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Captain's Chair 2: The View from the Floor

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Part 1: First Taste

Executive Officer Lieutenant John Matheson hurried along the empty hallways of the starship Excalibur. He was looking forward to getting off the ship, it seemed like he had spent his entire life in these cold grey halls. Even if it was for a short time, and he would probably have to take work down with him when he went. He just needed to prep some of the systems then leave the ship in the hands of the engineers for a few days. It would be back in his hands, or back on his shoulders, soon enough.

John was deep in thoughts of relaxing by the pool or trying out whatever the native version of tennis was, so he walked straight onto the bridge without realizing anyone was there. He saw the back of his captain's head in his chair. It was such a natural sight that it took him a second to register that the captain shouldn't be there. "Captain, I thought you were-"

Captain Matthew Gideon jumped and vainly tried to cover up a very exposed and very erect cock. John's heart vaulted into his throat. Oh God, why couldn't I have come in quieter?

Gideon turned to look at him and John grabbed for composure. He tore his eyes away from what Gideon was trying to hide and forced normalcy into his voice. "I'm sorry, Captain," he said, taking a step backwards, "I came up here to shut down the environmental systems and any others that are unnecessary while the engine upgrades happen. I thought I'd just catch a ride on your shuttle. I didn't realize you needed some …" and here his lips quirked slightly, "some private time."

"Damn it, Lieutenant," Gideon said, looking like a little boy that had just been caught peeking at forbidden pictures. "It's just that I thought I was alone and ... I'd always had this fantasy, I suppose every Ensign in EarthForce has it, of having sex on the command deck and I was thinking about my crew and about you, ... but not like that, I was just thinking how good we are together, as a Captain and XO I mean ..."

"No need to explain, Captain," John turned towards the door. "I will leave you to your ... work."

Maybe it was the unreality of the situation, but an impish urge grabbed a hold of John and he turned back. "You know, Captain, you are right about every EarthForce Ensign having those fantasies." John and his captain had a way that they sometimes exchanged images, though John's telepathic overseers disapproved of it. It was done with Gideon's express permission, who considered it no more intrusive than speaking. If Gideon concentrated on an image, John could just skim the surface of Gideon's mind and pick it out. Or John could send an image to Gideon with the lightest of touches, never reading further into Gideon's mind. It had saved their lives more than once.

John had never sent Gideon this sort of image, though.

He pictured himself positioned between Gideon's knees, taking that hidden cock into his mouth. It wasn't hard to bring to mind, since he'd imagined the same thing many times. He took the picture and sent it to Gideon's mind.

Gideon gasped, his eyes widening. "Holy shit! I never knew you would ... you wanted to ..."

John had to smile as his always-in-control captain looked more flustered. "There are still a few things left you don't know about me." A whole helluva lot of things you don't know.

Gideon stared at him. "I guess so! I just never thought ..."

"Well?" John found himself asking.

"Well? Well, what?"

Well what, indeed . John swallowed and waved his hand towards what that Gideon was still trying to hide with his hands.

Gideon stared at him. "You mean now, that you would, right here, now?"

John's smile returned as he realized that for once, he had Gideon completely off balance. "Yes, right here, right now. May I?"

Gideon continued to stare as John forced himself to look calm and unconcerned. Inside he was screaming, What the hell are you doing? Are you insane? This is your captain, not some discreet anonymous liaison! This is Matthew Gideon!

"Hell, yes!" Gideon said abruptly and John's pulse shot through the ceiling.

Long schooled in hiding his emotions, John was able to say calmly, "Excellent choice, Captain."

"Get the hell over here before I change my mind!"

"A moment, Captain." John's mind buzzing he walked over to a nearby console. He tried to think rationally in the insane moment. What did he need to make this… somehow less insane? Privacy, privacy was needed. His fingers automatically pushing the correct buttons to invoke a cloak of privacy.

To keep his captain informed, something John did as automatically as breathing, John said, "Computer, list all living entities currently on the ship."

//Captain Matthew Gideon. Lieutenant Jonathan Matheson.//

"Alert me if that status changes."


"Disable all recording on Command Deck. Authorization John Matheson."


Trying to keep his hands from shaking, John reached up and pulled off his earpiece. He felt almost naked without it. His collar suddenly felt tight and he tugged on it. Get moving, before he comes to his senses. Or you do.

John hesitated, would Gideon have changed his mind? John turned around and found Gideon's eyes still fastened on him, his lower lip between his teeth. A shiver ran through John. He took a deep breath, pulled together all his fears and reservations, and shoved them deep down inside.

This all had to be a dream. Fantasies like this did not happen. Objects of a person's longtime lust didn't just accept offers of blowjobs out of the blue. Right now, John was probably dozing poolside on the planet as the Excalibur was undergoing repairs. This was the best dream he'd ever had, and promised to get better. He was going to enjoy the hell out of it.

He walked slowly towards his captain, feeling the heat of Gideon's intense gaze. Determined to relish every second, he kneeled slowly down. Automatically he reached around and flicked the switch to keep the chair from swiveling. Licking his lips, he gently moved his captain's hands away. He got a good look at what Gideon had been hiding, and his mouth began to water. He took quick breaths until he was sure he could control his voice. "Do you think you could remove your pants?"

When Gideon paused, John suddenly feared that Gideon had changed his mind, but then he grumbled, "Alright, give me a second."

Gideon lifted his hips from the chair and the way he squirmed out of his pants, right above him, set John's own cock pulsing. Gideon also removed his shirt, exposing his lean muscular chest, with just the right amount of hair. John wanted to push him back and suck on those nipples, but he knew that Gideon was getting impatient.

"Now are you finally gonna-" Gideon let out an "Aahh" as John ran his hands down Gideon's bare legs. John leaned down and kissed his leg, running his tongue through the soft curly hair. Not in any of his many fantasies did he imagine that his first taste of Matthew Gideon would be his inner right thigh, right above the knee.

John licked and sucked his way down the thigh, noticing with pleasure than Gideon was trembling slightly. He turned his attention to the other leg, drawing a swirling path of wet hair and trembling skin down the center of Gideon's inner thigh. He was very aware of Gideon's cock, just centimeters away, bobbing with Gideon's every movement.

"I never would have guessed," Gideon said, sounding a little breathless, "that you were such a tease."

You have no idea. John was dying to take that cock into his mouth, but he nuzzled it aside and mouthed the sensitive skin where thigh met crotch. Since this was a dream, he found the nerve to ask for one of his favorite scenarios. "Do something for me?"


John gave him a gentle nip. "Pretend that it's a normal day- No, pretend that we are in the middle of a battle and that I'm not here at all." He'll never do it.

"How am I supposed to forget you are ... Alright."

John swallowed against a surge of adrenaline as Gideon cleared his throat and spoke the very normal words, "Full scan, I want to know who those ships are."

John swallowed again and turned his attention to the impatiently waiting cock. He licked it from base to tip, then sucked the head into his mouth. He had to suppress a whimper that he had Gideon's cock in his mouth at last.

Above him, Gideon said, "Power to the front sh-shields ..." John's tongue circled the swollen head and then around its rim. He forced himself to move deliberately, fighting the urge to be timid and the contrary urge to attack and devour Gideon's naked body.

His mouth never stopping its movement, John let his eyes roam up Gideon's stomach and chest and shoulders and finally to his handsome face. Gideon's expression was a mixture of bemusement and arousal as he said, "Fire forward guns." John locked eyes with Gideon's intense hazel ones as he licked Gideon's cock from base to tip with the flat of his tongue. The hunger in those eyes as they watched him sent shivers down John's body. "Evasive maneuvers," Gideon continued automatically, never taking his eyes from John's.

Because he dared to do things in dreams he never did in real life, John kept his eyes locked with Gideon's and his mouth moving on Gideon's cock…and opened his mental shields. It wasn't a full telepathic probe but it was more than just sending an image. He read Gideon's surface thoughts.

Gideon was having fun.

A lot of fun.

Gideon's mind was the usual swirl that untrained humans felt like. John sorted out some thoughts. Arousal. Something about Elizabeth Lochley's ability with a blowjob, which John quickly passed by. The thrill of the illicit, of a gamble. That the next time Gideon got into a real battle he'd be thinking about this moment. How strange it was to do anything sexual with a man. The acknowledgement that what he was doing was stupid, that it could hurt his relationship with John, but he hoped that the relationship was strong enough to survive it. Gideon thought some surprisingly warm and possessive things about John. And a whole lot about how good John's mouth and hands felt.

John had been this far into Gideon's mind before, with his permission, and he loved the unique taste of it. Beyond that, he wanted to hang around in Gideon's mind to look for any more pleasant thoughts about himself. But he made himself close his shield back to its usual tight surface. He was allowed in EarthForce because of that shield, and fortunately this was just a dream or else he'd be in trouble for breaching it.

Back in his own mind, John checked on Gideon's reactions. His captain gave no indication that he knew John had been peeking in his mind. He was smiling down at John, his enjoyment obvious on his face.

Suddenly this go-slow wasn't enough. If John couldn't be linked with Gideon telepathically, John wanted as deep of a physical connection as he could. His mouth moved back up to the head of Gideon's cock and he breathed in and out deeply. Taking a firm grip on the base, he sucked the entire cock into his mouth and down his throat. He pulled his hand away and buried his nose in Gideon's sweaty pubic hair.

"God!" Gideon bucked underneath him, shoving his thick cock even farther down John's throat. John held himself still, breathing shallowly through his nose, reveling in Gideon's cock inside his mouth and the single hoarse syllable in Gideon's familiar voice.

Above him, he felt and heard Gideon take a deep breath and settle back into his chair. "Left forward guns, focus on the mother ship's engines."

John slowly raised his head, letting the cock slide up his throat and almost out of his mouth before plunging downward again.

Gideon let out a groan. "Holy Hell, John…"

John shuddered with pleasure at the arousal in his Captain's voice. He dearly wanted to hear that again. He raised his head then sucked him in again, his tongue flickering and swirling as he took in his full length. There might be more stimulating blowjob techniques but in John's extensive experience, none more intense for both the giver and the receiver.

Gideon's voice was wobbly as he said, "L-launch fighter wing Delta."

Shifting his position, John steadied himself with a hand on Gideon's warm thigh. With his other hand, he reached for Gideon's balls where they dangled invitingly. He caressed and gently squeezed them as he sucked and swallowed his cock in and out.

"Damage ... Uhhng…" Gideon trailed off into a throaty moan. John looked up to see Gideon's eyes mostly closed, his fingers digging into the arms of his chair. "Damage report," he tried again.

Distantly, John could feel his own erection throbbing, straining against the confines of his pants. Pulling back on his assault on Gideon's cock, he reached down, out of Gideon's view, and unfastened his pants. He freed his cock and gave it a few quick strokes before returning his hand to Gideon's thigh.

John felt his urgency fading a little, and able to think a little more clearly about what Gideon would like, beyond a deep-throating. Taking it easier, he only took the head of the cock in. His mouth massaged, his tongue teased and swirled. He used every trick he knew, determined to give his captain the best suck that he had ever received. Most of him was attempting to burn into memory every sight and sensation, for when he woke up. But a small rebellious part of him contended that if he was good enough, Gideon would return to his dreams to ask John to do it again. And again and again and …

John brought his hand up to stroke the saliva-slick cock while he leaned down to mouth Gideon's balls, taking one and then the other into his mouth and sucking gently. He pinched the head of the cock lightly, feeling the taut full skin and knowing that Gideon wouldn't last much longer.

Gideon agreed, gasping out, "Ready ... main ... guns."

John kissed his way up from Gideon's balls, touching again every sensitive spot, then took the straining cock into his mouth. His head moved up and down, building a rhythm and Gideon seemed to moan with his entire body.

He could feel Gideon moving towards climax, but John never wanted to stop. Just a little longer… He reached for Gideon's balls, knowing that if he did this wrong, the result would be quite unpleasant. He gave the balls a slight twist, cutting off Gideon's impending climax.

"What the Hell?" Gideon yelped, but only in surprise, not pain.

John continued to move his mouth up and down the cock, feeling it grow even harder with each movement. Gideon's legs were trembling.

"Oh God, John, let me come!"

Not yet, not yet … Gideon had shifted forward, almost straddling his shoulders, and John got a wicked notion. He lifted his head slightly and wet his right pointer finger. Returning his mouth to its tormenting of Gideon's cock, he slid his wet finger under Gideon's balls and tickled the sensitive spot of skin right behind them. Gideon whimpered and slipped even farther forward. John ran his finger farther back. He found and circled the asshole, rubbing it as he continued to work on Gideon's cock.

Very carefully, he pushed that finger into the tight asshole. Gideon jumped in surprise, confirming John's suspicions that this was virgin territory. John felt absurdly jealous of his own finger, wanting to do many other things to that gorgeous ass. Don't be greedy. His finger automatically found and rubbed the sensitive gland just inside the asshole. He struggled to maintain his balance as his other hand kept a firm grip on Gideon's twisted balls.

John almost lost that control as Gideon's strong authoritative voice melted into helpless moans.

"Oh God ..." Gideon panted and buried his fingers in John's hair.

John sucked the head of the cock in and out feverishly and his finger in Gideon's ass duplicated his rhythm. He felt the blood in his own cock pounding to that same rhythm. Almost like it was his cock plundering his captain's gorgeous ass, not just his finger. John gave a whimper of overload and pushed that image away, fighting to keep control.

Gideon's body was straining tighter and tighter until he finally growled, "I swear, Lieutenant, if you don't let go of my balls, I'm going to fucking court-martial you!"

John almost laughed, imagining that court-martial hearing. It would be worth it. He waited just one more second longer and then readied himself and released Gideon's balls.

Gideon let out a howl that echoed throughout the bridge and reverberated through John's body. He shoved his cock deep into John's mouth as his body shook with deep shudders. John fought to hold on as Gideon's ass tightened convulsively around his finger and streams of burning juices hit the back of John's throat.

He knew he was delusional, but Gideon's cum tasted like wine and honey and everything sweet and intoxicating.

As he sucked Gideon's cock dry, he reached down and with just a few strokes, brought himself to his own forceful climax. He muffled his groans against Gideon's skin as his whole body shook and shuddered. Taking a gasping breath, he looked up, but Gideon seemed to be still recovering from his own tremors and noticed nothing. John shoved his still pulsing cock back into his pants and fastened them quickly. He wiped his hand on his pants and hoped it wouldn't show.

Now he just had to keep himself together and not say anything stupid.