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You, Baby, and Me

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Kirishima and Bakugou fell back onto the mattress. 

“Holy shit.” Kirishima laughed, out of breath.

“I fucking know.” Bakugou stared at the ceiling. 

Their labored breathing syncing as the room fell still, leaving them hot, clammy and sore. 

Kirishima exhaled slowly, grinning from ear to ear. “That was amazing- we were amazing.” 

Bakugou chuckled, rolling over to kiss his boyfriend's forehead. “And you were fucking hot.” 

Kirishima simultaneously blushed harder and squirmed. “I think the hot one here would be you.” He wiggled his brow and bit his already abused lip. 

Bakugou snorted and sat up, “Clean up time. Get that ass out of my bed and into the shower. You need it.” 

Kirishima got a view of his back. Long raised scratches ran over the caverns and dips of muscles. Rippling as he got off the bed and strode into the shower. “Fine. As long as you take it with me~”

Bakugou glanced back from the bathroom with a smirk, “Already asking for more? Greedy aren’t we.” 

He shrugged, getting off and immediately stumbling. “What can I say? You did me good. Besides, I can still walk so I think that’s not a job well done.” 

The teasing challenge hit home and Bakugou shook his head. “You’re going to regret that, Red.” 

“Mmm. I don’t think I will, but you can certainly try to persuade me.” Kirishima closed the door behind him and was enveloped in another kiss. 

Bakugou pulled back for a moment, “Eijirou.” 

“Mhm?” Kirishima gasped. 

Red bore into him, and Kirishima stilled. In a whisper Bakugou leaned close, “ The next time you tease me, I’ll make sure you won’t walk for a week. Oh, and I love you.” 

It was so intimate but shamelessly dirty and Kirishima moaned as his boyfriend ground into him. Such a Bakugou thing to say. 




Loud footsteps came from up the spiral staircase. 



His boyfriend came stomping down the stairs in a tight white sweater and black jeans. As usual, Kirishima looked stunning.

“Because.” Kirishima stopped on the last step and narrowed his eyes to slits. “I was looking for this sweater, spent an hour looking for it in the closet where someone was supposed to put the laundry away when I realized, that someone forgot. So I checked in the supposed to be empty hamper and found it. Now. We are here.” 

Oh. Well that would be on him. Bakugou smiled sheepishly and held his arms open. “Baby. You look so good, have I told you how gorgeous you are today? No? Yes?” 

Kirishima shook his head, “You are lucky I love you otherwise I seriously would have decked you a while ago.” 

Bakugou huffed and crossed his arms, “Well don’t be getting any ideas. I quite like my jaw the position it’s in.” 

Hmm. Don’t know… did you do the dishes?” Kirishima questioned, walking over and wrapping his arms around his boyfriend’s shoulders. 

Bakugou paled a little and chuckled. 

Kirishima‘s expression fell flat, “Really? It was your turn, Katsuki, I was on patrol.” 

Bakugou rolled his eyes and waved his hands around as much as he could. “I’m sorry. I forgot, just been a little..-“

“Nervous?” Kirishima smirked softly. 

Bakugou snorted, “Really. I haven’t seen them in so long and they really missed seeing you but.. I don’t know. It’s just been so long.” 

Kirishima leaned off and straightened Bakugou’s shirt. “I’m always going to be there, right behind you, getting a nice view of your ass.“ 

Bakugou laughed and shoved him off playfully. “Pervert.”

Kirishima chuckled and pulled him back into his arms. “But. No matter what, we are a team. Nerves and all, I am right there with you. So deep breaths, and let's go.” 

They had been dating for a long and glorious three years since they first met at 16 and 15. It’s been a long and sometimes hard ride but they always came out stronger and better together. 

Bakugou smiled softly, “How did I get this lucky?” 

That smile was only for Kirishima’s eyes. 

Kirishima shrugged, looking through a hooded gaze full of adoration. “I could ask you the same question, Blasty.” 

Bakugou hummed and leaned in for a gentle kiss. 

“Let’s go. The old hag is waiting.” 

“After you.” 

“Stop lookin at my ass.” 

Kirishima laughed loudly. “Can’t stop me.” 




Kirishima shook more salt onto his curry, diving right in but still craving more. 

“How has the patrols been going, Kirishima?” Mitsuki asked from one end of the table. 

“Oh yes, we were wondering which agency you are under. Usually, we would follow the news but lately me and Mitsuki have been staying away from it.” Masaru added from the other. 

Kirishima grinned, “Fatgum has been amazing to me. Everyone is so hardworking and very courageous. Honestly, I’ve grown from them.” 

Mitsuki smiled, “That’s great.” She looked to her son, “And how are your patrols going?” 

Bakugou glared, “Why don't you mind your own damn business?” 

Mitsuki scoffed, “Shut up you ungrateful brat! I’m asking because I care!” 

Bakugou laughed mockingly, “Yeah, alright.”

They stared each other down for a few seconds before they broke their act. 

Bakugou shrugged, taking another mouthful. “Patrols been easy as hell. Taking extra shifts whenever I can, but it’s been kinda fucking slow.” 

Mitsuki chuckled, “Good. I’m glad you’re staying busy.” 

Kirishima never understood their relationship but never had enough to really ask what the hell was up. So he sat back and let them do their thing. It wasn’t ever with any real heat anyways, otherwise he would of stepped in. 

Dinner continued. 

The salt was to half empty now and Kirishima was still shaking more into his bowl. Damn, it’s like I’m not even putting any on. He frowned as another bite wasn’t palatable. 

Mitsuki watched him warily, but stayed quiet. 

“Kirishima, any big news? What’s a new development in your guy’s lives?” Masura inquired. 

Kirishima frowned, he looked at Bakugou then to his parents. “Katsuki hasn’t told you?” 

“Well, no.” Mitsuki shot a look to her son.

Bakugou shifted in his seat and looked to him, “I um- I forgot to tell them...” 

Kirishima nodded, “Oh, okay well..” 

Bakugou placed his hand on Kirishima’s arm and spoke for him. “I’m sure you guys aren’t expecting this but I think you guys will be able to guess what’s been going on.“ 

“Oh.” Mitsuki placed her fork down and crossed her arms with a knowing smile. “I know exactly what’s going on.” 

“Huh?” Kirishima’s brow came together. 

“How?” Bakugou frowned. 

Mitsuki shook her head, “The glow around him, his silky hair, the intense craving of salt?” She looked at Kirishima as she spoke. 

Kirishima placed the now empty salt down slowly. 

Mitsuki beamed, “Kirishima, how far along are you?” 

It was silent. 

Then the two boys erupted into loud laughter. 

“Pregnant!?” Kirishima howled. 

Bakugou shook and slapped the table, “That’s fucking hilarious- him? Pregnant?” He wheezed. 

Mitsuki wasn’t laughing, in fact her face was so serious that it stopped both of them dead. 

Kirishima frowned, “You aren’t serious, right? Men can’t get each other pregnant unless it’s under certain circumstances and these aren’t it. I don’t have the right body parts.” 

Mitsuki looked him over confused. “Didn’t your mother get pregnant with you without a man? Your mom was the one who made you with her.” 

“Yeah..” Kirishima sat back. 

She nodded, pushing her bowl away. “Your mother said she was part shark. If a woman and a woman can get pregnant without help then it makes sense for it to be passed down. If your mother is part shark and be impregnated by any gender then it would make it possible for you to become pregnant too but surely you know that. There is no need to hide it, we will support you both.” She smiled encouragingly. 

Kirishima lost all color.

Bakugou stared at his mother. 

Mitsuki continued. “How far along? Really, I’ve been wanting a grandchild forever.” 

Kirishima stood abruptly, looking shaken up. 

Mitsuki’s eyes widened in realization, “You mean you-?”

Kirishima shook his head, holding onto the table to steady himself. 

Bakugou had gone ghost white and silent. 

Kirishima covered his mouth, “I think I’m gonna he sick.” 



“What does it say?”

“I don’t know-“

“Has it finished yet?”

“I don’t know-“

“When does it-“

“Katsuki, I don’t know .” 

Kirishima stood away from the pregnancy test sitting on Bakugou’s parents bathroom counter. He couldn’t even look at it. 

Mitsuki handed the stick over after he had emptied the entirety of his stomach and had calmed down enough to take actual steady breaths. 

“Okay, Okay..” Bakugou paced around the small room. Hand tugging on hair. It was making Kirishima anxious. 

“Please, Kat. Can you just- just sit or something.” 

Bakugou stopped and looked at him for a second before nodding. “Sure.” He dropped down onto the toilet seat but then began bouncing his foot. Kirishima groaned and covered his eyes. This was overwhelming and ridiculous. He wasn’t pregnant. He can’t be pregnant. Kirishima just got on his feet in the real world and having a baby would get in the way. Short term disable his life. 

“I think it’s done.” Bakugou whispered now next to him. 

Kirishima whipped around and grabbed the test. 

He held his breath as he looked at it.


There, smack dab on the handle were two blue identical lines.

“Two blue lines.” Kirishima said weakly. 

“What?” Bakugou frowned. “What does that mean?” He grabbed the box and turned it about frantically. “Two blue lines? No- it’s wrong- two blue lines two blue lines.. it’s wrong- we don’t know if that’s what it really means.” 

Kirishima wasn’t listening. 

His legs were weak and his lungs felt like they were being ripped from his chest. 



Kirishima’s legs gave out and he fell to his knees. 

“Woah!” Bakugou got down and held him. “Eijirou, are you okay?” 

“I’m going to have a baby.” Kirishima let out breathlessly, staring blankly at the pretty red shower curtain. 

Bakugou was silent and slid down next to him. 

“Yeah.” He said after a beat. 


He was pregnant. 

Tears pricked Kirishima eyes and he blinked them free. 

“I’m- how do I- is this even-“ Kirishima shook his head as more tears fell. 

Bakugou stayed quiet. 

He inhaled sharply and looked at the test in his hand. “Are we even ready to be parents?”

A hand slid into his and squeezed. Bakugou leaned against the cabinets. “We will be.” 

Kirishima let out a soft sob and leaned his head on his boyfriend’s shoulder. 

I’m pregnant. 

But he wouldn’t be doing it alone. 

He laughed as another sob racked his lungs. “We are having a fucking baby!” 

Bakugou snorted, sniffling a little. “Yeah we are.” He croaked out. A smile in his voice. 



“Is he telling his moms?” Mitsuki walked into the kitchen. 

Bakugou jabbed a thumb towards his old room, “Eijirou is on the phone with them now.” 

He hopped onto the counter and rubbed his eyes. 

Kirishima was pregnant, and with his baby. 

“What were you really going to tell me?” 

Bakugou laughed, “Was going to tell you both that me and Ei are finally getting ZeroRiot agencies off the floor. Got approved a month ago and have been looking for a building or a lot ever since.” He shook his head, “Kirishima was wondering if you both would do design for the interior but I guess that hadn’t gone as planned.” 

Mitsuki placed a hand on his leg, “You know we’d be honored and no it didn’t. I’m honestly concerned what would have happened if I hadn’t said something and 9 months later Kirishima’s water just broke.” 

That was a terrifying scenario to envision. Bakugou’s head hit the cabinets with a thud. “I just can’t believe it. I mean, a fucking  baby? That’s ours? We will need to provide for it and be able to support it.” He shook slightly. “How are we going to do that? How is Ei going to work while he’s- and what about me? I can’t pull too many hours without everyone on my ass about being overworked- what about our agency? We can’t spend money on that instead of the baby-“

“Katsuki.” His mother cut him off calmly. She ran her hands down his shoulder and he relaxed them. “Yes. Having a baby when you aren’t prepared can be hard. There will be a lot of responsibilities and hardships. Sacrifices and hurdles but with those come reward and happiness.” She inclined her head to the right and Bakugou looked up just as Kirishima walked around the corner. He was smiling brighter than the sun. 

“Look at him.” His mother continued. “There are going to be many questions and insecurities weighing you both down but he doesn’t seem one bit regretful. That baby is going to be the best thing to ever happen to you both.” 

Bakugou nodded. 

“That little baby is going to be the light of your life and every time you see it, everything you endured and will endure is going to be worth it.”

Kirishima came into the kitchen and rubbed his arm. “Ma and mom cried. Then I cried.” He giggled. 

Music to my ears. 

“They want us to come and visit this weekend, got a lot to talk about.” 

Indeed they all did. Bakugou held his arms open and Kirishima reluctantly leaned into them and sighed with content. 

“We can head down tomorrow, I’ll take the day off. I’m sure everyone will be thrilled.” Bakugou kissed the top of his hair and Kirishima laughed. 


Mitsuki winked and left them alone. 


They were going to have a baby. 

Eijirou’s life was going to slow, forget Bakugou’s problems, with the baby Eijirou will need to change so much.

Kirishima looked up at him, “I’m terrified.” He admitted. 

“Me too. But I’m less scared knowing that this is going to happen and I’m going through it with you.” 

That settled Kirishima enough to make him grin. “I love you.”

Bakugou presses a tentative kiss to his forehead then lips. “And I love you both.”