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You, Baby, and Me

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Kirishima and Bakugou fell back onto the mattress. 

“Holy shit.” Kirishima laughed, out of breath.

“I fucking know.” Bakugou stared at the ceiling. 

Their labored breathing syncing as the room fell still, leaving them hot, clammy and sore. 

Kirishima exhaled slowly, grinning from ear to ear. “That was amazing- we were amazing.” 

Bakugou chuckled, rolling over to kiss his boyfriend's forehead. “And you were fucking hot.” 

Kirishima simultaneously blushed harder and squirmed. “I think the hot one here would be you.” He wiggled his brow and bit his already abused lip. 

Bakugou snorted and sat up, “Clean up time. Get that ass out of my bed and into the shower. You need it.” 

Kirishima got a view of his back. Long raised scratches ran over the caverns and dips of muscles. Rippling as he got off the bed and strode into the shower. “Fine. As long as you take it with me~”

Bakugou glanced back from the bathroom with a smirk, “Already asking for more? Greedy aren’t we.” 

He shrugged, getting off and immediately stumbling. “What can I say? You did me good. Besides, I can still walk so I think that’s not a job well done.” 

The teasing challenge hit home and Bakugou shook his head. “You’re going to regret that, Red.” 

“Mmm. I don’t think I will, but you can certainly try to persuade me.” Kirishima closed the door behind him and was enveloped in another kiss. 

Bakugou pulled back for a moment, “Eijirou.” 

“Mhm?” Kirishima gasped. 

Red bore into him, and Kirishima stilled. In a whisper Bakugou leaned close, “ The next time you tease me, I’ll make sure you won’t walk for a week. Oh, and I love you.” 

It was so intimate but shamelessly dirty and Kirishima moaned as his boyfriend ground into him. Such a Bakugou thing to say. 




Loud footsteps came from up the spiral staircase. 



His boyfriend came stomping down the stairs in a tight white sweater and black jeans. As usual, Kirishima looked stunning.

“Because.” Kirishima stopped on the last step and narrowed his eyes to slits. “I was looking for this sweater, spent an hour looking for it in the closet where someone was supposed to put the laundry away when I realized, that someone forgot. So I checked in the supposed to be empty hamper and found it. Now. We are here.” 

Oh. Well that would be on him. Bakugou smiled sheepishly and held his arms open. “Baby. You look so good, have I told you how gorgeous you are today? No? Yes?” 

Kirishima shook his head, “You are lucky I love you otherwise I seriously would have decked you a while ago.” 

Bakugou huffed and crossed his arms, “Well don’t be getting any ideas. I quite like my jaw the position it’s in.” 

Hmm. Don’t know… did you do the dishes?” Kirishima questioned, walking over and wrapping his arms around his boyfriend’s shoulders. 

Bakugou paled a little and chuckled. 

Kirishima‘s expression fell flat, “Really? It was your turn, Katsuki, I was on patrol.” 

Bakugou rolled his eyes and waved his hands around as much as he could. “I’m sorry. I forgot, just been a little..-“

“Nervous?” Kirishima smirked softly. 

Bakugou snorted, “Really. I haven’t seen them in so long and they really missed seeing you but.. I don’t know. It’s just been so long.” 

Kirishima leaned off and straightened Bakugou’s shirt. “I’m always going to be there, right behind you, getting a nice view of your ass.“ 

Bakugou laughed and shoved him off playfully. “Pervert.”

Kirishima chuckled and pulled him back into his arms. “But. No matter what, we are a team. Nerves and all, I am right there with you. So deep breaths, and let's go.” 

They had been dating for a long and glorious three years since they first met at 16 and 15. It’s been a long and sometimes hard ride but they always came out stronger and better together. 

Bakugou smiled softly, “How did I get this lucky?” 

That smile was only for Kirishima’s eyes. 

Kirishima shrugged, looking through a hooded gaze full of adoration. “I could ask you the same question, Blasty.” 

Bakugou hummed and leaned in for a gentle kiss. 

“Let’s go. The old hag is waiting.” 

“After you.” 

“Stop lookin at my ass.” 

Kirishima laughed loudly. “Can’t stop me.” 




Kirishima shook more salt onto his curry, diving right in but still craving more. 

“How has the patrols been going, Kirishima?” Mitsuki asked from one end of the table. 

“Oh yes, we were wondering which agency you are under. Usually, we would follow the news but lately me and Mitsuki have been staying away from it.” Masaru added from the other. 

Kirishima grinned, “Fatgum has been amazing to me. Everyone is so hardworking and very courageous. Honestly, I’ve grown from them.” 

Mitsuki smiled, “That’s great.” She looked to her son, “And how are your patrols going?” 

Bakugou glared, “Why don't you mind your own damn business?” 

Mitsuki scoffed, “Shut up you ungrateful brat! I’m asking because I care!” 

Bakugou laughed mockingly, “Yeah, alright.”

They stared each other down for a few seconds before they broke their act. 

Bakugou shrugged, taking another mouthful. “Patrols been easy as hell. Taking extra shifts whenever I can, but it’s been kinda fucking slow.” 

Mitsuki chuckled, “Good. I’m glad you’re staying busy.” 

Kirishima never understood their relationship but never had enough to really ask what the hell was up. So he sat back and let them do their thing. It wasn’t ever with any real heat anyways, otherwise he would of stepped in. 

Dinner continued. 

The salt was to half empty now and Kirishima was still shaking more into his bowl. Damn, it’s like I’m not even putting any on. He frowned as another bite wasn’t palatable. 

Mitsuki watched him warily, but stayed quiet. 

“Kirishima, any big news? What’s a new development in your guy’s lives?” Masura inquired. 

Kirishima frowned, he looked at Bakugou then to his parents. “Katsuki hasn’t told you?” 

“Well, no.” Mitsuki shot a look to her son.

Bakugou shifted in his seat and looked to him, “I um- I forgot to tell them...” 

Kirishima nodded, “Oh, okay well..” 

Bakugou placed his hand on Kirishima’s arm and spoke for him. “I’m sure you guys aren’t expecting this but I think you guys will be able to guess what’s been going on.“ 

“Oh.” Mitsuki placed her fork down and crossed her arms with a knowing smile. “I know exactly what’s going on.” 

“Huh?” Kirishima’s brow came together. 

“How?” Bakugou frowned. 

Mitsuki shook her head, “The glow around him, his silky hair, the intense craving of salt?” She looked at Kirishima as she spoke. 

Kirishima placed the now empty salt down slowly. 

Mitsuki beamed, “Kirishima, how far along are you?” 

It was silent. 

Then the two boys erupted into loud laughter. 

“Pregnant!?” Kirishima howled. 

Bakugou shook and slapped the table, “That’s fucking hilarious- him? Pregnant?” He wheezed. 

Mitsuki wasn’t laughing, in fact her face was so serious that it stopped both of them dead. 

Kirishima frowned, “You aren’t serious, right? Men can’t get each other pregnant unless it’s under certain circumstances and these aren’t it. I don’t have the right body parts.” 

Mitsuki looked him over confused. “Didn’t your mother get pregnant with you without a man? Your mom was the one who made you with her.” 

“Yeah..” Kirishima sat back. 

She nodded, pushing her bowl away. “Your mother said she was part shark. If a woman and a woman can get pregnant without help then it makes sense for it to be passed down. If your mother is part shark and be impregnated by any gender then it would make it possible for you to become pregnant too but surely you know that. There is no need to hide it, we will support you both.” She smiled encouragingly. 

Kirishima lost all color.

Bakugou stared at his mother. 

Mitsuki continued. “How far along? Really, I’ve been wanting a grandchild forever.” 

Kirishima stood abruptly, looking shaken up. 

Mitsuki’s eyes widened in realization, “You mean you-?”

Kirishima shook his head, holding onto the table to steady himself. 

Bakugou had gone ghost white and silent. 

Kirishima covered his mouth, “I think I’m gonna he sick.” 



“What does it say?”

“I don’t know-“

“Has it finished yet?”

“I don’t know-“

“When does it-“

“Katsuki, I don’t know .” 

Kirishima stood away from the pregnancy test sitting on Bakugou’s parents bathroom counter. He couldn’t even look at it. 

Mitsuki handed the stick over after he had emptied the entirety of his stomach and had calmed down enough to take actual steady breaths. 

“Okay, Okay..” Bakugou paced around the small room. Hand tugging on hair. It was making Kirishima anxious. 

“Please, Kat. Can you just- just sit or something.” 

Bakugou stopped and looked at him for a second before nodding. “Sure.” He dropped down onto the toilet seat but then began bouncing his foot. Kirishima groaned and covered his eyes. This was overwhelming and ridiculous. He wasn’t pregnant. He can’t be pregnant. Kirishima just got on his feet in the real world and having a baby would get in the way. Short term disable his life. 

“I think it’s done.” Bakugou whispered now next to him. 

Kirishima whipped around and grabbed the test. 

He held his breath as he looked at it.


There, smack dab on the handle were two blue identical lines.

“Two blue lines.” Kirishima said weakly. 

“What?” Bakugou frowned. “What does that mean?” He grabbed the box and turned it about frantically. “Two blue lines? No- it’s wrong- two blue lines two blue lines.. it’s wrong- we don’t know if that’s what it really means.” 

Kirishima wasn’t listening. 

His legs were weak and his lungs felt like they were being ripped from his chest. 



Kirishima’s legs gave out and he fell to his knees. 

“Woah!” Bakugou got down and held him. “Eijirou, are you okay?” 

“I’m going to have a baby.” Kirishima let out breathlessly, staring blankly at the pretty red shower curtain. 

Bakugou was silent and slid down next to him. 

“Yeah.” He said after a beat. 


He was pregnant. 

Tears pricked Kirishima eyes and he blinked them free. 

“I’m- how do I- is this even-“ Kirishima shook his head as more tears fell. 

Bakugou stayed quiet. 

He inhaled sharply and looked at the test in his hand. “Are we even ready to be parents?”

A hand slid into his and squeezed. Bakugou leaned against the cabinets. “We will be.” 

Kirishima let out a soft sob and leaned his head on his boyfriend’s shoulder. 

I’m pregnant. 

But he wouldn’t be doing it alone. 

He laughed as another sob racked his lungs. “We are having a fucking baby!” 

Bakugou snorted, sniffling a little. “Yeah we are.” He croaked out. A smile in his voice. 



“Is he telling his moms?” Mitsuki walked into the kitchen. 

Bakugou jabbed a thumb towards his old room, “Eijirou is on the phone with them now.” 

He hopped onto the counter and rubbed his eyes. 

Kirishima was pregnant, and with his baby. 

“What were you really going to tell me?” 

Bakugou laughed, “Was going to tell you both that me and Ei are finally getting ZeroRiot agencies off the floor. Got approved a month ago and have been looking for a building or a lot ever since.” He shook his head, “Kirishima was wondering if you both would do design for the interior but I guess that hadn’t gone as planned.” 

Mitsuki placed a hand on his leg, “You know we’d be honored and no it didn’t. I’m honestly concerned what would have happened if I hadn’t said something and 9 months later Kirishima’s water just broke.” 

That was a terrifying scenario to envision. Bakugou’s head hit the cabinets with a thud. “I just can’t believe it. I mean, a fucking  baby? That’s ours? We will need to provide for it and be able to support it.” He shook slightly. “How are we going to do that? How is Ei going to work while he’s- and what about me? I can’t pull too many hours without everyone on my ass about being overworked- what about our agency? We can’t spend money on that instead of the baby-“

“Katsuki.” His mother cut him off calmly. She ran her hands down his shoulder and he relaxed them. “Yes. Having a baby when you aren’t prepared can be hard. There will be a lot of responsibilities and hardships. Sacrifices and hurdles but with those come reward and happiness.” She inclined her head to the right and Bakugou looked up just as Kirishima walked around the corner. He was smiling brighter than the sun. 

“Look at him.” His mother continued. “There are going to be many questions and insecurities weighing you both down but he doesn’t seem one bit regretful. That baby is going to be the best thing to ever happen to you both.” 

Bakugou nodded. 

“That little baby is going to be the light of your life and every time you see it, everything you endured and will endure is going to be worth it.”

Kirishima came into the kitchen and rubbed his arm. “Ma and mom cried. Then I cried.” He giggled. 

Music to my ears. 

“They want us to come and visit this weekend, got a lot to talk about.” 

Indeed they all did. Bakugou held his arms open and Kirishima reluctantly leaned into them and sighed with content. 

“We can head down tomorrow, I’ll take the day off. I’m sure everyone will be thrilled.” Bakugou kissed the top of his hair and Kirishima laughed. 


Mitsuki winked and left them alone. 


They were going to have a baby. 

Eijirou’s life was going to slow, forget Bakugou’s problems, with the baby Eijirou will need to change so much.

Kirishima looked up at him, “I’m terrified.” He admitted. 

“Me too. But I’m less scared knowing that this is going to happen and I’m going through it with you.” 

That settled Kirishima enough to make him grin. “I love you.”

Bakugou presses a tentative kiss to his forehead then lips. “And I love you both.” 


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Bakugou held Kirishima close. Hand mindlessly rubbing over his very much still toned stomach. This was so surreal. It hadn’t even hit him hit him yet. Yes, everything was telling Bakugou that he was going to have a baby but it was still drowned out by a screen of fog. 

Was he dreaming? 

If so this was the best dream he’s ever had. Most certainly the only one he’d like to keep having if that was an option for him.

When they got home they spoke nothing more of the new information besides getting ready for bed and saying their good nights. Kirishima fell asleep instantly, holding him tight. 

Bakugou spent what felt like two seconds, possible have been twenty minutes, staring at the ceiling as his hand auto piloted over the exposed tan skin. 

If he rubbed slow enough, Bakugou believed he could feel the baby. Which in itself was ridiculous because it’s far too soon. They don’t even know if the baby is in his stomach or wherever. Those technicals were for Kirishima’s mothers to specify with them tomorrow. 

It hadn’t even been too long since they conceived their child. 

Well, there were many times where their baby could have been made.

They had sex last night damn it. 

But Bakugou doubted signs would show that fast. He could be wrong. 

Bakugou sighed. Hand stopping. 

He shouldn’t be staying up late thinking about all of this. Not while Kirishima was passed out peacefully and they needed to be up at ungodly hours tomorrow to have breakfast with Kirishima’s mothers. 

Ah, what did he care. Bakugou’s hand continued rubbing softer. 

So what if he only got like two hours of sleep. Kirishima could drive and Bakugou would crash on the way there. Totally fine way to spend his one day off. 

Maybe after more information was handed to them, Kirishima would take him up to his old room and they could take a well deserved nap. Like refined adults. 

Pregnant people sleep a lot, right? 

Damn he needed to learn a lot. Being gay had ultimetly made worrying about getting a girl pregnant go out the window so he was in completely uncharted territory. It was truly terrifying. 

Must be so much worse for Ei. 

Bakugou was only lacking in knowledge to supply and aid, to raise and teach. Eijirou needed to know how to carry and care for the baby and himself through these 9 months then for many years after. Who fucking knows what it's going to do to his body or his mental state. 

They’d need to talk to professionals. 

They needed outside help, and bad. 

Bakugou sighed again, but for a totally different and exhausting reason. 

There was only one other person who could help them now. 



“Well. Isn’t this a sight for sore eyes.” 

“Shut up. Don’t make this regretful, I need advice.. and you can’t even see me over the phone you idiot.” 

“Kacchan, it’s a phrase people use. Okay? And what can I do for you?” 

Bakugou paced the bedroom, half dressed and waiting for Kirishima to get out of the shower. He spent ten minutes just working up the stomach to call his friend. Let alone ask for help. 

Bakugou sighed. This is for Kiri and the baby. “Listen. Kirishima is pregnant.” 

There was a loud choking sound and a chorus of coughs before Midoriya spoke with a strained wheeze. “Pregnant?”

“Yes.” He snapped. “I didn’t even know it was possible but I guess he’s part shark or fuckin’ whatever- we are seeing his moms later today to figure it all out but the bottom line is, we need help. We’ve never done this before. We don’t know- I don’t know. You and Uraraka had a kid so you guys must be experts or some shit.”

Midoriya laughed. Bakugou wanted to scream. 

“Experts? Kacchan, you flatter me. I still don’t know how to pack a school lunch properly without using my quirk and breaking Makiko’s lunchbox.” 

Bakugou groaned low, “I don’t give a fuck. I’m not worrying about packing school lunches yet, I’m concerned about now.” 

“How far along is he?”

Yeah. Good question. “I… we don’t know.” 

“You don’t?” Why had Midoriya sounded so surprised. “There isn't a time where it could of caused it? Think back over a month or so and think of the last time you guys did it.” 

Bakugou froze mid pace and smirked evilly. “Months? We do it all the fuckin time, Midoriya. Me and Kirishima even fucked two days ago. Don’t tell me you and Uraraka haven’t done it in over a month?” 

A long sigh left his friend on the other line. “I’d like to Detroit punch your face in but as your friend. I’ll let it slide and help you.” 

Bakugou snorted. 

“Since you can’t think of a day then you both will need to see a OB-GYN.” 

“A OB-What the fuck?” 

Another sigh. “OB-GYN. Obstetrician-gynecologist, a doctor specializing in the care of women and their reproductive health. Obstetrics deals specifically with pregnancy and birth, and gynecology involves care of the female reproductive system outside of pregnancy. I know Kirishima doesn’t have those parts but after talking with his parents, it would be best to go see someone. They will give you more knowledgeable help than I can.” 

“Thanks.” Bakugou started to tie his shoes, tired of waiting for Kirishima. 

“No problem. Ochaco isn’t here, but later tonight she will be available. You can have Kirishima call her and she will be able to talk with him. She can give guidance on certain things and talk it out more than a doctor might be able to.” 

Bakugou began tying the other, phone between his shoulder. “I’ll run it by Kirishima.” 

“Alright. I’ll talk to you later then, bye. Congratulations by the way, tell Kirishima I said hi too.” 

“Bye. And thanks. I’ll tell Ei.”

Then the call ended. 

Bakugou let the phone fall next to him and he dropped back onto the bed. 

Well. Now he knew where to go next and Kirishima had someone with first hand experience to talk with. 

All that remained was seeing Kirishima’s parents. 

The bathroom door opened and Kirishima walked out through a cloud of steam. 

“Are you sleeping?” He asked, walking by Bakugou and pulling his shirt on. 

“No. Just dying slowly from waiting so long.” 

Kirishima shot him a look, “Sorry. I was done like three minutes ago but I was looking at my stomach in the mirror thinking it was somehow bigger and I got sidetrack.” He laughed innocently. 

Bakugou smiled slowly, “It’s fine, Babe.” 

Kirishima continued getting dressed. 

Bakugou sat up, “I talked to Midoriya.”

Wide red eyes looked at him, “Oh? What about?” 

“I told them about the baby and our situation.” 

Kirishima stopped mid step into his jeans, smile dropping. “You told?” 

Bakugou frowned and sat up straighter. “Yeah. Him and Uraraka have a kid already, thought they would be able to give some advice and maybe you and round face can talk later.” 

Kirishima pulled his pants up roughly and stepped towards him. “So, you told someone that I was pregnant without me saying I was okay with them knowing?” 

What? “I didn’t think it would be a big deal. Midoriya isn’t going to tell anyone besides Uraraka but they keep things hush hush.” Bakugou’s brow came together as he got slightly defensive. 

Kirishima shook his head and walked away from the bed. 

Bakugou got up, “What? Was I not supposed to say anything and not ask for help!?”

Kirishima ignored him and made his way down the stairs. 

Bakugou followed, “Let us struggle and be ignorant about this!?” 

Kirishima rounded on him with teary eyes, Bakugou shut up quick. “No! But a decent person would know that my pregnancy is special and I wanted it to be a surprise that I- that we get to tell together ! I’m happy you reached out but you told without asking.” He wiped his eyes and Bakugou felt like an ass. “You took that away from me. “

Fuck. Bakugou reached out but Kirishima stepped away. He grit his teeth, “Ei, I’m sorry. I didn’t- please understand I didn’t even think. All I was worrying about was making sure we were prepared and had the knowledge to do this. I- fuck, I’m sorry, Baby. Please. I’m so sorry.” 

He pulled Kirishima close. His boyfriend didn’t resist this time, sniffling weakly but nothing more. 

Bakugou rubbed his arm, “I didn’t even think about that and it’s on me. I’ll tell Midoriya not to say anything, okay? They are only two people. You have the rest of the world. I’m sorry.” 

Kirishima nodded, “It’s fine, Kat. Just please think about me whenever you do something like that next time. Alright?” 

“I will, you have my word. Now let’s finish getting ready.” 

Bakugou led Kirishima back into their room. In twenty minutes they’d head out. 

He picked up his phone. 

[To Midoriya]: Hey. Don’t say shit to anyone else besides Uraraka. Got it?

[Midoriya]: Wasn’t planning on it. Ochaco was the same way with keeping it under wraps when she first found out too. No hard feelings. 

Bakugou pocketed the phone. “Midoriya says congratulations, by the way.” 

Kirishima stayed quiet but smiled with a nod as he slipped his sneakers on and then grabbed his jacket. 

Today was going to be a long day. 




“Eijirou, Sweetheart!”


“Hi, Ma, Mom!” Kirishima greeted, letting go of Bakugou hand to hug his mothers. 

He was the spitting image of his Ma, bright smile, shark teeth and all. 

Bakugou smiled small at them. “Morning.” 

Mom tisked, “Don’t be so formal. Come give us a hug.” 

Bakugou rolled his eyes but hugged them both. “Alright alright. If you’re done feeling me up, let’s go inside.” 

Kirishima’s mothers laughed and led the way. 

It was a familiar spot. Kirishima insisted Bakugou meet his parents after the first year of dating. He was nervous they’d hate him but both women just adored Bakugou endlessly. Seeing right through his acts and deeming him ‘part of the family’

“Tea? Coffee?” Ma offered to Mom before heading towards the kitchen. 

She shook her head, “No, don’t worry about it. Let’s start talking.” 

“Alright. But I’m grabbing coffee for myself first.” 

Kirishima frowned fakely, “Oh? Do I not get offered anything?” 

“You’re a grown boy, Eijirou. Get off your own ass and make it.” Ma shouted from the kitchen. Kirishima chuckled. 

Ma finally came back and all eyes were on them. Bakugou shifted to lean again Kirishima. 

“I suppose we should just jump right in then.”

It was silent and Bakugou was about to fill it when Mom clasped her hands together and spoke.

 “Eijirou, you have a uterus.” 

A what? 

That was definitely not what he expected to hear. 

Kirishima choked next to him. 

Bakugou lost as ability to speak and function properly. 

Yeah. Today was going to be long. 

Kirishima composed himself, grabbing Bakugou’s sleeve for stability. “I’m sorry, a whAT!?” 

Ma shook her head, “It’s not like a woman’s. I don’t even think uterus would be the right term but you certainly have a womb.” 

Kirishima nodded a couple hundred times. “Sure. Yep. Mhm.” 

Ma continued. 

“I want you to think of this from the shark side of you. Not human. The womb is always there since birth. It’s unisex if we are being technical. It’s dormant and pinhead sized until it’s activated. We aren’t sure how or what activates it but it does. Once it is, the eggs stored in there are fertilized.” 

Kirishima’s brow came together painfully as he visually struggled to grasp everything. “But, Ma. I don’t have that body part. How can that be if- I don’t- I have- he came in my ass.” 

Bakugou’s cheeks were on fire and his eyes were blown wide. 

Ma laughed. “Yes. I’d assume as much. But you aren’t listening.” 

Kirishima frowned, “How? I have a womb, it’s dormant until activated. Which is nice and all but I still need to have other body parts connected to it.” 

Mom nodded, “Yes. You do. Whichever.. geez how do you say this- entrance or opening that the sperm goes into is initially where the womb receives it from.” 

Kirishima paled, “I’m having a baby from my ass!?” 

“No!” Ma waved him off. “You have a slit where the baby comes out of too.” 

Kirishima was choking once again but Bakugou was now paying a little more attention because he’s been down there many times and there was definitely no slit. 

“Okay. Wait. I have a womb and a slit? Where the hell? Why am I just learning this now” 

Ma crossed her legs, “It would be between your butt and your crotch. The slit will only appear as you get closer to labor otherwise it’s completely gone. And we didn’t tell you because I honestly didn’t believe it would be passed down to you.”

Yup. Bakugou was intrigued. 

“So what does it do?” He asked as Kirishima sat still. 

Mom eyed him before smirking, “Nothing really extravagant. The slit is preparing a path for the baby to travel through. No bells and whistles.” 

Bakugou nodded. 

Kirishima was in his own head figuring this shit out. 

It was a lot to take in and learn about your body. Bakugou would be lying if he said he wasn’t interested in this slit thing. Sounded interesting. 

Kirishima raised his hands, “Alright. So I’m not having a baby out of my butt just the slit.”

“Yes.” Mom approved. 

“The slit prepares itself and the path for the baby, then goes away after.” 


“I won’t see or have the slit until later in my pregnancy.” 

“Correct.” Ma nodded. “And another thing you will want to know is that your stomach won’t get as big. Probably a few inches extended but nothing really noticeable. Also you will not develop any breasts. Mine didn’t change so I’d assume your won’t but you will need to breastfeed or bottle. Either way, there will be milk coming from your chest. So be prepared for that.” 

Kirishima nodded, “Okay. Thanks.”

Ma smiled, “No problem. If you have anymore questions just ask or come over.” 

Mom looked at Bakugou, “You’ve been quiet. What’s on your mind.” 

He shrugged, “A lot. I’m just taking it all in, listening and learning what I can.” Bakugou glanced to his boyfriend. “Can we nap now?”

Kirishima chuckled, “Fine, you big baby.” 

They stood up, “Me and Kat are just going to nap on my bed before we head out. We stayed at his moms house late last night and he didn’t sleep very well.” 

“No problem. Go ahead.” Ma nodded and they went to his room. 

Bakugou closed the door and flopped down on the comfy bed. He sighed and wiggled up onto the pillows. Sleep. 

“Scoot over you fat teddy bear.” Kirishima poked his side until Bakugou squirmed over. He laid down under his arm, facing the ceiling. 

“What did you think about all that?” 

Bakugou lifted his face out of the pillow, “I can tell you that the whole slit ordeal was interesting and I’m for sure going to investigate it once it appears. Just to be sure it’s safe.” 

Kirishima inhaled quickly and moved under his weight. “Katsuki.” He whined low. “Stop that.” 

Bakugou chuckled, loving it when Kirishima got bothered just from his words. “What? You aren’t interested in how it works? I’ll just be looking at it, maybe even feel inside. Gotta be soft or maybe even tight.” 

Kirishima made a soft noise. 

Bakugou leaned up on his elbow and loomed over him, “Maybe I’ll even use my tongue.” 

Kirishima’s hands flew up to his ears and he curled up, a blushing mess. “Would you stop!? This is how we got into this mess in the first place.” 

Bakugou laughed and fell back into the pillow, “Yeah but you love me.” 

“Whatever. Go to sleep before I accidentally roll over and suffocate you in your sleep.” 

Bakugou lifted his head slightly, “I wouldn’t mind if you were sitting-“ 

Kirishima flipped and covered his mouth, eyes dilated and glaring. “You’re so bad.” 

Bakugou wiggled his brow, smirking. 

Kirishima sighed and pulled his hand away, “You're so devious. I love you.” 

Bakugou shrugged, pulling Kirishima flush to his body. “And your perfect to me.” 

He pressed a slow kiss to Kirishima’s lips. Reveling in the slow squirm his boyfriend’s body went under as Bakugou ground against him here and there. 

He was an instigator. So what. He’d enjoy his fun when it came around. 

“Okay, Mr. No more, go to sleep.” Kirishima ordered breathy. 

Bakugou sighed, kissing him quickly before cuddling up and obeying. “Yeah yeah.” He placed his hand on Kirishima’s stomach and slowly fell asleep. 

So lucky. 

Chapter Text

The car was silent. Bakugou didn’t know whether it was a peaceful silence, definitely wasn’t for him. Inside his mind there were so many questions and scenarios playing out that he was surprised Kirishima couldn’t hear them from the passenger seat. 

Despite all that, neither of them had the energy to break it. 

Was a mutual understanding that right now, they’d rather not talk and instead would prefer to dwell in their own mind and watch the outside world. 

Bakugou was contemplating taking the entire week off just to sit down with his boyfriend and actually map out what would need to be done. Obviously spending would need to be multiplied and divided up per month for necessities, and work for the agency might need to be wavered too. Well first he’d need to call the- 


Kirishima startled, “What?” 

Bakugou thrummed his fingers on the wheel, “Midoriya said we needed to call the OB-GYN for you to get a check up. They are the pregnancy doctors.” 

Kirishima shifted and rubbed his stomach, “Okay, are they closed, can you call today?” 

Bakugou shrugged, “I don’t even know where the nearest office is. When we get home I’ll look for one and call in.” 

Kirishima shifted lower and looked out the window, Bakugou knew better however. “I’ll need you to look at doctors and see which one you’d rather have an appointment with, Ei. I’m not who it’s for so no reason in me picking.” 

“Sure.” Kirishima said simply. 

Bakugou glanced at him. His boyfriend had been silent since they woke up and left the house. Only saying goodbye and I love you to his mothers. Kirishima was in his own head and Bakugou wasn’t sure how this entire thing was affecting him yet so it’s best to get him out of it. 

“Hey, when we get home I want you to get comfortable and sit on the couch. I’m going to cook you something to eat and pamper you for the rest of the day. Alright, Angel Face?” 

Kirishima stared doe eyed before blushing, “Y-Yeah. I’d like that.” 

Bakugou reached his hand out and grabbed Kirishima’s, “Good. Just sit back and relax.” 

He did and Bakugou turned the radio up to their favorite old rock station and rolled all the windows down. 

Tonight would be about making Kirishima feel as comfortable as possible. Bakugou still needed to look up doctors but besides that, nothing would be put on the redheads mind. 




“Honey, where are my Crimson Riot PJ’s!?” 

“Should be in the same hamper as the sweater!” Bakugou shouted towards the stairs. 

Silence as Eijirou looked for them. 


Bakugou hummed and went back to cooking the infamous meat bowl with rice and tempura. The only dish Eijirou could eat for a week straight and not grow tired of. 

His mind was still clouded but Bakugou’s body was on autopilot in the kitchen. 

Never missing a beat. 

Eijriou was ecstatic about being pampered and Bakugou continued to scold himself as the food came closer and closer to being done that his boyfriend would be extra sensitive to his emotions. Meaning he’d have to put all his worries aside and focus solely on Eijirou. 

It’s what he deserved. 

This wasn’t just about Eijirou’s emotions anymore, it would need to include the baby. 

Bakugou had to remember that. 

Big arms wrapped around his waist and a gentle kiss was pressed between his shoulder blades. 

“Food almost done?” Kirishima asked in a relaxed whisper. 

Bakugou leaned into his hold, scooping rice into bowls. “Yeah, Doll. Just plating it all.” 

Kirishima inhales softly, “Okay.” 

Bakugou chuckled. “You sound tired, Ei. Are you sure you don’t just want to skip food and I’ll give you a massage?” 

“Tempting.” He laughed. “But the baby demands food so I’ll have to wait until after for that massage.” 

Another kiss was planted and Kirishima moved away to give Bakugou room. Bowls were packed and he made his way into their large living room. 

Kirishima sat curled up on the couch, being dwarfed by its size. He had successfully found all the blankets in the house and created a giant cocoon around himself. 

“Got comfortable without me I see.” Bakugou extended the bowl to him. 

Kirishima took it with a smile, “There’s always room for you.” 

Bakugou hummed and sat behind his boyfriend, opening his arms to let Kirishima settles back into his lap. 

“What do you want to do? Eat in silence, talk, watch a movie or what?” 

Kirishima mixed the food around. “I don’t want to watch any tv tonight. Can you turn some music on and lower the lights?” 

“Getting sensual?” 

“No, you horny teenager. I’m in a relaxing mood and I’m just setting it.” 

Bakugou snorted and kissed his cheek before getting up. “Sure. But when you want a piece of this later, just remember I’m inclined to deny you based off of that comment.” 

A pillow was weakly thrown at him. 


Bakugou chuckled and set the lights dim and turned on some slow music. 

Anything Eijirou wanted, he’d supply. That’s how it naturally was anyway but, it was more of an urgent need to please now. 

When he got back, everything was as he left it. Including Kirishima’s bowl which was not even touched. 

Bakugou frowned, “Did you not like it?” 

Kirishima shook his head, “M’sorry, Suk. I tried a bite and felt sick, I think the baby doesn’t like it.” 

That was to be expected. Bakugou took the bowl, “It’s okay. What do they want?” 

Kirishima rubbed his stomach and gave a small laugh, “It’s going to sound crazy, but lately I’ve been craving spicy food.” 

Bakugou’s eyes widened, “Like my spicy or-“

“Your spicy, Katsuki.” 

A small laugh left him, “Well, no doubting it now. That’s my kid.” 

Kirishima giggled and sighed, “Guess I gotta burn my tongue then.” 

“It won’t be that bad if you’re craving it, right?” That was a good theory.

Kirishima got up and followed him into the kitchen, “I don’t think so..? Might enjoy it but my tongue won’t.” 

“Only one way to find out.” Bottles of spices were placed onto the counter in front of him. 

Kirishima leaned on it and looked them over, “What are you putting them with?” 

“That’s up to you. What are you craving the spice with? Can go on noodles, rice, curry, really anything.” 

Kirishima frowned, “The pork made me feel disgusting so no meat, and I didn’t like the rice, so maybe noodles?”

Bakugou winked and pulled out noodles and got a pan ready, “Coming right up.” 

Kirishima‘s stomach growled and he groaned, “I hope this doesn’t take long because we are starving. This baby is eating my insides for substance, I assure you.” 

“That’s really dramatic and morbid, Ei.” Bakugou laughed. 

Kirishima shrugged, “Sad but true.” 

The noodles were opened up. “I don’t even think you will eat the noodles despite your craving. But at least I’ll have lunch for tomorrow.” 

Kirishima scoffed, “Excuse me, we will see about that.” 

“Indeed we will.” 





Bakugou stared in disbelief at the bowl held out to him for the tenth time. 

He glanced up to Kirishima. “Are you sure-“

“More.” Kirishima practically growled. 

Bakugou took the bowl, “More it is then.” 

Another huge scoop of skin melting hot noodles were dropped into the bowl and slid back. Kirishima dug in, not even wincing as he shoveled mouthfuls. 

Holy shit. 

That shouldn't be so attractive. 

Bakugou slowly ate his second helping and watched Kirishima devour every single last drop, no broth left in sight. 

He wasn’t even sure Kirishima was breathing between mouthfuls. 

Is that really what cravings do to people? 

The bowl was slid over again. 


“No.” Bakugou cut him off. 

Kirishima sat up, “Why?” 

“Because.” He took the bowl and dropped it into the sink with his. “You’ve had enough for the night. You don’t know if you can even hold it down. Let your stomach relax, please.” 

Kirishima grumbled but didn’t fight it. “Fine. Was full anyway.” 

Bakugou didn’t believe him for a second. 

“Sure, Brat.” 

Finally back in the living room, Kirishima- per Bakugou’s request- sat between his legs so he could give a massage. 

“Are you comfortable? Want to get a pillow? Another blanket?” 

“I’m fine, Katsuki.” Kirishima smiled softly and took his top off. 

“Okay.” Bakugou whispered and kissed along his back. Running hands up his sides and rubbing his shoulders slow. 

Kirishima bent and bowed under his hands, body turning into goo after merely three seconds. 

Bakugou chuckled, “Want to lay down?” 

A small noise left Kirishima’s mouth but no reply. 

“You’re falling asleep, Love. Lay down.” Bakugou decided for him and pulled his hands away. Kirishima whined in protest but fell weakly forward. 

Such a baby. Bakugou placed a pillow under his head and straddled Kirishima’s hips, getting back to work. 

Each press and rub sending Kirishima deeper into a pliant realm of calm. 

Bakugou was sure he saw drool a moment ago before Kirishima buried his face and sighed. 

He wasn’t the only one enjoying this, Bakugou’s eyes were lidded as he persisted the soothing task. 

Breathing even and light. 

Both could pass out, but neither tired at all. 

“Where is there pain, Baby?” 

Kirishima mumbled something. 

“Hmm?” Bakugou paused, practically forcing Kirishima to speak up if he wanted more. 

His boyfriend shifted his head to the side. “Back… lower, ouchie….. please.”

Bakugou pressed a kiss to the side of his exposed lip, “Sure thing.” 

He wiggled lower and began working the tensed muscles of his lower back. Finding satisfaction in Kirishima’s noises as he hit specific spots of pain on his boyfriend’s body. 

“If it hurts, tell me.” 

Kirishima twicthed an arm in response. 

Bakugou chuckled, returning to his peaceful realm. 

Minutes went by until Bakugou was working with his eyes closed and Kirishima was passed out underneath him. 

There we go. 

He stopped with a conclusive sigh. 

Bakugou got up and brought all the blankets back into their bed. Rearranging them to form a little barrier around where he boyfriend would sleep. 

Quietly, Bakugou lifted Kirishima up and carried him to bed. He placed him down softly and pulled the blankets up. 

Kirishima made a soft noise and reached for him, “mm.. bed, K-Suki.”

Bakugou kissed his hands and placed it down, “In a minute.”

Bakugou cleaned up the dishes, the living room and grabbed his computer before heading upstairs. 

Kirishima was long gone once again when he finally climbed under the covers. Though, as soon as the bed dipped under his weight Kirishima instantly rolled over and held him. 

Bakugou rubbed his head and turned the computer on, searching for doctors. 

Turns out, there were many options around their area and with high ratings.

Bakugou wasn’t sure exactly what perks he was looking for but every office were almost cookie cutters of each other. 

All the offices were closed tomorrow but he could call to make an appointment. He already picked out the places he liked so Kirishima could pick from there. 

Bakugou stared at the screen. Cursor blinking. What was he doing? What did he want to know? 

Kirishima shifted closer. 

Bakugou sighed and closed the computer. Hell if he knew. 

The computer was placed down onto the side table and Bakugou slid into his boyfriend’s hold. Taking up his new acclaimed favorite position and splayed a hand over Kirishima’s slightly bulged from dinner stomach.  

Don’t worry. 

Bakugou rubbed his thumb over the skin. 

I’ll protect you. Both of you, forever. No matter what you will always feel supported and never struggle.

It was a vow. Bakugou would keep that. 

Because you’re special to me. And I love you both. 

Bakugou had become the luckiest man on earth once again. 


Chapter Text

Bakugou woke up to kisses being peppered all over his face. 

Left cheek. 

Right cheek. 




Kirishima smiled down at him. “Morning.” He whispered. 

“G’morning.” Bakugou responded. 

Kirishima smiled wide and leaned down. 

One eyelid and the other. 

Bakugou opened his eyes up slowly and stared up at his boyfriend’s face. He was gorgeous. 

His soft red hair cascading over shoulder, tickling Bakugou’s nose. The morning sun catching it just right and making him look on fire in its glow. Those round beautiful eyes watching him with so much adoration Bakugou almost wanted to get lost in them despite how cliche it was. His heart melting smile that Bakugou was ever a sucker for. In all his gorgeous and hot glory, with all the love blasting through Bakugou’s chest all he could manage to say was a small and breathless “Wow.”

It was enough. 

Kirishima’s cheeks erupted into an even prettier red and he giggled. 


This was all his. 

Kirishima was all for him and he loved Bakugou back. 

He lifted a hand up and cupped Kirishima’s stubbled cheek. “You’re so gorgeous, Eijirou.” 

Those eyes widened. 

“I don’t think I tell you enough.” 

Kirishima leaned into the hand and held his wrist, “You're such a sap, Katsuki. You’re going to make me die.” He laughed. 

Bakugou joined and pulled the love of his life down until their lips connected and both men erupted into flames of burning passion. 

It was soft but slow and meaningful. 

Bakugou’s mind went for a trip, completely lost in the feeling of Kirishima in his hands. Then he pulled away. 

“Yeah. You’re still hot.” 

Kirishima chuckled, “Oh, your way with words sweep my off my feet every time. Please, spare some for the rest of us.” 

Bakugou’s brow creased, “Why the fuck would I do that? You’re all mine.”

Kirishima held a hand over his stomach, “Yeah, we are.” 

And reality came to bless Bakugou again as he remembered that in his boyfriend’s perfectly sculpted stomach, they have a bundle of joy growing and it was theirs. Theirs to nurture and support, to teach and love. Holy fuck did Bakugou’s heart kick into overdrive. 

He shot up and tackled Kirishima into a hug, tumbling back onto their white comforter. 

Kirishima yelled and laughed, wrapping his arms around the man’s waist as Bakugou attacked him with kisses. 

“I’m-so-fucking-lucky-ugh!” He said between kisses. 

They were driving Kirishima crazy, making him a blushing mess. “Katsuki!” 

Bakugou nuzzled his face in Kirishima’s neck and held tighter. “You’re going to look so amazing with a baby bump, holy fuck I might pass out just thinking about it.” 

“You really think so?” Kirishima asked in a whisper. 

Bakugou shot his head up, “Um, yeah? You’re going to look better than any other pregnant woman because you’re you and you’re mine. That baby bump is going to be fucking cute.” 

That smile was back on Kirishima's face, “You're really excited about this.” 

Bakugou stopped, face turning serious. “Of course I am, Eijirou. You’re the most important person in my life, the only one I will ever trust myself with-trust my love with and to know we are going to have something living and breathing coming from that love? I’m through the fucking roof. Do you even know how you make me weak?” He laughed. “To know we are going to have a little person running around that loves us just as much as we love each other? I’m floored. I’m fucking floored.” 

Tears were falling down Kirishima’s face, “I-I am too.” He hiccuped. 

Bakugou blinked his own out. “I love that baby in your stomach because it’s part of me, and because it’s part of you. Part of the one person I love. It’s part of you, Eijirou Kirishima. That’s all I need. I’d do anything for you both.” 

Kirishima inhaled sharply and smiled, “I fucking love you, Suk.” 

Bakugou chuckled and wiped the tears from Kirishima’s eyes. “And I love you both. So so much.” 

They pressed their foreheads together and pressed their hands on Kirishima's stomach. 

Soon, they’d be parents. It was terrifying but Bakugou would dive in hand in hand with his boyfriend with no doubts or hesitation. 

“If it was anyone else, I would be a mess. I don’t- I don’t think I could keep them if it wasn’t you, Katsuki.” Kirishima whispered. 

Bakugou pulled him into a hug, “I’m here. So don’t think about the ifs.” 

Kirishima nodded. 

Bakugou pulled back, “I found doctor offices, so look over the list of doctors and I’ll call. Okay? I’m going to go make breakfast.” 

Kirishima sniffled and nodded, “Spicy noodles?” 

“Spicy noodles, Angel Face.” 

Kirishima blushed, “Thanks, Hot stuff.” 

Bakugou winked and padded down the stairs to make breakfast. 

That had been the best way Bakugou had woken up besides that one time in high school where Kirishima woke Bakugou up with a blow-

“Katsuki, I’m going to take a shower!” 

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep the noodles hot!” Bakugou shouted up the stairs and opened the fridge. He pulled out the noodles and poured them into a bowl as the water turned on. Kirishima would take about an hour so Bakugou had time to get in a few sets of push ups. 


Kirishima came down in joggers and a muscle Tee. Bakugou did a double take thank you very fucking much. 

“Careful, Eijirou. Keep looking like that and I’ll be forced to pop another kid in you.” 

Kirishima stopped dead and blushed hard, “Katsuki, oh my god.” 

Bakugou smirked and pulled the bowl out of the microwave. He’d rather make the noodles from scratch but as Kirishima said many times ‘We don’t waste’. 

He placed the noodles on the island and slid chopsticks over too.

Bakugou had eggs on the stove for himself because carbs were not great in the morning but he wasn’t stupid enough to tell that to Kirishima. 

The sound of glass clanging together made Bakugou turn around. 

Kirishima pulled out a bottle of Hershey chocolate syrup and sat down in front of the noodles. 

Is he going to...

He watched in horror as his boyfriend popped the cap open and squeezed it into the bowl. 

“What the FUCK are you doing!?” 

Kirishima jumped then recovered and squeezed more. “Nothing….?” He closed the cap and stirred his noodles. 

“Are you seriously about to eat that?” Bakugou dropped his spatula and marched over. He had to see this. 

And he did. 


Kirishima twisted a big mouthful of contaminated noodles and shoved it into his mouth. 

And chewed. 


“That is about the nastiest shit I’ve ever seen. I think that’s a sin somewhere.” Bakugou watched with a disgusted expression. 

Kirishima looked at him with his brow furrowed and chewed. Chocolate and spicy sauce all over his lips. “Hef! Donf huhz fe!” 

Bakugou shook his head and wiped Kirishima’s mouth with a napkin. “Don’t speak with your mouthful, Ei. It’s rude.” 

Another bite was taken and Kirishima scowled. “It’s a craving, okay? Baby said it would be good and they didn’t lie. So there.” 

“That baby has weird cravings is what it is. They get it from you. So. There.”

Chocolate with spicy noodles? And chocolate sauce no less. Bakugou couldn’t grasp how it would be good. Maybe noodles with ranch but chocolate? And so much? 

Bakugou picked up the bottle to put it away then gaped. “Eijirou, this thing is almost empty! You’re going to get diabetes!” 

Another scowl was thrown his way, “I don’t care. Let me get fat then!” 

So dramatic. He tossed it into the fridge and slammed it closed. Going back to his eggs. “You’re vile.” 

“Says the one that likes to eat as-“

Bakugou whipped around and leveled a eggy spatula with his head. “Finish that sentence, and you die.

Kirishima placed his chopsticks down slowly with an innocent grin, “I won’t.” 

Bakugou shook his head and turned back. 


That’s little shit. By the time he tossed the utensil down and turned around, Kirishima had already taken off. 


Kirishima ran into the living room, slippers making him skid as he took a sharp turn. “NO!” 

If he wanted a chase then that’s what Bakugou would give him. 

He took off after him, hot on his tail and Kirishima dove into the laundry mat and shut the door. “THE LAUNDRY ROOM!? ARE YOU DUMB? ONE WAY IN, ONE WAY OUT, EI!” 

With a violent swing he opened it and stepped inside to be greeted by no boyfriend. The fuck- 

A mass of body jumped over his head from the washing machine next to him. 

Kirishima had dove over his head like a fucking acrobat. 

Bakugou rounded and booked it after Ei. “You sneaky fuck!” 

Kirishima was in a fit of laughter, holding his stomach and hardly able to even work words. “I-YOU- YOU-“ 

Finally, Bakugou had him cornered in the kitchen. 

Kirishima put the island between them. 

Bakugou slammed his hands on the counter. “Nowhere to run.” 

Kirishima smirked and wiggled his brow, “Try me, Hot Stuff.” 

Bakugou smirked and ran around after Kirishima. Switching sides. 

Kirishima leaned to the right, “Your move, Babe. What now?” 

Despite what some may think, Bakugou didn’t play fair. 

“Kicking your ass!” Bakugou lunged over the table. 

Kirishima’s eyes went wide as he shrieked and took off stumbling. “CHEATER!” 

Bakugou grinned manically, “DAMN RIGHT!” 

At this rate it would have gone on forever if Kirishima hadn’t tripped over his shoe that Bakugou knocked over after taking off from the laundry. 

Kirishima gave a cry and went flying. 

He crashed to the floor. 

Landing on his stomach. 

Bakugou froze then ran to Kirishima’s side and dropped down. 

“Ei! EI! Are you okay!? Oh fuck! Fuck- I’m so sorry! Is the baby okay?” 

Kirishima shifted but didn’t move. 

Bakugou was beginning to panic, stressed tears pricking his eyes. No no the baby can’t get hurt yet! “Eijirou! Are you okay!? Does your stomach hurt!? Ei? EIJIROU!” 

Finally his boyfriend rolled onto his back with a shit eating grin. “Gotcha.” 

Bakugou stopped and stared. “Eijirou. I’m going to give you three seconds to say sike before I literally end you.” 

Despite the clear distress all over Bakugou’s face, Kirishima found it hilarious and couldn’t stop cackling. 

Bakugou glared, “You fuck, I was scared the baby got hurt! Why would you fuck around like that!?” 

“Dude. I have a hardening quirk. When I fell, my quirk activated which means the baby is okay.” 

“Yeah but-“ Bakugou stopped because Kirishima was right and now he just felt like an overprotective idiot. “I hate you.” 

“Awe. Bakubear, I love you too.” Kirishima pouted lovingly. 

Bakugou shoved him, “I can’t stand your head ass.” He left Kirishima a laughing mess for the kitchen. 

The eggs were burnt. 

Bakugou swore and tossed them in the trash, going for a damn pre-made smoothie. 

Kirishima came romping in with a smile as if he hadn’t just given Bakugou the heart attack of his life. “I picked a Doctor by the way. Their number is open on your computer upstairs.” 

Bakugou nodded and headed upstairs after smacking Kirishima’s ass. 

“I don’t know if they will want to talk to you directly so I’ll be down.” 

Kirishima gave a thumbs up and went back to his bowl of disgust. 

Bakugou cringed and went upstairs to get the number. 

He didn’t exactly know what to expect on the call or what to say but hey, he’s Bakugou Katsuki and that’s good enough. 

Sure enough the number was left open. 

Horizon Women’s Care


He dialed in and walked down the stairs as it rang. 

It rang for awhile and Bakugou was about to hang up when it connected to a automated menu. 


“Thank you for calling Horizon Women’s Care. If you are calling to get a prescription refilled, please press 1. If you would like to cancel an appointment, please press 2. If you would like to reschedule an appointment, please press 3. If you would like to make an appointment, please press 4-“


“If you are a returning patient please press 1. If you are a new patient please press 2-“


Then the receptionist answered. “Horizon Women’s Care, What can I do for you?” 

Bakugou leaned against the counter where Kirishima sat and motioned that he got through. 

“I’d like to make an appointment for my boyfriend, please.” 

There was a pause on the other side of the line. “Sir, we-we don't handle men’s care. This is for women-“

“I know that.” Bakugou snapped. “Listen, it might be hard to grasp but my boyfriend is pregnant and he needs to see one of your doctors so please, can you do that!?” 

“O-oh, I’m so sorry, Sir. Yes, yes I can get you an appointment with one of our doctors.” 

Bakugou relaxed, “Thank you.”

“What is the new patients name?” 

Kirishima rubbed his back and placed a kiss on his shoulder. 

“Eijirou Kirishima.” 

There was a chorus of clicking on a keyboard. 

“Date of birth.”

“October 16th.” 

“How old is Mr. Kirishima?” 


“How far along is he?”

“We don’t actually know. We just found out two days ago, which is why we are making an appointment.”

“I see. Is there a specific doctor he would like to see?” 

Bakugou turned to Kirishima, “Babe, Which doctor?”

Kirishima leaned on his shoulder, “Dr. Magnisin.”

“Dr. Magnisin.”

The woman clicked for a few seconds. “Okay, he has an appointment available today at 4:30?”

Bakugou looked at the stove clock. 11:38 a.m. 

“Yeah that will work.” 

“Okay! Can you give me a brief description of what’s going on?”

“Yeah, hold on I’ll give him the phone.”

Bakugou handed the phone over, “They want a summary of what the fucks going on.” 

Kirishima took it slowly and walked off, “Hello?”

Bakugou stayed at the counter, listening to Kirishima’s side of the conversation. 

“Yeah, of course! Um, my mother is part shark and she can become pregnant by any gender and that was passed to me… I know, haha. It was shocking to hear…. No. No I don’t have any of those parts…. yeah. Yeah! It’s like that!... you had my ma? Yeah, that’s her name! Weird.” 

Bakugou laughed at his friendliness. Leave it to Eijirou to spark up a conversation with a receptionist. 

“Was that all? Okay- yes I’m so excited. Haha, yeah he’s been a big mush ball ever since finding out.”

Bakugou’s head snapped to Kirishima with a scowl. 

“Thank you! Yeah, we love our job.. Oh, thank you! I appreciate you keeping it confidential.. okay! Okay, have a good day bye!” 

Kirishima walked back into the kitchen with a huge grin. 

Bakugou smirked, “Making friends already?”

The phone was placed down, “No. Linly was just really sweet, she says she is a big fan of yours.”

“She has good taste.” 

Kirishima laughed, “Turns out Ma actually went to see them when she was pregnant with me and Dr. Magnisin was her doctor too.” 

Bakugou chuckled and tucked hair behind Kirishima’s ear. “Small world.” He cocked his head to the side. “Appointments at 4:30. If you’re okay with it, I’m going to call Midoriya to tell him I called.”

Kirishima waved him off, “No, Katsuki. Go ahead and call.”

He nodded, “Alright. I’ll call later on.”

Kirishima rubbed his arm nervously. 

Bakugou’s brow came down, “What's wrong?”

“Um..” Kirishima swallowed. “I’m just really nervous, ya know? It’s our first appointment for the baby and I just hope everything is going to be okay and they are healthy.”

Kirishima’s nerves were shot ever since Bakugou had came down with the phone to his ear. They were about to take another step to be more involved and have their eyes opened. He was so nervous. 

Bakugou sighed and pulled Kirishima to him, “It’s okay to be nervous, but the baby is healthy and fine. Everything is going to go so smoothly it’s going to be like you blinked your eyes. Let’s go get dressed and head out for the day. We need more food and chocolate syrup.” 

Kirishima laughed, weight lifting. “Sounds good.” 


“Ei, grab more curry.” Bakugou pushed the cart and followed Kirishima through the supermarket. 

He tossed the curry in the curry in the cart and headed to the produce aisle. 

After stopping at the market, Bakugou would call Midoriya in the car. 

“I’m grabbing more syrup, I’ll meet you here.” Kirishima turned back. 

Bakugou nodded and kept walking. 





Coconut oil 

Soy sauce








Noodles (different kinds depending on meals for the week)

Ei’s protein shit





Chocolate covered pretzels. 

Bakugou squinted at the last item. He sighed. Eijirou. Cravings were normal, that much Bakugou knew but Eijirou wouldn’t be too happy with himself after if during the pregnancy he got fat. 

You’ll thank me later. Bakugou scratched off the pretzels and kept going. It was bad enough that Kirishima was already getting chocolate syrup, to add pretzels? Not happening. 

Quickly, all the produce were grabbed. Bakugou waited for Kirishima as he scratched shit off the list. 





Coconut oil 

Soy sauce








Noodles (different kinds depending on meals for the week)

Ei’s protein shit





Chocolate covered pretzels


“I got it, there was a sale so I grabbed two.” 

Bakugou looked up as his boyfriend dropped two large bottles of chocolate syrup in the cart. He frowned, “Ei. You only need one.” 

They still had half a bottle at home. Kirishima shrugged, “So what? They will go fast.” 

Bakugou scoffed, “Like hell they will. Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you’re eating like shit. That baby isn’t going to stop your hard work with some funky cravings. You only need one.” 

Kirishima smiled as he leaned into Bakugou’s chest. “Katsuki..” He whispered. “ If you even try to stop me and the baby from having our chocolate then it will be the last thing you ever do so help me. ” Kirishima leaned back with an innocent smile. 

Bakugou stared.

With that, Kirishima turned around and led the cart to the seafood aisle. 

Bakugou shook himself out and followed. God he’s scary. 

Chapter Text

“Are you going to call Midoriya?” Kirishima asked without taking his eyes off the road. 

They literally had just left the parking lot when he asked. Bakugou shrugged and pulled his phone out, “I don’t know if he will be on patrol or not, but yeah.” 

He pressed his contact and connected it to the Bluetooth. 

It rang. 

Then connected. 

“Hey! Two times in one week? Man it’s like Christmas!” Midoriya said sounding out of breathe. 

Bakugou scowled, “It won’t happen ever again so take it while you can without comments you shit!” 

Midoriya chuckled and Kirishima nudged him. “Hey, Izuku!”

“Eijirou?” Midoriya asked, the sound of a smile in his voice. “How are you? Congratulations again-unless he didn’t tell you before.”

Kirishima laughed, “No he did. Me and the baby are doing good, we actually scheduled an appointment today at 4.” 

Bakugou reached over and squeezed his thigh with a small smile. 

Midoriya laughed, the sound of footsteps and banging coming from the other line. “Good! Hopefully it goes well and Ochac is always available for you to talk to. Just-“ something crashed on the line. “Just call whenever!” 

Both frowned. “Izuku, are you working right now?” 

“Yeah! I’m chasing after this villain that took someone’s car, I’m running across buildings to cut them off. Why?” Midoriya answered like it was no big deal. “Bakugou called me, what was I supposed to do, ignore it?” 

Bakugou pace palmed, “Yes! You ignore the call, you idiot! Get off the phone while you’re on the job or I’ll find you and run you over with my car!” 

Midoriya laughed again, “If you- wait hold on I found him.”

They sat quietly as the sound of a villain screaming echoed around the car and the infamous “SMASH!” came through. 

Kirishima shook his head and turned down towards their street. 

Bakugou sighed, Midoriya was an idiot. 

“Okay, I’m back. The Doctor should be able to examine you and help with any questions. They offered us financial, and housing help if needed. You guys may not but it’s good to know about the options.” 

Kirishima nodded and pulled into their driveway, “Alright, thank you! We will let you go so you can get back to work. Good luck, Dude!” 

“Yeah, get your ass off the phone. Slacker.” Bakugou jeered. 

Midoriya laughed again, “Thank you! Good luck today, bye.”

The line disconnected. 

Kirishima parked the car and stilled. 

Bakugou watched him, his boyfriend inhaled slowly and paused before exhaling. Then he was smiling back. “Do you want me to help you unload?” 

“No.” Bakugou pushed the passenger door open. “Don’t worry, keep the car running.” 

Kirishima nodded and continued to face forward in the silence. Bakugou’s frowned but got out and went around to the trunk. 

Kirishima was acting distant. Bakugou could probably guess it was due to them seeing the OB in an hour. 

He took all the bags in and put everything away. Maybe later tonight he’d make something special for Kirishima. 

Just need to get past this first bump. 

With the news and information the OB was supposed to give, Kirishima could finally rest easier. Put down some of his worries. 

Bakugou was hoping for it. 

He slid back in the car, “Alright, let’s go.” 

Kirisbima nodded with a smile and pulled back out and off they went. 




“Appointment for Kirishima Eijirou.” Kirishima whispered to the receptionist. 

Her face lit up with recognition, “Oh hi!” 

Then Kirishima’s did, “Linly? Hey!”

She smiled, “I’m glad you’re doing good, it’s crazy to see you in person.” 

Kirishima chuckled, “Thank you, and I get that a lot in my career but I’m glad to finally meet you. You were so pleasant and really sweet to talk to over the phone.” 

Linly blushed slightly before shrugging and fixing her glasses, “It’s just part of my job.” 

“Well you’re doing amazing. Oh! Ground Zero is here too!” Kirishima planted a hand on Bakugou’s arm from where he had been hovering and enjoying Kirishima’s friendliness. 

Linly paled before sputtering, “I am such a huge fan- you’re amazing- what you do for the city? I’m so so grateful.”

Bakugou snorted, “Of course. What else would I do?” 

Kirishima grinned and looked back at her, “Anyway, is my appointment still set?” 

Linly looked at her screen, “Yup! Dr. Magnisin will be out in a moment.”

He nodded, “Okay, thanks.” 

Kirishima led them to a seat in the back of the waiting area. There was no one at all, Kirishima guessed she cleared a spot for them to have privacy. If so that was very kind of her. 

Kirishima kicked his feet out, chest tight. 

Bakugou noticed and placed a kiss on his cheek, “Angel.” He whispered soothingly. “The Doctor is just going to call us back to talk and check you over. Nothing crazy or dangerous to the baby. Breathe slowly... Why don’t you tell me about the doctor you picked?” 

Kirishima leaned on his shoulder. Yeah he could do that. “Ma said she went to him when she had me. He was an amazing doctor that specifically specialized on what we have. So that’s good. I completely forgot she had seen him, but the name sounded familiar so I picked.” He laughed softly. “Apparently he’s like super old so he may remember Ma.”

Bakugou kisses his forehead, “That’s good. As long as you feel comfortable, Ei.” 

He needed to be comfortable. Kirishima couldn’t handle going through this feeling the tiniest bit off, not in this situation. 


They looked towards the door to see a lady holding a clipboard in scrubs.

That’s their signal. 

Hand in hand they followed her down the hall, got Kirishima’s weight, height and sat in the room. He gave the same short summary and provided past health lineage before she left.  

“Alrighty! Dr. Magnisin will be in shortly, congratulation!” 

Kirishima smiled, “Thank you.” 

And she was gone. 

Then his smile fell away. 

“Ei?” Bakugou stood next to Kirishima where he reclined on the table. 

His boyfriend lifted determined eyes up, “I’m fine, Babe.” Kirishima took his hand and squeezed. “We’ve got this.”

Bakugou grinned and kissed him. “Yeah we do.” 

They looked around the room, passing time until the Doctor arrived. 

Kirishima sighed, “I hope he isn’t too old, ya know? Like older than dirt otherwise I’d be concerned for the baby because-“

The door opened and in walked a tall man with bigger biceps than Bakugou’s head and a bright smile. Kirishima was gapping. Bakugou too. 

“Hello! I’m Dr. Magnicin.”

“You aren’t old.” Bakugou accused. 

Dr. Magnisin laughed, “No. No I’m not.” 

Kirishima couldn’t stop staring. Oh damn. 

Bakugou noticed and shoved him, Kirishima came back to order. “I’m sorry, it’s just my Ma came here with me and her doctors name was Magnisin so we thought you would be older.” 

Dr. Magnisin sat on his swivel chair, “Oh, that would be my father. He worked here for god knows how many years and I followed in his footsteps.”

“That’s really impressive!” Kirishima beamed. 

“No, not really compared to your job. That’s way more exciting.” Dr. Magnisin shrugged. 

Bakugou was beginning to not like this asshole.

The doctor turned to his computer, “Anyway. I am familiar with this situation so I know how to treat it. Rest assured.”

Kirishima sighed, “That’s a relief. What are we doing today?” 

The doctor typed in a few things before getting up to wash his hands. “Pretty simple things; I’m going to get baselines then we will check to see how far along you are.” 

Kirishima twisted his fingers together, “How are you going to do that?” 

“Well,” Dr. Magnisin turned to face them. “Using an ultrasound. Generic things really. I’m guessing your aren’t far along otherwise I’d need to check you using a different tool.” 

Kirishima frowned, “What do you mean?” 

Bakugou had a feeling he wasn’t going to like what came out of that guy’s mouth. 

Dr. Magnisin continued, “When the baby is preparing itself to come out, your slit with develop. It’s not actually called a slit, that’s just a ‘easy’ name to remember. Once it appears you will need to come back so I can use a tool that looks like a wand that I use to check for any possible threats to the baby and you.” 

Kirishima paled. 

Yeah I knew I wouldn’t. 

Kirishima stared at the floor looking spooked. “Y-you’re going to stick something in me and wave it a-around!?”

Dr. Magnisin laughed at their expense, “No no. Mr. Kirishima, it is a tiny swab I use to take sample cells from your walls and womb to test for anything. It will tickle.”

Kirishima snapped his head to the doctor with a strangled look. 

Bakugou snorted. 

Now Kirishima was worried and uncomfortable. Would it hurt? Could it hurt the baby? Can he say no thanks? 

Bakugou squeezed Kirishima’s thigh soothingly. “We will discuss after, I wanna see my baby.” 

Dr. Magnisin nodded shortly, “Of course.”

He did his routine and finally it was time to do the ultrasound. 

The doctor brought in a screen and a bottle of gel. 

“Lay back for me and lift your shirt up.”

Kirishima leaned back and lifted it up just below his chest. “Is it going to feel weird?” 

The doctor shook his head and squeezed the cold gel onto his stomach. “No, I’m just going to move it around and it will appear on this screen.”

He nodded and watched the doctor move the gel around slowly. Kirishima didn’t want to look yet, just incase. 

Bakugou however couldn’t take his eyes off the screen. Studying every white form urgently for any sign of the baby. 

Dr. Magnisin watched the screen and moved the wand low underneath Kirishima’s belly button.

“Oh.. I see them.” 

Kirishima gasped slightly but didn’t look up. Waiting for Bakugou’s reaction before even glancing. 

Bakugou leaned over Kirishima towards the shape the doctor was pointing at. He couldn’t see it, everything was blurry until the doctor moved it just right and there . There was their baby. Holy fuck. Bakugou inhaled slowly, hands gripping the table harshly. Holy. Fuck. 

Kirishima noticed and started to freak out, “What? What’s wrong- is the baby okay? Katsuki-“

“Eijirou-“ Bakugou whispered. “Look.”

Kirishima stopped and finally turned to the screen. It showed a mess of white grey and black. He couldn’t understand what he was looking at until- is that- A head, legs, hands. The baby. 

 Kirishima choked out a sob and covered his mouth. My baby. 

“Would you like to hear the heartbeat?” Dr. Magnisin asked. 

Kirishima’s wide eyes snapped to him before squinting with tears as he sobbed loudly and nodded. 

The doctor smiled and pressed a few buttons. 

Kirishima stared at the screen. Then the noise didn’t come, he looked to ask what was wrong when a beating came through and Kirishima froze. 

Bump- Bump



It lasted in silence for a few moments before he couldn’t hold it in anymore. Kirishima cried uncontrollably, shaky sobs leaving him. He looked up to Bakugou with a smile and saw his boyfriend frozen. Eyes glued to the screen as tears slid down his cheeks. 


Bakugou faced him and sniffled. Letting out the biggest smile Kirishima had ever seen. 

His heart exploded with love and he pulled him in for a kiss. “Look! The baby is alright! The baby is fine!” Kirishima cheered and continued to watch the screen, hand in Bakugou’s. 

The baby is alright. 

Our baby is fine. 

Bakugou let his tears fall. He couldn’t stop them and didn’t want to. There was their baby on the screen peaceful and safe. Wow. That simple word described everything right now. 


It’s strange how you can love someone you've never met before. 

Chapter Text

“Here are the pictures of the ultrasound, and now let’s discuss what’s going on.” Dr. Magnisin sat down in his chair again. 

Kirishima clutched the pictures tight and nodded. 

After crying for a little while after the gel was wiped up, Bakugou had calmed him down enough to start talking business. 

“You are two months along. Which comes with many things to learn about your body and the baby.” Dr. Magnisin lifted a pamphlet up, “This is going to tell you everything I’m about to, so take it home when we are done. You are far into your two months, so the baby is bigger than a raspberry from their rump to crown. With this comes weight change, mood swings, and diet shifts.” 

Kirishima frowned, “Two months? But my stomach doesn’t look any different.” 

Dr. Magnisin nodded, “You won’t necessarily show at two months, however, you may. But you must remember that you aren’t a woman nor a man with a normal uterus. You are part shark so this will be slightly different to normal.” 


“You will experience bloating below your belly button, if you haven’t already. With that you will also gain weight if your pectorals to accommodate for the build up of milk in your glands. They won’t become full breast like some do, but they will be noticeably larger. Soreness is to be expected, along with back pain. I suggest taking it easy on training- in fact I would like you to go on leave.” 

“Leave!?” Kirishima gaped. “I can’t just take leave!” 

The doctor was having none of that, “Mr. Kirishima. You know how dangerous your job can be, if you would like to keep that baby of yours safe and out of harm's way then I do thoroughly suggest you take paid leave.” 

Kirishima crossed his arms but said nothing more. Bakugou sighed, “Ei, we can talk about it later.” 

Kirishima ignored the subject, “Diet shifts?” He asked dryly. 

“Your diet will change drastically, which you know as cravings. Most foods or smells you may have enjoyed, could become unappealing and cause nausea. Staying away from greasy and spicy food is your best bet. Eating crackers, drinking ginger ale will help morning sickness or any nausea as well.” 

“Spicy food? But I’ve been craving real spicy food lately and was able to keep it down.” Kirishima pointed out. 

The doctor crossed his arms, “That is quite alright if you can handle it. Not all pregnancies will cause morning sickness or nausea. Greasy and spicy foods may cause heartburn along with possible unhealthy side effects, which is why we suggest staying away from it.” 

Kirishima nodded.

“Mood swings will come throughout the 6 months of your pregnant.” 

Kirishima sat up abruptly, “6 months?”

The doctor nodded once more, “Unlike regular pregnancies which are 9 months, your pregnancies will be 6-7 months. The baby will develop faster. That can be a good thing because all the stages will go by quickly but it can also be hard for some.”

Kirishima was completely speechless. He had already missed the first month and he was going to be delivering in 4? “How big will the baby get?” 

“That depends solely on the baby, my best description is from fingertip to elbow.” 

Kirishima lifted his arm up and his eyes widened, “I HAVE TO PUSH THAT OUT OF ME!?” 

The doctor nodded, “Yes. The doctors will give you medication through delivery so you not feel all of the pain.” 

“Yeah. That’s reassuring.” 

Dr. Magnisin shrugged, “Depending on you and the baby, will decide how that goes. Anyway, mood swings. Your emotions will feel like they are on a roller coaster. One minute you may be happy, then the next, stressed. It is to be expected and completely normal. The best way I’ve been told to relieve some of that stress and bodily aches is to do yoga. Preferably maternal pertained yoga. That will keep you moving but slow enough to relax and soothe the baby. I’ll give you another pamphlet for that as well. You both should sign up for parenting classes and labor classes as well. They will teach you what to expect and how to handle most situations. It is best if you both are aware. I will give you a recommendation list as well. The last thing is fatigue. Being pregnant will take a lot out of you so your energy level may lessen. Again, yoga or light walking can help. If you experience anything uncomfortable or out of the ordinary. Doesn’t matter what. Contact me immediately and I will get you here. I want the best for you both so don’t hesitate to call and ask questions. I’ll give you my card as well.” 

Kirishima smiled, “Thank you very much! And one more question..” 

Doctor Magnisin nodded in encouragement. 

Kirishima smiled shyly and glanced at Bakugou, “Is there any restrictions to… to things we can do?” 

Bakugou frowned unsure of what he meant by- 


Doctor Magnisin chuckled, “At two months pregnant you are able to have intercourse. As you get further along it is not exactly suggested. However, you will not be giving birth out of your anus so the baby will not be harmed what so ever.” 

“Okay thank you.” Kirishima nodded. 

With that Dr. Magnisin left to grab everything. 

When the door clicked shut Bakugou leaned down to be level with Kirishima. “Getting ideas, are we?” 

His boyfriend shrugged with half lidded eyes, “Always had them. Just wasn’t sure, now I am.” 

Bakugou shook his head and smirked, “You are such a fuckin’ tease.

“How?” Kirishima laughed. 

Bakugou scoffed, “First. You come out looking all sexy to go see your moms.”

 Kirishima laughed loudly. 

“Second. We go into your room and I want to do something with you but you say no. Stop. This is how we got into this mess in the first place. And I was all ‘okay baby fine. Let my raging boner just die like a fallen soldier because I love you’. Then! You wake up and take a shower, come down looking all adorable and I just want to kiss you slow and have sex. But no. But now? We can? You’re lucky I fucking love you.” 

Kirishima wiped his eyes from laughing, “Katsuki, if it’s a big deal then we don’t have to.” 

Bakugou froze then leaned closer, “You little shit, you know I want you so stop playing.” 

That earned another loud laugh, and a firm kiss to shut him up. 

Kirishima pulled away slowly, “Later.” 

Bakugou felt light headed, “Fuck yeah.” 




Once Dr. Magnisin came back with everything, Kirishima was also given a list of herbs and vitamins that can be helpful and some to stay away from. They thanked him and made their next appointment. 

Bakugou drove home, itching to get Kirishima in their house and finally get to touch each other. Kirishima was just as anxious to get home, hands fidgeting in his lap. 

“I’m going to tell everyone tomorrow after I call Fatgum.” He announced. 

Bakugou reached over and grabbed his hand, squeezing slightly. “Okay, Ei.” 

Kirishima slowly moved their hand lower until it rested on his thigh. “So.. what do you want to do when we get back?” His tone was questioning but suggestive. 

Bakugou smirked and gripped his thigh, “Well since I got the Okay from Doc. I think I wanna do you.” 

Kirishima shook his head, “That wasn’t very sexy sounding. You need to up your game, Babe.” 

Bakugou scoffed, “That’s rich coming from someone who is already hard from just that. Don’t act unaffected, Eijirou. I know you.” 

It was true. Since leaving the Doctors, Kirishima had been waiting in anticipation for them to arrive home. Running scenarios through his mind, trying to keep himself in control and not throw himself down and blow Bakugou while he drove. 

He faced his boyfriend, “Alright fine. You got me. But really, it hasn’t been that long, sure. We had sex right before we found out about the baby and I’ve been pent up ever since. So tell me, Katsuki. What do you want to do tonight.” 

It was a demand for specifics. 

Heat curled into the pit of Bakugou stomach, sending electricity down his spine. Kirishima was asking to be told exactly what he would be doing to him tonight. Fuck I’m in love with him.

Chapter Text

“Fuck, alright.” 

Bakugou huffed a laugh and repositioned himself in the driver's seat. Pants already become tight as his cock filled to half chub. 

Excitement lighting him up.

Kirishima hummed and faced forward, hand already rubbing over his own bulge. Other sliding across the cup holders towards Bakugou’s. 

Fuck. Fuck okay. 

“What I’d do to you?” 

Mhm.” Kirishima hummed, hand finally landing in his lap. It slithered under his seatbelt and pressed down. 

Bakugou groaned slightly, hips moving against the contact. “The question is what I wouldn’t do to you, Eijirou. You’re so fucking perfect.” 

His boyfriend’s hand started rubbing over the indent of Bakugou’s shaft, squeezing the base just right. “Oh yeah?”

Fuck.” Bakugou shuddered as a wave of fire surged through his groin. “Yeah- fuck, Ei.” 

The hand stopped rubbing in turn for unzipping Bakugou’s jeans and slipping inside black boxers. 

Bakugou bit his lip hard when the hand let his cock spring free in the car. It was a rough tug until Kirishima used his pre-cum as slick. 

“Aren’t I the one who should be getting off, not you?” Kirishima smirked. 

Bakugou clenched his fists on the steering wheel to try and focus on driving. “Yeah well- fuck! You’re making it- shit. Making it hard.” 

Kirishima slid his hand up then twisted down, “I know.” He looked over. “It’s my job. Now give me a handjob.” 

Bakugou laughed through a low moan. “Ei, I’m fuckin’ driving and trying not to crash the car at the same time. I’m not going to take a hand off just to- FUCK!” 

Kirishima stroked up, thumb swiping over the head. “Fine. Instead, I think I’m going to tell you what I want you to do to me.” He squeezed as he stroked up and twisted on the way down. 

Another shudder ripped through Bakugou as he came closer to release. All he could do was nod and continue driving. 

Kirishima smiled and continued jerking Bakugou off, his other hand already stroking his now free cock.

The sight alone had Bakugou gasping as he almost came. “Wai-Ei! Fucking wait!” But Kirishima kept going, just slower. 

He hummed as if unsure of his desires. “I think I want you to blow me.”

Bakugou groaned. 

“Maybe add a few fingers until I’m shaking from too much stimulation.”

The image of Kirishima spread out with his ass presented in the air as Bakugou sunk two fingers past the tight ring, lewd moans and pleads leaving his mouth, flashed through Bakugou’s head. 

Kirishima’s legs quivering. 

Eyes rolling back. 

Wet heat.

A tight coil built in the pit of Bakugou’s stomach. “Shit, Eijirou.”

Kirishima’s pace quickened on both ends. “T-then when I’m crying and begging- mmm-hah! I-I want to ride your- sshhit- your cock.”

Kirishima’s hand tightened and sped up, back bending off the seat.

Bakugou shuddered, toes curling as the coil snapped. His eyes rolled back with a loud moan ripping through his throat as he came. Hands setting off explosions. 

Kirishima followed shortly after, giving a whine as cum shot onto his chest and cheek. 

Bakugou gasped heavily, brain fogged. 

“We could have died, Eijirou.” 

Kirishima sighed, swiping cum off his face and sucking on the digit. 

Bakugou groaned and floored the accelerator. Already on their street. 

“I’m going to fucking wreck you when we get home, Eijirou.” 

Kirishima laughed weakly, “I’m counting on it.” 


Bakugou swerved into the driveway, parking sideways haphazardly. He turned the car off and both men put their already filling cocks away before jumping out of the car. 

“Hurry up.” 

Bakugou fumbled with the keys, jamming them in the lock harshly. “I’m trying.” 

Kirishima shifted beside him, “Katsuki, hurry.”

With a growl, Bakugou turned the lock and shoved the door open. Then he was being pushed in by Kirishima. 

He gave a grunt as the redhead slammed him against the closed door.

Kirishima held his biceps and kissed up his neck. Bakugou chuckled, “Someone’s excited.” 

“Need.” Kirishima whined betweened sloppy kisses. “You.” He kissed Bakugou and pulled back slightly, eyes lidded. “Now.” 

That’s all Bakugou needed to flip their positions, earning a surprised noise from Kirishima. 

“Okay, Angel.” Bakugou purred before kissing his neck. Sucking hard just under Kirishima’s ear. Loving the feeling of his boyfriend squirming against him. 

Bakugou ground against him until Kirishima started meeting his hips with force. 

Foreplay was worth it knowing Kirishima could become such a mess just from wet kisses and dry humping. 

Ka- ah!” 

Kirishima whined in his ear, hands gripping fistfuls of Bakugou’s shirt. He wanted more, needed more. 

You want to me to finger you until your crying?” 

Kirishima’s chest heaved, “Y-yes.” He was already stuttering. 

Then split you open on my cock?” Bakugou growled. 

Yeah, that’d be nice. Kirishima pulled him closer, “Yes, please. Kat- mmm!”

Their home was filled with needy moans and grunts as Bakugou lifted one of Kirishima’s legs up and ground slow. Their erections pressing together.

Kirishima caught his lips in a fevered kiss. 

Heat pooled in the pit of his stomach, that familiar feeling creeping back. 

Please, Kat-“

A calloused hand slid under his button up, tracing over the firm planes of abs until they reached pecs and squeezed. Needing the swollen muscles, fingers tugging and teasing Kirishima’s nipple. 

Shit- Shh-“

Kirishima threw his head back, hitting the door with a thud. 

Electricity shooting up his spine, curling around his mind. 

Skin hot and crawling.

Bakugou growled against him, hips losing their steady pace, turning quick and erratic. 

He’s close

I’m going to make you beg for it, Ei. You want that?” 

Kirishima was about to lose his shit. “Mhm.”

Bakugou slowed, “Words, Love.” 

Kirishima whined, “Yes, yes I want it! I want it so bad- p-please, Kat!”

The calloused hand swept over his nipple again and Kirishima bowed off the door with a high whine. 

“B-ah! Bed?” 

“Bed.” Bakugou purred and lifted Kirishima up with ease. Making the male wraps his legs around thin hips. 

Fuck, you’re so strong.” Kirishima bit back another moan as his cock pressed against his ass.

Bakugou walked them up the stairs and kicked the door open, purring in Kirishima’s ear 

Shit, Ei. So perfect, fucking stunning for me.” 

Then shut the door.

Top or bottom, Babe?”

“I want you underneath me tonight, m’gonna put another baby in you.” 

“Fuck. That’s hot.”

“Oh yeah? Just you wait.”




“What do you think it is?” 

“I don’t know.” 

Kirishima sighed, rolling onto his back and rubbed his stomach slowly. Damp hair draped across his shoulder from the cool down shower they shared. Bakugou washed them up, almost putting Kirishima to sleep before rinsing the suds off and ushering him out to lay in bed. 

At first, he had planned to go right to sleep. Exhaustion finally seeping in after the excitement was dispelled, but Bakugou had other plans. Giving Kirishima another massage with lavender oils and telling him sweet nothings for another ten minutes. Kirishima fell into a calm headspace until Bakugou pulled him out. 

Now they curled together, enjoying the skylight above their heads. Stars glistening like they always did. 

“I think it’s a boy.”

Bakugou smiled softly, “Oh yeah?”

“Mhm. I think he’s going to look like me but grow up to be strong and courageous, like his Papa.” Ruby eyes turned to Crimson. 

“He’s going to grow up to be a great man with so much love for others and know when to say no and when to let his guard down.” 

Sun shone in his chest and Bakugou gazed at him before leaning in for a kiss. I’m so in love with you. 

“What do you think it is?” Kirishima asked in a whisper. 

Bakugou hummed. He had never really thought about it before. Never really considered what gender he would like, in truth he’d love whatever came out of Kirishima. Even if it was an actual shark.

“I think… I think a little girl.” 

Kirishima’s eyes widened in surprise. “Why?” 

Bakugou shrugged, “Dunno. It would be nice to have a daughter, someone who looks like me and has my spitfire attitude but has your loving eyes and kind heart. Someone who would break boundaries and make her mark on the world. Yet remain tough and so strong despite all odds. Rising above it all. Either way, I don’t care.” 

“That’s actually really sweet. I think I’m falling in love with you again.” Kirishima cooed.


“Hm, maybe….”

Silence surrounded them. Bakugou slipped his hand into Kirishima’s, daft fingers twitching slightly. 

Then Kirishima broke it. 

“What about their quirk?” 

Now that’s something interesting to think about. 

“I don’t know either but all I know is our kids going to be fuckin’ bad ass. Explosions and hardening that makes them become impenetrable? Fuck yeah, our kids going to become number one.”

Kirishima chuckled, “What if it’s not even that? What if they have the ability to cause earthquakes which is still like earthy n’ stuff but also create shock waves with sparks?” 

Bakugou laughed, chest bouncing off the bed. “What if they could make the earth move and create flammable projectiles to shoot from their body?” 

“Like a porcupine?” 

“Wha- yes, Ei. Like a fucking porcupine.”

“Hey! Don’t judge me!”

“Wasn’t judging.”

“Were too.”

“Okay maybe.”


“Yes. You do have a nice one.”

“Cut it out you pervert!”

Bakugou barked a laugh and rolled onto Kirishima. “The only pervert is you, as confirmed and documented.” 

Kirishima gave a dismissive huff, red hair encasing his head like a mane. “As if that would hold up in court. The judge would agree with me because..” hands slid down his back and squeezed the firm mound of muscle. Kirishima wiggled his brow, “You’ve got a great ass.” 

Bakugou hummed and leaned in for a kiss, “I hope our kid doesn’t have a mouth like yours.” 

A loud scoff interrupted the kiss, “And what!? Like yours is any better?”

“At least they will be able to speak in grammatically correct sentences.” Bakugou quipped. 

Kirishima scowled, “I could if I wanted to, it’s just how I am.” 

“Of course, Ei.” Bakugou assured with another peck to his cheek. Then the other. “It’s okay, you know I fell for your oscilite ways and whimsical words, Angel. It’s the quality I admire most whenever I speak loving to you and all I get back is ‘Luv ya too bb’. Not even a full I love you.” 

Kirishima burst into laughter, “That was only once! And Mina was writing for me, it wasn’t even my fault!” 

He continued to laugh and Bakugou joined in. 

They loved how each moment was never dull. Ever full of playful banter and loving graces. Bakugou couldn’t ask for a better partner. 

Kirishima would never entertain the idea. 

Slowly, they quieted down. 

Kirishima sighed with content, hand moving once again over his stomach. “I hope I start to show soon.” 

It was a peculiar hope but nonetheless endearing. “How big do you think you’ll get?” Bakugou shifted to the side, head resting on Kirishima’s chest. 

He shrugged, “As big as the baby needs me to be. If they need extra room, go ahead and blow me up like a blimp. I won’t mind a bit.” 

Bakugou snorted, hand slipping down to hold his stomach. “Pink Cheeks is going to be ecstatic.”

“Yeah. She’s going to cry.”

“And then you will.”

Kirishima hummed in agreement. “We get to do so much with this baby, Kat. We get to guess the gender, throw a baby shower. Pick a name, their first outfit, design their room. Pick a godmother and godfather- holy shit there is so much to do.” Kirishima tensed up. “We have so much to do before they come and we only have 4 months, are we going to be able to do all that?”

Bakugou lifted his head and held Kirishima’s face to ground him. “Eijirou, we will get it done. Some things way take longer, but that won’t make a difference. Picking a name and all that will be so much fun. Designing the room is going to be a blast, you know Ma will demand to help anyway.” 

Kirishima laughed, trying to shake his anxiety. 

They had so much to do, think of, finish. Their agency, what were they going to do with that? And with all of it, how was the extra money going to come in? Bakugou would need to pull extra hours, that’s even more of a risk for injuries or.. 

Kirishima tried not to, but slowly he was spiraling with worries. Even with Bakugou’s grounding hands, it was hard to pull back out. 

Bakugou watched Kirishima’s eyes become distant. Shit, he’s in his own head again. “Eijirou. Listen to me.” 

Slowly, consciousness came back into ruby eyes. Bakugou waited a moment longer before continuing. This needed to be engraved in his boyfriend’s head. 

“There is much to think about, plan and do. But we have all the time in the world. We. Will. Get. It. Done. Whenever you start to feel overwhelmed, I want you to hold your stomach and remember who this is for and know that everything will all come together. Okay?” 

Kirishima’s eyes crinkled in a smile. So manly. “Okay.”

Bakugou nodded, determined expression softening. “Good. If it makes you feel better, after you tell everyone and call work, you and me can sit down and figure everything out. I can call up Ma or your moms, even Midoriya could come help. I don’t care. Whatever, whenever, whoever. Your call.” 

The reality of how lucky Kirishima was really hit him at random times. Rendering him speechless with how phenomenal this life was. How perfectly sweet his boyfriend was. Just everything slammed down on a tenfold. I’m so lucky. Indeed he was, and Kirishima would never forget that. “Thank you, Kat. We can think about it tomorrow, I’m really tired.” 

“Goodnight then, Ei. Love you.” Bakugou laid his head back down. 

“Night, luv ya too, bb.” Smirk in Kirishima’s tone. 

Bakugou pinches his side, “Shithead.” 

A soft chuckle filled his ears as a soft kiss was pressed to his tuft hair. 

“I love you too, Katsuki.”



Kirishima paced the bedroom, hand gripping his phone with Fatgum’s contact open.

Eyes distant, hard lines making him look conflicted. 

Bakugou had been watching him for the entirety of their morning, waking to the sound of repetitive stomping feet over hard floors. 

“Are you going to call?” Bakugou questioned, it was more of a reminder that he was stalling. 

The hesitation, Bakugou understood. That one phone call would hold Red Riot from the streets for who knows how long his boss would demand. The guy was a huge softy and always wanted the best for Kirishima, he would no doubt put him on maternity leave for 6 months. Far too long for Kirishima. 

There were people to save and a city to protect. Even with all that, there still was an element of selfishness Kirishima felt. He was carrying their baby, a precious innocence that needed so much protection. So in truth, he wouldn’t mind staying on leave for however long stated. Kirishima could stay home to keep the baby safe, Bakugou would work extra shifts to keep their city safe. 

That would be fine and dandy if Kirishima could build up the nerve to just hit call. 

“I can’t.” He admitted and held the phone out in a silent request. 

Bakugou sighed, sitting up to grab the phone and hit ‘Call’. Then handed it back with a wink. “You’ve got this.” 

I’ve got this. 

Kirishima nodded and continued to pace as the phone rang. It droned on. Pacing getting faster until the line connected and he stopped. 

“Hey, Little chick! What’s on your mind?” His bosses cheery voice echoed through, immediately calming all nerves. 

I’ve got this. 

“Fatgum, I want to request paid leave.” 

“What for?” Fatgum asked, a hint of concern hidden beneath. 

Kirishima inhale slowly, wiping sweaty palms on jeans. “I- I’m pregnant, actually. I’m part shark-as you know, and it made it so I could conceive. I just found out a few days ago and turns out I’m 2 months along..”

The line was dead. 

Kirishima frowned, “Fatgum?” 

Then sniffling came through. 

Kirishima gaped, “Are-Are you crying?” 

“Yes.” Came the choked response. “You’re like a son to me and I’m so happy to know I’ll be seeing a little bundle of joy! Of course you can have paid leave, take as long as you need. I’ll even pay you extra to help out.” 

He felt like crying too, “Really? That’s too much! I can’t-“

“Kirishima.” Fatgum cut in. “It’s my honor to help you and that baby of yours. Oh, and who’s the father? Do I have to find someone and beat-“

Kirishima barked a laugh, waving off Bakugou’s confused frown. “It’s Katsuki’s, and he’s really excited.”

“That’s good. So when are you planning on getting married? Probably after the little squirt is born I imagine. I’ll help with expenses for that as well.”


“Um, we.. we haven’t really talked about that. That hasn’t even crossed our minds.” 

“Oh.” Fatgum paused. 

Kirishima chewed his lip. Marriage? “Why? Is that what people usually do?” 

“Most. Some people view it as a required or better next step after finding out they are expecting. Makes everything joined and easier in a sense. You should never feel forced to get married, if it’s not a step you’re both ready for then don’t.” 

They hadn’t thought about it. The subject of marriage had definitely crossed Kirishima’s mind before but never now. We could get married. Somehow, that simple idea put him on cloud nine. 

“Of course, of course. Yeah, no we haven’t. And thank you so so much! It means a lot.” Kirishima grinned. 

Fatgum laughed, “It's not a problem, Little Chick. Keep me updated with how you are, okay?” 

“Okay, Boss. Bye!” 

The line dropped. 


Kirishima pressed the phone to his chest. 

They could get married. 

They could be a family. 


Kirishima looked over to Bakugou. He could be my husband. 

Bakugou frowned back, “What's wrong? You look euphoric.” 

But, Bakugou might not want the same. I won’t force him to. 

Kirishima dropped the phone on the mattress and went to change. “Fatgum agreed to paid leave, said I could take however long I wanted. Even offered to pay me extra and help with any expenses we had.” It was crazy generous. 

“That was nice of him.”

Kirishima nodded, slipping a shirt on. “He’s such a nice guy.” Ever since UA, Fatgum has been like a father figure. Strong and caring. Supported Eijriou through everything and now. 

“Anything else?” Bakugou asked, searching for a specific answer. 


“Yeah..” Kirishima stilled. “He asked if we were going to be married after the baby was born. Apparently that’s what some people do after finding out they are going to have a baby. Told him we haven’t even thought about it.” But now Kirishima was. Having a silver or gold band on his ring finger, a constant weight a reminder of their promised love. Yeah, Kirishima was deeply craving it now. 

Bakugou was silent. 

Kirishima was afraid to turn around, but he did. 

Bakugou stared at the far wall, brow creased in thought. Face void of negative notions. He seemed contemplative. 

As long as he isn’t scared. 

Kirishima put socks on and walked towards the door. 

Bakugou was still thinking. 

“I’m going down to get food and call Mina over. I’d send a card with the ultrasound picture but I don’t want her crying on the way here.” 

At that, Bakugou pulled out of his thoughts with a snort. “That’s shit she’d pull.” 

Mina would be a mess as soon as she saw the pictures. Either crying, jumping around, squealing or all three. Kirishima was leaning towards her being the baby’s godmother anyway. They’ve been a duo for so long, and there’s no one he’d trust more. It was a choice he wanted, but needed to talk with Bakugou about. 

“Why don’t you come down and join me? I have some things I want to ask you about.” Kirishima waited by the door. 

Bakugou hummed in question then grunted. He got off the bed and followed Kirishima into the kitchen. Sitting at the island as he went through the cabinets. 

“What did you want to talk about?” 

Kirishima pulled out a bunch of fruit, then went searching for a bowl. “So on the topic of godmothers and father’s, and baby names.”

“Mhm.” Bakugou leaned on his hand. 

Kirishima placed a bowl on the counter then grabbed a knife. Intending to make a large fruit salad. “Well, how are we going to decide all of that? We both have opinions or ideas, where is our happy medium?” 

It was a good question. Bakugou seemed to agree because he sat up a little straighter, “That's true..” 

“I was wondering if you didn’t mind splitting it up?” Kirishima cut the strawberries. 

“Splitting it up?” 

Kirishima explained, “So, I pick godmother. You pick godfather.” 

Bakugou’s eyes narrowed as he considered it. “Whoever you picked would be fine and same for me?” 

“Pretty much. It makes it so we both have people in our baby’s life we trust and believe would be the best. But we both get to pick.” Kirishima dropped the fruit into the bowl and grabbed a peach. It could be considered unfair if one had a specific person in mind already for both. Which is why he asked.

Bakugou shrugged, “I don’t see a problem. Who do you have in mind?” 

“Mina. She’s been in my life forever and I trust her to care for our baby.” Kirishima stated simply. 

“And what about the baby name?” Bakugou leaned on his hand again. Stealing a strawberry from his bowl. 

Kirishima swatted the hand away with a scowl, “I don’t think one should pick the middle and the other pick the first. We will have to agree on one. So do you have any picked out?” 

The blond shook his head. “I never really thought about this. You?”

Kirishima shook his head too, “No. Never names, just what they’d look like. So we can start there.”

Bakugou looked off before mumbling, “What about the last name?” 

He stopped cutting. What would they have the last name be? Shit. “I didn’t think about that..” Naturally, the baby would take the mother’s last name but that would take away Bakugou's attachment as well. 


Kirishima frowned, going back to his task. “We can think about that later. Until then, you’ve got work so do.”

Bakugou chuckled, “Indeed I do.” 


Kirishima laid on the floor in the living room, head propped up by a pillow as he texted Mina. 


[Eiji]: You should come over right now 

[Ashido<3]: Why?

[Eiji]: I miss you so much

[Eiji]: …. and I have a surprise for you 

[Ashido<3]: Is it a mini skirt?

[Eiji]: No 

[Ashido<3]: Jewelry????

[Eiji]: No 

[Ashido<3]: Money!???

[Eiji]: No.

[Ashido<3]: Ugh, then I don’t want it

[Ashido<3]: WAIT

[Ashido<3]: Is it tickets to go see those guys in concert that I’ve been hinting at you about? 

[Eiji]: Wha- don't those cost $300 for a shitty seat?

[Ashido<3]: Honey, it’s worth it

[Eiji]: Right…. anyway it’s not any of those. It’s a gift for you that didn’t cost money at all. Its sentimental and I know you’ll enjoy it

[Eiji]: And Bakugou misses seeing you 

[Ashido<3]: Awe!! Tell Boss man I’m on my way to give him love! 

[Eiji]: See you in ten 

[Ashido<3]: Ya got it! 


Knowing Mina, with a gift involved she would arrive in about five. 

Alright, that was set. 

“Katsuki, she’s on her way!” 

Bakugou turned the corner, “Okay, I’ll grab the tissues.” Smug smirk etched into his face. 

Kirishima scowled.

They’ve been going through baby names all morning but none seemed right. Nor could they figure out where to pick the names from, girl or boy. 

Mina can help when she gets here. 

Kirishima prepared the ‘gift’ well before messaging her. He took out a card, wrote something in it, and placed the ultrasound picture in a tiny jewelry box with a red bow. Bakugou had laughed at how meticulous he tied it and extra Kirishima was being. What could he say? It was going to be perfect, so help him. 

There was nothing to do today, Bakugou didn’t have patrol until after 3:30, so they rested in the living room. Music filling the space, quiet hums rising with it. 

Kirishima loved how domestic it was, their baby would love their home. 

“What should the theme be?” He asked out loud. 

“For what, Ei?” Bakugou shifted on the couch, legs lifted on the coffee table. 

Kirishima turned on the pillow to face him, “For the nursery. Safari, baby animals, colors, sharks, heroes…?”

Bakugou’s lip jutted out, “I think heroes would be nice, but we can go out and look at what that baby store down the street has.” 

Kirishima nodded, “Okay. While we are there, we can grab some stuff too. Later I’m going to start clearing the extra room out. I want the baby near us.” As much as Kirishima would rather have the baby in their room, he was excited to set up a beautiful nursery. 

That room got a lot of light, but was far away from the street so the baby wouldn't be disturbed by noises. He could see it, a beautiful crib in the corner with a rocking chair and changing table to the side. Little baskets of stuffed animals and baby toys. Pictures all over the walls, a little carpet on the floor for the baby to roll around on. 

“Angel, You’re dazing again.”

Kirishima snapped out of it and blushed, “I was just thinking about how the nursery will look. I’m really excited, Kat.”

A knock came to the door. 

She’s here. 

Bakugou held a hand up to signal for Kirishima to let him get it. He left the room and Kirishima jumped up to greet his friend. 


“Awe come on, Boss man. I know you missed me.” Mina’s sing song voice rang through. 

“LIKE HELL!” Bakugou shouted and stormed back into the living room with Mina in tow. 

She was dressed in black jeans, gaudy pink leopard print shirt underneath a jean jacket. Her style was strange. 

“Eiji!” She hugged him tight and leaned back, “How have you been?” 

Kirishima beamed, “Really great!” He was nervous but so excited to finally show her the surprise. 

As if on cue Mina looked around, “Alright. Where is it?” 

Bakugou groaned and crashed back on the couch, “You greedy bitch.” 

Mina smirked, “Ah, your way with words.” 

“Shut up!”

“I’ll get it!” Kirishima walked into the office and grabbed everything. He stood still and calmed himself. It’s only Mina. Inhale. Exhale. We can do this. With a nod, he brought the gifts to her. 

Mina lit up, “Oh, a box? I thought you said no jewelry?” 

“It’s not. Open the card first.” He handed the envelope over. 

She took it and opened it slowly, pulling out a pink card and began reading the inside. 

You’ve been my best friend ever since we were kids. You and me have been the duo ever since our first meeting and will stay best friends forever more. You’re such an amazing person and I know you will care for them with all your heart.” Mina looked up with a confused frown, “Them? Who are you talking about?” 

Kirishima grinned and glanced at Bakugou, his boyfriend smiled softly. Go ahead. 

He nodded and continued, “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner, I didn’t know either but now I do. Here, open it.” He handed the box over. Mina peered down at it before slowly taking the cover off. 

“And I wanted to know if you’d do me the honor of being our babies godmother.” 

She stared at the ultrasound picture, hands slowly beginning to shake. 

Kirishima watched her and took another glance to Bakugou. He laughed quietly, holding a tissue box. 

“A-are you serious?” Mina choked out. 

Kirishima looked back at the teary eyes of his best friend. She was trying to hold them back. 

He nodded, “Yeah, Ashido. I really am.”

She inhaled quickly, wiping her eyes. “And this is your baby? Like in your stomach?”

He nodded again, smile growing bigger. “Yeah, that’s our baby.”

That did it. She launched herself at him and hugged him tight. Sobbing in his shoulder with joy. 

“I-I’m so happy for you, Eijirou! You both are going to be such great dads!” 

“Fuck yeah we will.”

Kirishima held her tight, feeling his own eyes well up. “I’m so excited!” 

She jumped up and down, still hugging him. “You better be! I’m going to be the best godmother!” Mina pulled back and grinned. “I’m going to spoil them, help them with anything!”

“I hope you don’t help them with style.” Bakugou commented snidely. 

Mina turned on him, “Just for that, im picking the ugliest outfit out for them.” 

He scoffed, “Like hell you will. I’ll burn it.” 

Kirishima watched them bicker and he wiped his eyes. I’m so fucking happy. 

“How far along?” Mina asked, staring down at the picture. 

“Two months. We just found out a few days ago, though.” Kirishima crossed his arms. 

She nodded, “Do you know who you want to be your coach?” 

“Coach?” He frowned. 

Mina put the picture down, “A coach is someone who supports you by giving continuous care before, during or after childbirth. They give information, physical support, emotional support, you name it. They help with decisions, anything.” 

Oh, well he hadn’t known about that. “Honestly, having a coach would be so helpful. Could you do it?” 

Mina waved him off, “Like I’d let anyone else do it. Please.” 

He chuckled, “I still need to tell everyone else.” 

Mina perked up, “Can I help? I want to see Denki cry.” 

“I bet Tetsutetsu is going to cry.” Bakugou sighed again. 

Mina grinned evilly, taking her phone out. “Let’s see about that.”


“Thank you for coming on such short notice. It means a lot.” Kirishima gave a lopsided grin to their friends in the living room. 

Mina had called everyone over without hesitation so Kirishima could break the news in person. That had been a better idea than just calling individually. 

Midoriya smiled back, giving a knowing wink. “It’s no problem. We missed visiting.”

Bakugou leaned over Kirishima on the couch with a scoff, “Well it ain’t going to happen again. So better enjoy it while you can.” 

Midoriya grinned wider, holding Uraraka’s hand while their daughter ran around the house. 

Everyone had shown up. Todoroki, Tamaki, Mirio, Momo, Tsu, Iida, everyone they grew up with. Even Shinsou made an appearance with his boyfriend’s Denki and Tetsutetsu. 

Kirishima’s heart was already full, he couldn’t wait to hear all the congratulations. Any minute Mina would come back with the food and they could start. 

Are you nervous?” Bakugou whispered in his ear. 

He was more anxious than nervous. Kirishima wasn’t afraid of what they’d say, just couldn’t wait to tell. “No. Not at all actually. You?” 

Bakugou chuckled and placed a kiss to his head, “Not if you aren’t.” 

“Okay! I’m back!” Mina announced and placed the food on the table. 

It’s time.

Bakugou placed a steady hand on his shoulder. Okay. Let’s do this. Kirishima cleared his throat, getting their attention. “We have an announcement. It’s actually the reason we called you all over.” He glanced up at his boyfriend. “We were blessed to know that we are expecting in four months. So I won’t be out on patrol for awhile.” 

The room was silent until Todoroki broke it. “Like a Baby?” 

Kirishima nodded, “Yeah. I didn’t even know it was possible until a few days ago. I’m actually two months along.” 

Simultaneously, each and every one of their faces lit up with the brightest smile. 

“Congratulations!” Uraraka said. 

“You both are going to be such good dads, Ribbit!” 

Iida smiled, “I’m pleased to know you are healthy and excited.”

Shinsou quirked a brow at Bakugou with a smirk, then he flipped the insomniac off. 

“I’M GOING TO BE AN UNCLE!?” Denki cried out, eyes wide. 

Kirishima laughed loudly, “Yes, Denk. You’re going to be an uncle.” 

Denki fell over in a fit of tears, hugging Kirishima. Then he stopped and looked up, “Wait, am I an aunt or an uncle?” 

Kirishima stared. 

ARE YOU AN IDIOT!?” Bakugou growled above his head. 

“What!? I wanna know!” Denki yelled back through sobs. 

Tetsutetsu got up and stood before Kirishima, clearly holding back tears. “I’m so happy, Dude.” 

Kirishima beamed, “Thank you!” 

Then he fell down behind Denki and hugged them both, crying too. “I’m so happy! I’m so happy for you, Bro!” 

Bakugou snorted. 

“You too blasty! Congrats!” 

Kirishima’s heart soared. This is the family their baby would come into, and they’d love them. He couldn’t of asked for anyone better. 

“AND I’M THE GODMOM!” Mina shouted, fist bumping the air. 

“Godmother? Who’s The Godfather, Kacchan?” Midoriya asked. 

Bakugou leaned off Kirishima with a shrug, “Haven’t decided yet.” 

Uraraka stood up, “What about a baby shower? Have you picked a day?” 

The word baby shower set everyone off. 

“Baby shower?..” Mina said, then a wide grin plastered on her face. “WE ARE GOING TO HELP YOU PLAN YOUR BABY SHOWER!” 

Sero laughed, “I don’t think Bakugou likes that.” 

“No I do not.” 

“But we are open for help.” Kirishima finished. 

Mina crossed her arms, “It’s going to be the best baby shower ever!” 

Everyone started talking about games and ideas. 

Tamaki and Mirio leaned over. 

“Congratulations. I’m really happy for you.” Tamaki smiled shyly. 

Mirio nodded, “I’m super happy for you! I knew something was up with Fat today, couldn’t stop mumbling about getting baby supplies.” 

Kirishima halted, “Baby supplies?” 

Tamaki shrugged, “He really wants to help out.” 

Kirishima laughed goofily, “Wow. I’m so lucky to have you guys.” 

They smiled and hugged him. 

Kirishima couldn’t stop smiling. This was so great. 

Bakugou leaned down and kissed his cheek, “ Are you happy?” 

Kirishima was floored with it all. He was practically glowing. 

So happy.”

Chapter Text

The next morning, Kirishima woke Bakugou with an earful of laughter. Joyous cackles pulling the dead asleep blond out of it and head whipping around, eyes squinted. 

“What the fuck are you laughing at so early?” 

Kirishima was sitting up in bed with the laptop open, screen blinding. He wiped tears away from the crinkles in his eyes and sighed, “The baby woke me up to eat at 5 and I couldn’t fall back asleep, so I took Mina’s advice and started a baby shower gift wish list.” 

Bakugou frowned, “How does that make one laugh, and loudly?” The laptop was turned his way, making Bakugou momentarily blind. “Some of the items are just so cute, I couldn’t handle it. Then I saw this really adorable baby carrier, and all I could imagine was you wearing it with the baby in a onesie, beach hat and you both have matching sunglasses on.” Another string of laughter. 

What a cute dumbass. 

Bakugou chuckled, resting his head on Kirishima’s lap and viewed the items too. “I’ll get up in ten minutes to shower, then we can go to the baby store. My patrol starts at 4, so it should be enough time.” 


Bakugou turned away from the scorching blue light to face his boyfriend's stomach, sighing and leaning closer. Kirishima went back to looking at items, huge grin on his face. Bakugou lifted up his shirt and began leaving light kisses on the slowly rounding stomach. 

“What are you doing?” 

Bakugou left another kiss, eyes closed. “Saying good morning to the baby.” 

Kirishima giggled, running a hand through ashen hair. “You’re so cute.” 

“Mm, no you.” Bakugou countered, sighing through another kiss above his belly button. 

“I think the baby likes it.” Kirishima whispered softly, leaning back a little. Bakugou wrapped his arms around his waist, pulling him back to land more kisses. “Oh yeah?” 

“Mhm. I can feel them moving.” 

Bakugou froze, eyes opening. “You can?” Looking up to the redhead but Kirishima was focused on his stomach, hand coming down to press on an area around the belly button. “The baby is right here and moving, I think they like your voice.” 

Something in Bakugou’s chest squeezed. 

“I- um..”

Kirishima chuckled, rubbing his stomach. “Sweetheart, that means continue speaking.” 

“Right, I knew that…” Bakugou eyed the stomach and placed a hand over where Kirishima had pointed the baby out. “Good morning, having fun in there?” 

Was there an art for speaking to a baby in a stomach? 

I wouldn’t know. 

“You’re probably not even the size of my arm yet, and to think your Da has to push your fat head out of his—“

Katsuki, that’s not what I meant.” Kirishima scolded, though is was watered down by a laugh. Bakugou smirked and went back to talking with the baby, “Once you come out, your going to be the strongest hero ever. Stronger than Midoriya’s daughter and her no good rotten daddy. Mhm.” 

Kirishima laughed, hands rubbing through blond hair. 

“Your quirk is going to be amazing, one day you might even surpass me but I won’t go easy. I may be old by then, but I’ll put up one hell of a fight.” 

“How charming.” 

“Shh, I’m talking with my kid here.”

“Oh, my apologies.” Kirishima abided. 

 Bakugou continued, “You’re going to be so strong and brave, and we are going to love you no matter what. Me and your Da will always be by your side, promise. Even if you don’t want to be a hero, we won’t care. We will stand in your corner because we will always love you—“ 

Sniffling caught his attention, Bakugou peered up at his crying boyfriend. “S-sorry, the hormones are just really making me over emotional. The baby settled when you talked by the way, they really love your v-voice.”

Bakugou smiled and sat up to kiss him, “You're so cute when you’re emotional.” 

Kirishima’s bottom lip wobbled, “No you!” 

Bakugou hummed a laugh, going in for another slow kiss before pulling back. “I'm getting ready, you should too.” He got up and walked towards the bathroom, stopping to lean out once. “Also brush your teeth, Ei. Damn.” 

A pillow was thrown at him and landed against the wall above his head. “Asshole!” Bakugou chuckled and went about his routine. Kirishima joined shortly after and breathed into his face as payback. 

“You’re disgusting!” 

“Yeah? And what about it!?”

“Fuck you!” 

Wish you would!” 

Then they ate before heading out to the baby store for the rest of the morning. 

Mina gave them great advice the night before; open up an account to make a wish list so that everyone attending can mark off what they are getting. It will make it easier for people to know what you have, don't have, need and want. 

Easy enough. 

Kirishima had the list open on his phone as they walked around, scanning the price tags as they went. Bakugou held his hand, letting him lead for a few minutes before noticing something and walking that way together. They both were equally excitable and ambitious about the gifts. Neither one becoming passive or over assertive, that was their happy medium. 

The ‘baby place’ was a large department store called ‘Miracle Bump’ , with everything from baby food to cribs and strollers, all low priced too. It had been established well around three years ago and by the look of how many people were in there, the place was popular. 

“Who are you thinking for the Godfather?” Kirishima asked while scanning a box of diapers. They hadn’t discussed further on that or names either, walking around a store seemed a good place to start though. 

Bakugou picked up a ugly blanket with frogs on it then put the thing back, “It’s not something I’ve thought about but…” 

Kirishima faced him. 

“But I… I don’t know yet.” 

Kirishima smiled secretly, knowing he had someone in mind but just hadn’t wanted to say it yet. “That’s okay, Kats. Come on, we still have to pick out a stroller.” 

They walked hand in hand towards the carrier section, halfway there when Kirishima squealed and yanked them to a rack. He lifted up baby shoes, eyes tearing up. “Look how small! They are so tiny oh my fucking- Katsuki! That’s how tiny our baby’s feet will be!?” 

Bakugou pulled the little booties closer and grinned, they were very small and adorable. “I guess so, imagine how tiny the hands will be.” 

Kirishima squealed again. 

“And the nose.” 

Kirishima almost fainted, “IT’S TOO MUCH!” 

Bakugou chuckled and scanned them onto the list, “Let’s go, we’ve got strollers to pick out.” 

So they went. Found one they liked, scanned a baby carrier with a car base and went over to the actually body carriers on Kirishima’s request. 

“Katsuki, put it on!” The redhead brought over a stationary grey baby carrier with so many straps and buckles. Bakugou looked it over before attaching it to his body with minimal trouble, “There, ya happy now- did you just take a picture?” 

Kirishima pulled the phone down and typed something with a huge grin, “Yup! And now your mother and mine have it!” 

Bakugou groaned and walked away, holding his back and looked at other things. “Whatever, everyone knows I’m going to look amazing with this thing.” 

“Yes, we know full well.” 

Bakugou lifted up a blanket covered in whale print, “As you should.” Kirishima stilled at the sight of the blanket. Bakugou frowned, “Ei?”

Kirishima put the phone away and grabbed the blanket softly, turning it over before pulling to his chest with eyes wide. 

“Ei, you're really freaking me out.” 

Kirishima lifted his stare up, “I just figured out the nursery theme.”

Bakugou glanced at the blanket, “Whales?”

“Yes whales. It’s going to be so cute, Ugh! Imagine all the little fat whales around the room with the soothing blues and gray.” He cooed happily. 

“What if it’s a girl?” 

Kirishima looked at him sharply, “So what? Girls can like whales, colors are for everyone.” Bakugou frowned and stepped closer, “Angel, I’m not trying to assign color or objects by gender, I’m just asking-“ he sighed. “No I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say it like that- I just..”

Kirishima smiled softly, scanning the blanket then put it back. He looked over his boyfriend's face before speaking, “Its okay. I got really defensive, I’m sorry too. What were you thinking for the color of the nursery?” 

Bakugou looked at the floor, conflicted scowl creating a large crease between his brows. “Maybe like a honey color. Real light though, it just creates a warm feel.” 

“Honey is an amazing idea, Katsuki.” A hand was placed on his cheek, “We can get the color before we head out so I can paint the room while you’re at work, yeah?” Bakugou looked up, “Yeah.” 

Kirishima nodded, “Okay, come on.” 

Bakugou lagged behind a bit but never lost his enthusiasm as Kirishima had him pick out everything whale and the baby’s first outfit which was adorable. Bakugou had to forcible detach Kirishima’s hands just so the lady at the cash register could scan it. 

“Geez, Ei. You’re getting it back right after.” 

Kirishima nodded quickly, eyes glued to the outfit in the woman’s hands like if he blinked the thing would be gone. “Yeah. I know I am.” 

Next was the honey colored paint. Which was Bakugou’s job to pick and he was taking that job very serious. 

They stood at the counter with a man in charge of paint.

“I said honey, that is not honey.”

The paint mixer looked down at the paint stick and back up, “This is the honey you picked out—“

“I wanted honey not hummus or shitty tan!” Bakugou pointed to it with grit teeth.

The mixer stepped back, sweating slightly. “I’m sorry, Sir. I’ll try again.” He went back to the swabs, “And you said you wanted-“


The mixer flinched, “Right.” 

Kirishima watched the exchange with an amused smirk, Bakugou caught it and pointed towards the man to point blame. “It’s like he never went to pre-school. Honey is an extremely warm yellow, and wildly different than gold. But I asked for light honey. A soothing honey. Not piss or pita chips!” 

Kirishima laughed at him, watching the mixer create another swatch. Hesitantly he brought it over and closed his eyes, waiting for the yelling. Bakugou snatched the swatch from his hands and looked it over in the light, then held to up to Kirishima. “Mm?” 

He perked a brow and looked it over, then held up the whale blanket he had snuck into the cart. “Mhm.” 

Bakugou nodded and shoved it back into the poor guy’s hand. “Congratulations, you aren’t a fuck up this time. Now give me 5 gallons of that, and brushes.” 

“Right away, Sir!” He hurried to mix up four more and brought over different brushes they’d use. “Is that all?” 

Bakugou put everything back in the cart, “Yes, unless I find a mistake then I’ll be back to fry your ass.” The guy paled and Bakugou smiled evilly, “Have a splendid day.” With that, he grabbed Kirishima by the waist and walked right back to the register, paid and left.  

Besides paint, they walked out with diapers, a diaper bag, pretty much things they should have before the babies arrived, and maternal products for Kirishima. All in all a pretty successful trip. Kirishima put their bags and paint in the back, sliding into the driver’s seat. “Want to head home?” 

Bakugou buckled and scoffed, “Hell no. You’re treating me to breakfast.” Kirishima did a double take before pulling out with a dramatically amused chuckle, “Me treat you? What makes you think you’re not treating me?” 

“I have a real good reason, and when I tell you, you’ll have no choice but to agree and go along with it.” Bakugou stated confidently, eyes closed and arms crossed. 

Kirishima looked him over with a lopsided smile, “Alright, fine, but if you’re only going to say that I love you, then it doesn’t—“

“You love me.” Bakugou smiled his way, eyes glinting in triumph because that was pretty slick and valid. Kirishima pursed his lips in a pout and focused on the road, “How did I know?” 

Bakugou shrugged, “Dunno. Maybe it’s because you're secretly a fanboy with a creepy shrine or some shit and you study me all the time.” 

“No.” Kirishima shook his head. “No, you’re just a brat.” 

Bakugou snapped his head towards him, “Excuse—“

“A bratty, snotty, hot pain in my ass.” Kirishima smirked to the road. 

“Last time I checked, you liked having a hot pain in your—“

Kirishima covered Bakugou’s mouth quickly and glared his way. The blond smiled back smugly, eyebrows bouncing.


“Mmfs.” He mumbled through the hand. 


Kirishima sighed loudly, head pressed back into the seat. “Alright! You brat, lunch it is.” Bakugou wiggled in the seat proudly. “Where does the King desire to dine?” 

The blond hummed, tapping his chin for a moment. “Let’s go to our usual spot, Eiji. Before I have to work overtime, I want to spend a few hours there.” 

Kirishima smiled contently, “You’ve got it.”  

Bakugou sipped on tea, watching Kirishima look around above his mug. 

He caught the man rubbing his stomach and looking at the pictures of far along woman on the brands back at the store a few times but never commented. Kirishima was really dead set on showing for some reason, Bakugou could only guess why. There was nothing wrong with it either. Everyday, his stomach lost its defined tone and became softer and rounded. Same with his chest that had become more prominent through loose shirts. His boyfriend had a glow around him, lighting up a room. Though, Bakugou could just have been biased. He was carrying their child after all. 

Kirishima shifted closer to the table, catching Bakugou’s eyes on him. “What’s up?” They still needed to go over finances. Fat and a few others offered to pitch in with funds and what not, which was very generous but they needed to calculate long term. 

Bakugou shook his head and winked, “Just enjoying my view.” Kirishima blushed, pulling hair behind his ear. 

He couldn’t go back to work right after either. Daycare would need to be arranged or a babysitter, possible schedule change so one parent would be home while the other was on patrol. Even then, they’d need to make sure gas money was at the ready. Insurance for the child, money to buy diapers, wipes, formula. Bakugou could sit down with Kirishima and their parents that Friday after he got off. Along with that, call the agency association and cancel their plans for the ZeroRiot Agency as much as that was like pulling teeth for them both. Reasonable sacrifices would be given in the name of that baby. Besides, who said they couldn’t start it up after the baby was old enough? No one and no one would. 

“Hey, Angel?” Bakugou began in a whisper, catching the males attention with ease. Getting a raised brow expression in question. “What did you think when Fat Gum asked about us getting married?” 

The question was wildly out of the blue and it showed on how utterly blindsided Kirishima looked as he floundered for something to say. 

“I- well I don’t really know exactly, it was really out of the blue- but then again that’s how Fat works but... I was confused.”

“Confused?” Bakugou leaned on his hands. 

Kirishima twisted his together, inhaling slowly like he always had when the conversation was turning serious and required level answers. 

“Mhm, confused. Mostly because I wasn’t aware that’s what some people did after finding out they are expecting and also because I never knew it was an option.”

“Never an option? Wait do—“

Kirishima shook his head, “No, not in the way you may have taken that. I meant not an option because we were so early in the game- don’t get me wrong! I’d love to marry you… if you’d marry me that is. I mean, we are such a badass team with obvious indestructible chemistry and strength. Not to mention love, so it was a no brainer for me.” He shrugged and Bakugou swooned hard. 

It’s really unfair how much I’ve fallen. I never even had a chance. 

“Well that would just be idiotic to split up such an amazing duo anyway. I’d marry the fuck out of you, Ei. You know that, or I hope you know that… just not now? Or probably anytime soon. We have this baby on the way and our lives to remake and an agency to put on hold then start. Marriage is an amazing step I’m willing to take… just when we are both ready.” Marriage hadn’t really been on his mind as a whole, just slight fleeting thoughts of how gorgeous Kirishima would look standing on an alter or the ever cheesy ground old together. Bakugou hope his boyfriend would understand. 

But who was he kidding? 

Kirishima slid their hands together and set him with a serene gaze. “I would always wait for you.”

Kirishima would always understand. 

Bakugou scoffed a laugh, “You better, or else we would need to talk.” 



Yeah, one day. 

Once the babies out of Kirishima’s stomach, and the agency was done up beautifully. Then he’d start preparations, just not yet. His mind wasn’t open enough for that thought. 


“How long have we been here?” Kirishima checked his phone. They had been there a peaceful three hours and counting. “You need to work in a few, let's head out.” 

Bakugou rose from his seat, “Ah, eager to get me out of the house I see. Gonna wait till I’m gone so you and pepto bismol bitch can do up the baby room without my input? I can see what type of asshole you are.” 

Kirishima gave him a scolding glare and pinched his ass on the way out, “Don't act so bratty, Kats. You know damn well if we had stayed there any longer, you’d throw a fit about being even a second late.” 

“First of all, fuck you.” 

Kirishima called over his shoulder while walking to the car, “Wish you would!—“

“SECOND! God, Ei, you’re filthy. Second, just because I like to show up on time doesn’t make it a bad quality. If it weren’t for me, I’m pretty sure you’d show up to labor late.” 

They got in the car and Kirishima jested, mocking him childishly. “Oh how funny! You’re so hilarious! AHA AHA. A -ha.”

Bakugou snarled and leaned across the middle console, “Shut up, Smart ass. Before I make you.” 

Kirishima leaned in, ruby eyes blazing with challenge. “Oh yeah? Should I be shaking in my boots? Begging for mercy?” He smiled slyly, eyes becoming lidded. “Get down on my knees and ask for forgiveness?

Crimson ignited, pupils dilating until barely any color was visible. Bakugou bared his teeth and surged forward, capturing Kirishima’s lips in a sloppy kiss. Both sides fighting for dominance, refusing to back down until one caved. It could really go either way, each side evenly matched. Was just a matter of determination. 

Kirishima hummed into it, reaching over to pull Bakugou forward as the blond’s hands tangled in a red mane. Car becoming hot and clothes just a little too tight. 

Give up.” Kirishima exhaled quickly between a sigh. 

Bakugou’s eyes narrowed, “Sorry, Red. Not this time.

Kirishima laughed short before taking it a step further. He leaned over the middle onto the passenger, forcing Bakugou to fall back. Quickly before he could situate himself, Kirishima straddled his hips and sunk down with a slow roll. Bakugou grunted in both surprise and shock of pleasure. “Fuck- Eijirou! We are in public.” Kirishima only smirked and kissed him again, rolling his hips once more. Licking into his boyfriend's mouth to muffle the moan. 

“Give up, and I stop.”  

He got an angered glare in turn. That would require Bakugou submitting, giving up a fight that he could easily have won if Kirishima had been playing fair. Unfortunately, he wasn’t. 

Kirishima leaned on the seat by Bakugou’s shoulder, lowered his head and ground down slowly until the blond was fighting back noises. Forcing himself to not submit. 

Come on, I know you want to.

Bakugou was putting up one hell of a fight with his own body and looked to be winning. 

Which wouldn’t do. 

Kirishima picked up pace, letting out his own lewd noises. 


“N-no. Shut up, Eij-jirou.” Bakugou bit out, crimson zeroed in on him. Kirishima pouted sadly, lifting off his lap and huffing a laugh when Bakugou whined at the loss. 

You’re going to be late.” 

“And whose fault is that?”

“Yours. Just submit and we can head home.” Kirishima offered low. Bakugou shook his head quickly, “No. I’m not losing to you again!” 

Kirishima sighed, “Suit yourself. Guess we are going to stay here like this forever until one of us cums in our pants which would only make you even more late.” He dropped down rather harshly. 

Bakugou wheezed. 

“Or? You could submit.” 

Bakugou quivered, eyes flicking over him before closing tight. “You- you! You fucking fucked fucker mother asswipe of a bastard little ratass bitch bastard and your fucked fuckface fucking fucked fat bitch ass stupid fucking—“

“Are you done?”

“Fuck off , I… fucking fine. You win. I submit.” Bakugou’s lip lifted in disgust and he looked off. Kirishima all but fell back against the dash in a fit of chest bouncing laughter. “I knew you had it in you, Kats.” His boyfriend scowled, avoiding his gaze. It only made Kirishima fall forward and poke his cheek, “Awe! You’re upset. That’s so cute.” 

Bakugou huffed. 

Kirishima rested on his elbow and commented dismissively, “If only you didn’t have work today, then I would've given you something to cry about.” Bakugou’s eyes snapped to him and narrowed until they were all but closed. Breathing picking up, “I hate you.” 

Kirishima kissed his forehead and crawled back onto the driver’s side, starting the car up. “Oh but, I know that’s a lie. So no point in saying it. Besides, you do have work so looks like you don’t get any until later.” 

“I really despise you.” 

“Another lie. But that’s okay, let’s get it out of your system.” Kirishima pulled out of the parking lot. 


Kirishima drove back towards their house, “I know you mean love, Babe. It’s okay.”


“Charming.” Kirishima corrected.


Kirishima sent a wink towards his fusing boyfriend, “You know I love it when you talk dirty.”

Bakugou groaned, “I don’t understand how I even put up with you. Just drive home, Eijrou, before I blow this car up.” 

“If you say so.” Kirishima complied easily, laughing when Bakugou’s hand held his despite all the complaints.

“When is Mina supposed to be here!?” Bakugou asked from their bedroom. They had arrived with way more time than intended. 

Kirishima was in the nursery with their newest bought items. Looking around to decide where to start. “Any minute? She said after her patrol ended so it could be whenever!” Mina and him were clearing out the stored stuff in that room and painting. Spending a little more time together and relaxing, if that could even be considered relaxing. 

“Okay.” Bakugou came up behind him with the duffle bag under his arm. Kirishima turned around and looked him over, making sure to remember every detail... just in case

“I’m heading out. Remember, if anything happens. Don’t call me first like an idiot, call the ambulance or someone from the doctors office. Mina will be here anyways. For anything baby shower, because I know she will ask, make the decisions. You know me well enough to answer on my behalf, I trust it will be fine.” Bakugou pulled Kirishima into a hug. “I’ll be back about 9ish? Depending on if I get the extra shifts I’ll be asking for. Don’t over work yourself either. If you’re too tired, text me, I’ll bring food home.” He stepped back. Kirishima nodded as he kept going. “Eat, drink, rest. Be mindful and careful. I love you and the baby.” 

They smiled at each other. 

“I’ll see you after work.”

“Damn right you will, Angel.” 

Then he left and Kirishima continued to stare at the room until Mina arrived. 

“You ready to get the nursery fixed up?” Mina asked as she rolled up sleeves to a shirt covered in paint and stains, hair pulled back just like Kirishima’s. 

“Sure am! Look at all the cute things we got!”

He led her into the baby room and pulled out the first outfit which made her cry a little at how cute it was, then agree happily with the idea of whales. 

“That baby is going to be so cute , I can feel it in my lungs.” 

“Same here.” 

Mina stood in the middle of the cluttered room and turned about it. “What are we starting with first?” 

Kirishima started pointing around to things, “Clearing out everything either into the trash or attic. Most of it are things we just never threw away or couldn’t find a better spot for.”

“Easy enough, let’s get this done.” 

And they did. 

Kirishima and Mina emptied that entire room, closet and all. Throwing away items, bagging things to be donated and putting some up in the attic. They were working up a sweat, music playing in the background. 

“It’s going to be really different now.” Mina said after a spell of silence. That was true. 

“I’ve already thought so much about that. It’s crazy.” Kirishima tossed another bag down the stairs. 

“No more alone time. Waking up in the middle of the night, stopping your life and revolving it around the baby.” 

“Yeah, but I know that’s what comes with having a baby. So does Katsuki. Of course, saying we know is different from experiencing it, so we will see.” 

“What about the agency?” 

Kirishima slowed, “Katsuki wants to put production on hold until we are stable with the baby. Which is a great idea..”

Mina eyed him, “But you don’t want to.” 

“No. Not at all.” He put the bag down, getting into the topic. “Baby and responsibilities aside, ZeroRiot has been on our minds since U.A. and we were finally on our way to make it happen. Now, finding out about the baby will never be a negative but we were so close. So close.

“Then what are you going to do about it?” 

“What can I do? I mean, I’m going to be swollen lopsided soon and swamped with appointments. I’m on maternity leave until further notice and Katsuki is taking up extra shifts. It’s not like I can just start it while he’s working and I’m off—“

Mina sighed. 

Kirishima’s eyes widened and he face palmed, “Shit. Why didn’t I think of that sooner?” 

“Because I’m the well of inspiration.”

Kirishima frowned her way, “How do I even get it started?” 

Mina crossed the room and sat down, “Where did you leave off?” 

He thought for a moment. “We found a lot, a few actually but there was only one we both liked equally. I could move forward with buying it but I can’t use that money for it- wait! Fat offered to help with any expenses if needed. I doubt he’d say no.” He’d need to call Fat tomorrow, along with setting up a press conference to explain why he would be out and invite heroes to the baby shower. “Mitsuki and my moms wouldn’t mind helping out either, along with you guys. It’s going to be such a big surprise!”

Mina frowned slightly, “Are you sure it’s a good idea to create the agency for you both without Katsuki's input?”

Kirishima stopped, “Alright. That’s true… I’ll just talk to him tomorrow. Man I have so much on my list, haha.” Along with so much more to consider, Kirishima’s mind was buzzing. 

“Well,” Mina looked around. “We only have that bag left before we paint and you want it done before bossman gets home, which is in about 5-6 hours. So, let’s get this done first before we make any agency plans.” 

Kirishima tied up his final bag, “Good idea.”

They would get their agency without any fallbacks or bumps in the road. Kirishima would make sure of that first hand. Katsuki deserved to have that place get off the ground like he had been wishing for awhile, was just a matter of talking and taking steps. Which hopefully wouldn’t be an issue. 

After another thirty minutes, the entire room was cleaned out and everything lined with painting tape. Mina spread the tarp out and poured the paint into a tray. “Hey, Eijirou! Do you want it all this color or just an accent wall?” 

Kirishima returned back into the room with all the paintbrushes open. He looked around for a moment, “Mmm.. No, all of it. The color is very dirty and worn out. We might even have to repaint the entire house actually, it’s about that time.” 

Mina nodded, “That's actually a great idea, it’s suggested to clean your house and organize before a baby arrives. Along with getting safety bumpers or locks, and monitors.” 

Kirishima listened, “Okay, yeah. I saw some back at Miracle Bump- oh! We filled up the wish list, by the way, so you can send it out to people or whatever you do.” 

Mina clapped, “Awesome. I’ll call you later in the week to ask about places, and who you want invited. For now, I can ask just general questions.”

Kirishima took some paint into a plastic cup and began edging, “Alright, shoot.” 

“Hold on, I’m going to write it down.” Mina said as she left for a moment. Kirishima continued working, being meticulous. He wanted to impress Katsuki when his patrol was over. 

This nursery is going to be gorgeous. 

Mina came back and sat next to him, “Alright. A few questions, and if you haven’t thought about it, don’t know, don’t know Katsuki’s opinion, or haven’t decided then it’s fine. We can just figure it out when I call on Friday.” 

Kirishima stepped onto the ladder and edged the windows, “Okay.” 

“With a budget in mind, what venue? Do you want it at a certain place? Your backyard? Living room?”

Kirishima thought about it, “With a budget in mind? Well if we are trying to save money, then we can do it in the backyard? It’s pretty big anyway and good for pictures.” 

“That’s what I was thinking too, the trees and grass would be perfect for a gender reveal- Oh speaking of that. Do you both want to be surprised or know right away and do a gender reveal for everyone else?”

That was an interesting question, one that got him excited. “That’s easy! Surprise us at the shower, it would be so much better to have our actual reactions.” 

“Okay. Invitations can be sent out later.. so that leaves…. Menu and decorations.” 

“Like food and theme?”


“It wouldn’t be fair to just have whatever we like. So when you send out invitations, ask what they prefer and set up around that.” 

“Easy enough. What about games?” 

Kirishima stepped down from the stool and went to the next window. “I know full well you and all the girls, even Denk, Todoroki, and Tets have ideas. So that’s all on you, surprise us.” 

“Oh, we will.” Mina assured, putting the notebook outside and began edging as well. “If we get this done before he gets home, it can dry and be ready for another coat tomorrow.” 

Kirishima moved onto edging the base banister. “Sounds good.” 

So they painted and edged until the entire room was done up. Kirishima looked it over and agreed it was to his liking before heading out.  They wrapped up the paint and paintbrushes for later and crashed onto the living room floor, utterly exhausted. Kirishima more than her from lack of energy thanks to the baby. 

“Have you looked up any coaching classes on the brochure from the Doctor?” 

Kirishima smiled sheepishly, “No.” 

Mina sighed long, “Of course.” She got up, “Where is it?” 

“The mail bin by the door.” He called under his arm that was draped over tired eyes. Kirishima slowly began falling asleep.

Footsteps returned. 

“I’m pulling up things from your computer, you can tell me whether it’s a yes or no. I’ll even print your coaching schedule.” 

Kirishima nodded, then after a moment spoke up. “Can you believe that I’m a teen dad?”


“I’m 19. Newly 19, and Katsuki is 20.”

“I still can’t believe how young we all are, and to think you both want to open an agency together now.” 

Kirishima rolled over to look at her, “Hey. No one ever said we weren’t ambitious.” 

She smirked, “Oh. We know.” 


“Its true.”

Kirishima groaned and rolled over, “I'm about to pass out, I’ve never had less energy in my life.” As if his body had to prove it, he yawned. 

“The baby is taking your energy, which is normal for 2/3 months along. I’m also giving you a maternity yoga disc from Ochaco,” 

“Fine by me, I’ll take whatever.” 

Mina continued to lookup coaching classes until Kirishima found one that had multiple days open with many hours available, agreeing to talk with Bakugou about his schedule before calling. 

“When is your next Doctor’s appointment, you should be just about ready to find out the gender.”

“Next Saturday, that was the earliest available but Katsuki has patrol.” 

Mina closed up the computer, “I’ll be there, don't worry. I can find out the gender then.”

Kirishima sat up and smiled, “Okay, I’d like that. The Doctor was actually my mother’s Doctors son.”


Kirishima laughed, “There was no ring, Ashido.” 

Mina nodded slowly, “Oh. I’ll be there Alright.” 

“Oh god.” 

They talked for the remaining hours until Bakugou arrived home. 

Going over how he was as a baby, to cross reference possibly tendencies. In truth, there was so much to look forward to and Kirishima almost couldn’t take it. 

Before Mina left, she promised to contact the moms because they wanted to help with the baby shower. 

“The moms have congregated and decided to help with the baby shower, Eijirou.” 

“Then I’m in good hands.” 

Mina leaned up and kissed his cheek then rubbed the slightly swollen stomach. “Bye, Baby! Bye, Hon! See you or talk to you later.”

Kirishima hummed happily, “See you later Mina.”

“Love you!”

“Love you too!”

Kirishima was alone in the house once again, which wasn’t bad. He enjoyed the quiet down time, well, not exactly quiet. Music was slightly loud in the background so the bat would get used to loud noises but besides that it was peaceful. 

There want anything to do and it was already 5:12, Katsuki would arrive soon. 

Dinner isn’t even ready

So Kirishima got to work on cooking a meal they both loved, Spicy Chicken Curry with asparagus. It would take a little to cook which was fine, that wouldn’t bother him. 

“Are you going to even like Spicy Curry?” He asked the baby. “Well, if you don’t I’m sure you’ll just push it back up…. please don’t.” 

The food was finished, just needed to be plated. While he waited for an hour, Kirishima remembered a suggestion from the Doctor; walking will help give him exercise needed. 

Pacing calmly, just making rounds on the bottom floor. Kirishima began humming to the baby, rubbing his stomach on the area the baby rested. It was pretty big, with how much it took up his stomach and moved. Pausing in front of the full length mirror by the door, lifted up his shirt to check and see if his stomach had grown even though it was the same each time. Kirishima would laugh at himself and keep walking, only to do it again and smile at the image of him swollen full. 

“For how big you feel in my stomach, you’re not exactly stretching out. It’s okay you know? You can make me fat if you want, I’d actually prefer it.” Kirishima whispered down to his stomach. Standing once again in the full length mirror. It was hard to really tell, and another suggestion Mina have came back. 

‘Take pictures for a baby book’. 

Which was a great idea, what better way to keep track. So Kirishima lifted his shirt and took a picture in the mirror from the side and looked it over. Going back a few months to see just how much he had actually grown and the difference was astonishing. Kirishima gaped, grinning happily at how much more swollen his stomach was compared to them. 


Kirishima walked for another ten minutes until the front door opened. He waited for his boyfriend to enter the living room with a smile, “Hi, Sweetheart.” 

Bakugou walked forward, looking exhausted and showered. He didn’t say anything while walking forward until he draped himself over Kirishima and hummed, “Mmf.” 

Becoming clingy. 

“Tired?” Kirishima asked amused. 

Bakugou nodded, “Exhausted… and hungry.”

“Supper is ready, Babe.” Kirishima kissed the side of his head. Bakugou held guns tighter and sighed, “Awesome.” He pulled back and looked over the redhead before laughing, “Eiji, you’ve got paint on your face.” 

Which perked Kirishima up, “That's because we finished the room!” 

Bakugou’s brow furrowed, “Already?”

“Yes!” Kirishima beamed and tugged him towards the stairs. “Come on! Come on and look at how pretty!”

Bakugou was ushered towards the stairs too quickly for his drained body to keep up with, nonetheless, Kirishima’s excitement made him smile. “I’m coming, I’m coming. Careful! You're going to pull my arm out!” 

“Then hurry up!” Kirishima urged while bouncing up the stairs, and dragged him down the hall. The door was closed and Kirishima presented it with an eager grin, “Alright, it's not completely dry. Tomorrow I’m putting another coat on but… ” he opened the door to reveal a warm toned room with beautiful honey walls. It was exactly how Bakugou imagined it. “Tada!” 

Bakugou stepped in and looked around it, eyes taking in everything. Kirishima started pointed to different areas, “The crib can go there or there! And maybe the changing table here!?” He turned to the blond, ruby sparkling. “What do you think?” 

Bakugou looked to the spot he pointed out, “I think the crib shouldn’t be by the window, just for precaution but the changing table should. For extra light. A lamp can go here and the toy bucket my Ma bought can go by the closet.” 

Kirishima followed and visualized, “Yes! That would look so much better!”  

Bakugou smiled as his boyfriend went on describing where things could go and how they would decorate the nursery with the infamous whale designs. He was ecstatic and honestly, Bakugou’s heart was doing that weird beating thing where he got all floaty and warm inside. Bakugou wrapped his arms around Kirishima and kissed the back of his neck that was exposed from his hair being in a rather messy but still adorable bun. “It’s going to look amazing after we are done, Eiji.” Then he yawned again. 

Kirishima spun around and kissed him quickly, “I know, I almost can’t wait to get all the stuff- oh speaking of which.. we have some things to discuss tonight.” 

“Oh yeah?” Bakugou asked, leaning back slightly. 

Kirishima nodded, “Mhm. So let’s go eat and talk, I made spicy chicken curry.” 

That had the tired blond perking up with a wild grin, “Is it spicy?”

Kirishima threw his head back, “So spicy!”

“Then the fuck are we standing around here for? Let’s go eat!” 

They retreated downstairs, Kirishima prepared their dishes and got the drinks before sitting down. Getting right into it. 

“I’m starting the Agency up in a week after I talk with Fat and our moms, if you’re okay with it.” 

Bakugou choked on a mouthful of curry, dropping his utensil and inhaled sharply. “Shit! So you’re just going to drop a bomb like that right away? No ‘Hey, Kats. How was work?’”

Kirishima crossed his arms and leaned back, “I’m sorry but I just really needed to start with that.” 

“And why are you starting the agency? I thought we agreed our money needed to be focused on the baby?” Bakugou took another bite, slowly this time. They had agreed to hold off but with the way it was planned, nothing would go wrong. He just needed to reassure his boyfriend. 

Kirishima nodded, “Yes, we did. I agree, if we didn’t have the funds and it would get in our way, then starting the agency would not be a good idea. However, we do and it won’t.” 


Alright, here it came. “Fat offered to pay for expenses of the baby as well as the agency when I brought it up. He was willing to copartner for a while until we get off the ground and running. As far as development goes, Tets’s family owns a contracting business that would not mind helping a family friend. Our moms have already said they were up to help with design. As far as employees go, we can hire so many wonderful people that are eager to get their foot in the door.” He grabbed Bakugou’s hand, “Honey, we could do it. We could get our dream. We have the resources, and I will have nothing better to do besides enjoy our baby, go to appointments, and stay out of work. You will be busy taking extra shifts, I could oversee everything. It would give me something to do in the hero business, and it would be for us…” 

“I don’t think it will be a good idea, Eijirou. Starting an agency is tricky and would need our full attention. We can’t risk running out of money on both ends. What happens if the baby is sick, we need to use money to buy medicine but we are late on bills? Hah? We can’t just be late and we can’t just not get the medicine. Angel, it’s so much to think about—“

“Katsuki, that’s the point of co-partnering with Fat. He would be willing to offer assistance until we are both able to be back in the field so our income would be back full force. I’ve thought about it over and over while you’ve been gone. It’s foolproof, please. This has been our dream and we can finally do it. Give our child somewhere to grow up out of the house and train.” Kirishima tilted his head back and forth, “Yes, it’s going to take awhile for everything to be finished but that just means by then our baby will be old enough for daycare. We could even have a daycare in our agency. Katsuki, do you see the possibilities that I do? I mean, it might just be for the better. What do you think?”  

Bakugou looked him over, then pulled his hand away. “I’ll think about it. That’s a lot of possibilities that might not hold up, not to mention it’s loaner money. Not to mention, we have one big thing to think about. You’re setting a lot on the table that seem a little far fetched and ungrounded.” 

“How is it far fetched—“

“We can talk about it later.”

Kirishima went to urge further, “But, Katsuki. It’s not—“

“Later, Eijirou.” Bakugou finalized softly. Eyes on his food. 

Kirishima shut his mouth and sat back, knowing that would be the end of it until tomorrow. “Alright.” He said weakly. Kirishima didn’t know why, but the change in tone and attitude really made him want to cry. 

So that’s what he did. 

Staring down at his bowl slowly getting covered in salty tears as they rolled down his cheeks, body shaking silently. It felt horrible in that moment, all he meant was to show Bakugou that their dream could come true along with taking care of something extremely important. To do something meaningful for the both of them. Kirishima inhaled a gasp and shuddered through a sob. He was extremely emotional. 

Bakugou had looked up at the first sound and watched his boyfriend bawl into a bowl of spicy chicken curry. Confusion making him silent. 

All Kirishima was saying was that their agency was as good as set. All the resources were there. Set out for them but Katsuki wasn’t even giving a real argument. Just called it far fetched? Ungrounded? He sobbed louder, shaky hands coming to cover his mouth. 


Somehow, that only made him outwardly sob louder. Bakugou pushed his chair back and leaned towards him, “Eijirou, what's wrong?” He shook his head, eyes squeezed shut. 

“Why are you crying?” He shook his head harder. “Is the curry too spicy?” 

Kirishima opened his eyes and looked at him, “No!” 

“Then what!?” Bakugou yelled back. Kirishima breathed heavily, hiccuping in the process. “I only meant- and then you s-said- so I tried to- and-and- and you just yelled at me!” He coughed and cried into his hands. 

“Yelled at you- are you crying because I said we would talk later!?” Bakugou asked exasperated. He hadn’t even yelled. 

Kirishima nodded, “Yes! You yelled at me and I felt so- so bad! I didn’t even mean to make you upset but I did but you- you YELLED!” 

Bakugou leaned closer and tried to pull his hands away, “You just yelled too! Eijirou, look at me.” He fought against him. “Cut it out! Look at me now!” 

Kirishima stopped suddenly, sniffling and looked up at him. 

Bakugou sighed, “Thank you, now what I was trying to say—“

Kirishima’s bottom lip wobbled, “YOU JUST YELLED AGAIN!” And sobbed. 

Bakugou sat silently in the chair just watching him have a meltdown over being told they’d talk later about a huge decision that wasn’t even properly talked about. Kirishima wasn’t going to come down with the help of Bakugou, he would just need to wait it out. So he sat there, listening to his boyfriend sob and babble loudly until the only thing coming from him were soft sniffles and weak coughs. 

Bakugou shook his head with a sigh, “Are you done?” He asked softly, just in case. To his relief, Kirishima nodded. “Okay.” They sat there for awhile more, until Kirishima was silent for more than a minute. 

He’s so emotional and overtired. 

Bakugou stood and began clearing the table, leaving Kirishima to do the dishes. 

Had Bakugou taken it too far or not considered his proposition enough? Was Kirishima that passionate or were his hormones just adding extra emotion? 

Bakugou came back to find Kirishima still hunched over the table, face covered by his hands. A long sigh left his lips, “Come on, Ei. Let’s go to bed.” Kirishima compiled without complaint, letting himself be picked up by the blond and carried upstairs into bed. Once laid out, he rolled over and faced away. 

Bakugou went to get ready for bed, knowing Kirishima wouldn’t want to talk right away. 

His argument had been pretty weak. Bakugou never used such lackluster words to undermine Kirishima’s plans. Ungrounded? Bitch please. They were even unrashional, Kirishima had covered every base except time and place. Bakugou was never in the right headspace after a patrol to talk about shit like that and Kirisbima knew. Or maybe he was too hormonal, if that was even a justifiable and usable reason. Who knows. Kirishima had just been off, plain and simple, and Bakugou had not handle him well enough. On both ends? Shitty. 

Bakugou sat back in bed with the side lamp on and put his reading glasses on. Kirishima wasn’t going to fall asleep right away so no point in him falling asleep and not being available if Kirishima wanted to talk. 

The redhead stayed facing away, Bakugou pulled out a book and read silently. Glancing here and there to his boyfriends hunched back. It had to of been about the fifth chapter in they Bakugou had gotten to wits end of how long Kirishima was allowed to mope before he leaned over him. “Eijirou, I didn’t yell at you. I was saying later so I wouldn’t be exhausted when I-“ 

Kirishima’s breathing was soft, eyes closed. He was asleep. Bakugou sat there and gaped down for another ten seconds before laughing to himself. “I love you, Eijirou.” He kisses his boyfriend head and rolled back over. Turning the light off and closing his eyes. We will talk tomorrow.

Chapter Text


The birds chirped outside their home. 


Morning sun climbing higher as it hit midday. 


House a warm gold from its rays shining through the windows. 

“Ei-Kirishima Eijirou!”

“What!?” Kirishima snapped back, finally answering Bakugou for the first time that morning. They had woken up at the exact same time but hadn’t uttered a word to each other until that moment. 

“Hi. Good morning.” Bakugou said with brows raised. He had expected them to talk but all he got was a sulky boyfriend with hard eyes and a harsh tongue. Was the meltdown from yesterday carried over into the next? If it was hormones wouldn’t they change? 

Kirishima looked him over and turned away, going into the living room with his food. “Morning.”

Bakugou stared after him, hands shaking in annoyance of the attitude. Kirishima seriously couldn’t just give attitude continuously and expect the things he wanted, to go his way. It wouldn’t work like that, Bakugou wouldn’t just roll over and hand shit up because he didn’t want a fight

He’s a pain in my ass

But Bakugou would be damned if he let Kirishima continue with his attitude. 

Kirishima sat on the floor in front of the couch, bowl of fruit almost gone while he rubbed his stomach with a smile. Now he could have written it off as just normal hormones that had nothing to do with him, Bakugou might of just been in the way but as soon as he entered the living room, ruby eyes lifted and spotted him then scowled. It was all because of Bakugou. Which until he figured out exactly why, was unfair. 

Bakugou stood over him, “Alright. What is wrong?” 

“What ever do you mean?” Kirishima asked, turning back to his fruit. 

Bakugou huffed a short laugh, “What do I mean? Don’t act so dumb, Kirishima. You know what I’m talking about.”

“Oh, so I’m Kirishima now?” Kirishima asked coldly, deflecting the conversation. 

Bakugou squinted down, “Yes. Until you talk and treat me like your boyfriend, we are back on last name basis.”

Kirishima looked up and huffed. 

So much fucking attitude. 

“What is with your attitude this morning? I tried talking to you and ask what you wanted because I was going to make you breakfast but you ignore me.” 

Kirishima pointed to his fruit, “I made my own.” 

Bakugou motioned to it, “That's the point! You never communicated. I asked you and instead I got ignored, then I tried calling you and I get ignored again. I knew you heard me because I was standing right in front of you. So what is the deal? What is your major malfunction?” 

Kirishima looked him over before standing up slowly, looking level with Bakugou. “My major malfunction? My problem? My issue?” 

“Yeah. Tell me.” 

Kirishima nodded, “Alright, Bakugou. Yesterday I was super excited to talk about the agency and yes I’ll admit I dropped it at the wrong time, but you shot it down unfairly. Ungrounded? Please, as if I would bring something to you that isn’t ensured to work.” His eyes flicked over crimson. “Then you proceed to cut me off instead of letting me finish and try to explain, by saying later like you’re my father. Which you’re not. I understand if you would like to talk later, I am okay with that and I got emotional because that’s how wacked my hormones are being but you never gave me actual reasons to hold off until later. To put my excitement aside. Not once did you even pick up on how disheartened I was. Really? ‘Was the curry too spicy?’ Come on.”

“Was I supposed to!?” Bakugou asked loudly. 

“Yes!” Kirishima shouted back. “It wasn’t even the fact that you said later! That couldn’t have mattered more, but it was the issue that I was riding a high of excitement and you let me plummet!” 

Bakugou gaped, “What!? So this is my fault?”

“No! Not completely, it is both of our faults.” Kirishima corrected. 

“Then what’s the big fucking issue!?” Bakugou just wanted to understand. 

Kirishima shut his mouth and stared hard. Then he shook his head, “You know what? Just forget it. I should be over it in a few minutes once I shower and go talk to Fat at his agency.” 

Bakugou’s head jerked, “What? What the hell are you doing over there?” Was he running away from an argument? 

Kirishima stepped away and picked up his bowl, “I’m talking to him about the baby shower, and about me coming out to the media to explain my absence. I should only be there for two hours but I’m not coming home right away.” 

“What the fuck? Where are you going then!?” Bakugou was confused and getting slightly upset. “Why are you taking off on me?”

“I’m visiting my moms, then I’m going to T’s to ask a few things. And after that, me and Mina are going to a coaching class.” Kirishima wasn’t even listening. 

“A coaching class? Aren’t those supposed to involve me as well?” Bakugou stepped closer, hands popping. “Are you just taking off and leaving me alone because you don’t want to talk about this?” 

Kirishima stayed still, calm. “No. But don’t you have work in an hour?” 

Bakugou stopped. 

“I wouldn’t want you to be late, I’ll take care of the dishes.” And he walked away, leaving Bakugou there. 

What the fuck!? 

That wasn’t even a real conversation. There had been no breakthrough or conclusion, just Kirishima taking off on his own schedule and leaving Bakugou to his own. That’s not how they communicate. What were they supposed to do when they both came home? Just continue this charade? Hell no. 

I’m not letting that happen. 

Bakugou turned and walked back into the kitchen and stood behind Kirishima at the sink. “You may not want to talk about this anymore but I do.”

Kirishima glanced back, “You’re going to be late—“

“Fuck my job!” Bakugou cut him off, getting a confused look from Kirishima. “My job is to love you unconditionally and work things out no matter what! So that’s what I’m doing!” 

Kirishima shut the water off, dried his hands turned around. “Alright, fine. Let’s work it out.” 

Bakugou leaned against the island, “First off, I am apologizing for cutting your excitement short. I know who you are and I know how you like to put everything on the table before making a decision. I didn’t let you because I wasn’t in the right headspace from work. I didn’t pick up on your emotions either because it was really out of character for you to just burst into tears like that, it was new to me. And I’m going to apologize for using fucky fake words to try and push the conversation off. It wasn’t ungrounded, in fact it had been perfectly thought out. I might have agreed on the spot if you hadn’t asked me last night. Okay? I am sorry.” 

Kirishima looked him over before exhaling, “Thank you.”


“Thank you for giving me something to actually hold onto. Everything before? Too confusing and unreliable to truly carry on from but now I get it. And I’m sorry for ignoring you, you didn’t deserve that. I’m sorry for asking at a horrible time.” Kirishima smiled softly but it was still strained. 

Bakugou rubbed his face, “Today was a shitty morning and I need to go into work until 9 again.”

“I really am leaving in a moment to go see Fat, I have stuff to get done.” 

“Yeah. It’s alright, I’ll see you after work.” Bakugou nodded but stayed against the island.

Kirishima watched him. “It’s still not fixed, I can feel it.” 

Bakugou faced him, “It's far from fixed but it will pass because we concluded we both were to blame and we apologized. We know how to move on from this.”

Kirishima stepped closer, “Yes but there is still no finality.”

“You want an answer on the agency?” 

“And you want to know if I’m truly alright, and if it’s a good idea to answer me now.”

Bakugou eyed him, taking a moment to consider. “I’m not a pushover. I’m not answering you because you cried a little and I want you to shut up or just because you cried and I felt guilty.” 

Kirishima nodded, “I know.” 

“We aren’t starting the agency now. Not today because when you buy the lot I want to be there but yes.”

Kirishima perked up, “Yes?” 

Bakugou nodded, “Yes. We can start the agency and you can oversee it. That’s a great idea, even the daycare.” 

Kirishima’s lips broke out into a grin, “Are you sure?”

“Don’t make me take it back.”

“Alright!” Kirishima glowed with excitement. “It’s going to be the best agency!”

Bakugou huffed a laugh, “Yeah. Damn straight.” 

Kirishima and Bakugou got ready, said their goodbyes and went on their way. Bakugou stayed on patrol until nine at night while Kirishima did everything he said needed to be done; talked with Fat about the baby shower and co partnering which turned out great. He would be honored to attend the shower and help get the agency off the ground, even gave Kirishima a little boppy for the baby. Then he went to his parents for a visit, talked about how things were going and that the agency was a go. Spent a few hours looking through baby pictures. Then his final stop was at the coaching class, which turned out to be pretty medium in difficulty. Mina was supportive and helped great but Bakugou would definitely need to attend them next time. Kirishima brought a schedule home for them to go over later, utterly exhausted by the time he stepped into the house. He kicked his boots off, ankles aching and lower back throbbing. Kirishima wanted a damn bath. 

The water ran warm with bubbles practically spilling over the side with soft music playing in the background. The redhead sunk into the water with a sigh, yeah that was good. 

Kirishima rubbed over his stomach slowly, humming to the song from their car ride. His stomach had swelled up a lot over the past few days but not largely yet. Kirishima couldn’t wait for that, if it happened but even so it was alright just that way. Bakugou would be home any minute and they could discuss more things, or not. Whatever his boyfriend wanted. 

Their fight was lousy pointless, they usually never fought over things as minimal as that but Kirishima’s hormones were on wack lately. 

I’ll apologize again anyway. 

Kirishima rested his head against the tub, hand moving around smooth skin and stopped as he let himself relax. 

Something moved against his hand. 

Kirishima shot up, staring down at the bubbles where his stomach was. “Did…” 

After moving the hand again and letting it rest, something kicked him again. Kirishima went rigid, eyes wide. 

The baby just kicked. 

“The… the baby.. oh my god they kicked!” He shouted with a large smile, repeating the actions and shrieking when another hard hit landed against his hand. Kirishima laughed joyously and the front door opened. 



Kirishima grinned and kept giggling as the baby kicked against him and moved about. Loud footsteps grew louder until his boyfriend barged through the door with eyes wild. 

“What!? What? What’s wrong with the baby!?”

Kirishima lifted his smile to him, bouncing around happily. “The baby kicked! Come feel!” 

Bakugou’s shoulders dropped drastically and he crouched down beside him, sleeves pushed up. “You’re so lucky, I almost had a heart attack again.” 

“Sorry, I was just really excited.”

Bakugou huffed and pushed suds out of the way, hand submerging pressing on an extended belly. Kirishima took his hand and demonstrated the motion from before, “I don’t think they like when I stop rubbing.” 

Bakugou’s brow furrowed as he moved his hand around, adding light pressure then stopped.

Waiting patiently.

Nothing happened for a while and Bakugou sighed in disappointment, “I don’t—“

He jumped in shock as something kicked him. 

Kirishima grinned wider as their eyes met with the same excitement. “See? Isn’t it amazing?”

Bakugou nodded and moved his hand around and waited, smirking as the kids moved around. 

“It’s fucking amazing. How long have they been doing this?” 

“It just started actually, pretty lucky timing.” Kirishima stood up from the water, taking the offered hand from Bakugou and a towel. 

“Apparently, how was your day?” 

Kirishima stepped out onto another towel, letting his tied up hair fall down. “Long. My ankles and lower back hurts bad but the water helped a little.” Bakugou drained the tub and lead the way into their bedroom, sitting on the bed as he got dressed. “Do you want another massage?” 

Kirishima peered back as the towel dropped, “You're offering quite a lot of massages lately.” 

His boyfriend shrugged, eyes easily taking him in with a fond smirk. “Been feeling real generous lately.”

“Oh, how kind.” Kirishima pulled up sweats and crossed the bedroom to him, leaning down to press a kiss on his creased forehead. 

Bakugou sighed, “I’m a kind man.” 

“Yeah, you are.” Kirishima hummed and left the bedroom after hanging up the wet towel. “Come on, let’s talk.” 

“Hmm, am I in trouble?”

“Only if you want to be.”

Bakugou chuckled, stepping onto the bottom floor, crossing rooms to the couch. He dropped down heavily, scooting closer to his boyfriend. “What do you want to talk about?” 

Kirishima pulled out a piece of paper, “This is the coaching class schedule so you can get those days off and we can go with Mina.” 

Bakugou took it and looked over each date with a nod, “Alright, I’ll bring it into work on Saturday. There should be no issue but I may be called in either way.” 

Kirishima shrugged, resting his head on his shoulder. “I know. Fat also gave the okay with copartnering, and helping with the baby shower. I’m not going to go public about this until I’m ready to go back in which is safer.”

“Mhm.” A calloused hand ran through subtly damp hair. 

He pressed into it and kept going, “Told mom about the agency and they will talk to your mom tomorrow when they all for for brunch. Spent some time looking at baby pictures and what she went through with me. Things to expect from my side of the family.”


“Then just coaching class which was nice, really educational too. Mina was really great, I’ll be less nervous with you there too.” 

The hand stilled, to be replaced by a soft kiss. “Me too, Ei.”

“How was your day?” Kirishima nuzzled closer, pulled him into a hug. 

Bakugou’s shoulder bounced, wolf grin on his face. “Easy shit really. Kicked a handful of villains asses, and only ruined one piece of property but that was because the bastard wouldn’t come out. Cowards.” 

Kirishima laughed, “Did you get hurt?” 

“No, just some scrapes. Stress, worry lines I guess.”

That was usual, that was best. When nothing serious happened to their body in terms of injury, stress became the biggest issue. 

“Good.” He asserted with another sigh. “Tomorrow we are going over finances?” 

“Yeah, and whatever else you want to do.” 

Kirishima stayed silent for a while, thinking and Bakugou knew what was on his mind. It was pretty obvious anyway. 

“You want to buy the lot tomorrow?”

Kirishima perked up instantly, “Only if you’re certain about it tomorrow.”

Bakugou rolled his eyes, “I only said we wouldn’t buy it today and I’ll be with you tomorrow. So yeah, we can buy the lot and you can get started.” That would be fine, his boyfriend would have a project along with the baby room. Kirishima sat up and caught his eyes, “On Saturday, Mina is going with me to the appointment to find out the gender and then throwing a shower. I don’t want to know, do you?” 

Bakugou looked him over, then shook his head. “Not if you don’t, it wouldn’t be fair. Besides, I want to be just as surprised as you.” 

It earned a soft smile, “Fair enough.”

“Fair enough. Now let’s go eat, I’m dying.”

They ate and talked over a few more things before moving up to the bedroom to sleep, bodies exhausted. 

Lamp on. 

Bakugou sat up in bed waiting for Kirishima to finish washing his face and putting some lotion on his stomach. It made him smell like vanilla. 

The door opened, he came out and plopped down on Bakugou’s lap. Scent of vanilla lifted up to his nose and he inhaled slowly. The blond started to scoot down under him but stopped when Kirishima whined. 

“Would you mind reading to the baby?”


“Ei, I’m seriously about to pass out as we speak.”

Kirishima lifted his head and pouted, “Ma said babies can hear their parents voices through stomach and reading calms them down when they feel anxious or when they are moving about. Helps familiarize.”

Bakugou pushes out his bottom lip. They stared each other down for a moment before he huffed a laugh. “Oh, alright.” His reading glasses were put on, “Fine, you and that kid win. What do you want?” Bakugou peered around the bedside table at the stack of books they usually read. Kirishima jumped up suddenly, grabbing his attention. “I have a book.” Then ran out of the room. 

A moment later, he was back with a book. He held it up, “This was my favorite that you read, you do the voices and stuff really good.” 

Bakugou held his hand out with a smile, “Hand it over then.” The book was given and he opened the book up, getting comfortable as Kirishima wrapped up around him in his lap. 

Bakugou started to read where they left off. 

“Wait! Start over.” 

Bakugou lifted the book to peer down, “Why?” 

Kirishima’s brow came together, “I want the baby to know what's going on, duh.” Bakugou shook his head and started from the beginning. 

As you wish. 

Bakugou read, doing each voice like Kirishima loved and narrated dramatically. His boyfriend giggled underneath the book, putting his own comments in. 

The blond glanced down, Kirishima was watching him. 

“Shut your eyes, go to sleep.” 

Kirishima hummed, “The babies awake, so I’m awake.” But that wouldn’t work on him so easily. Bakugou closed the book on his finger and furrowed his brow in a scolding manner. “That baby will have an appropriate bedroom unlike his Da. So close those eyes.” 

Kirishima glowered but closed them, pressing his face into the blanket. Bakugou scratches his head and continued to read, getting less and less commentary from Kirishima until the room was silent except for his reading. 

He paused, peering down. 

Kirishima was passed out. 

Bakugou smiled, always works. He continued reading the rest of the chapter and put his glasses away.

The light was shut off. 

Bakugou shifted lower until they both were laying down, and threw a blanket over them. He wrapped an arm over his boyfriend and stared at the ceiling for a minute. 

I have things to get ready.