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Cast Into The Abyss

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Photo's by refrainbow that I got inspired by



Yoongi was an outcast, or better yet he was banished by his people to the Dark Abyss. Because of the nature of his magic, he was cursed to lose his mermaid tail in turn for the arms of an octopus and then banished into the darkest and most dangerous part of the ocean.


He didn't mind too much, he found he enjoyed the darkness and grew used to the eerie sounds that filled the sea, that didn't make the loneliness any better though.


The only contact he would get were the short exchanges between mermaids and other creatures of the sea who wanted a different life, most of their wishes to have legs. Yoongi laughed to himself the first time, only doing a small spell to encourage their natural ability to change their fins into legs. It made him saddened the rest of the times, wondering where the knowledge had been lost.


Other wishes were harder, harsher on his mind. Wishes of wanting death, wishes of powerful weapons he couldn't give, wishes that he didn't dare give in fear of innocent creatures being harmed and powerful abilities being put into the wrong hands.


He was snapped out of his thoughts as soon as he heard movement behind him, “Who's there? I can hear you.” He swam over to the sound, seeing traces of shiny blue mermaid blood.


“Mermaid? Hmm, where are you? I won't hurt you if you don't hurt me.” Yoongi's heart jumped, excited at the prospect of even a little contact with a mermaid. He saw a boy peak out and he had to catch his breath, not expecting to see a boy with the necklace of the crown princeling there.


“Oh? What is the princeling doing here? You should be back at home.” He swam over to the princeling, the boy flinching and eyeing his tentacles before looking back up at him with curious eyes.


The princeling swam out from behind the rock more confidently, “I-I was just curious, sir.”


“You must be very curious to swim all the way out here, did someone tell you about me? Are you here to make fun of me, prince?” Yoongi spat out the words, his tentacles wrapping around the boys' limbs threateningly as his anger rose.


“No! W-Well I did hear about you... but I was curious about your magic!” Jungkook squirmed in his hold, whimpering while his eyes filled with fear. Yoongi looked into the boy's eyes and immediately let him go before he looked away, “Don't come back, you shouldn't be here.” He fled into his cave, leaving Jungkook to himself.


Jungkook stubbornly followed Yoongi into his cave, his eyes barely adjusting to the darkness enough to see a sulking figure at the end of the cave, it's deep voice reaching his ears, “I said to go away. Unless you want something?”


He swam over and floated upside down in front of Yoongi, “Can we be friends?”


Yoongi looks up at him slowly, waiting for the boy to take back his words, “What? Why?” He narrowed his eyes at the princeling with a suspicious look before the prince giggled and smiled brightly at him, “Because you look lonely! No one deserves to be alone!”


“I do, according to your mother.”


“My mother can go suck her own back fin, you seem nice and I know you were the one who healed my father. So, I'd say you're pretty nice, sir.” Yoongi barked out a laugh at Jungkook's analogy of his own mother and shook his head.


“Fine, only because your mom will explode if she finds out who you're hanging out with. So while you're here you can help me gather supplies... and it's Yoongi.” Jungkook cheered eagerly and hugged Yoongi, “Yay! A new friend! I have to go back right now, but I'll be back tomorrow! What's your name by the way? I'm Jungkook.””


Yoongi nodded and gave Jungkook a small smile, “Yoongi. Just know you'll be put to work if you hang around me.”


“Ok! I'll be happy to help Yoongi! Bye~”



The next day Jungkook arrived again with a happy smile, “Ok, Yoongi! I'm ready to help~”


“Good, cut up that seaweed there into strips. Carefully.” Yoongi didn't even turn back to look at the princeling as he handed the boy a bundle of freshly picked seaweed and a pair of human scissors. “Wow! I've never seen scissors like these! I will do by best Yoongi, but I wanna ask questions. What's your favorite color?”


“...White, yours?”


“Black and red! They're so pretty”


“Not many say that about black, kid.” Yoongi looked back at the prince, an amused look on his face.


“I know! That's why it's so special! Anyways... What's your favorite food?”


“Fish.” Yoongi continued to answer the boys' trivial questions, seeing no harm in it as they both worked, enjoying the voices to fill the usual emptiness of the Abyss.


Jungkook sang when they ran out of questions, only stopping to ask Yoongi for help or ask how to do something, “Yoongi! This clam is being so stubborn!” He turned and was met with the mermaid pouting with wide doe eyes, his fingers trying to pry it open.


“Well, maybe you should work out, princeling.” Yoongi gripped the shell and broke it open, handing it back to Jungkook.


“How do I work out?”


“For mermaids? I would ask your father, I only got this strength after I was cursed. Speaking of which, you should get home. I'm sure they're worried. It's been a few hours.” Yoongi turned Jungkook around in the water and swam them out of the cave while the mermaid whined.


“Awee, I don't wanna go home! I have to deal with my fiance, then.” Jungkook hooked his arms around Yoongi's waist, making the latter tense and pry him off, “You have a fiance?”


The princeling nodded with a pouty face, “I don't even like her, or any of the suitors. I try to hide away from her with my friends back home but she always finds me!” Yoongi sighed and grabbed a clam nearby and cast a spell on it, “Use this and it'll make it harder for people you don't want to to find you.”


Jungkook gasped and took it, the shell removing itself and sinking into his arm, disappearing into nothing, “Whoa! I didn't feel anything! What's so forbidden about your spells anyways?”


Yoongi winced turned away, “I have to use life essence... that clam's life was enough for that spell since it was pretty simple, but something like healing your father required the life of your younger sibling that was yet to be born.”


“I-I was going to have a sibling?” Jungkook looked at Yoongi who snorted and shook his head, “Yes, apparently your parents think your glass since they haven't told you anything. She had a miscarriage shortly after, that's how she found about my magic.”


“Why did you choose her baby to draw life essence from?” Jungkook looked up at him with curious eyes.


“My magic at the time wasn't as well developed so it would choose whatever fit the bill, I tried to tell to her to keep away so it would use my own life force, but she didn't listen...” Yoongi wistfully sank back, using his own tentacles as a seat.


Jungkook hummed and his eyes went wide suddenly, his jaw-dropping as he seemed to focus on nothing, concerning Yoongi, “Jungkook? Are you ok?”


The princeling jerked back and shook his head, “I'm fine! I just tune out sometimes when I feel stressed...”


“Dissociation, it's a coping mechanism.”


“Huh, probably because I was thinking of my fiance.” Jungkook twisted his mouth into an unsatisfied look before it softened and smiled at him and waved as he swam away, “I'll be back sometime, Yoongi! Thank you for becoming my friend~ I'll go now, byye!”


Yoongi waved back, trying not to let himself build up hope that the cheerful mermaid would be back.






Jungkook swam into the city, only getting sidetracked by prying open a huge clam and finding an equally huge pearl and quickly grabbed it in excitement.


He sighed as he neared the castle, entering through the front doors and immediately getting swarmed by his family and getting scolded by his mother, “You have been gone since breakfast, Jungkook! What excuse do you have for me?”


“I went and explored, mum. I found a pearl?” Jungkook held the pearl out, it fitting neatly into the palm of his hand, his mother regarded closely it and nodded.


“Fine, that is a very beautiful pearl Jungkook. I hope you're giving that to your fiance as a courting gift?” She rose her eyebrow and his father swam idly next to her. “I wanted to keep it for myself, but I suppose I can, mum. I just need to prepare it.”


“Good boy, Jungkook. Go get ready for dinner, I've invited your friends over. You've seemed detached lately.” She stroked his cheek tenderly, smiling at Jungkook before letting him go.


Jungkook swam to his room excited to talk to his friends, cleaning his scales and neckpiece eagerly and yelping when his fiance burst in, “Jungkookie! I finally found you, ~ Kiss?” She pursed her lips and Jungkook cringed away before turning around to check himself in the mirror, “Hello, Julia. You know we can't kiss until the ceremony is over, right?”


“I know, I just wanted to try and get one from you! Oh well.” Julia wrapped her arms around Jungkook's waist and spotted the pearl on his dresser before grabbing it, “Ooo! Is this for me?! How sweet!”


Jungkook panicked and ripped it from her hands and cradled it to his chest, “Not yet, I'm saving it for later.” She pouted but shrugged and went back to hugging Jungkook's waist, making it hard for him to move around his room to get ready, “Julia, please let go of me and go get ready.”


She sighed as she was pushed away, “When will you accept me Kookie? I told you I loved you!”


“I know! And you're obsessive! I will never love you, Julia and that's that.” He pushed her out of his room, glaring at her and sighing as she started to sob.


“You're so mean!” She swam off angrily, quickly disappearing in the halls. Jungkook sighed in relief and went back into his bedroom to hide his pearl in a safe spot, rubbing off the smudges affectionately. He quickly swam out of his room and to the dining room instantly getting swarmed by his 3 best friends.


“Kookie! Where were you all day?!” The eldest, Seokjin, demanded while pinching his cheeks.


“I-I found a pearl and explored... I will tell you more after dinner!” Jungkook smiled widely, instantly perking up in the friendly company.


Hoseok nodded with a determined face, holding Jimin's hand, “We shall eat like starved mermen then tonight!” Jimin giggled into his hand and smacked Hoseok's arm, “We want all the juicy details, definitely. I have a feeling you did a little more than that.”


Jungkook hummed and led them to the table, seating them before sitting next to his mother and across from his fiance who had surprisingly yet to notice him. He decided to give a thankful thought to Yoongi's charm, liking the quietness from the mermaid, “Let's eat!” Seokjin cheered and they all dug in, and true to word ate like starved mermen.


When they finally reached Jungkook's room, they shut the door and gathered around him, hungry for any exciting news, “What does the pearl look like Kookie?”


Jungkook grinned and fished it out of his hiding spot, holding it gingerly in the middle of the circle, allowing each of them to 'oo' and 'ah' over it until he had enough and put it away, “I'm saving it for a special person.” Seokjin snorted with a wry smirk, “So not your fiance? Who did you meet to have you go all rebellious on us, Kookie?”


They all hooted as Jungkook's face lit up and he hid behind his hands, “He's really nice... but I'm really not supposed to be even near him so you have to keep this quiet.”


Jimin narrowed his eyes and stared into Jungkook's eyes, “Is it that sea witch?” Jungkook nodded shyly, still hiding behind his hands, “I knew it! What the fuck were you doing in the Dark Abyss, Kookie?”


Hoseok startled at the news and frowned at him, “Ya! That place is dangerous, who knows what the sea witch could have done. We all heard he murdered merpeople to make himself more powerful.”


Jungkook scoffed and frowned, “No! He was the one who healed my father. Besides, he warned my mother that the baby might die if she stayed in the same room but she stayed anyway. It's entirely her own fault, at the time he didn't have control over what creature he took life essence from.”


The three stared at him for an extended amount of time before Seokjin spoke up again, “You know associating yourself with him is treason, right?” Jungkook frowned at that and shook his head, “No...”


“I know you might have been happy for a couple of hours with him, but the sea witch is not good news. Now, we aren't going to tell anyone unless you keep seeing him, so stay away from him Jungkook. We really don't want to lose you.” Jimin rubbed his arms soothingly, allowing Jungkook to slump into his arms.


“But he was really nice... and genuine. I-I didn't know I had almost had a sibling until he told me...” Jungkook relaxed as his other two friends joined the hug. “That's... ok that's fucked up. Why wouldn't they tell you? You aren't made of glass.” Hoseok frowned, hugging Jungkook tighter.


“I don't know...” Jungkook sighed, snuggling happily into the warmth of their hugs. “Aish! Why are you two so easy to trust? How do you know he was telling the truth? I would ask your parents about it, and if they avoid it keep pressing.”


“Ya, I guess I should ask. Do I tell them I just heard rumors?” Jungkook squirmed out of their hold before putting his pearl back in the safe spot


Jimin nodded and rubbed his back, “Probably the best way to ask them. We need to go, it's getting pretty late. I'll see you later Jungkookie~” The 3 of them took turns hugging the princeling before they swam out and away from the castle to their homes in the city.


Jungkook sighed and went to find his parents, dreading what they would say to him.