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Steve Rogers couldn’t believe he was actually here.  “What even is my life?” he thought.  He’s here, at 7am, with his son Evan at Johnson Space Center.  They’re in a conference room, a cup of coffee in his hand, hot chocolate in Evan’s, waiting for some lackey to give them a tour.  The Space Center had done a writing contest for the schools in Texas and Evan had won. His winning essay had been on his favorite shuttle design and now they were going on a behind the scenes tour of the Space Center.  Of course Steve wasn’t surprised one bit. Evan lived and breathed space.


Steve was an only child and his parents rarely told him no unless it was unreasonable.  He was raised with manners, to think of others first and to be the best he could be at whatever he chose to be.  When he finished college and was getting ready to start teaching at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville as a History of Art teacher, he was ready to do what he had been wanting for a long time.  He had a nice home, good friends and he was close to his parents. But he really wanted to be a parent. Things just hadn’t worked out that way yet. So he sat down with his parents and talked long and hard with them.  And they helped him out. They were able to help him find a surrogate named Peggy and before he knew it he was bringing home Evan.  


Now Steve loves art.  He loves everything about art.  He tried from the moment he held his little boy in his arms to expose him to the greats of the art world.  But Evan was all about space. The carefully painted room Steve had spent so much time on ended up being repainted to look like the Milky Way, with glow in the dark stars and planets in their proper places and telescopes were set out on the porch.  Instead of a treehouse, he had mock-up space shuttles in the back yarn and Steve's best friend Sam had helped him build a launch pad to go next to them. Evan’s bookshelves were filled with books on everything he could get on planets and stars, and every space flight and astronaut.  Steve doesn’t mind one bit that his son’s heros people he can use to push him to do his schoolwork, especially now that he was a teenager. He needed all the help he could get. 


But Evan’s absolute favorite is Captain James B. Barnes.  He’s one of the youngest astronauts to fly two missions on a shuttle and then retire from the Astronaut Corps and continue to work with NASA.  Evan has his poster on his wall and talks about him a lot.  


Which Steve doesn’t mind one bit.  Cause Capt. James Barnes is fucking hot.  And just Steve’s type. He likes his men tall and athletic, someone who he can wrap his arms around and protect.  


Steve has a huge protective streak and it can cause problems in his relationships.  His last relationship ended because his boyfriend had a huge reckless attitude. Tony Stark loves to push his limits and it was hard for Steve to see Tony driving his Corvette as fast as he could, drink as much as he could and ignore Steve when he worried about it.  It made for great sex, Steve loves brats, loves taking them to task, but him and Tony spent more time arguing outside of scenes and finally had to call it quits. It’s been about 3 years now since he’s had a submissive and while he still dates, he hasn’t found anyone to fill that role.


Evan was up before Steve this morning, dressed and had Steve's coffee in his tumbler before Steve had even gotten down stairs. 


“Come on Dad, we're gonna be late,” he whined. 


Johnson Space Center was a good two hour drive and Evan couldn't wait. Steve couldn't either. He was proud of his son and he knew this day was going to be memorable. 


The woman giving them the tour, Melissa, has shown them the Apollo, Orion, and Current Mission Controls.  They had explored a shuttle and now they were headed to the cafeteria for some lunch. Evan and Steve have taken so many pictures.  Evan is still bouncing out of his skin and Steve is definitely not letting him have any caffeine at lunch. Steve has captured his face in a few pictures that he wants to draw later.  His son is his favorite subject to draw and paint and a painting of this day will certainly be a well appreciated birthday gift later. When they finally get to the staff cafeteria, Melissa leaves them and reminds them she will come back in an hour.  

Captain James Buchannon Barnes is a former Mission Specialist on two space shuttle missions.  After his two missions he left the Astronaut Corps (the astronaut part of NASA) and stayed on at NASA as a Supervisor in the Shuttle Design Department.  He has lived and breathed space since he was a young boy in a small apartment in Brooklyn. When he was accepted to the Astronaut Corp his dreams came true.  His younger sisters had always teased him about his love of space, telling him to get his head out of the clouds. Now they bragged to everyone about their big brother.  Their father had died when they were young and now it was just his mom back in the house they grew up in, his sisters living close by her. He lived in Humble, about an hour away from work.  It was nice, quiet and he enjoyed the time on his drive. He really liked being in another headspace, but it had been awhile since someone had gotten him there.  


With his demanding work schedule, a relationship wasn’t easy to work on.  He came out early on to his family and friends but it took a while before he realized he was a submissive.  Unfortunately most of the dated wanted to control every aspect of his life. Being tied to NASA’s wants and needs came first.  Grindr and Tinder took care of most of his quick hook ups these days. He really wanted something more but he doubted that was ever going to happen. 


Just then a small group walks by again.  He has noticed them a few times today and the tall, muscular, blond, bearded man.  He’d let that guy put him in his place. His shoulder to waist ratio like a reverse triangle and an ass that won't quit, yup this guy is definitely ticking all his boxes. He then remembers some email about a kid, a contest and a tour. This must be the kid and his dad. He sighs cause this must mean hot guy must be straight. ‘Damn it ’, he thinks and goes back to work. 


But when he goes to grab some lunch, the kid and hot dad are sitting there and he can't help but take another long look. This time the kid catches him. 


“Are you, can I, you're Captain James Barnes, aren't you?” the kid finally gets out. 


“Yeah I am. And you're our lucky contest winner aren't ya,” he answers.


“I am. I'm Evan Rogers and this is my dad Steve. Nice to meet you Captain Barnes,” he replies.


“Nice to meet you and call me Bucky. James is for all people who think they're in charge,” he says with a smirk and a wink.


Steve sure would like to show James who is in charge. Bend him over the table and fuck him til he can’t walk straight.  And have James thank him for it too. 


“Wow thanks Bucky. You wanna sit here with us?” Evan asks him.


“Well if it's okay with your father?” Bucky looks over to Steve, question on his face.


“Yeah sure. If you don't have other places to be at, James,” Steve replies.


Bucky shakes his head and places his tray with his lunch on it down.  He sits next to Evan and across from Steve. Steve isn’t sure this is such a good idea now.  It’s one thing for Evan to talk about Capt. Barnes and how interesting he is. It’s another to be sitting across from the man that Steve has secretly had a crush on for a couple of years.  And those official NASA photos don’t do him any justice either. The blue-grey of his eyes is captivating.  


“How are you enjoying your visit here at NASA?” Bucky is asking Evan.


“I'm loving it. So many things to see. But I didn't think I'd get to actually talk to a real life astronaut!”


Evan tells Bucky what his essay was about and then they are off.  They talk the entire time that they have for lunch. When Melissa returns to pick them up for the rest of their tour, Bucky is shocked that he spent all that time with the kid and his dad.  It's mostly Bucky and Evan talking but Steve throws in some little things he has discovered on his own that he likes. Bucky has found that he likes talking with the kid.   


“I really enjoyed this lunch.  Maybe we could get together and do this again,” Bucky says.

“Dad! Can we?” Evan asks.


“Sure, if James wants to,” he replies.


Bucky hands his phone over and Steve puts his number in.  His phone buzzes with a text ‘ its bucky’ a few seconds later.


They clean up after themselves and start to leave with Melissa.  Bucky looks over and says “Hope to hear from you soon. Enjoy the rest of the tour.”  


And Steve can swear he winks at him.  But nowhere has he ever read that James is gay.  He must be imagining things. 


The last thing they do that day is look at images from the Hubble Space Telescope.  It’s past the time that the tour would have ended and it wasn’t actually included. Melissa had said that is was a last minute addition, like somebody had pulled some strings or something.  Evan keeps yawning but he is so excited to see the images from so far away.  


When they finally leave to make the two hour drive home, Evan falls asleep almost immediately.  Steve doesn’t even turn on the radio, letting Evan sleep in peace. He’s busy thinking of James Barnes.  He knows he was sincere in wanting to talk more with Evan. They got along so well, and he knows only good can come of it.  But he too wants to get to know James better.  Would that be something James would even want?  


He’s not too far from the Space Center when he notices a car pulled off to the side, hood up, a man leaning under it.  He doesn’t know much about cars, but he can’t let the man just sit there if he needs help. He pulls over and stops as James Barnes appears in his headlights.