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The Alternate Universe/Star Trek Voyager

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Chapter 78: Future's End: Part Three.

Captain Kathryn Janeway's POV


I slowly entered my quarters, guilt. Massive waves of guilt washed over me. I took off my jacket and headed to my bedroom. I stopped. Then I turned to the door where my children's room was beyond. My children are alone. At a time they don't understand. I should have never placed them in that position.

I walked over and opened the door. Moving to sit in their darkroom on Micheal's bed. Memories washing over me as the three of them spent lots of moments in this room. Arguing about useless stuff and trying to improve their relationship. Tears slowly went down my cheeks as I looked up to see a familiar figure standing at the entrance of the room.


I quickly wiped my tears away and gave him a weak greeting smile.

He was silent as he moved to sit beside me. Placing his arm around me and pulling me into a hug.

"I am sorry."

"It's not your felt."

"It's not your either."

I couldn't bring myself to believe that as I couldn't stop tears from streaming down my cheeks as I let my head fall on his shoulder. We sat in silence for a while.


Bini Filters's POV

Micheal, Sarah and I sat in a small cafe near a park, sipping tea and hot chocolate with our breakfast that we got for free, thanks to the lovely people working at the cafe. We must look like hell, we slept in an alleyway all night. I kept watch to make sure we don't get beat up.

I finished my toast and leaned forward on the table as Micheal fiddled with his broken combadge. It barely looked like one now.

"What is on your mind?" I asked the pair as I rubbed my eye to get whatever was irritating it away. Micheal sniffed and leaned back in his chair.

"I miss Mommy. How are we going to get back to Voyager?" He asked. Sarah stopped eating and looked over to me. They both were expecting some answers. I sighed and shrugged. Starting picking at my food. Trying to not see the pity looks the waiters were giving us.

"'t know. What we need to do is find Tom and Tuvok. How we do that, I don't know."

"I don't like this timeframe," Sarah muttered. I laughed out loud and grinned.

"You think this is bad? What about 2020?" I asked. Micheal and Sarah showed a confused look at each other than back to me. They don't get it. I better explain. "2020 had a pandemic. Something called Covid-19. Everybody basically had to stay in their houses for months. Schools were cancelled for a long time. Rules were everywhere. Controlled chaos." 

"That doesn't sound too bad." Micheal disagreed.

"You weren't there. It was bad."

"You weren't there either, dumbas-!"



I rolled my eyes and we fell into a comfortable silence. I looked out the window and saw a camper pull up on the road, with a picnic table nearby. Three people leapt out of the van. One looked like...Holy shit. I watched as Tuvok walked away from the van and Tom went to the picnic table. I must have started hyperventilating in shock because I was tapped on the shoulder and barely turned to see a waitress looking down at me in concern.

"Are you alright, kid?" She asked. I nodded mutely and she backed away hesitantly. I banged on the table to get the kids' attention, which I did. Scared the shit outta them. I pointed at the van and they cheered up immediately. We scrambled up and thanks to everyone before running out, running across the street and hiding behind the van. Micheal tugged on my sweater, silently asking me why we are waiting. I gestured to the girl that stood watching Tom working on a radio.

"Who the hell is that with Tom?"

"A lady? He clearly trusts her. Move on. Move!"

"Impatient much?"

"I want to go home! Move!" Micheal barked, shoving me to the ground, causing Tom and the random to turn and looked at us. Tom grinned and immediately got up running over to us as I got up and pulled us all into a hug. A big bear hug.

"Damn, I am happy to see you guys!" He said as hug us harder. I was having trouble breathing honestly.

"Tom, pl-please! I need to breath!" I begged. He let go and we followed him to the picnic where he introduced us to Rain Robinson. That lady I was suspicious of. He continued to tinker with the radio.

"Let me guess. Someone broke into the van last night while I was sleeping, tried to snatch the stereo, you bravely fought them off and now you're repairing the damage." She joked. 

"That's exactly what happened." Tom replied with a smirk.

"My hero. What's it like? Life as a spy, I mean."

That's what he told her to explain everything strange about them?


"Oh, right. I forgot. But you said secret agent and nobody says secret agent. And you do that a lot. You get things not quite right, like you don't belong here." She concluded. She is good.

"Rain, you're fantasising." Tom said with increasing annoyance.

"And you're insulting my intelligence. Yesterday afternoon I picked up a UFO in orbit. Today my life is completely out of control, so don't think I'm too stupid to notice."

"I apologize."


"Would you also accept that there are lives at stake here? The more you keep asking me questions, the more difficult you make things. For everybody."

"I'll try."

"So, why'd you become an astronomer?" Tom asked, trying to switch the subject. she shrugged and sat beside me. Seeming to forget that Micheal, Sarah and I were here.

"My brother had a telescope, a little refractor. You could barely see in the treehouse next door actually, but it was enough. It was enough to see the rings of Saturn. I remember. I remember I used to think that they looked like jewels from a pirate's treasure. All I ever wanted since then was to reach up and touch them."

"Good morning." 

I looked over to see Tuvok approaching with drinks and fast food for the three of them. It wasn't like he could predict that we would be here.

"Agent Tuvok, what's up?" Rain said with a grin as he placed the food on the table and she moved to look through it. 

"Breakfast is up. Have you made any progress?" Tuvok asked Tom.

"I think so." He muttered as he continued to go through the radio.

"Chili burritos, foot long hot dogs and Goliath Gulps. This is not a breakfast, this is an afternoon at Dodger Stadium." Rain complained.

"And that is a non-sequitur. Would you please hand me a burrito." Tuvok retorted.

"Everything you guys do is just a little bit off." She muttered as she forfilled Tuvok's request. Suddenly, smoke rose from that radio and Tom sighed in frustration and leaned back.

"These things are kind of crude. So much for sending a locator signal."

"There is another option."

"The radio dish at the Observatory. We could use the same set up-"

"The same set up as I used to send that message to your whatever it is up in orbit."

"We will require your assistance."

"No kidding." Rain barked back.


"Not on an empty stomach."


(One hour later)

Chakotay's POV

I did my best to stay focused on the job as my concern for Kathryn was evident. That last couple of days have not been kind to her and last night was especially tough now that her children are missing, along with Tom and Tuvok.

"Starling downloaded nearly twenty percent of our computer core while we were trying to beam the timeship out of his building." I reported as we sat in a meeting in the briefing room with the senior staff.

"I'm replacing those programmes as quickly as I can, but some of it isn't retrievable," B'Elanna replied morbidly.

"Like the Doctor." Kes jumped in. "There's literally nothing left of him. He's just gone."

"Unfortunately the Doctor is only one of our problems. Our weapons are offline, Tuvok, Paris and my children are still missing somewhere in Los Angeles, and we've confirmed Captain Braxton's hypothesis. If Starling does attempt a flight to the future, it will most likely end in disaster."

"Captain. I've analysed Braxton's schematic. The temporal technology is incredibly complex."

"No matter how much a genius this Starling might be, he is not a trained pilot from the twenty ninth century."

"Without the exact calibration, that ship will rip the time-space continuum apart," I concluded.

"The instant he jumps to the twenty-ninth century, there won't be a twenty-ninth century. Not for Earth anyway. The entire solar system will be destroyed."

"I want that timeship." Kathryn barked.

"Long range transporters are still down. We'd have to drop out of orbit again." B'Elanna replied.

"Captain, I strongly recommend against that. The more legitimate news organizations have apparently decided that the Voyager image is fraudulent. However, I've also been monitoring more official channels and the United States military is taking things just a little more seriously." Neelix pointed out.

"If we risk another pass through the lower atmosphere, there's a chance of getting intercepted by the Air Force."

"If we can't get to the ship, maybe we can get to the man. Torres, I want-"

"Captain Janeway." A crewman interrupted on the comlink. "I'm receiving a transmission from Lieutenant Tuvok, audio only."

"Mister Tuvok, report."

"Lieutenant Paris and I are at the Griffith Observatory with your children. In the Hollywood Hills. We have modified the satellite dish transmitter to carry and receive Voyager communication frequencies. I regret the bad connection."

She smiled in relief. It lightened my heart.

"That's quite all right, Mister Tuvok. What's happened?"

"We have become associated with a young woman employed at the astronomical laboratory. It was she who sent the message to Voyager, but her lab is under the supervision of an individual named Henry Starling."

"Oh, we've met Mister Starling. He has the timeship and he's the one who will cause the disaster in the twenty ninth century."

"Then it would seem we must find a way to stop him."

"Tell me about this young woman. Can we trust her?"

"She and Lieutenant Paris appear to be bonding on a cross-cultural level. I would have to say yes."

"Ask if she'd be willing to help us."


(I am skipping the part where Starling activates that Doctor. I have nothing to add and don't feel like writing it, sorry. But it still does happen. If you want to watch the episode you can look it up on, myflicker, for free. Though it might give you a virus. Idk. Myflicker definitely won't though.)


Bini Filter's POV

We had come up with a plan to meet Starling. Rain had just got off the phone with him and he had agreed to meet us...Rain. She put down the phone and turned to us in concern.

"He bought it, sort of." Rain said.

"What do you mean?" Tom asked.

"I don't know." She admitted. "His voice sounded a little suspicious."


The Doctor's POV

"Pack a lunch, Doc. We're going for a walk." Starling ordered as he walked across his office. I huffed and didn't move.

"In case you have forgotten, I can only appear in a room equipped with a holographic projection system. In short, I am going nowhere.


(Also skipping the shuttle scene. It wasn't very important. Sorry that this chapter is so short, I am trying to cut down on how long this episode is so that it doesn't drag on.)


Bini Filter's POV

My eyes are deceiving me. Is anyone else seeing this? Rain approached the car as Starling and the goddamn Doctor stepped out. Wtf? What the actual hell, is going on here. Everyone around me had confused faces, except Tuvok of course. But I am sure he was surprised in his own way.

"Paris to Chakotay." Tom said on the phone.

"Go ahead."

"Starling's arrived, with the Doctor."

"What? How is that possible?" B'Elanna asked.

"I don't know. Are you within range?"

"Almost. Another two minutes."


The Doctor's POV

"I don't know, Doc. You were awfully quiet on the ride over here." Starling commented with a certain type of cockyness as we stepped out of the car. 

"I'm not programmed to make small talk." I snapped back.

"Maybe just a little bit anxious about being out in the real world." He said. I wasn't going to admit he was right. I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction.

"It's just another environment to me."

"Mind your manners, Doc. If your shipmates start any trouble, you'll be holodust."

A girl approached us, probably the one who was on the phone with him earlier. Looking very concerned and worried.

"Mister Starling, I'm so glad you're here."

"Tell your new friends to come out or their colleague here's going to die." He barked. She looked back at him in alarm and took a step back. Looking towards me.

"What are you talking about?"

"Let's go."

"Oh, my van is this way."

"We're taking my car."

"I left my stuff in the van." She protested.

"I'll send somebody back for it. Is there a problem?"

"No." She replied hesitantly as he grabbed her arm and let her into the car. I went to sit beside dunbar as Starling sat beside her. Her face froze in fear.

"That, that's the guy that tried to kill me." She muttered.

"No, he was trying to rescue you." Starling barked back as the doors closed and the car started up.

"Where are we going?" She asked.

"To my office. You'll be safe there."

"Office. Right."

"Dunbar, take the surface streets. The 101's a nightmare at this time-" Then he started to dematerialize. The girl screamed "Oh my god!"

Dunbar moved to stop it and I punched him, getting a few back! "Run!"

---End of Chapter 78: Next: Future's End: Part four.---

AN: Alright, it is time for a long author's note. So, first off, sorry that this chapter is short. I don't have as much time to write as I did 7 weeks ago when I stopped the story, I am now in school again (I know surprising considering the circumstances around the world.) and in grade 12, so that work is pretty hard and time-consuming. Idk when I am going to publish the next chapter. It might be in eight days like I usually did or longer. But I am restarting the writing process.

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