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The Silent Killerzz Club🚬

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The ten of them have everything they want; with the perks of their families being in the top ten  Richest Korean families.


They fill all ten spots. 


The thing is, they feel like something's missing. 


That's where Silent Killerz comes in. 


It's technically roleplay but more serious, like living a second life. They'll even give themselves different names. 


I'll explain more about it later. 


"why did you think that me being Clementyne would be a good idea. Deja and yaerina are also girls." Jian stared at Jimin who was now currently drawing his own character. 


"Look, y'all's faces they match up the only difference is the hair." Jimin said holding up the picture to her face. Jian rolled her eyes. 


"You guys are still fighting over this??" Jungkook said walking over to where the two friends were. 


"I'm already playing Tasmaine and yaerina is playing naji, najani or whatever the name is so like..." Deja said walking into the room with a cup of coffee. 


Right now all nine of them were in their secret hideout located in taehyung's dad's headquarters top floor. 


It was far too luxurious, it was decorated in only the finest silks and the best of any modern supplies. Everyone has their own small room and they stay over on weekends. 


But the silk tho. Have I told you about he silk??


Ever since they were little they had been playing in this hideout. It was like another home to them. 


"Shit!" Taehyung yelled as all the others heard a crash coming from one of the rooms. 


"He's back at it again." Jin said rolling his eyes and continuing to scroll on his phone. 


Taehyung was trying to get himself a snack and he dropped the porcelain bowl and it fell on his foot. Luckily it didn't break, but this was typical so everyone just rolled their eyes and went back to whatever they were doing. 


"Are the skeches done yet Jimin I have to send them to my dad so he can actually make them for us by the end of today." Namjoon said scrolling through the files in his laptop. 


"I just have to finish Jian's outfit." To say that Jimin is a bad artist; I'd have to murder you. He's really good at drawing. He's won many awards.




"Gather round childs since we're here for the weekend Let's do something." Jin said while everyone was gathering around in the main living room. 


"Damn son these bitches want som- hey!" Jimin was rubbing his head from the hit he got from yaerina.


"Kay now we are going to be real to ourselves in this ezzpozing party." The other members all shuffled in their seats. It was that time of month again.


They always did this at the end of each month except for New year's. 


Jian always led it because... Well.... Yeah. Jian led it. The only reason why is because she could care less about your feelings. Yoongi's attitude is way different compared to her's.


"Now the first question, are y'all still virgin's?" Taehyung released the breath he didn't know e was holding in. 


Lucky for now she started off with an easy one, she could make it harder.


"Yoongi you start." 


"Nope, s'been like that for a couple months now." He said sipping on the alcohol he brought in with him. 


"Then who you been fucking??" Taehyung said in a questioning tone. 


"We'll find out by the next person I choose now shut the fuck up it ain't your turn." Jian said rolling her eyes and laying back in her chair crossing her legs while her black platform heels shone in the bright light of the room. 


"Jungkook your turn." It seems as if nobody had realized the blush on his face yet witch he was grateful for. Form now. 


"My v card is non-existent now." He said with a shrug. Deja's eyes widened. 


"Eh!" She yelled. 


"Your surprised? Hoseok your turn." Jian said staring at one of the small tattoos between Her fingers. 


It was as if she didn't give a fuck. 


But she did. 


"I don't know if I should be said or what but I'm still a virgin." He said smiling sadly while his dimples creating an indent right above the ends of his lips. 


"That's nice." She giggled a lil bit. 


"Taehyung. Your turn." Taehyug's breath hitched. 


Jian smiled. 


The other members were kinda creeped out but that's not the case now. 


"I'm a virgin." 


"Don't lie." 


"Kay den. I'm not a virgin." The others gasped. The last meeting they had he was a virgin and said it with pride. What happened?


"Nice answer. Deja your turn." Jian smiled a bit but then it disappeared. 


"I'm still a virgin." She said shifting in her position on the arm of the chair Jin was sitting in. 


"Good. Jin your turn." 


"Still a virgin." 


"That's nice." She snickerd looking between her younger sister and Jin. 




"Does it count if-"  she was interrupted by jian.


"Have you had a dick in you?" 




"Simple answer. Jimin." He was thinking. 


"No virginess here at all." Jimin said pointing to himself. 




"Nope I ain't a virgin." 


"I ain't either, let's move on." She smirked looking at Taehyung who was now shifting uncomfortably in his seat.




After a series of questions, it was time firy the last question.


"I'm not sure I've ever asked y'all this question so don't go blowing your titties." All the members gasped. She rarely asked any new questions. 


This was tea. 


"If you could choose anyone in this room right here to date, who would it be and why?" She said lighting up a cigarette. 


"Yaerina you go first." She puffed out smoke from her mouth while speaking. 


"I would date hoseok, because we'd probably look cool together." She said pointing at hoseok and him pointing back in a friendly manner. 


"Yoongi stop sipping on the henessey your turn." 


"Probably Jungkook. Just because" he said with a smirk and raised eyebrow. Jian took a swig of her cigarette blowing it through her nostrils.  


"Just because huh. Namjoon your next." 


"Jimin, cus we all know we wanna hit that jurrasic park." Namjoon said nonchalantly and shrugging his shoulders. 


Jimin just got up and slapped his ass. He was just like that ya know. 


"Nice answer, hoseok?" Hoseok made a thinking pose. 


"Yaerina cus she cuteeee aye." He said getting up and dancing. I guess they were using this time to give each other compliments too. 


"Das nice, JK your turn." She said pointing the cigarette at him. 


"Prolly yoongi, I don't know " he said adjusting his loose fitting satin shirt. 


"You don't know? Kay den. Jimin is your turn." Jimin smirked while walking over to namjoon and sitting on his lap.


"Prolly namjoon." He said rotating his hips and fake moaning. 


Jin quickly covered deja's eyes. She's only 21 just out of her teen years. The other members just sighed, this was the Jimin they were used to, the extra ass imma have to show you type friend. 


"I might even let him hit that Jurassic Park." He said getting up and going back to where he was sitting. Jian raised her eyebrows and smoked some more before continuing. 


"Jin, your turn." She said sitting up a little. She could notice the slight blush on his face. 


"Deja, because she's pretty in my opinion but not prettier than me in my opinion." Deja smiled as she looked at the now blushing deja. 


"Deja, my sweet lil sister, how about you??" She said faking her sweetness then went back to smiling her cigarette. 


"Umm,Jin cus he's boyfie material." She said smiling. Jungkook raised his eyebrows


"M'kay, taehyung your turn who you wanna date.?" She was smiling again and this time she sat up straight putting the butt of the cigarette in the ashtray. 


"Kay, then jian cus she chill." He said nodding his head. 


"Ohkay ohkay, my turn huh." She got up and circled around taehyung's chair seductively gaining a holler from Jimin. 




"Taehyung. Cus you also look chill." She said sitting on his lap and in doing one of his buttons from his shirt with one hand. 


If you wanted to give an award out for the most seductive woman, jian has already won go home. 




"Ah!" Jimin said grabbing at his ear in pain. 


"Follow me." Jian said with no facial expression of interest in Jimin's pain. They had all gotten used to this attitude over these years. She's been like that since her childhood. She's just like her dad. 


Jian led the both of them into her 'smoke' room. She shut the door and locked it behind her. Jimin sat down in one of the chairs crossing his legs. 


"Here." She handed him a Djarum black cigarette that was already lighted while one was already lighted and in her mouth. 


He took it and smoked some before jian started talking. The both of them are the only ones that smoke. They get it from their fathers, both fathers were smoking buddies in highschool. 


Jian puffed the smoke out of her nose because she really liked doing that.


"I can tell my lil sis likes Jin. What do you think about it?" She said taking a swig of the cigarette and puffing it out of her nose again. 


"They look good together to." Jimin said while smoke came out of his mouth. 


"We should do something about it. Do you think?" 


"Hell yeah,  like why the fuck not." Jimin said motioning with his cigarette crating a pattern in the air. 


What they didn't know was that the next day they didn't even have to do anything. 



"If y'all wanna have a fucking baby this bad do it in a different room where I'm not playing fucking overwatch." Taehyung said while gritting his teeth. No seriously it looked like there just gonna strip there and fuck. 

"Funny bitch." Deja said getting herself off of Jin's lap and fixing her red (really short) pencil skirt and leaving to see what yaerina  is doing. 





About the characters.




One thing you need to know about jian is that she's yoongi but multiplied  by five. She's that one girl with piercings, tattoos, and a lot of platform heels. 

Her younger sister deja is the polar opposite in color but not in style. She also smokes[DONT SMOKE KIDS IT'LL RUIN YOUR PERFECT HEALTH]

Not your average rich girl. 




Taehyung has an older brother who's not apart of this club. Loose fitting clothes and loafers type of guy. He was once the most handsome man before. 

Female ovaries beware! 




She the youngest child after jian. He style is short skirts and crop tops with big furry jackets and chains attached and just stilettos. She also has small tattoos. 

Too innocent for her style. 




Yaerina is the female version of hosoek. She and hoseok have the same style. Platform sneakers and baggy pants with white crop tops and bucket hats. 

She once was mistaken for being hoseok's sibling. 




Jin is way to confident for anyone. He loves the trench coat in the spring and t shirts in the summer look. Mostly the boyfriend look. 

He was once a judge in Korea's next top model. 




Hosoek is just a ball of sunshine. He loves acorn bags and those Gucci platform sneakers. Baggy shirts and joggers anywhere type guy. 

Balenciaga is his favorite nothing beats that. 




Jimin is that one extra ass type guy. Black and primary colors with a fanny pack over his shoulder. He has tattoos and smokes. [AGAIN DON'T SMOKE KIDZ ITS BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH

Him and jian are the same except Jimin doest the most.




Jungkook looks stuck up and tough on the outside but he's an actual cutie. He wears a lot of black and has more peircings than everyone except for jian. 

His nickname is kookie but don't call him that. Only his closest friends can.




Namjoon is the smartest out of all of them. He wears anything that's comfortable and loves the Kaws X Uniqlo lineups. 

He's personal friends with Kaws himself so. 



Yoongi will murder you if touch him while he's sleeping. Tucked in black shirt with skinny jeans and tattoos type guy. He's kinda alcoholic so... Whiskey is his favorite. 

His fan base calls him lil meow meow.