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Inside the dim lit office, three storeys below ground level is where he is silently working, undisturbed by the ruckus above and the outside world. Piles of papers and stocks of files with the word CONFIDENTIAL labeled on its folder are on his big oak table. Thick books are opened on a certain page or scattered on the floor in his mini sofa set in an organized mess. He's grumbling while signing every papers he's checking. Grunting on how he want to hold scalpels, brain and dead bodies than those thick hard copies of files and pen. He huffs a sigh of defeat knowing that he needs it to be done neatly and perfectly and knowing him, NO ONE can actually touch the files nor mess with it or they'll have a less or two fingers for trying to arrange his files.

As if on cue, just right after he signed the last paper for the day with a stamped of approval his stomach grumbles, protesting for food, to finally taste a real meal to eat. So the little man wriggles his wrists to relax his hand and pushed himself off of the leather swivel chair. He remove his specs and squeezes his eyes while pinching the bridge of his nose as he racks his brain on what he would like to eat. After a few minutes he decided to have steak, cold beer and a pint of ice cream, give himself a break and a little treat for the long day at work. Satisfied with his decision he move forward to shut down his big monitor and laptop that's been blaring at him since this morning. After that he move passed the table and walk toward the rack to hang his lab coat and exchanging it for a dark blue flannel that's definitely two times bigger than him but he loves it, comfortable and finally he's done for the day.
Sliding his metal door and out of his office, Yoongi went inside the private elevator that sends him up to the ground level the  ghost smirk playing on his pink lips immediately fades away the moment the elevator opened, bright chandelier hanging on the high ceiling and brightness attacks his eyes like prickling needles. He curses under his breath while removing his specs, rubbing his eyes lazily then putting it back again. He walks without sounds but sluggishly and anyone who'd see him right now would either grimace for he looks like a total mess like a hobo or be shock for not noticing him at all. 
And Yoongi could really care less. He doesn't dress up nor does he want to look pretty when he's just facing dead bodies and mountain of papers. And his colleagues had long gone accepted him and love him more that way, laid back, despite how scary he could get. 
Nearing the lobby and reception area, row of night guards stand up straight the moment they see him. A synchronized salute while he scanned his I.D, checking out of the corporate building. A flashing of his name and job title on the big screen and a bleeping sound noting him that he can now stride out of the security door, few lazer lights shut off and one of the security guards at the other side opened the door for him, giving him a Good night Professor Min while he grumbled an incoherent response.

A gush of autumn wind slaps his face the moment he stepped out of the fancy building. Its not that cold nor hot and Yoongi likes it. But after a few steps out and from staring up in the sky and the emptiness of the place, he raised his brow questioningly then pulled his sleeves up, checking the time and its already 13mins passed 2 oclock. No wonder his stomach's been rambling, he only ate a bagel in the morning and dozens of coffee to stay awake during the whole ordeal of the day. Sighing in defeat and annoyance, he opted out of going to the restaurant a few blocks away because he's pretty sure that its already closed for the night, so Yoongi went out and across of the road, where a 24/7 convenience store is. 

A moment inside the conbini and from the scrutinizing gaze of the cashier, he decides to just eat some ramen, the cashier giving him a look while he pays and he really doesn't care, pushing his specs a little while waiting for the boy to give him his change. 

After a gruff and monotonous thank you and have a great day from the cashier Yoongi move towards the back to where the hot water is, preparing his ramen, closing his eyes while waiting. After a few minutes  he adds some egg then Yoongi move back to the small coffee tables at the corner beside the glass wall, where the empty street that feels eerily yet comforting in Yoongi's eyes where visible. The flicker of the streetlight caught his attention like how a fire attracts moths but before he could go in a trance, the ringing of the small bell on top of the door pulled him back to where he is. 
And on cue there is a guy, a high fucking specimen steps inside the store. His looks, otherworldly. His aura, enticing and mysterious, and Yoongi just analyzed that, the second he laid his eyes on the subject's side profile, on how he walks in, his every moves, and from the stranger's leather boots to the black skinny jeans that's sinfully hugging his toned legs together with those unnecesary harness hugging his thigh up to his slim waist, toned chest and shoulders, raking him up and then, and then his feline eyes didn't expect to see how an ethereal man could be, his lips thin and sharp perfect like a bow, his nose, perfectly pointed slope and his eyes, fuck his eyes bambi-like but deep, mystically beautiful and wow, a heterochromia, a rare fucking specimen and Yoongi would love to fuck 100/10.

 'How come I've never seen this exquisite specimen before?' He gulped down and tried not to drool pathetically but a visible licking of his lips definitely didn't go unnoticed. The stranger looks at him and their eyes locks and for a moment he could feel it, every signaling hormones of his body telling him no, screaming at how dangerous this man is. He's not some fucking ordinary model, he's no ethereal looking actor. He's more than that and his brain pumping, screaming at him that this stranger is on the same line of work as him. Probably even more dangerous than he is. 
But before he could break his eyes on the stranger the latter flutter his eyes close and open it at the same time, determined as he makes  a beeline towards Yoongi, a can of beer was place in front of him. 
"I don't want you to drool nor do I want you to choke on that ramen, unless, you want me to taste that~" 
Low, playful and enticing, thats how his voice is and Yoongi found himself staring at him behind his thick specs and curly messy fringes.
"Wha-" Yoongi starts then immediately closed his lips, slowly biting the insides of his cheek. Sometimes, when he felt immobile in this kind of situation, he'd go for a flight mode, to immediately run away or firmly decline but despite on understanding the stranger's enuendo he found himself second guessing. He knew he's dangerous, he knew he shouldn't even try to take a bite on this forbidden fruit. He should be rational and thinks logically if possible— strategically to escape this guy even if he have to use force but perhaps he's not just hungry but definitely famished like a desert who only want to experience some mystical rain that only comes rarely. Maybe he actually want to take a bite on that forbidden apple even just a little.


If you'll ask Yoongi how did he got home without fucking the guy in the nearest secluded area, then he doesn't know how to answer that. 
Because the moment he did a little staring contest with the stranger, staring into his indifferent eyes, he found himself saying, 
"Maybe you could try and taste that."  as if he was entranced, hypnotized by those beautiful mysterious bambi eyes that's holding him just right and resulted for his face to heat up but the moment the beautiful man bit his lower lip and slip his index finger on Yoongi's chin to hold his eye contact that wavered a mere second, his spine felt prickles and cold sweats. He lets out a shiver that almost sounds like a whimper while holding his breath expectantly.
"Then let me do that~ " 
Contrast to his cold and seductive demeanor that he's been sporting since he entered the shop, this time he breaks into a happy face, all smiles and hilarity that brought up to his eyes no matter how ambigous their conversation was and Yoongi can't help but close his eyes then blink as many times as he can. 
When he found his composure back, Yoongi let the stranger linger his finger on his chin which felt cold on his hot skin. He smirk while looking at him, challenging as if a minute ago his caution bells aren't ringing in his ears. Confident enough he also reach out to him, running the back of his index finger on the stranger's clothed abdomen as he look up at him,
"Will that even sate me from this hunger, mister?" 
Challenged and endeared on how the little flactuations of several small expressions from twitching his lips in a smirk to a furrowed brows and sometimes a prickling of goosebumps he's trying to hide, Hoseok is enamoured and curious that this man is definitely afraid of him but at the same time he's taking a risk, to have a good fuck? Nah, its more than that. With those thoughts in mind, convinced that this man in front of him is no ordinary human being, a gorgeous beauty hiding behind fluffy messy hair and big round glasses, Hoseok is ready to unravel the nymph hiding in him. 
So he bend a little his hand flexing on his hip while stopping before their noses touch, 
"You'll have the best night of your life~ all you have to do is bring me back to where your place at." 
With a wink, Hoseok straighten up and boop Yoongi's nose and started to get out of the store. 
Going out of that ridiculous pick up line filled of too much pent up sexual frustrations in his mind, Yoongi turned off the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist, letting the water droplets run down his pale skin and ready to seek the stranger that's been sitting comfortably on his sofa, drinking his second can of beer. 
The silver haired whistles when he sees Yoongi, making a beeline towards him like a total sin out of his wet dream. "Stop that." Yoongi murmurs while taking the beer on the other's hold, his left leg kneeling beside of Hoseok's thigh and slowly lowering himself on his lap and his right leg follows on the other side, totally straddling his prey for the night. Making a show on drinking a god damn beer while making an eye contact with him as if it's some fucking old wine in a golden goblet. Hoseok look at him with much fervour and hunger and Yoongi loves how he can rile the other like how he's riled by him, tho Yoongi would never admit it. Not in a million years nor when he's on all fours and face planted on his bed.
He places his hand on Hoseok's shoulder slightly touching the expanse of skin that his black shirt can't cover. Slowly undulating his hips which makes his ass barely graze on Hoseok's clothed thighs. His eyes raking the  person underneath him then he tips off the last drop of beer but before he could swallow the disturbing liquid Hoseok grab his nape and pull him on a kiss, his throat adjusting not to cough the liquid out nor choke on it and slowly pass some of the beer on Hoseok, while exchanging in one heated kiss. After a few liplocked and messy kisses, they swallows the beer-mixed-saliva and properly exchanges another heated kiss, Yoongi let out a mewl when Hoseok finally touches his waist, his hands warm and a little rough on his soft but cold skin, tracing little circles and kneading him there, the process too slow which sending shivers down his spine. 

"F-fuck.." he moans out when Hoseok sucked on his chest, leaving a blooming bud that will definitely stay for a week or so. He sat on his lap properly, tracing his fingertips with feather-like touches on Hoseok's clothed chest down to his abdomen they locked eyes again while Yoongi lift the hem,rolling it up to expose Hoseok's tan and toned abdominal muscles. Yoongi felt his mouth waters, licking his lower lip when his calculations earlier where surpassed and broken, this man could really blow his mind even if he didn't do anything at all. He wants those beautifully formed muscles into actions and for better use, for example, fucking him roughly into the mattress.

Hoseok took his action as a cue to shed his shirt, his long hair getting caught a little, but aside from that, everything's great as he throw it somewhere in the living room. Once again, Yoongi is in awe, how a person could look so beautiful, handsome and sexy all at once, it's unfair, at least his mind protested and not accepting it, it is illegal. He touches Hoseok's hair and take an ample strands lifting it near his nose, smelling it, and as if to prove him, like how you appraise if its a genuine gold or genuine painting, Yoongi's nose were ambushed by a scent, not too heady but surely addicting, alluring him.

And just a few seconds deep from admiring the person beneath him, he's being pulled, flushed tight on him, their chest touching as Hoseok hold him close making his towel pools up on his hips, exchanging another mouth to mouth kisses that makes Yoongi's knees weak. The latter let out a moan, his mouth slack while Hoseok moves down further his neck, then to his earlobe and nipping and licking on it eliciting low moans out of the medical inspector. Inside his ear where Hoseok's wet tongue glides playfully in its shell resulting for Yoongi's strings of sinful moans that fills the emptiness of his room and dead of the night.

"Let me bring you to bed, baby." Hoseok uttered, low and bewitching, making Yoongi's body pliant in his touches, he wraps Yoongi's legs around his waist while he lets Yoongi hook his arms on his nape.

"Hold tighter, kitten." Hoseok hoist him up and Yoongi's semi-hard dick rubbed on the hardness of Hoseok's jeans. He mewls in response and started humping on it. Grinding slowly while clinging tightly on the silver-haired stranger so he wont fall. The next thing he knew, Hoseok is laying him in bed and letting go of him, he whines, wanting those touches and kisses back. And eventhough Hoseok chuckles, he's not someone to deny this lovely angel beneath him, Hoseok kisses Yoongi's lips then down to his jawline and down to his neck while unbuttoning his pants then unzipping it. Yoongi notices the little struggle that Hoseok is in so he helps him, his hand gingerly touches Hoseok's waist then slide on Hoseok's front, he taps Hoseok's hand, a signal for the latter to let him which he did, letting Yoongi cups his crotch and put some pressure on it. Hoseok buckles his hips and slowly grinds on Yoongi's palm,

"W-wait.." he huffs, while biting the dangling earrings on Hoseok's left ear and slowly teasing his earlobe which results a low moan from him.
After holding the zipper's metal, he unzips it, slowly not to hurt the obviously growing bulge of the man above him, when he successfully opened it, Hoseok took the reigns again and removed his jeans, hastily this time around.


After a long make out session and Hoseok literally singing praises on Yoongi's body, worshipping his body like its some gem, as if he's some precious God in existence.

Yoongi feels pretty and he likes being pretty, but he'd rather get himself rough up, he wants to make a mess and all the shitty filthy thing anyone could do inside the bedroom.

"Can you, like, hurry up?" Yoongi uttered, feeling guilty, a little too late when he voiced out what's in his mind. And all the praises and worshipping comes into a halt, Hoseok lifts his head, the burning sensation in his gut screams when it didn't meet the expected action that he wants. Hoseok look at him with a glint in his eyes, an emotion that's a little vague but too hot of a gaze, then there it is, the smirk where it all started, a low chuckles,
"So needy~" then he let out his tongue and darted on Yoongi's navel, slowly trailing down on his hips while looking at him, the tip of Hoseok's tongue is teasingly near on Yoongi's dick, which he could feel the warm air that's coming out of his mouth.

"F-fuck, don't tease.." Yoongi moans out while arching his back off the mattress, his thighs closing around Hoseok's head, squeezing his face in between which the latter welcomes with an urging hands on his thighs. Slowly he's spread again, wide and more expose than before.
"You smell great, baby." Hoseok bites on Yoongi's inner thigh which elicit an almost scream-like moan from Yoongi.
"What do you want me to do, bub?" Hoseok asked, the first question for the night and to be honest, consent is the least concern Yoongi have in his mind,

"Shit, like seriously, just fuck me." Hoseok furrowed his brows when he heard Yoongi, breathless plea to be touch, and he looks so divine despite the obviously hard dick in between his legs, then he sat on his heels. Holding Yoongi's thigh a little harder and Yoongi is sure that he might back out, because his god damned mouth can't wait and have to say whatever he have in mind, but instead, he was flipped abruptly. His stomach on the mattress and Hoseok lift his waist, his ass up in the air and starts kneading those beautiful plumpy buttcheeks.
"Do you have lube, honey boy?"
Hoseok asked, his voice rougher which sends cold sweats in Yoongi's spine.
"Left side left drawer below attached on this bed." His muffled answer is enough for Hoseok to move  just after leaving little bite marks on Yoongi's ass.

"Wait for awhile," hoseok gets down on the left side of the bed and pulls the drawer open, there he saw a variants of lube, strawberry, vanilla, lavender and the furthest part of it was a shiny silver like liquid that piqued his interest, an item he knew all too well, and no one, not a normal citizen who have an 8hr job by day not even by night can access with. Specially not the person he just met inside a convenience store, gloomy looking while eating his ramyeon.
But apparently, he has, he is very much have this aphrodisiac as his possession, a concoction that's been long illegal and disbanded but then again, it's only in the surface where its gone and the world government didn't really totally terminated the knowledge for this. A ghost smile entertaining his lips shows, he have some tidbits of guesses in his mind on who this person is but he could find that out on another day. For now he pick the lavender lube and get back up.

And there he saw Yoongi lowering his hips, he slaps his ass living a blooming marks on it then kisses it again,

"Sorry to keep you waiting, baby." He teases, undoubtedly not sorry at all but he make sure to please the man, which he knew, that this person isn't some ordinary human being anymore.

Warming up the lavender flavored lube on his finger, Hoseok lowers himself to give Yoongi some bites and kisses again which elicits more whining and cries from his sensitive body, then he licks a stripe near his hole but only ghosting it, barely touching the exact place that Yoongi wants to thrash on him or beg. But as soon as he opened his mouth, a probing finger that's slicked with lube cuts his words.
"Hnn~" he moaned out a sigh while pushing his ass up for more.
"You're so tight bub~" Hoseok uttered while pushing his index finger up to his knuckles, pulling it and out that makes Yoongi's breathing hitches, but it's still not enough, "m-more.. hnngg.. an-anoth-haah~er.." and Hoseok abides him, entering another finger and slowly scissoring Yoongi's insides, while slowly curling it to each side of the muscled ring, determined to find that wonderful spot.

"Don't stop your moans baby, I love them~" Hoseok flushes his chest on Yoongi's back while adding his third finger that makes Yoongi wants to scream, he can't believe that it's been so long since his last sex that his hole hurts but the pain slowly eases when his attention was brought in his ears when Hoseok murmurs some dirty praises while biting his earlobe and leaving blooming spots below his ear.

"Sh-shit.. i need you .. hnnn.nowgghh~" Yoongi tries to sputters some words that's littered with moans in between, Hoseok flipped him again, his back on the mattress and fuck, he didn't know that seeing Hoseok's face would knock his air out of his lungs for the umpteenth time, illuminated by the orange glow coming from the streetlights outside would make him look more ethereal like some creature of the night. His silver hair that's tucked on his left ear, and those indifferent eyes thats glinting with lust and hunger while pumping his cock, more lube to make it slick and wet.

"T-take me.." yoongi finds himself saying it and Hoseok, the man above him smirks, "Let me--" hoseok lowered himself and caught Yoongi's lips for another heated kiss, his idle hand pinching Yoongi's right nipple, squishing it a little then scratching on its bud.

"I..hnnng~"he touches Hoseok's cock and stop him from putting the condom, "I want it raw." He whispered and Hoseok chuckles low, he fucking chuckles and Yoongi's eyes stings, the sudden shift makes him feel too exposed. Normally he wont bother with it, he's proud when he asks his fucks to eat him or fuck him hard, there's no pleading nor suggestions but commands but this man has been fucking his mind inside out that a simple chuckle felt like an insult, creating little insecurities cripple up his skin.

"I'm afraid you wouldn't asked." Is what the silver haired says, "I'd definitely wanna taste you raw honey boy." He says and take Yoongi's jaw and kisses him hard while slowly thrusting in, Yoongi whines, his mind is in shambles, his tears falling from the stretch and Hoseok is pushing more, deeper and fuck—Yoongi's eyes rolls all the way to the back of his skull.

Hoseok stops and wait for Yoongi to relax, he caresses his cheeks while wiping stray tears.

"I would do everything to make you cry like this everytime~" and its Yoongi's time to smirk, because there's no everytime nor next time, he don't do seconds for his one night stands, it's called one night for a reason. But it wont hurt to play with him a little, "sure thing~" he replies, voice already fucked out from overstimulation while he reaches out, pulling Hoseok by the nape and giving him a light peck that grows hotter by the minute. He buckle his hips up and Hoseok gets his signal, thrusting in and out of his tight ring of muscles, slowly until they both found their rhythms.
Yoongi could count in his fingers on how many good to great fucks he had but this one is by par the best that he have. Too bad he won't see him again ones this little thing they're doing ends tonight.

He screams a moan that bounces at the four walls of his bedroom when Hoseok lifts his leg and put on his shoulder as rams inside faster while abusing his prostrate. "Hmm~ found it huh~" Hoseok says, licking his lower lips, admiring the beauty of the man beneath him, beautiful face was tear stained, lips plushy red and his hands are clutching on his pillows and bedsheets.

Yoongi's ragged breaths, moaning at the feeling and he could feel that hot sensation and tightness in his gut, slowly crippling down on his stomach which is a very familiar signal that he's about to release it. Hoseok's hips stutters and Yoongi notices it he meets his hips once more and there, both of them spurts out their release.
Their pants fills the room and Hoseok slumps on top of Yoongi, their sweaty bodies colliding while slowly moving his hips, thrusting in and out that elicits more moans from him.
Hoseok kisses his jaw and nose and slowly pulls out.
"Let me clean you up." The silver haired says but Yoongi pulled him back in his arms not minding the filth they're in.

"C-cuddles." He uttered and Hoseok chuckles, bright and willing as he lifts Yoongi a little to make him rest his head on Hoseok's chest.

"Cuddles it is." He ruffles those curly hair and kisses on top of it and that's the last thing Yoongi remembers.


When he woke up, his bedsheet is clean as well as himself which makes him smile, and that makes it easier for him because he doesn't have to kick him out of his place since he's already gone.





"Ah! Director! Goodmorning~" One of his team greets him and he waves at her, he punches the code of his office and steps inside with a spring in his feet. And there standing in the middle is Kim Seokjin. The only man who knew about his office security code.

"What's a Director of Human Resources is doing in my office?" He inquired, they've long forgotten the goodmornings and hellos in their lives.

"Nothing serious, just want you to meet, Head of Special Division, Secret Agent Jay."
Yoongi snorted, he's not looking up to his old friend as he set up his table.

"Why? I don't need a secret agent here, he belongs to the crows above." He chuckles dry, definitely doesn't want anything to do with what Seokjin brought him. Nor does he want to associate with those people at the special division.

Seokjin who clearly understand Yoongi's sentiment, after all of those years they've spent together in Seoul or in any part of America, clears his throat.

"Sorry Yoongi-ya, But it's the higher ups decisions, You'll be partnering with them, 1) for your safety, Agent Jay's priority is you. 2) he will be the one bringing most of the specimen they've accumulated all over the world, most of the top secrets that even the government can't get a hold." And Yoongi interrupted him,"3) you two can fuck off and leave me alone." That's when he heard a familiar chuckles that's still very fresh in his mind, he looks up with his eyes wide.

"I know you're needy but i didn't remember your tongue to be so sharp, honey boy?" He stand up from where he's sitting. Standing beside Seokjin and he gave the older a nod,"let me handle this hyung, I want to properly introduce myself to the Head of Medical Inspection Department, Inspector Min Yoongi, the person that the World Government trusted their hands into."

"Nice to meet you," he hold Yoongi's hand, pulling him up until he's face to face with Yoongi, their breaths  mixingfrom the small distance while looking at his eyes.

"Should've called you inspector, last night~" he moved slowly and bit Yoongi's lower lip, leaving the man stunned and speechless.

"Anyway, I'll be coming down here, Yoongi-ya~" Hoseok singsong while pulling Seokjin out of the office, leaving an immobile Min Yoongi. When the doors shut, he slowly sit down on the carpeted floor.

"Oh my God." Yes, oh his God. Min Yoongi is royally fucked out because his iron clad rules of sex were totally broken. That 1) Min Yoongi must not lay his hand on his colleague, 2) Must not seek his one night stands for the second time even for a casual talk, and 3) his identity must stay hidden from his fucks.