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Late Nights

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"Hey," Shirogane whispered softly as she sat on the floor beside the other Cerberus, who was currently curled up on the floor in a fetal position, her legs tucked close to her chest, arms warped around herself. She was shivering violently, yet less than when she and Kuro had been woken up - her body still shook with tiny tremors as she sat on the floor of their shared room. "It's okay now." She kept her voice down to try to put Roze a bit more at ease, making it almost uncharacteristically gentle as she pressed her body again hers - those tremors seemed to subside just a bit.

Roze was huddled on a cot that was provided by him, and Shirogane had enough common sense to try to kept the noise down. That idiot would be blabbering some stupid thing - loudly - and scare her more. So she simply muttered soothing words to her and kept her snuggly bundled in a blanket to help her calm down. Admitably, this wasn't the first time Roze had woken up from a nightmare, but they were rarer before the split; and it would have just her, Roze, and him that knew about it. She'd just crack her knuckles threatenly and he'd gulp and keep quiet.

She glanced to the side at the other person in the room.

Kuro was watching this all with wide eyes and a small frown on her face. She was fiddling with one of her ponytails and was sitting like and owl, or maybe frog, a few feet away. She was the final Cerberus - the one who didn't really know about Hades - and honestly, Shirogane wanted it to stay that way. But with them all sharing a room and no longer sharing a body, it was difficult.

"Do, do you think he's, going to track us down, again?"  asked Roze nervously in a trembling voice, and she turned back to face her.

Reaching up to rub her head gently and run her fingers thought her short hair, she answered smoothly, "Imma punch that-" She glanced at Kuro, who was still watching them with a confused and worried look on her face. "-trash pile in the face if he tries." It probably wasn't Kuro's presence that made her censor that, but truthfully Shirogane didn't care to investigate that reason.

(Like she was going to care about that emotion nonsense.)

(Roze and Kuro were different, obviously.)

Roze stiffened at her words and looked up to met her gaze, eyes widening just a bit, and in a slightly louder voice, whispered, "Shirogane-chan, you can't..."

She snorted and gestured to herself.

"Imma punch him in the face," she repeated, a bit more firmly.


"In the face." And she snuggled closer to her and placed a hand on her shoulder, careful not to touch her neck.

Roze sighed and buried her face in her blanket. Shirogane just rubbed her back as they descended into silence again. She didn't know what the older Cerberus thought of her promise, but at the very least, the trembling seemed to be almost all gone by now. That was good, she thought as she rubbed her back slowly to help her calm down, keeping track of her breathing as she did. It seemed to be much more steady now despite the time passed, so this seemed to be a less intense nightmare. That was good. Obviously Shirogane was going to help her when she needed it, but she needed rest too.

Perhaps... maybe she should let Roze sleep beside her tonight?

She might get the life nearly squeezed out of her, but it was nothing she couldn't handle.

Besides, it was better than her accidentally digging her nails into her palm and getting hurt again.

When she had seen the injuries on her hand again, she had quickly and quietly ordered Kuro to fetch some towels, bandages and disinfectant from the bathroom, not wanting her to see the injury. Of course she was strong enough to deal with the sight of blood, but she would surely freak out at the sight of Roze injured and maybe call Chiaki. Shirogane didn't need him to stick his nose where it didn't belong. Also, Kuro might start asking questions. She kinda knew about the nightmares at this point, but it she knew about this and how bad it was...

She grimaced and gently lifted Roze's hand up to reexamine the bandages. Yeah, they covered up the wounds well enough. Though Roze was gifted with healing abilities, they wouldn't work in her current mental condition. And furthermore, they didn't seem as effective when used on herself, so methods like this were needed.

Shirogane sighed and glanced back at Kuro, who was still watching them.

The other Cerberus silently crawled forward on her hands and knees with her black tail drooping low - if her ears were those of a dog, they would be flat against her head.

"Is Roze gonna be okay?" she asked quietly as she reached them, and she went to the other side of Roze, leaning against her. After a moment, she wrapped an arm around her, then engulfed her in a big hug.

Giving Kuro a tap on the head, Shirogane answered, "She should be. She's tough." She removed her arms from around the eldest Cerberus.

Kuro nodded, then muttered, "Sorry..."

Shirogane shrugged.

Roze turned to her and whispered, "It's fine."

She was quickly embraced by the younger girl and she smiled just a bit. Seeing that smile made a wave of relief wash over her, and she leaned forward so that she could press a gentle kiss to her forehead. Huh, guess the ditzzy dog knew what she was doing after all. 

The three girls sat in silence for a few minutes, and Shirogane just continued to rub her back and whisper quiet words to her.

"Don't worry, Roze," said Kuro after a moment more. "I don't know too much about Hades, but I do know that me and Shirogane-chan will totally kick his butt if he tries to hurt you again." She gave her a huge, infectious smile that made the corners of her lips curve upwards into a smile, just a bit.

The eldest Cerberus didn't say anything, but she nodded to acknowledge her words.

"What'd he do exactly anyways?"

It wasn't like even Shirogane knew the details, but she knew enough.

"You don't needed to know."

That was the end of that conversation - simple silence followed.

(Both Roze and Kuro ended up sleeping beside her that night.)