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Teen Wolf | JiKook AU

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The Werewolves:

    • Jean Jungkook — 17 years old. Junior. Newly turned werewolf, a beta later became an Alpha, Taehyung's former love interest. Jimin's new love interest. Best friends with Namjoon and Yoongi. Knows Hoseok
    • Kim Seokjin — 19 years old. Senior. werewolf, alpha, Namjoon's love interest, Seojoon's half brother. Best friends with Taehyung. Knows Hoseok. Very dominating. Cares for his friends as if their his own pack.
    • Park Hyungsik — 18 years old. Senior. werewolf, beta, Taehyung's former love interest. Seojoon's new love interest. Part of Seokjin’s pack.
    • Kim Soohyeon — 14 years old. Freshman. werecoyote omega, (half werewolf half coyote), Seokjin's younger half sister and Seojoon's sister. Best Friends with Min Sunhee. Secretly in love with Kim Minjee. Loves her brothers., but has a close relationship with Jin than Seojoon. Part of Seokjin’s pack.
    • Kim Seojoon — 19 years old. 1st year college. werewolf, alpha, Hyungsik's love interest. Evil turned good. Seokjin's half brother and Soohyeon's brother. (the one that bit Jungkook in his wolf form.


  • Seokjin, Seojoon, and Soohyeon’s family were murdered by the hunter organization. Will be further explained what happened as the story progresses.


The Hunters: The Kim Family:

    • Kim Taehyung — 17 years old. Junior. Jungkook’s former love interest. Best friends with Hoseok and Seokjhin. Hyungsik’s former love interest. Is not aware about the family organization but has heard a few things here and there. Soon discovers about the organization and becomes involved due to certain circumstances. Later becomes friends with Jimin (soulmates).
    • Kim Namjoon — 18 years old. Senior. Best friends with Yoongi and Jungkook.  Knows Hoseok. Taehyung’s and Minjee’s older brother. Already a hunter in training with his father. Tries to make sure Taehyung does not get involved with the family business because his grandfather is ruthless.
    • Kim Minjee — 15 years old. Sophomore. Taehyung and Namjoon’s younger sister. Best friends with Park Beomseok. Has a secret crush on Soohyeon but is afraid to come out. Does not know anything about the hunter organization, but will soon find out later on in the story.
    • Kim Doyoon — Tae, Joon, and Minjee’s father. Leader of the Kim Hunter Organization. Strict, but protects and cares for his family. Loves his wife. Sometimes does not agree with what his father in-law enforces when it comes to the organization, but is afraid to go against his father in-law.
    • Kim Jihye — Doyoon’s wife, Very strict. Sometimes is described as a cold hearted mother, but cares for her children. Very devoted to her father and the organization. Is ruthless when it comes to hunting down werewolves. 
    • Kim Gyungho — Grandfather and leader of the Kim Hunter Organization. Ruthless hunter. Believes that all werewolves or other animals are beasts and monsters and does not deserve to live whether they are innocent or not. 


  • The Kim Organization — been going on for centuries. They follow a code: ”We hunt those who hunt us." but when Taehyung joins the organization, him and Namjoon decides to change the code to “We protect those who cannot protect themselves.”


The Park Family:

    • Park Jimin — 17 years old.  Junior. Thunder Kitsune (fox) from mother’s side, kind but can be dominant at times. Cares so much about his friends and family. Later becomes friends with Taehyung (soulmates). Does not know about his Kitsune powers until later on in the story. Mother later decides to train him to control his powers. 
    • Park Beomseok — 15 years old.  Sophomore. Witch (from father’s side), Jimin’s younger brother, Sunhee’s love interest, best friends with Minjee. Already knew before about his witch powers. Father has been teaching him since he was 9 years old.
    • Park Minseok — Father. A very powerful Witch/Warlock. Very family oriented. Caring. Will protect his family no matter what.
    • Park Jisoo — Mother. Celestial Kitsune fox. The last of her kind besides Jimin. Begins to train Jimin once his powers start to manifest.


  • Celestial Kitsune — command over light based foxfire and astral projection among other powers
  • Thunder Kitsune — command over lightning based foxfire and electrical currents, super agility, strength, and speed.


The Humans:

  • Min Yoongi — 18 years old. Junior. human, Namjoon and Jungkook’s best friend, Hoseok’s love interest, always curious and wants to figure things out, smart when it comes to things he’s curious about but procrastinates when it comes to homework. Very protective over his you ger sister Sunhee.
  • Min Sunhee — 14 years old, Freshman. human, Yoongi’s younger sister, very protective over Yoongi. Best friends with Soohyeon, Beomseok’s love interest.
  • Min Gunwoo — Human. Sheriff. Always finding Yoongi, his son, in trouble. Tries to do right and to provide for Yoongi.
  • Min Miyoung —  Human. Yoongi’s late mother. Passed away due to suicide. Has a history of depression and hallucinations. Will be mentioned in flashbacks.
  • Jung Hoseok — 18 years old. Junior. soon finds out he is a banshee like his late grandmother, human, knows everyone, best friends with Taehyung, Yoongi’s love interest. Always ends up finding dead bodies without his knowledge.. Loves his parents but most of the times feel lonely. Always appears to be happy and does not like to show his sadness.
  • Jung Yoonah and Jung Byungchul —  Hoseok’s parents. Both Human. Mrs Jung is a psychologist. Mr Jung is a lawyer. Both loves Hoseok, but both are always away on business trips. 
  • Jeon Gyungmi —  Human. Jungkook’s mother. Nurse at Seoul Medical Center. Worries for Jungkool, but knows he is old enough to do things on his own. Will protect her son. Single parent.
  • Jeon Donghae — Human.  Jungkook’s father. Not in the picture. FBI agent. Will make an appearance and try to be in Jungkook’s life again but Jungkook will take time to accept.
  • Lee Daehyun — veterinarian. Works at Seoul Animal Clinic. Jungkook works as his assistant. Knows more about the supernatural world and helps Jungkook and his crew through out the story,

Fictional Places set in the story: Seoul Medical Center, Myeong-Dong High School, Seoul International University, Gwangju Lake/Forest. Seoul Animal Hospital

Characters will be introduced along the way, for instance teachers at the high school and university, etc.