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The Slide Factor

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On the current world, the four sliders found themselves running for their lives once again. They were currently being chased by the primitive inhabitants of this earth because of how they’re dressed. The normal attire of this earth are simple animal skins and that anything else, especially of a different design, is seen as disrespectful to their gods.

As the panting sliders ducked behind numerous trees, they were all thankful to see the dial read “00:05:00”; however, once the time came to open the portal there was a problem. It wouldn’t open.

“Come on Quinn. Come on!” Wade exclaimed as she looked over her shoulder with fear in her eyes.

Quinn was pressing buttons frantically as he tried to get it to obey his command. His fear and frustration had him finally hit the side of the timer and it finally displayed its red LED lights.

“FINALLY!” Quinn cried as the portal swirled to life with its cacophony of bright colors. Once the wormhole was finally large enough, Wade was the first to jump. The Professor then followed closely behind. Then Rembrandt jumped in after the hefty Englishman. And finally, Quinn jumped in with no time to spare because as he jumped in and the portal closed a fast oncoming spear was aimed right for him.