut them. Open shut them. Lay them in your lap."

A smile scurried across the younger's scared face as he was glancing down at their hands on his lap. "What are you doing?" he asked with a chuckle.

"Creep them, creep them. Creep them, creep them. Right up to your chin. Open wide your little mouth, but do not let them in!" Wonwoo continued with the finger rhyme, feeling a blush creep over his cheeks. "Shake them, shake them. Shake them, shake them. Shake them just like this."

"Wonwoo, that is-"

"Roll them, roll them. Roll them, roll them. Blow a little kiss." He brought the younger's hands to his lips, blowing on them softly before covering them with his own.

Mingyu still had his head on his shoulder and was smiling broadly as Wonwoo let go of him, highly embarrassed, questioning his own sanity. The things he was doing for that person-

The seatbelt signs turned off and he leaned away. "See? You did it without the pill," he mumbled as Mingyu raised his head, his features more relaxed by now.

"What are you so cute for?" He reached for his glass to take a sip. "Thank you, hyung."

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Mingyu sat down on the ground, exhausted. It was hard to breathe, his arms and legs felt heavy. They had been practising their choreography to one of their new songs for two hours now. It was tiring and all his muscles were crying.

Lying on his back, he rolled to his left side, catching a glimpse of Wonwoo out of the corner of his eye. The older looked pale, his breathing labored. When their eyes met, something was wrong.

"I don´t feel good," Wonwoo let out while standing up, rushing towards the door.

Although all his bones were aching, Mingyu jumped up and followed him, worried. He rushed towards the toilets. As he opened the door, his gaze fell on his older member who was lying on the ground in front of the sink with his eyes closed. A staff member was beside him, his hand placed on the older´s chest.

"Wonwoo!" Mingyu crouched down next to him. He breathed a sigh of relief as the latter opened his eyes half way, looking up at him. "I'm okay. My body just stopped working for a moment." Mingyu reached for his hand. It was cold, trembling slightly.

"Do you have to throw up?" the staff member asked. Wonwoo shook his head, his hair was sticking to his forehead, his eyes weary.

Mingyu squeezed his hand. "Come on, you need to get up. The ground is cold and you're sweating- you will get sick." With his arm under his back, he helped Wonwoo to stand up.

"I'll get you something to drink," the staff member mumbled before leaving them alone.

Wonwoo sat down on a closed toilet lid, breathing in and out, deep and slow. His face color returned to normal and he stopped trembling.

Mingyu bent down, hugging him shortly, but tight. "Don't do things like that. You are worrying me. If it's too exhausting then you should stop dancing in time and not wait until you collapse," he whined as Wonwoo glanced up at him.

"I'm fine. Don't look at me with those big sad eyes. It was just my circulation,“ he replied as Mingyu crouched down in front of him, taking the older´s cold hands in his. "You are always worrying too much.“

The younger clicked his tongue but smiled. "You are one to talk.“

Wonwoo squeezed his hand, tilting his head with a playful expression. "I guess I'm still your most precious hyung, huh?"

Mingyu gave him a lopsided grin. "You're the most precious of all."

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Some days Wonwoo was serious, not talking much, staying away from the others- but on other days Wonwoo was childish, playful, almost annoying.

They had a day off between practice and Mingyu had just come back after a shopping tour with Minghao, tired and exhausted. Walking into the dorm, he immediately knew in which mood his older member was in.

Mingyu placed his two shopping bags on the table as Wonwoo was already rushing towards him, a big grin plastered on his face.

"Gyu, there you are. I missed you," the older let out, locking his arms around his shoulder in a side hug. "What did you buy, huh? Something for me, maybe?" he asked in a sweet voice while Mingyu tried to walk with Wonwoo, hanging on him.

"Hyung, I'm tired. Stop clinging to me." They headed inside his room where Woozi was lying on the bed, reading a book. The older still didn´t let go of him, acting like they hadn't see each other for days. "Yah, it is getting warm. How about you leave me alone?" Mingyu whined while throwing his wallet on his bed.

"Don't want to." Wonwoo mumbled, his lips grazing the younger's neck. Woozi didn't even pay any attention to them, already used to their interaction, as they staggered back towards the living room, the older sticking like glue to him. "So what did you buy?"

"Nothing for you, so stop being so annoying." Mingyu walked into the kitchen and as Wonwoo still didn't let go, he detached himself from him with a little more force. He didn´t eat for hours, he needed to cook something. „Don´t get on my nerves. I'm hungry."

Wonwoo turned around and headed towards the fridge, opening it. He took out a big Tupperware, placing it on the table. "We left something for you."

Mingyu, who was about to put on his apron, first looked at Wonwoo, then at the Tupperware. "What's that?" he asked suspiciously, suspecting one of his weird jokes.

"We cooked and left you something because we are so nice,“ Wonwoo replied with a grin, sitting down on the chair.

"By we, you mean who exactly?"

Wonwoo was still grinning, opening the Tupperware. "Tada." It was pasta with sauce and it looked delicious.

Mingyu grabbed for a plate and chopsticks, sitting down opposite him, eyeing the older suspiciously. "Who cooked that?"

"I told you, we did." Wonwoo shrugged, acting like it was completely normal for him to prepare a meal.

"Sure. Whatever." Mingyu didn't believe him, but put something on his plate to try the pasta. Surprisingly it was really tasty and he took another hungry bite. "So, who cooked it?" he asked again after a moment of silence, as Wonwoo supported his elbow on the table, looking soft with his glasses and dishelved hair.

"You said I should try more hobbies and I thought I'd try cooking. Woozi helped me a little."

Mingyu stared at him in disbelief. He really couldn't imagine his member cooking on free will but it tasted good so he didn't care anymore. "Thank you for leaving me something. It is really tasty, hyung.“

Wonwoo leaned back in his chair. "I was sure that you would be tired and hungry after your shopping tour -like the last time. So I thought I'd cook something for you and give you a treat. But don't expect this again- that was a one-time thing."

Mingyu stared at him, wondering whether he could believe him. "So you cooked this especially for me?"

The older nodded proudly.


Wonwoo stood up, stroking over his back while passing him. "Why do you always cook for me when I'm hungry?" he answered with another question, heading towards the living room.

"Because you are my hyung and I love you," Mingyu babbled with a full mouth, turning his body to look at him. "So why did you cook for me?“

Wonwoo had never told him that he love him before. Mingyu knew that the older did but still- he had never said it out loud. "Hm? What?" Wonwoo started to act stupid.

Mingyu dropped the chopsticks on his plate. He had enough of his game. Walking over, he sat down onto the sofa beside the older. "Why did you cook for me, hyuuuung?“

Now it was his turn to annoy the other. He snuggled up to Wonwoo, placing his head on his lap. "You are confusing. First you told me that you already ate, leaving me something. Then you said that you cooked together with Woozi and now you are saying that you did this just for me. Why?“

Wonwoo was tapping on his phone, ignoring Mingyu's questions.

The younger reached for his arm, pulling it down so he could see his face. "Hyung."

The latter's eyes stared into his, his smile was gone. "I just wanted to return the favor."

"That's all?"

Wonwoo clicked with his tongue. "Aren´t you too greedy right now?"

Mingyu nudged the older's glasses up. "No, i am very thankful for the meal. It is just- we know each other for years now and you've never told me that you love me."

The older chuckled. "Yah, what's with the sudden change of your mood?"

Mingyu closed his eyes for a moment. He knew that Wonwoo was too shy to say something like that and he wouldn't force him. He only wanted to-

"I love you too." It was a soft whisper, but the older's voice was serious, making Mingyu's heart clench. He opened his eyes and stared up in his dark ones. He had just wanted to tease him, never expected him to say it. Wonwoo's cheeks were flushed and his eyes sparkled as he turned them sideways.

The younger grabbed his chin, forcing him to look at him. "Unfortunately I had my eyes closed right now. Could you say it again while I can see you?

Wonwoo slapped his hand away, grabbed for a cushion and covered Mingyu´s face with it. "Shut up. You want too much."

The latter started squealing into the cushion, feeling a warmth within. "Aww, hyung said he loves me."

Wonwoo lifted the pillow, glaring down at him. "Yah. You forced me to say it."

Mingyu laughed. "I didn't. I just mentioned it and you said it on your own. You were probably just waiting for the moment I'd talk about this so that you could finally tell me how much you lo-

"Yah." Wonwoo placed the cushion back on his face again. "Just shut up."

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An arm was wrapped around his waist, holding him closely, a leg around his leg, warm breaths against his neck.

Opening his eyes in the dark, Wonwoo assumed that it was still in the middle of the night. He tried to move, but the person behind him was holding him tight, pressing the older against him.

Without looking, he knew who it was. He knew him so well. Mingyu must have snuck into his bed without him noticing. He knew his scent, the warmth of the younger's skin so familiar to him - they had slept in the same bed before.

Wonwoo tried to move his head as Mingyu's breath was tickling his neck. "Stop stirring around." His voice was rough, low. His arm pulled him even tighter to him, the older's back to his front, all their parts perfectly lined up.

"Why are you in my bed?" Wonwoo whispered, already stopped trying to get out of his embrace - a strange part of him even liked it to snuggle with him like that.

Mingyu hummed, burying his face into his neck. It was silent again. "Gyu, why are you in my bed?" the older whispered again, although there was no one else in the living room, who he could wake.

"Just sleep," the taller replied, placing his chin on top of Wonwoo's head. The latter put his hand on Mingyu's, which was resting on his belly.

Although they had slept in a bed before, there'd always be a reason for it. Either the younger had been sad, afraid of a thunderstorm, missed his family or just wanted to annoy Wonwoo, but in all these cases he had always came to his bed when the older was still awake. Not this time. "Gyu."

Mingyu stirred, letting out a muffled sound. "I had an argument with Jeonghan."

Wonwoo managed to turn around in his embrace, facing the younger, their heads only a few inches away from each other. Light from the moon was coming in through the window and Wonwoo could recognize Mingyu's sulking features. His big eyes were open, staring at him, his breath tickling his cheek.

"What happened?" He was actually really tired right now, but the wellbeing of his younger member was more important to him.

"We went out with him and Woozi to get some ice cream after practise and we talked about home and our families." He paused, yawning and rubbing his eyes. Wonwoo used the opportunity to brush a strand of hair out of the younger's eye, his skin hot against his cold fingers.

"Out of nowhere we started arguing about the time when I took some days off to see my family a long time ago, not attending some interviews with you guys. Jeonghan is normally not like this but he was hurting me with his words." Mingyu's voice sounded sad and disappointed, causing Wonwoo to feel sorry for him. The taller was like a soft teddy bear, taking everything to heart while never wishing anyone anything but happiness.

He pressed his hand against his chest, feeling the calm heartbeat of the younger. "I didn't want to say anything bad to him, I love Jeonghan, but I got mad when he started accusing me that Seventeen isn't as important to me as it should be. God knows it is not like that. I love you guys so much and would do everything for you."

Wonwoo brushed his fingers over Mingyu's chest, snuggling closer to him- if that was even possible. "I know. Jeonghan loves you too and certainly didn't mean it that way. Maybe he was just too tired." He hated a sad Mingyu. A sad Mingyu was always breaking his heart. "Don't worry. Tomorrow everything will be all right again. Just talk to him."

Mingyu hummed, placing his arm around his shoulder, stroking Wonwoo's back, his hand as warm as the rest of his body. "Promise me that we will never fight like this. And if we do, we'll always have to make up until we go to bed."

Wonwoo smiled into Mingyu's chest. At times like this the latter was really like a little child, acting all cute and innocent. He couldn't even remember when the two had a serious argument before. He could never be angry at Mingyu for long because as soon as the younger would start sulking, he'd make him soft. "Are you stupid? I could never fight with you. Who could argue with a puppy anyway?"

Mingyu let out a chuckle before placing a kiss on top of the older's head. "Sleep tight, hyung. I love you."

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They were eating at a Chinese restaurant down the street. It was already late but the atmosphere was relaxing, some of the members were drinking alcohol since they would get a day off tomorrow.

Mingyu's stomach was full and he was feeling satisfied, caressing his belly. At the sound of shattering glass, he turned his head, spotting Wonwoo who had just knocked a bottle off the table, quite drunk. The older didn't normally drink that much, always containing composure but not tonight as it seemed.

Seungcheol, who was sitting next to him, held him back by the arm, so that Wonwoo wouldn't reach into the shards as the waiter arrived with a dustpan and brush. "Oops. I didn't do this intentionally," he slurred, his cheeks were tinted pink, his lips were pouting.

Wonwoo belonged in bed, not at this table, where more alcohol was freely available. Mingyu didn't want to go back yet but his member shouldn't stay any longer. He sighed and got up from his chair, standing behind him. He placed his hand on the older's shoulder, leaning down to his ear. "Come on, let's go back to the dorm."

Wonwoo moved, knocking a glass over which was already empty, but luckily didn't break. The younger reached under his arms, helping him to get up from the chair. "And people tell me that I am the clumsy one."

Mingyu had to prop him up, as the older started swaying after standing upright. "God, but why did you drink so much?" He placed his arm around his waist, holding him close to his body. "We're heading back. Someone is pretty drunk and needs to go to bed." The others laughed, saying their goodbyes before the two members of the Hip Hop unit left the restaurant.

Their dorm was only a few blocks away, but the way back seemed to be much longer with a drunk in tow. Wonwoo kept stopping, gawking at street signs and trash cans, as if they were walking in a museum.

"Yah, are you serious?" Mingyu let out exhausted as the older stopped again, this time infront of a mailbox, stroking the steel. "Look at this. It's so pretty," Wonwoo mumbled while Mingyu was already dragging him away from it. "So fucking drunk."

The older stopped walking- for the nth time these past minutes, clumsily grabbing Mingyu's chin. "Who is drunk?" he asked curious, leaning his head forward, almost bumping their faces together. He nudged the younger's cheek with his finger, smiling fondly at him. "I like this mole. It's cute and suits you so well."

They were standing close to each other, too close. If someone had seen them like this, they would think Mingyu and Wonwoo were two lovers, probably about to kiss each other for the first time. But this closeness was normal for them, they didn't know personal space around each other.

"Thank you for always taking care of me," Wonwoo mumbled as they continued walking or rather staggering towards their dorm. "I really appreciate that."

Mingyu tightened his grip around his waist, bumping his head softly against his. "Okay, okay. You are welcome, you are really welcome- just don't get all emotional right now, hyung."

Wonwoo hummed in return and as they finally arrived at their dorm, Mingyu accompanied the older towards his bed. As he helped him to lay down, his member wrapped his arms around his neck, pulling him on top of him, not letting go.

The younger tried to move away but Wonwoo didn't stir. "Don't leave," he whined into his neck, his lips touching his skin, making him shiver. "Stay with me, please." He pulled him even closer, suddenly having more strength when drunk.

Mingyu gave up, laying himself down next to him, the older's arms still loosely around his neck. "You're the only reason I'm still with Seventeen, do you know that?" the shorter suddenly murmured.

He stared at him, while Wonwoo's eyes were closed, a contented smile plastered on his face. "All this stress and the exhausting practices -if you weren't here, I would probably gave up by now," he added while Mingyu reached for his arms finally pulling them off his neck. Wonwoo opened his eyes at that, glancing up at him with a confused expression. "Oh? You're still here?"

Mingyu chuckled, caressing his cheek for a moment. His member was definitely drunk. "Of course I'm still here. You didn't let go of me." As he raised his head, Wonwoo wrapped an arm around his neck again, pulling him closer- so abruptly, that their lips almost met. "Yah, you're fucking dangerous when you're drunk." Mingyu was pretty sure that the older didn't know what he was doing right now.

Wonwoo laughed, his breath hot, tickling his face. Without any warning, he raised his head, kissing Mingyu's chin and then leaving another one below his lips. Then he let go of him, leaning back on the mattress with closed eyes, falling asleep five seconds later.

Mingyu's skin was tingling from his touch. The older had kissed him on the cheek before on birthdays or on his forehead when he was sick, but a second ago he had been targeting his lips, probably only missed them because of his drunken state.

Wonwoo was seriously dangerous and Mingyu learned two things that night; in the best case, never let the older get drunk again and if he failed, never leave him with someone else when drunk. The younger sat upright, glancing at his member's sleeping face, looking so innocent as if he hadn't just made his heart beat twice as fast.

He leaned down, placing a kiss on Wonwoo's forehead, couldn't resist doing that. "Without you here anymore- I would also leave Seventeen."

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Mingyu had just come back from dying his hair. They were red. Bright red. Unusual, but not ugly. "I hate it. It looks horrible," he whined, pouting, looking devastated. He sat onto the sofa next to Wonwoo, leaning his head against his shoulder with a sigh. "You are next by the way."

They had no saying when it came to their hair cut or color, it had been always a surprise -good or bad. That's how it was and they had agreed to it before their debut.

In general, Wonwoo didn't mind, but his younger member's hair had been dyed far too often lately and that couldn't be good. He placed a hand on Mingyu's head, patting it. "It's not horrible. It's just unfamiliar."

The younger let out a whine, lifting his head to glare at him. "Are you blind? Look at it. I am feeling so ugly." Mingyu had always been insecure about things like that although he was one of the most handsome guys in Korea.

Wonwoo turned his body towards him, letting his fingers slide through his hair, frowning. "I don't care about the color. But I don't like the fact that they dye them so often."

Mingyu pouted again, his eyes exactly like a puppies. "I look like Pumuckl."

Wonwoo smiled at the comparison. He couldn't remember Pumuckl being so fucking cute though. "You have a pretty face. No color could change that," he murmured, standing up, almost forgotten that he was next.

Mingyu wrapped his arms around the older's waist. "Hyuuung."

Wonwoo patted his head. "Don't worry, i will fight everyone who says something against your hair."

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He was tired, exhausted from the past three days of their Ode to you tour. Mingyu wanted nothing more than to sleep in his bed for the next 48 hours straight, but they were still sitting in the van on their way back to their dorm.

He was just about to close his eyes when he noticed how Wonwoo was shivering next to him, his head against the backrest, his eyes closed. "Wonwoo, are you cold?" he whispered as not to wake the other sleeping members in the van.

The older stirred, but didn't speak. He had his arms tightly wrapped around himself as if he was freezing.

"Hyung, can you please turn the climate down a bit?" Mingyu asked their driver before placing an arm around Wonwoo's shoulder, who snuggled up to him immediately, nuzzling his face into his neck.

It wasn't that cold inside the van, but the older was trembling, causing Mingyu to worry. As he put his hand on his member's forehead, he felt how hot it was. He was feverish. "Wonwoo," the younger whispered again, tapping his stomach with his hand.

"Don't talk to me. I want to sleep, I am tired," the older whined.

"Hyung, your forehead is burning and you are shivering. Do you feel sick?"

Wonwoo didn't answer, but wrapped his arm around Mingyu's waist, snuggling closer. "I am okay," he mumbled, his breath hot against his neck.

"Hyung, I am pretty sure you caught a cold." Wonwoo got sick very easily and Mingyu hated it, always worrying about him.

"No, you're so warm. I'll be fine in a minute," the older muttered against his neck.

They had to drive at least another hour and Mingyu hated it how Wonwoo's body was trembling against his. He started rubbing his arm, trying to get the older warmer, fleetingly touching his freezing hand. "You need a pill or some other medication." He turned his face to the front. "Do we have anything in the van against a cold or a fever? Wonwoo hyung is sick," he asked their driver, who was looking at him through the rearview mirror.

"We don't have anything here. But we'll be home in 50 minutes. Do you think he can endure it?"

Mingyu nodded silently, not happy with the answer but he couldn't change it. He sighed. He wouldn't be able to close his eyes until they'd be back at the dorm. The younger looked around the van to find something helpful. He reached for his cool bottle of water, pressing it against Wonwoo's forehead. Not the best solution but better than nothing.

The older stirred, trying to push his arm away in his half-asleep state. "Gyuuu, why are you bothering me?" he whined again, pouting with closed eyes.

"I'm worried that you will get a high fever."

Wonwoo moved and glanced up at him, his cheeks flushed, hair pasted against his forehead. "Look at you, always worrying so much about me. Try to get some sleep, too," he mumbled with a little smile before hiding his face back against Mingyu's neck, his hand grabbing for the younger's.

Mingyu clicked his tongue. "How could I not worry, stupid," he whispered, leaning his head on top of Wonwoo's. At least his member stopped trembling.

Chapter Text

"Why are you mad at me?" Mingyu was following Wonwoo through the dorm into the kitchen.

"Stop walking after me," the older hissed, his eyes two narrow slits of rage.

"First tell me why you're so angry, hyung," Mingyu repeated as his member headed back towards the living room with the younger in tow who decided to stand in front of the door, blocking the exit.

"Move." Wonwoo's voice was deep, rough -it almost sounded like a threat.

"What did I do wrong? Talk to me!"

The older looked up at him, his eyes sparkling angrily. "No, I'm not telling you! You should know yourself." He paused. "And now move! I need fresh air."

Mingyu had no idea what he had done, shaking his head while leaning against the door. "No. Please tell me what's going on. I really don't know." When he started sulking, Wonwoo turned his eyes away, ignoring his pouting face.

"You don't know, huh? Show me your back." The older was suddenly tugging at the tail of Mingyu's shirt but the latter grabbed his hands, stopping him.

"What are you doing?" he asked, altough he started to assume what Wonwoo was talking about. He had slipped and fell down a few days ago during the concert, not telling anyone that he'd hurt his back.

"Let me see it," Wonwoo demanded with a glare. "Are you seriously that stupid?" His voice got louder -something that was really rare- pulling his hands out of Mingyu's grip. "You fell on your back on the first day of the tour, got a violent bruise and took some painkillers to last the other two concerts without telling anyone? Have you completely lost your mind?" He slammed his hand against the door, trapping the younger. His face was so close to his, Mingyu could see every single mole he already knew by heart.

The younger wondered how his member had found out, but he didn't have time to ask as the weight of Wonwoo's stare brought his eyes up to meet his.

"Do you know that if you don't let it be treated, it can have severe consequences for your back to the point that you can't dance or move at all anymore?"

Mingyu could feel his hot breath on his face, understanding the anger of the older. If it had been the other way round, he would probably have gone completely mad himself. "I just didn't want to miss the next two days, making the fans sad and causing Seventeen more stress, so-"

Wonwoo growled. "That doesn't matter! It is not the first time that a member misses the performance out of sickness or whatever. Your fans and we are much happier if you miss two days than you would miss months because you broke your fucking back."

Mingyu looked to the ground, feeling like he was being scolded. He had been aware that it'd be bad for his back but the pills had relieved some of the pain, making him feel like he could continue with the concert.

"Why are you acting so recklessly? Do you want us all to worry about you day and night?" Wonwoo was still angry, but his eyes showed concern for the first time today, causing the younger to feel bad.

"I am sorry, I wasn't thinking. I didn't want you to worry so much. But I let it treated earlier and the bruise will heal until our comeback."

Wonwoo shook his head. "Thank God nothing worse happened this time- but that's not the point. Why do you pay so little attention to yourself? You care about everyone else -so fucking much. As soon as someone is sick, sad or hurt, you are the first one to take care of them. Why can't you be more gentle towards yourself and-" He stopped talking, his voice sounded sad, tired.

Mingyu didn't know what to say, feeling really guilty.

Wonwoo leaned away from him. "Can you please move now?" he asked, not looking him in the eyes.

The younger shook his head. He didn't want his member to leave while still being angry at him, making him feel unhappy.

"Mingyu, please." As Wonwoo looked up at him, he wished he hadn't. The sight broke his heart. The older's eyes were teary, his lower lip quivering. "I just can't help but to worry about you all the time," he whispered in a broken voice.

Breaking his back couldn't hurt more than seeing his member cry -because of him. Without thinking what he was doing, Mingyu cupped Wonwoo's face, placing a lingering kiss on his trembling lower lip. Only when he felt a tingling sensation at the touch, did he realize what he was doing. Shocked by his own action, the younger leaned away, facing his surprised hyung. "I-I, y-you know, I saw your lower lip and just w-wanted it to stop trembling, so-"

Wonwoo stared at him with a dumbfounded expression as if he couldn't believe what the younger had done. Oddly enough, he didn't look disgusted by the sudden kiss. Neither he nor Mingyu himself wiped his lips or at least pretended like they were horrified by it -things guys normally do when they kiss accidentally. But the younger didn't even know if he could count that kiss as an accident. He had no idea why he'd done it.

"Can you please move now? I really need some fresh air," Wonwoo mumbled with a blush on his face, visibly distraught by all of this.

"Y-yeah, sure." Mingyu nodded and stepped aside, letting his member pass him.

Chapter Text

"Here, you want something to drink?" A blonde staff member, working at Idol Room, was holding a bottle of water infront of him.

"I just drank something, but thank you," Wonwoo politely refused. They got a short break during shooting for the show and he had used the opportunity to go to the toilet. As he had come out of the door, the estimated mid-30s was standing right in front of him, startling the ash violet-haired idol.

"I hope you're not uncomfortable with this, but I need to say it. You're really handsome. I couldn't take my eyes off you." It was more than uncomfortable for Wonwoo and the fact that they were standing in the little darkened hallway all alone, didn't make it any better.

"Thank you for the compliment, i guess, but I should go back. We'll probably start filming again any second and-" He stopped mid sentence as the blonde employee stepped closer towards him with a strange smile on his face.

"Are you dating someone currently?" He licked his lips seductively, winking at him.

Wonwoo wondered if it would cost that guy his job if his boss would knew that he was flirting with the guests of the show -actually almost harassing him. "Well, now it's really uncomfortable for me," he murmured, trying to get past him, but the blonde blocked his way.

"Give me your number and we can meet later. I think we could have a lot of fun together," he suggested, placing a hand on Wonwoo's arm, causing him to shiver out of disgust. Never had he experienced something like this before.

"I'm really not interested," he replied more briskly, staring back at the older guy. "And I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't touch me," the 24 year old added, shaking off his hand.

The blonde employee took a step back, but only to close the dark curtain which was seperating the hallway from the studio. Wonwoo's heart started to beat faster. Whatever this guy was up to, he had a bad feeling about it.

"We've got five minutes at least. Don't act so shy. Let's have some fun, Jeon." As he approached closer, Wonwoo started weighing if he should run outside or yell as loud as he could, but the curtain suddenly was torn open again.

"What takes you so long? We're about to continue filming and- What's going on here?" Mingyu entered the hallway, eyeing the blonde suspiciously. Rushing to his side, Wonwoo was never happier to see his member than he was right now. The younger put his arm around his waist, pulling him closer. "Is there any problem here?" he asked, facing the employee.

Wonwoo automatically leaned into him -as he always did when Mingyu was within reach, feeling a warmth of security in that alone.

The blonde put a fake smile on. "No, of course there is no problem. I just offered your member some water."

Wonwoo lifted his head to glance at Mingyu, who was still eyeing the employee suspiciously, probably not believing a word he was saying. "And you have to close the curtain for that?"

The blonde laughed. "I'm going back to work," he said, ignoring Mingyu's question before walking past them.

Wonwoo let out a long, slow breath. The situation had been unbearable to him, embarassing and almost scary.

"What happened before I joined you?" Mingyu was staring at him intensely with his eyes burning into his like he was trying to look into the older's mind.

Wonwoo could not tell him the truth. The younger had a lot of temper when it came to protecting his members and they couldn't afford to mess up the Idol Room appearance. So Wonwoo put on a smile, turned his eyes away and lied. "Nothing. As he said, he just offered me something to drink."

Mingyu chuckled before reaching under his chin, tilting his head so he could look into the older's eyes. "You should really be aware by now that I know your every facial expression - better than you do. You always hold your hand under your nose when you're flustered, you wrinkle your forehead when you're annoyed and when you lie, you turn your face away and bite your lower lip. Guess what you are doing right now."

Wonwoo cursed inside. His member really knew him too well -probably even better than his parents did. In a way it made him happy that there was someone who could easily recall every detail about him.

"So, what did he-"

"Guys, we're going to continue shooting. What are you doing here?" Seungkwan was suddenly standing behind them, looking impatient.

Wonwoo was happy about the interruption. He knew that Mingyu would raise the subject again, but at least not before they would be done filming Idol Room.

He started following Seungkwan back into the studio as Mingyu was suddenly at his side, leaning into the older, brushing his lips against his ear and whispered, "Don't worry. I will look after you today."

Goosebumps were forming all over Wonwoo's skin to Mingyu's touch. Since the latter had kissed him a few days ago, he had become more sensitive to his member's physical contact -like every cell in his body was reacting to the younger, scaring him more than anything else right now.

Chapter Text

He was laughing. His nose did that little crinkling thing, his whole face was beaming and Mingyu couldn´t look away. They were watching a clip about their pre-debut times, actually an old episode from 17TV. The older was slapping his hand on his thigh several times, his eyes filled with tears because of laughter.

At first Mingyu had laughed as well at their old selves but after some time into the clip, he had turned his head towards his older member, watching him. He had been always aware that his hyung was handsome, but suddenly, seeing him like this made Mingyu realize that his smile was his favourite, his sparkling eyes and his beaming face making the younger more happy than everything else right now and-

"Why are you staring at me like that? It´s creepy."

Mingyu nudged the older´s chin. „I was staring at your pimpel right here," he replied nonchalantly, avoiding an embarassing situation.

Wonwoo grimaced. „Are you crazy? That is disgusting,“ he mumbled, hiding the red spot with his finger.

The younger laughed, grabbing a pillow, throwing it into his member´s face. „Well, then cover it up next time.“

„Yah!“ Wonwoo threw the pillow back at him, rubbing his left eye with his other hand. "I got something in my eye because of you,“ he whined, blinking rapidly.

Mingyu felt bad, sliding closer to him, grabbing the older's hand, pulling it away from his face „Stop rubbing it. You are making it worse!“

„It is your fault, so stop scolding me!“ Wonwoo replied back stubbornly, his eye already red, watering.

The younger grabbed his member´s chin, pulling his face up next to his, trying to spot whatever had gotten into Wonwoo´s eye. „Look up.“

The older followed his instruction but not without glaring at his member for a few seconds.

Mingyu was distracted by his soft breath on his cheeks, wondering why he was affected by it all of a sudden. Whatever had changed between them, he was pretty sure that the kiss was the reason for it. „Ah I found it. It´s a hair,“ he mumbled, trying to remove it with his little finger.

„Just don´t poke into my eye,“ Wonwoo whispered, their faces close to each other, making him almost blush for whatever crazy reason.

„Got it,“ Mingyu murmured, pulling the hair finally out successfully, his member's eye looking like it had some infections going on. „Don´t glare at me like that. I didn´t do it on purpose,“ the younger whined, leaning away.

„You threw the pillow!“ Wonwoo crossed his arms infront of his chest with a pout, the clip already over, the screen black.

„Fine, I am sorry! You want me to kiss it better?“ Mingyu didn´t know why he had said that -maybe to tease his member, maybe because he wanted to see his reaction, but he never expected the older to answer with, „Sure.“

Mingyu widened his eyes, staring at Wonwoo as if he was nuts. „What?“

His member laughed. „Why? Are you the only one who is allowed to tease?“ With that said, he stood up, heading for the bathroom.

Mingyu followed him close, watching his steps since one of their members had showered a few minutes ago, the floor still wet. His caution was not shared by Wonwoo as the latter's feet slipped out from under him, falling backward, pulling the younger down with him.

"Fuck, are you hurt? I am really sorry," Wonwoo apologized sincerely, reaching for Mingyu's head after he had landed on top of him, the latter's arms securely around the older's torso.

"I am okay, don't worry. I supported myself with my arms." Mingyu paused as Wonwoo was staring at him intensely, making him uneasy. "I- I told the others not to walk around with wet-dripping hair. Some day someone will-"

The younger was silenced with soft lips pressed against his. Again he felt a tingling sensation all along his spine, making him lose his mind.

Wonwoo pulled away with a blushing face. "Now my eye is better."

Chapter Text

He was jealous. He really had no reason to be jealous- but he was. They got half a day off before their comeback and while Wonwoo had stayed at the dorm, playing games, watching a drama and reading a book, Mingyu had gone out with some friends his age. The younger was a social butterfly and since Wonwoo usually preferred to stay at home, he had never really been bothered by it. But today it was bothering him a lot. It was already after 11 pm and his members had gone to sleep by now while Mingyu was still not back.

The 24 year old was walking back and forth impatiently, just as the door to their dorm opened to reveal his tall member. Wonwoo crossed his arms infront of his chest, ready to scold the younger about coming home so late although they would have an appointment tomorrow morning.

"You scared me," Mingyu let out as he spotted the older right in front of him. "Why are you not sleeping yet?“

„Why are you so late? We need to get up in less than 6 hours already.“

Mingyu walked straight towards the older´s bed, not even pretending to head for his own room. "Hyung, what are you? My mom? I just want to go to bed and sleep now," he mumbled tiredly.

"Yah, who allowed you to sleep in my bed again?" Wonwoo asked in a mocked whine while Mingyu laid down with his head on the older´s pillow, tossing the blanket over himself.

„My bed is too far away. Come on, just sleep with me,“ he replied, grabbing his member´s hand, pulling him on top of him.

„Yah, what are you doing? Are you nuts?“ Wonwoo hissed, trying to act nonchalant by their closeness.

"I am okay, thank you for asking. But I would feel better if you give me a kiss.“ He was grinning up to him with lazy eyelids.

"What are you saying?“ Wonwoo asked, already feeling a blush spreading across his face, still hovering over the younger.

Mingyu formed puppy eyes, acting all innocent. "Hm?"

"You just did hang out with your friends and now you want a kiss from me?"

Mingyu chuckled, nudging his finger against his nose. "Are you jealous?"

The older grimaced, trying to focus on anything but sulky soft lips. "No, I'm not, but you can get your kisses from them. Why are you asking me?"

Mingyu chuckled again, probably thinking about the last time Wonwoo had kissed him without any warning. "Hyung, you're so mean to me."

Wonwoo reached his hand towards his face, pinching his cheek. "Aish, you are such a baby, always needing affection."

His member tilted his head. "Are you really jealous when I go out with others?"

Wonwoo rolled his eyes and groaned. "You wish."

The younger´s facial expression got serious as he lowered his eyes. "Can I-?"

Wonwoo got nervous, knowing exactly what Mingyu was talking about -especially since he was staring at his lips for far too long by now. His heartbeat got faster, his breath caught in his chest. "What do you mean?" the older asked, acting stupid, but his voice gave him away.

His taller member could probably read him like a book, smiling at him mischievously. "I take that as a yes," he whispered, grabbing his neck, pulling him down close to his face.

Wonwoo felt a tension building in his belly, anticipating what was coming next. Mingyu barely grazed his lips over his, almost causing him to lose his mind. "Well, can I?" the younger rasped against his mouth, like he didn´t know the answer, teasing him.

Not able to hold back, the older crushed his lips on his, the sensation electrifying. He moaned, as Mingyu parted his lips, taking his bottom lip in between his. Wonwoo knew they had to stop doing this, but right now he couldn´t think straight. He started to get lightheaded before his member pulled away to breathe.

"You are definitely jealous."

Chapter Text

It bothered him. It had bothered him for a long time. As soon as the camera was on or fans were nearby- actually as soon as they could be seen in public- they distanced themselves from each other. It had started after their debut and stayed like this -sometimes with more, sometimes with less distance between them. Mingyu had accepted it, but since a few weeks he was really bothered by that.

They had just shot a vlive before presenting their new album and once again Wonwoo had been sitting at the other end of the room, making him frustrated, upset. He stared at him, trying to catch his eye but the older didn´t look at him even once, joking with Jun, frustrating him more and more.
Mingyu stood up, walked over to his member, grabbing his arm. "Come with me for a second," he said, already dragging the older with him, leaving a confused Jun behind them. He stopped in the hallway which was leading towards the toilets.
"What's going on?" Wonwoo asked, confused, probably thinking that Mingyu wanted to tell him something important.
"I can't do it anymore," the younger let out, causing Wonwoo to widen his eyes.
"W-what can you not do anymore?"
Mingyu sighed. "I don´t want to hide my affection towards you anymore. Why should I pretend you are the last person I want to be around? That sucks. That's even more conspicuous than-"
"Gyu, we've talked about this before." The older brushed his bangs out of his eyes, looking tired.
"But it's not healthy. And sometimes I just want to grab your hand in front of everyone and give you a kiss and-" Wonwoo put his hand on his mouth to stop him speaking.
"Are you crazy? Do you know what the consequences would be? Get those thoughts out of your head immediately!“
Mingyu got sad. "So it doesn't bother you at all, huh?"
Wonwoo stared at him. "What exactly?"
"Is it okay for you that we act like this towards each other on camera? The others think that we hardly like each other anymore.“
Wonwoo groaned. "It doesn't matter what others think, Gyu!" He nudged him in the stomach, Mingyu stepped away from him.
"I hate it. Either we act on camera like off camera or we keep away from each other in the dorm as well."
Wonwoo looked at him with big eyes. "Are you even aware what you are suggesting right now? So you want to stick your tongue down my throat on camera and you think that would be appreciated by our company?"
The younger tilted his head, a smile scurried over his lips. "I was not talking about kissing. But the fact that it is natural for you that we are going to kiss each other off camera all the time is interesting."
Wonwoo turned crimson red, probably realizing what he'd just said. "I-I didn't mean it that way. That was just an example."
Mingyu grinned, moving closer. "I like the example. By the way, you should know that I can't stay away from you off camera."

Wonwoo took the younger's hand in his, a warm feeling rushed through his body. "Then why did you bring this topic up again?"

The tallest member of Seventeen pouted like a 3 year old. "Because it makes me sad when you ignore me like that. Makes me think that you hate me, so-"

A soft kiss silenced him, causing his body to tingle. "Do you still think that i hate you?" Wonwoo asked in a lower voice.

Mingyu nodded, hoping for another kiss. "Still doubting a little bit."

The older smiled, cupping his face in his hands. "Stupid. You are doing that on purpose, right?" Another soft kiss was placed on his lips before his member turned away, heading back to the others.

Chapter Text

"Why are you looking so gloom?" They had just watched their appearance at Idol room with some members and after that, Wonwoo had stayed inside Mingyu's room while Woozi had left for a walk.

Wonwoo was laying on his member's bed, the younger had sat down next to him, scrolling through Instagram. "What's going on?" he asked again, nudging his side repeatedly.

Mingyu placed his phone away with a groan, turning his eyes to him, suddenly reaching for the older's shirt, ready to lift it.

"What are you doing?" Wonwoo asked surprised, grabbing his hands to stop him.

"What? The hosts of Idol room are allowed to, but I can't?" he asked in a defiant tone while pouting, making Wonwoo laugh.

"You are seeing me topless like all the time, what's your problem?" the older replied while Mingyu curled his lips in a pout, looking very cute. "You're not really jealous of the two old hosts, are you?"

The younger snorted. "But what do they even think, groping you like that? Do they asked for your permission first? You don't like strangers touching you, so what-"

Wonwoo grabbed his chin, turning his face towards his own. With his other hand he lifted his shirt up, surpressing a blush. "See? Nothing has changed since the last time you saw me topless. So stop sulking."

Mingyu reached out, placing his hand on the older's abs, stroking gently, leaving goosebumps on his skin. "Don't let people touch you when you feel uncomfortable, hyung," he mumbled innocently as his hand wandered up his chest - not so innocent anymore.

"Gyu." Wonwoo's skin prickled from the younger's touch, making him go crazy. They hadn't even talked about their more intimate relationship yet and here they were sitting on Mingyu's bed while the latter was exploring his body. "Gyu."

His member let go of him, leaning away with a smirk, which was making everything worse. Wonwoo knew that they weren't only friends or really close members anymore- and somehow it didn't bother him.

"They touched Woozi as well but to be honest, i was fuming inside when they headed towards you," Mingyu explained, his eyes sparkling at him, making the older's heart race. "I don't know why though."

"Because you love me the most."

Mingyu leaned towards him, placing a kiss on his forehead. "If you say so then it must be true."

Chapter Text

They had just finished their performance for the music show. Mingyu had grabbed Wonwoo by the arm afterwards, pulling him in a quiet corner before the latter had the chance to join the others in the changing room.

"What are you doing?" his member asked him as they were currently hiding behind a green curtain.

"I missed you," the younger mumbled before placing his lips on Wonwoo's neck, causing the latter to suck in a breath.

"Gyu, we can't do this here," Wonwoo whispered, his voice unsteady while Mingyu started kissing along his jawline, not able to control himself. "Gyu, that's not fair," he whined but let the younger continue.

"Tell me to stop then," Mingyu said against his mouth before capturing his lips with his own. He was addicted to the older. He knew him many years, living together, seeing each other every day and still- here he was, not able to get away from him.

"Mingyu, we can't get caught. It is too risky."

The younger pulled away, knowing his member was right. It was dangerous. He sighed, stepping away from a flustered Wonwoo. "It is getting harder for me to keep away from you, do you know that?"

The older blushed, looking away- always doing that when being shy. "Stop saying that."

Mingyu loved his blushing face, making him want to tease his member even more. "Always playing with your tongue on stage- you want me to lose my composure?"

Wonwoo glanced up with a shy smile on his lips. "You are not better, grinding the stage with that look on your face."

"What look do you mean?" the younger asked, stepping closer, ready to kiss him again but a noise in the background made him stop. "We should go to the others."

Wonwoo nodded, biting bis lip and Mingyu had to pull himself together, turning around, heading towards the changing room as if nothing had happened

Chapter Text

"What are we?" Mingyu looked up from his phone, brows furrowed because of that question. They were sitting in the car after the ambassador ceremony -the other two members from their unit had gone to the toilet, the driver was smoking outside.

"We're Wonwoo and Mingyu from Seventeen and-"

The older let out a groan beside him, nudging him into his ribs. "Yah, that´s not what I meant. What is our relationship right now?"

Mingyu stuffed his phone back into his pocket. "You're my family, of course. What kind of question is that?"

Wonwoo snorted, looking out of the window as the driver was lightning his second cigarette. "Do you slip your tongue into one of your family member's mouth on a regular basis?"

Mingyu grimaced. "Yah, that is disgusting. Don't say that." He paused, giving the older a keen look. „Do we really have to name it?"

"I am not sure. I just would like to know if you do that with others as well because then-" Mingyu grabbed his arm, forcing the older to face him. "Are you crazy? Do you think I'm a male slut or what?"

Wonwoo shrugged. "I don't know what you do behind closed doors or with your other friends you are meeting regularly." He really didn't want to act like that, but here he was, sulking, almost hurt. He had hoped for another answer -now he felt clingy and jealous, hating himself for that. He was shaken out of his thoughts when soft plump lips were pressed against his.

"Do you really think I'm doing this with someone else as well? God, Wonwoo-" Mingyu paused, running his fingers through his hair out of frustration. "You have no fucking idea." His dark eyes were piercing into his soul, causing the older to shudder.

Wonwoo wanted to ask him what he meant by that, but the doors of the van were suddenly opened and their two members got into the car.

Mingyu pulled his phone out of his pocket, probably starting to chat with one of his friends, so Wonwoo turned his head, looking out of the window, pouting. Whatever he had expected out of their conversation- it definitely wasn't that.

After a few seconds his own phone started vibrating. Pulling it out, he was surprised to see a message from no one other than his member beside him. He glanced at Mingyu, but the latter was busy typing.He opened his chat, expecting some dumb emoji, but what he read made his heart beat faster.

"Stupid. I can't keep my hands off you and you think I make out with others?"

Wonwoo was about to type back as another message popped up.

"If we were two regular dudes, no idols and not in the same band, I'd say we are dating right now."

The older couldn't resist a smile spreading across his face, probably blushing a lot. He put his phone away as he felt Mingyu's hand on his lap. He glanced at the front, making sure that no one was paying attention to them but Seungcheol and Vernon seemed to start dozing off.

Mingyu squeezed his thigh before grabbing the older's hand, intertwhining their fingers together.

Wonwoo shifted his eyes back at his tall member, who was already staring at him -the urge to kiss this puppy was overwhelming the older.

"Stupid", Mingyu mouthed with a grin, tightening the grip on his hand.