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what a relief, that we are seven

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There’s a saying Seokjin’s heard about being on stage, about performing; about the adrenaline that comes with showing off a set in front of millions of anticipating fans, thrumming with the same energy and passion and fervor as the performers are under those bright lights. that when you feel the fire burning in your veins, sizzling under your skin - it's like sex. That same high, same intense feeling prickling through your nerve endings.

Seokjin wouldn't quite describe it that way himself, but he gets it, when he sees his members on stage:

Yoongi is all deep growls, low voice thrumming with energy and just enough cockiness, body lax and easy and sure as his spits his raps lazily, tongue shaping those rapid-fire words with practiced, captivating ease.

Hoseok was born to be on stage and you can see it in his hips as he dances, in the ease of his body and the way he moves on stage as if he owns it, the way sometimes his eyebrows pinch into concentration and he lowers his chin and glowers at the crowd, all pure hard passion in the moment.

Namjoon commands the crowd and in a way that lends no surprise to the fact that he's leader - calm, cool, utterly assured in himself, eyes hooded and smoldering and words flowing off his tongue, standing tall with his head held high and radiating confidence.

Jimin is effortlessly sensual, pretty, pretty lines of his body and smooth, graceful movements that your eyes can't help but follow; can't help but feel like you're under the spell he seems to cast when he's under those lights, with that angelic voice.

Taehyung transforms on stage too, a menace with his dark gaze and his perfect cheekbones, his deep, sultry voice and the way his tongue comes out to poke at the corners of his lips as he grins and looks at the crowd like he's about to make love.

Even the maknae is sinful in his own right - Jeongguk is not what Seokjin would call innocent, of course (at least, never to Seokjin, that much is for sure), but on stage? All bets are off on stage, with the way his body is all hard lines, the way he rolls to the music and tilts his head, the way his wide eyes are that much more enticing even when his voice is that sweet.

Seokjin doesn't know if he's able to radiate that same energy, but like he said. He definitely understands when he looks at his band mates.

The only problem is this:

The audience is at least a couple of meters away from the rest of the members when the rest of them turn on like that, when they're giving it their all on stage.

Seokjin is not so lucky.

He has to deal with all that sexual tension, all the smirks and the flirting and the looks, and he has to deal with it while being a whisper's breath away from each of them. And that's when the touching starts, too, when Taehyung grabs him by the nape of his neck and reels him in while swaying his hips, when Jimin wraps himself around Seokjin like an overgrown baby koala, when Hoseok brings his body too close, all the while with that infuriatingly compelling grin on his face.

And maybe it wasn't supposed to happen like this. Maybe he was supposed to be immune to his band mates' charms, was supposed to pretend. Pretend that the way Yoongi licks his lips and slants his eyes, the way Jeongguk thrusts his hips in time to the deep bass of the music, the way Namjoon whispers his words and beckons his fingers - that it doesn't affect him.

But if he was being honest with himself - Seokjin's starting to find that the lines that separate friendship from whatever the fuck it is that entangles the seven of them are too blurry. He's starting to find that, despite it all, he's falling for the other boys' charms, catches himself daydreaming about a pair of lips he knows all too well pressing against his, strong hands that he knows like the back of his own caressing his chin, his neck, his jaw; wonders if he's crazy for wanting to say 'fuck it' to all of it and just corner one of the boys at the studio and press their lips together.

Because - and here's the most confusing thing of it all - he doesn't think he's the only one that feels it. He senses something in the air when the seven of them are in a room together. Something that shouldn't be there, maybe, but it unequivocally is. Something that’s lust filled and wants to devour them at any time, maybe. But also something undeniably compelling, something more than just that. And it has to be seven, has to be all seven of them, because the seven of them know each other in a way that no one else could hope to know them.

And this is just one more way to get to know each other, isn’t it?

If Seokjin’s being honest with himself - he knows they want him. And he wants them too. 


Seokjin decides to test the waters a bit, see what will happen when he pushes those boundaries for the others, because it's getting a bit much: not just being on the receiving end of all the half-aborted gestures driven by their want, but getting caught in the crossfire too.

Just the other day he witnessed Hoseok draw Jeongguk into his lap - while Seokjin was sitting on the same couch just centimeters away, mind you - and wrap his arms around the younger's trim waist, run his hands up and down Jeongguk's back and thighs and stomach. And Jeongguk had sat there getting steadily redder, squirming as Hoseok's hands crept slowly higher and higher up his thighs. Had sat there and not said a word, only to look up just in time to catch Seokjin's hungry eyes following the movement of Hoseok's hands and the pretty blush overtaking Jeongguk's cheeks. And Seokjin would've looked away, would've probably been embarrassed, but the moment their eyes met, Jeongguk's mouth had parted and he'd let out the smallest of exhales, head falling back a bit and - that was it for Seokjin. His brain short-circuited and he could feel his ears turning red and  -

Well. That brings him back to his earlier point: he wants to push the others like they've been pushing him.

They're on stage for muster and it's already a special place, a special moment because of what festa means to him, what being on stage for muster means to him, what it means to Bangtan and to army and how it speaks of the journey that the seven boys have taken to get here.

And so maybe he initially meant to push the boys in a differentway, but when he's standing on the stage, watching fondly as Jeongguk stands in front of Namjoon with stars in his eyes and Yoongi turns away from Taehyung's outstretched arms to hide the smile threatening to take over his face, what comes out of Seokjin's mouth instead is, "i want you to hug each other."

And he watches with something eager and expectant alight in his chest as Jeongguk walks over to Namjoon immediately, no questions asked, and wraps his arms around him just as Namjoon's own arms reach out to envelope Jeongguk in full. Watches as Jeongguk lifts his chin to tuck his face in the crook of Namjoon's shoulder and neck, having to stand on his toes a bit, with a megawatt smile and eyes tightly shut. Watches Namjoon hook his chin over Jeongguk's shoulder too, dimples showing, catching Seokjin's eye with a pleased blush painting his nose. Jeongguk and Namjoon press closer, so close to each other and Seokjin feels so warm, feels their happiness within him and it should feel second-hand but it doesn't.

And then he turns to where Taehyung has literally lifted Yoongi off the ground with the force of his hug, with the sheer energetic determination that is so characteristic of Taehyung and his love for the members. His cheeks are popping with the intensity of his smile, eyes glowing and arms looped enthusiastically around Yoongi's waist. Yoongi, for his part, looks like he's trying very hard to maintain what Seokjin knows is only a facade of disliking this entire situation, because Seokjin can also see how his lips are turning up at the corners, how he fights to keep his eyes from fluttering closed.

And then to his left, Hoseok and Jimin. Seokjin huffs a fond laugh. Hoseok has leaned his full weight forward, pressing against Jimin at every point on his body, hands behind his back but face leaning forwards, forwards. Jimin is moving away with his face twisted in a comical grimace - but Seokjin knows what to look for here: Jimin moves his chin to the side as he simultaneously angles his body forward; takes a couple steps back even as he lets Hoseok fall onto his chest. And fall Hoseok does, pressing a quick kiss to Jimin's shoulder as he moves to straighten up, bold on stage, in front of the rest of them, in front of all the world to see.

And that - that has something starting to burn in Seokjin too, even as he watches Jimin fluster, cheeks rosy and eyes cast down.




After they bid army goodbye with their love, after they get off stage and thank everyone for the show, after they've all tumbled into their cars and simmered in that post-concert high - after they finally tumble into the hotel, they all immediately move to crowd into the same room.

It's what they do every night, but tonight feels different. Jimin feels markedly different, and he just knows something is going on. Something is going on with Seokjin, because he'd seen it in the strength of his gaze when they were on stage. And he’s seen it before, but he always passed it off as a trick of the light, or a misdirected glance. But there was no mistaking it today - Jimin saw the way Seokjin's eyes tracked Hoseok's face when he'd moved away from Jimin. Can only assume they were tracking Jimin's own movements the same way, and Jimin learns that he likes that feeling, likes the weight of his hyung's eyes on him.

They're all buzzing with a specific type of energy tonight, though; it's not just Seokjin. And it's doing something to Jimin, getting him all antsy and jittery worked up. He'd felt that way the whole ride back to the hotel; had sat next to Taehyung, pressed close up to him, very conscious of each point of contact between them, knees bouncing up and down nervously until Yoongi had grumbled at him to stop moving. And after that Jimin hadn’t been able to help the way he’d gazed at the curve of Yoongi’s lips, the natural pout just begging for - well. Begging for him to hurry up and get out of the car already, because Jimin is too distracted to notice that they’ve stopped in front of their hotel.

And then finally, finally, they’re in Namjoon’s hotel room and Hoseok’s cracked open the champagne, and they can finally let loose, get a little tipsy.

The alcohol doesn’t dim the way Seokjin’s looking at them all tonight - if anything, it only intensifies it. Jimin can even see heat in Hoseok’s eyes, catch the residual blush on Namjoon’s face as he gazes at Jeongguk for just a beat too long before he shifts his eyes, but.

Jimin notices that Namjoon’s eyes seem to get stuck on whichever member they land on, no matter whom he turns to. And oh, the blush is back in full force now.

Hoseok says something to Seokjin then, something teasing and along the lines of, “Wanted us all to hug, huh hyung? All of a sudden? While you just watched?”

Jimin doesn’t really process it properly, because the next second, Seokjin just grins up at Hoseok from his perch next to Jimin on the sofa, voice teasing, and says, “well, it was a nice sight to see. And I don’t mind watching.”

And then the fucker winks.

Jimin doesn't know what takes over him, in that moment, but he feels something white hot rear its head within him and he promptly decides he can't take it anymore.

He all but launches himself at Seokjin, displacing the throw pillows on the sofa, nearly knocking the bottle of champagne off the coffee table and actually knocking the glass of champagne that Seokjin’s holding out of his hands.

"Jimin - ?"

Most of the liquid catches on Jimin's sleeve and is slowly soaking through his shirt but he pays it no mind because - because finally, finally, Seokjin's plush, sweet lips are under his, and Jimin's knees are on either side of Seokjin's thighs and his hands come up to grip at Seokjin's shoulders and his own lips press insistent and hungry against Seokjin's. Seokjin is shocked still for a second, but Jimin makes a plaintive sound in the back of throat - unintentionally, but it makes Seokjin's own lips part in a gasp, and Jimin only has to hesitate a second before he's whining softly and peeking his tongue out of his own mouth to swipe at Seokjin's bottom lip.

He does it again when Seokjin's own hands come to grip hard and almost verging on painful at Jimin's waist, clenching as if they can't help it, not hearing the sound of a harsh inhale from the other side of the room as everything in his mind narrows down to the points of contact between himself and his hyung. It's when Seokjin's own tongue slips out to meet Jimin's that the reality of what he's doing hits him and he rears back suddenly, heart thudding.

It feels to Jimin as if the whole room has frozen. Jimin is afraid to speak, to move, lest the next thing his body do is to attack another member with kisses. Seokjin's below him with a similarly gobsmacked look on his face - part unfocused, part confused, part ... turned on. And fuck if that doesn't make Jimin want to go immediately back to kissing him, but -

No one else is doing anything, and out of his periphery Jimin can make out that Namjoon's sort of frozen with his mouth in a comical 'o' shape. Jimin doesn't know what to do - should he apologize? But - he doesn't want to apologize for kissing Seokjin, he liked it, if anything he wants to do it again, so -

"Oh damn, Jiminie," a groan sounds from the other side of the room. Jimin whips his head around to catch sight of Taehyung with his eyes at half-mast, dark and trained on him and Seokjin intently. Taehyung's perched on the arm of the armchair that Jeongguk is currently sitting in, one of his legs dangling long and lazy over the side of the chair while the other is nestled atop Jeongguk's lap, claiming the space as if it's his. His arm is also resting on Jeongguk's shoulder, which means Taehyung's basically just hanging off of Jeongguk, all comfortable and familiar.

That sight alone makes Jimin’s chest grow warm.

At Taehyung's groan Jimin notices Jeongguk squirm and shift a bit, not quite meeting anyone's eyes. Taehyung's arm on Jeongguk's shoulder reaches down to clasp at his own thigh instead, fingers digging in a bit, as he bites out, "- hyung. that was hot."

Jeongguk can't quite muffle the cough that punches out of him at that, and then there's another noise to Jimin's left.

It's then that Jimin truly takes in how the rest of the members are reacting to this - Hoseok's the one that'd made the noise, and is staring back at Jimin with a hooded gaze, a look on his face that Jimin's seen before, but never like this, never so unguarded and blatant. Namjoon's expression is still mostly shock, but the stiffness to the way he holds himself tells Jimin that it's definitely because he's affected - he knows how Namjoon looks when he's turned on, how could he not, when he's pushed him so many times before? He can see it in the set of Namjoon's jaw, the clenched fists and flaring nostrils. Across from them Taehyung's expression is just as lust-addled, his breathing deep and heavy.

And that - the way Taehyung's gotten worked up - seems to be affecting Jeongguk as much as Jimin's kiss with Seokjin had. Jimin glances at all the points of contact between the two, the way their sides are pressed together and Taehyung's thigh is digging into Jeongguk's - oh fuck.

Jeongguk is definitely ... affected. And it seems like one part of him in particular has taken quite an interest in the proceedings, but before Jimin can even fully process that, Yoongi, sitting on the other side of Jimin, lets loose a questioning sound.

Jimin turns in his perch on Seokjin's lap, causing the elder to make a deep noise and grab his hips even more tightly to hold him still. It feels much too good, Jimin's not supposed to be reacting like this.

Jimin meets Seokjin's eyes again, but he just says lowly, "Stay still, Jimin-ah." And godhis voice. Jimin's positive Seokjin really doesn't know how hot he is - beautiful, handsome, charming? Jimin knows Seokjin hears that a lot, but those are different words than the word hot. And Seokjin may not know it - but when he gets like this, all commanding and his voice unwavering and telling him what to do like that -

That's what had gotten to Jimin in the first place, on stage earlier. Seokjin taking control like that, telling them all what to do. It's almost enough to have Jimin leaning down again, to capture those lips and maybe make Seokjin lose his cool a little bit, but he's interrupted again.

"Yah, Jimin-ah." That's Yoongi's voice, and right, he was about to say something, wasn't he.

"Ah hyung, why'd you stop them, we could've watched more." And that's Taehyung, cheeky as ever.

It gets a laugh out of Jimin - a strangled mess of a thing, a little too high pitched, maybe, but a laugh nonetheless, and the tension in the room breaks and fades into something more comfortable.

"Taehyungie ..." Yoongi sighs the name, but it's in the tone he uses whenever he talks to Taehyung - a particular tone that sounds like it's supposed to be exasperated but misses the mark and really hits somewhere too close to deeply fond instead.

Yoongi meets Jimin's eyes then, and Yoongi's own gaze is serious now, a little more sober than earlier.

"What are we doing here, Jiminie?" he asks, plain and simple.

And that's the question, isn't it? What are they doing, what have they been doing? Because this is one of those things - like two lines that look like they'll stay parallel forever.

But they're not parallel - and everyone knows that two non-parallel lines will always intersect. And this is the point of intersection; that collision, the point where they say fuck it all and kiss -

Jimin knows what he wants this to be, he knows what he's been dreaming of, been hoping of - but he doesn't have an answer for what this is. And he knows that now that they've collided, now that they've intersected - there's no going back.

Jimin must be silent for too long, and maybe the hyungs take it as him panicking, or maybe they have answers of their own, but whatever it is, Hoseok and Namjoon speak up almost at the same time, and Jimin's just relieved to be hearing from someone else.

"Hyung, we shouldn't push him -"

"But it's not just him, is it?"

Namjoon's voice is calm and tempered, and it rings clearly through the room, even through the hazy cloud of whatever they're all feeling right now.

He continues, "It isn't just Jimin. We can't act like - we were surprised, or ... that we didn't know this was coming. We owe it to - each other, to be honest with ourselves ... to be honest to each other." Everyone in the room has turned to face him now.

It's the focus they tend to give him as their leader, the attention they will gladly pay to him: because he's the thread that weaves them together, the eyes that watch for all of them, the voice that speaks for all of them:

Namjoon faces Yoongi now, "We know the answer to that question, don't we, hyung?" His tone isn't challenging, isn't accusatory, doesn't have a single hint of dissonance. His words are just plain and simple, even a little soft, and his face is as gentle as it can get.

At the back of his mind, Jimin knows that they're all on the same page. They all know without a hint of doubt what Namjoon's talking about - because they've been through it all together, they know each other. It doesn't have to be an explicit thing - it's not a game of mind-reading, and it's not an easy symbiosis: that would be downplaying everything they've been through together, all the roughness they've had to weather and overcome.

But there's not a doubt in Jimin's mind that every single one of them understands what Namjoon is saying.

It's Hoseok that speaks up again after that; Hoseok that takes the next step. "Then. Someone should start with being honest, shouldn't they?" Yoongi's eyes snap to him, wide. Hoseok takes a deep breath.

Seokjin, from under Jimin, makes a sound, a hiccup of a thing, sort of stuttering and it causes Jimin's heartbeat to quicken. He feels a fuzziness start to cloud his periphery - the kind that comes when he's very aware of the passage of time, the slow ticking by of each second and how every action he takes - every action he witnesses - is carving out a different path to the future.

"I'm in love with you." Hoseok says it in a single breath, a quick exhale, directs the words at his feet, but there's not a trace of uncertainty in them. "And not just ... I'm in love with - each of you. All of you."

He looks up then, gaze traveling around to room, landing on each of the others before he catches Jimin's eyes. Hoseok's eyes are so bright, are shining with the magnitude of his revelation, and Jimin feels something much like hope bubbling within him, full to the brim and about to overflow. "Me too, hyung, I - all of you," Jimin blurts, and as he’s saying the words Taehyung makes a noise of assent from his seat, lips closing over the words “-love you all so much.” It figures that they both would’ve spoken up at the same time. Jimin gets to look directly at Taehyung - kind, beautiful, soulmate Taehyung - as he says, "I love you all."

Seokjin's quick to follow with his own words, and he directs them at Yoongi, his thumbs starting to rub patterns into Jimin's hips as he says quietly, "You all are it for me, you know? I can't ask for more than the seven of you."

Yoongi's cheeks color at that, the way he always gets a little shy in front of Seokjin. He's pleased though, maybe even relieved - Jimin can tell from the way he blinks rapidly, the way his shoulders have come up a bit slightly, the way he's unconsciously trying not to make eye contact with anybody.

And Namjoon doesn't have to speak up again - they could just assume, could just read between the lines of what he'd said earlier, and they could guess that he was on the same page. He'd brought it up first, after all.

But he does speak, and Jimin appreciates that so much, appreciates that Namjoon is willing to put this out there in plain terms for them. "I think I knew it from the moment the seven of us - our seven separate souls and bodies, our seven separate hearts - became one beat, became ... us," he says, spinning the words into his love notes like only he knows how to do. "I couldn't imagine -"

The words break off, sudden. Jimin startles to see that there seems to be a trail of wet lining the tops of Namjoon's cheeks.

"Oh, Namjoon-hyung," he coos, but he's interrupted by a loud inhale, a sort of staggering gulp of a sound.

Jeongguk's hands are clasped so tightly over Taehyung's lap and his lips are swollen with how he's been biting at them. His eyes, too, are suspiciously shiny.

Taehyung looks over at him with surprise on his features, and an arm comes up immediately to pet at the hair at the nape of Jeongguk's neck. "Ah Jeonggukkie, don't tell me you're surprised?" he teases softly, the fond curve of his lips weakening any bite to his words.

Jeongguk sniffles softly, tries to his his face in Taehyung's chest, but Taehyung doesn't let him. "I just - I'm just so happy, I'm ... relieved. I - I love you too." The words - and the tears - are Jeongguk to the core, sweet, sweet Jeonggukkie, their maknae who can't help but cry when his hyungs do, can't help but feel everything so much and so intensely. Jimin wants to collect him in his hands, cup his cheeks, pet his head and sneak kisses all up his neck, but -

It looks like Taehyung has it covered, as he lets out a deep chuckle, ever-so-fond, and ducks in to press one, two, three light pecks to the tip of Jeongguk's ear. Jimin's heart soars with affection for the two of them even as Jeongguk blushes bright scarlet. "We love you too, baby," Taehyung whispers after. He looks up at the rest of them, then, as if for confirmation.

Hoseok is smiling, wide and proud. Jimin thinks what Hoseok looks like is what Jimin is feeling right now; and when he turns to look at Seokjin over his shoulder, he's also got an unbearably tender expression on his face.

Jeongguk and Namjoon are both trying (and failing) to stifle their tears, and Taehyung looks absolutely elated.

Yoongi - Yoongi looks somewhere between hopeful and wary.

Jimin falters into a frown. That's not right - but before he can speak anything of it, he's aware of slight movement in his periphery.




Jeongguk can't quite believe his what's happening, can't quite get the stuttering of his heart to ease into something calmer, something quieter.


Since Yoongi had dared to ask the question they'd all been avoiding, since the other hyungs had dared to acknowledge the web of emotion building between them all, entangling them together; since they'd admitted to themselves, aloud, what they really meant to each other -

Jeongguk hadn't previously even entertained the notion that his lofty dreams of being with his hyungs - rather, 'being with' them in the full capacity of those words - could ever come true. To see Jimin's actions mirror his own desires, to feel Taehyung's reassurances, to hear Hoseok, Seokjin, to hear Namjoon himself echo his own sentiments?

And then - and then! Taehyung had peppered honey sweet kisses from the tips of Jeongguk's ears down his neck and Jeongguk had felt all fizzy inside, warmth flashing hot within his chest and bubbling at his cheeks. He'd turned to nuzzle into Taehyung's side again but Taehyung had caught his chin with the tip of his finger, tilting his head up until they were glancing at each other amidst all the others giddy with the knowledge that they were loved like this. Taehyung had met his eyes and given him a dazzling smile, one that held the years of their friendship and the excitement for something more, and though he'd want to share it with his hyungs soon, in that moment it was just for him. And then before he could even attempt to smile back, Taehyung was dipping in to press a kiss to his lips - chaste but firm, innocent but promising.

Taehyung leans back again and Jeongguk feels like he's flying, a fuzzy sort of warmth threatening to creep past the periphery of his mind, making its way onto his expression and curling the corners of his lips up into a dazed looking smile.

He's turning to share his smile with the rest - but it's then that he realizes they haven't heard from Yoongi yet.

And earlier: in between hiding his snuffles and ever-blossoming hope, Jeongguk had noticed Yoongi's hesitance to chime in while the rest of the hyungs had spoken up.

But Jeongguk knows his hyungs: he's only been watching them, looking up to them since he was 15, been observing and learning and molding himself into the best version of himself he could be from what he learnt from his hyungs. Jeongguk understands that it's not a reluctance to acknowledge the other members' feelings or a lack of feelings on Yoongi's part. Jeongguk knows Yoongi.

Yoongi who would always put others before himself, who lives and breathes for the other members' comfort, whose first instinct is always to favor his dongsaengs, his Jin hyung.

Yoongi who would gasp for air just to exhale away his feelings, who wouldn't confess to being in love with the rest of them if he thought for a second that he could hurt them.

Sometimes, Jeongguk just wishes Yoongi could seek to appease his own desires, just mindlessly go for what he wanted, to simply take. But Yoongi just wasn't selfish enough for that.

Jeongguk decides, then, that he’ll have to be selfish enough for the rest of them. It’s something that he used to be quite often, before, and he’s learnt to wean himself off of those tendencies, but - but this time he thinks it’s something he can afford to be.

Not just that - it’s something he knows the others want to be but aren’t letting themselves be. Something Yoongi could be if he just let go.

Jeongguk nudges gently at Taehyung's thigh, the heavy weight a pleasant warmth which is still enveloping him, a warmth that has seeped into his own skin and bones. A warmth which he immediately misses when it leaves him, but no matter. Taehyung lets himself be moved, with nothing but a slight curious sound at the back of his throat, which leaves Jeongguk free to slink towards Yoongi - Yoongi, sitting curled up in the armchair with his head down; Yoongi, eyes downcast and eyebrows slightly furrowed; Yoongi, who can't see Jeongguk approaching.

When Jeongguk reaches Yoongi's armchair he plops to the ground onto his knees, and stretches up towards Yoongi's face.

"Yoongi hyung," he whispers, draws it out. "Hyungie?"

Yoongi startles up, meets Jeongguk's eyes with a rather wild look in his own.

Jeongguk doesn't mean to pout, doesn't mean to inadvertently influence Yoongi's answer in any way, but he can't school his features into anything else when he asks, "Does hyung love us too? Like - like that?"

All it takes is the few seconds that Yoongi stares unwaveringly into Jeongguk's eyes for him to get his answer, but Yoongi still doesn't say anything back, just leans closer to Jeongguk, down, down, until their foreheads are touching.

Jeongguk wants to wait it out, knows he should, but he can't help but say, "We love you, hyung. We - I love you," the words like a secret into the space between their faces, the weight of them hanging heavily between them. Yoongi's eyes shut at that, with a staccato inhale interrupting the song of their intermingling breaths, his exhale shaky at the coda.

And Jeongguk's eyes have barely dried but they're almost threatening to mist over again when suddenly Yoongi's moving closer, closer, chin tipping in as he exhales in a breath, "Yes, yes, Jeonggukkie - I, you all - love you like that, couldn't not love you like that," before he's pressing even closer.

And then they're kissing, Yoongi's lips a little chapped but so nice on Jeongguk's own, the shape of his pouty top lip angling just right to catch Jeongguk's lower lip; and then Yoongi sucks softly, and a shiver runs down the length of Jeongguk's spine and he feels tingly all over and a part of him isn't really registering that he's kissing his hyung, Yoongi hyung whom he loves so much until he hears a broken -


It's Jimin, wavering voice but eyes blazing, almost even - hungry. His cheeks are rosy, and Hoseok and Seokjin are sitting on either side of him with their eyes similarly trained on the pair of them. Meanwhile Taehyung's gone over to Namjoon and is wrapped around him, though currently their attention is on Jeongguk and Yoongi as well.

Jeongguk tries to fight the flush that's building on his face when he realizes that he'd had his first kiss with Yoongi in front of all the hyungs, and apparently they'd been watching.

And then Jimin directs at Yoongi, "-you had us all so scared for a moment, you know that?" His tone is fierce and Jeongguk knows it's just what Yoongi and Jimin do, it's how they show their love. Yoongi is no doubt about to reply with something equally as fiery but Jeongguk can't deal with that right now.

"Jiminie-hyung." He lets his tone cant up into a whine and Jimin immediately softens for it like Jeongguk knew he would - it's tried and true, a fail safe.

Besides, he knows what Jimin and Yoongi would both rather be doing anyways.

"I think Yoongi-hyung would really rather you just kiss him instead of all the weird foreplay you both always go through," he says, cheeky like he knows he can always get away with, with these hyungs, with Jimin hyung. 

Yoongi starts to splutter and Jimin looks, frankly, affronted, but then Taehyung is saying faux sagely, "I think we all would really rather you just kiss him, honestly," and then he gives Jimin the lewdest grin he can manage. Namjoon extracts an arm from under Taehyung's koala embrace to smack his shin, albeit lightly, rolling his eyes at Taehyung’s antics. The exasperation painted on his features is belied by the affection that hides behind his eyes, in the tilt of his smile.

It manages to draw a grin onto Jimin's face, if not a laugh out of him. Hoseok and Seokjin do laugh at that, and Jeongguk holds his breath in a sort of anticipation as Jimin gets up and walks towards them - and god, just the way he walks, purposeful and gaze trained on them. 

There's the smallest of smirks playing on his lips as he stops right in front of the armchair that Yoongi is sat in, towering over them as he stands and they sit. He lowers himself to their height slowly, thighs working right at Jeongguk's eye level. 

Jeongguk gulps.

Jimin looks him in the eyes as he leans towards Yoongi, and with mirth in his tone, asks, "Is that right, Jeonggukkie? Is that what you'd rather we do, too?"

The flush is back and painting his cheeks as Jeongguk tries not to stutter through his words. As it is, all he can manage is an attempt at nonchalance, a quick, "I'm not the one - shouldn't you be asking Yoongi?" 

The thing is, Jeongguk knees are still pressed against Yoongi's shins; his hands resting atop Yoongi's thighs, Yoongi still in his space. And Yoongi's face has remained the type of impassive which means that he's trying to hide how affected he is.

Jimin says, voice light and tinkling, "I'd rather take your word for it," and then his hand snakes towards Yoongi's chin to pull him close. Yoongi goes willingly, so willingly, and their lips meet right in front of Jeongguk's line of sight, right up in his space, so close, so close to him.

It's a real kiss, no shying away from it now. there's not a hint of hesitation left in Jimin, and Yoongi seems to be unwilling to just be taken for a ride - when Jimin's tongue flashes out to lick into the roof of Yoongi's mouth, Yoongi opens up a little more, lets him take. And then he leans closer, the side of his body brushing up against Jeongguk's chest, as he goes to nip at Jimin's plush lower lip, pulling a content sound from his dongsaeng.  

When they pull apart there's a thin string of spit that stretches and breaks between them and it has Jeongguk not quite stifling a moan. Jimin turns his smirk on Jeongguk; meanwhile, Yoongi's face is the type of slack he gets when he watches Jimin dancing sometimes. It hits Jeongguk suddenly that that's how Yoongi looks when he's turned on. 

Jeongguk can't blame him. He still blushes when Seokjin calls at him, "Seems like Jeongguk-ah liked that, huh?" with a quirk of his eyebrows and mischief in his cheeks. “But maybe Yoongichi liked it a bit more." 

It's not that Jeongguk hasn't witnessed it happen before, but it's truly a sight to see Yoongi turn all blushy and embarrassed when Seokjin teases, and today Jeongguk gets to see it up close, so close that he thinks he can feel the heat radiating off of Yoongi's cheeks. 

It's then that Namjoon clears his throat awkwardly, "Well, now that we've - sorted this all out -" Yoongi snorts. "- you know what I mean! It's getting late, I think we should probably sleep this off before we - we do anything more." Namjoon's an adorable shade of pink now and it looks like Taehyung's trying not to coo at him. 

"Waaah," Hoseok sounds, loud and delighted, his eyes crinkling in Namjoon's direction, "Even now you're the leader, hmmm, Namjoon-ah?"

"-That's not what I'm trying to - ah, Hob-ah," and the way Namjoon stresses Hoseok's name is so sweet on it's own, the way his tone curves around the word, familiar and - right now - a little embarrassed. 

But Hoseok just chuckles, nodding his head, "No no, you're right. I agree," he gets up, ruffling Taehyung's hair as the younger gets up from his seat to latch onto him. As he passes Namjoon he ruffles his hair too, though he has to extend up a little just to reach. Namjoon turns an even prettier shade of pink.

Seokjin gets up and follows suit as well, and soon they're all breaking apart to go their separate ways; but there's something in the air, that lingers between them. Something warm and comfortable, and open for the first time in a while - a tangible relief, and an ease to their shared smiles, their exchanged glances - the simple reassurance that they aren't in this alone anymore.