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When Bakugou strolled into the common room he felt like something was missing, or better someone. It took him a while to realize it, but Kaminari was nowhere to be seen. He wasn't with the three others, who called themself his friends, nor was he bothering anyone else of the extras.
That was odd.... Normally he would be down here playing games with the 'bakusquad', how they apparently called themself, talking loudly about anything with anyone, or teasing the shit out of Bakugou till he was ready to rip his head off.

Bakugou was standing there for a few second before he realized that he was thinking way to much about this. The dunce face was propably just not feeling well or something. Why would he even care about that. There was no way something might have happened to that idiot.
Irritated he even lost a thought about that possibility, he made his way to the kitchen for an evening snack nearly blowing Kirishimas face away as he tried to get him to play with them.


Bakugou only realized the next morning that there had to be something wrong and he should have paid more attention to his instincts.
Mina and Kirishima already started to stress when Kaminari didn't come down for breakfast and it only increased when he didn't respond to any of there texts. While Bakugou yelled at them to shut up, Sero tried to calm them, telling them that Denki surely just overslept.
When he still didn't show up to class Sero too started to worry. Sure Kaminari had slept through more than once but he never really skipped a class. He was more responsible than some might think. Even if he would decide to skip one day, he would never do so without telling his friends.

By the time lunch rolled by Mina was already worried sick. She had tried calling him but he didn't answer. He also didn't respond to any of their texts. The last time he was even online was yesterday. The group started thinking about the last time they saw him, and decided that it was shortly after school ended. Mina said, he wanted to buy some snacks.
They all tried to tell themself that they would figure it out. Kaminari would show up after school, telling them some dumb story no one would believe if it wasn't Denki who told it. Surely there couldn't be anything wrong. It was Kaminari after all.

If they only knew how wrong they were.

Their hope was destroyed, when Kaminari still didn't show up after school and still didn't answer any of their calls or texts. They tried some last pitiful attempt, going to Kamis favotite store, asking the cashier if the electrical quirk user was even there yesterday. The cashier knew Kaminari rather well, since he showed up almost every third day, so he could tell with rock solid security, that he didn't see their friends in four days.

Now even Bakugou was silently freaking out. The group decided to go straight to Aizawa. Surely he knew what to do. But when they arrived he already seem to know, that there was something very, very wrong. He already asked Kaminaris sister,if he saw him anywhere, wich only resulted in her freaking out over the phone. Because of that and the bakusquad, who told him everything, he promtly informed other heroes and told his students in his tired voice to let him handle this. Bakugou could have sworn to hear a worried undertone in his voice.

Not very happy about the outcome of the day, they returned to the dormes. Apparently the rest of Class 1-A also noticed Kaminaris disappearance, wich didn't lead to a calming atmosphere.
For the rest of the day the bakusquad silently vanished in their rooms. There was nothing they could do. Nothing but waiting...wating and hoping.

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Everything hurt as his own quirk was jolting through Kaminaris body.
His whole body arched under the intensity of his own lighting and he was screaming his lungs out.
He didn't know how he got here or who exactly took him, all he knew was that he was used as some kind of batterie.
They chained him onto some strange machine that seemed to take away his energy. He didn't have any control over his quirk anymore, the machine decided wether to activate it or not. He never knew when it would start again and it feared him to no end.
He never really had the best control over his quirk and it sometimes happened, that he would elecrocute himself. Evenso that hurt, it didn't compare to the agony he had to go through right now.
He wasn't able to activate his quirk on his own anymore and even if he could he would be way to exhausted to do so.

When the machine gave the boy a break and he was able to lift his head to look around the room he was in, he found absolutely nothing. It seemed he was in the center of a big room with high walls that didn't hold anything except him and this damn machine. The walls were grey and didn't have any windows. The only opening in the room was a big door about 50 meters in front of him. It only opened when the people holding him custody, decided to give him something to eat and drink.
They would only do so every second day.
Because of the lack of windows in his prison he soon lost any sense of time. He only knew they would 'care' for his needs every two days because he overheard a guard say, he was imprisoned for about a week now and he counted the times they would let him sleep or go to the bathroom. Since that was three times by now he figured that out.

That was about the only thing he knew. Everything else was a big blur.
He could remember, going to by some Snacks after school, but he couldn't remember ever getting there.
He planned asking Bakugou and (maybe) the others to watch a movie with him. He always loved, how the explosive blonde would say, that he wouldn't come, but still always showed up, telling his friends he only did so, because they would only bug him the whole evening if he didn't. Kaminari really enjoyed the time he spend with his friends and especially Bakugou.
Despite not liking him very much in the beginning, he really grew onto him. He was an important friend to Kaminari...maybe a bit more.

There was still hope in Denki he would see him and everyone else again. He trusted them and knew they wouldn't let him down, but there was still a tiny voice in his head, that seemed to get to him more and more everyday, telling him he would never be free again and he would die in here.
The thought of never being able to see his friends again, never being able to see them smile and laugh with them again, really hurt mentally.
Everytime he thought about it, he couldn't hold the tears back.

He would cry his eyes out, till the machine decided to stop his flow of thoughts, rip away his mental agony and give him some other kind of torture.

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It already had been more than one week since Denki went missing and the heroes still had no clue where to look for him.
Normally Kaminari lightened up the mood when everyone was down after a long, hard day, but now no one was motivated to do anything. Everyone except Bakugou.
He trained every free minute he got. He even trained past his bedtime and woke up early to start it again. Now his friends not only were worried about Kami but about him too.
It wasn't only, that he trained way to much, he also got even angrier than ever before. Bakugou was never a friendly person and yelled more than a normal person would consider healthy, but now even the tiniest things would make him burst. He also distanced himself even more than before and the Bakusquad even suspected, he would get close to no sleep. He had big, black eye bags that could rival Shinsou's and got incredibly pale.

It was hard to talk to him right now, but one evening Kirishima still dared to try.
It was around seven p.m. when the bakusquad and a few other students sat in the common room, trying to follow their normal routines, when suddenly Bakugou stomped in, ignoring everyone currently present as he stormed out the front door. Kirishima watched him go and then quickly stood up with an determined look on his face.
"Where are you going?" Mina asked.
"Don't worry. I'll be right back." Kiri just said, as he left the dorms, following Bakugou.
He was lucky. The blond male just stretched at the moment, so he could easily catch up to him.

"Hey Bakubro, wait up." Kiri said, trying to sound cheery.
"What the fuck do you want, shitty hair?" Bakugou growled.
"Nothing man...I just wanna talk." Kirishima came to a halt a few feet behind his friend.
"Well to bad, 'cause I don't." Bakugou hissed, but didn't leave.
"Bakugou listen, you can't go on like this. It isn't healthy. We are all worried, but-" Kiri was cut off.
"What do you mean? Why schould I be fucking worried?" Bakugou asked, his voice getting angrier.
Kirishima frowned. "Don't act like that, man! We all know you are worried for Kami and we are too-"
"Clearly not fucking enough." The blond's voice could be barely heard, but Kiri was still bewildered by his friend's answer.
Bakugou wirled around to face the redhead. "I am working to get stronger. As soon as I know, who those bastards are I am going to fucking blast them to kingdom come. That is still more than what all of you are doing and if you won't help, then at least don't stand in my fucking way."
Kiri was enraged now.
He tried to hold his composure, but his voice still rose. "You don't understand. You are not getting stronger, you are weakening yourself. You are barely sleeping or eating anymore and you are even drifting off during lessons. I know you are worried, we all feel the same.I understand-"
"No you dont understand!" Bakugou screamed. "You don't fucking understand anything. All you are doing, is sitting around, waiting for something to happen. You don't seem to even care that he went missing-"
Now it was Kirishimas turn to cut Bakugou off, because something in the readhead clicked. He hardened and delievered a hard blow to Bakugous face, shutting him up.
As the blonde finally steadied himself, to look up at his friend, he met an absolutely furious expression. He was sure, he never ever saw this look on Kirishimas face before.
"Now you listen to me Bakugou Katsuki. Don't you dare tell me, I am mot worried about one of my best friends. He has been kidnapped damn it. And you tell me I am not worried. God damn it Bakugou, I only was worried like this ones in my life and this was when you were taken by villains. I am fucking angry... no I am furious. I'm raging inside, because I don't know were Kami is. Some bastards took him away and no one knows who did this or where they are. We don't fucking know and this just makes it extra incriminating. If I would know, I wouldn't hestitate to go and kick those bastards asses, but I don't. That's why I try to hold my composure, because I know everyone else is just as worried as I am. I know they are fighting inside, just like I do. That's why I don't want the others to have even more to worry about and that's why I'm asking you to please, stop this self-destructive 'training'. You won't do anyone any good with this."
Bakugou could have sworn to see tears in the corner of Kiris eyes. He wasn't sure because he turned away way to fast. He couldn't look his friend in the face anymore.
It was silent for a few seconds, before Bakugou could hear footsteps, which slowly got quieter, before the front door of the dorms creaked and it was quiet again. He didn't know how long he stood there, but he knew that he only entered the dorms again, when he was sure nobody was awake anymore.

When Kirishima entered the common room again, everyone looked at him without saying anything. It was then, that he realized, they probably all heared his outburst. He didn't knew if the stares he received were judging him or not, he was to tired to understand. When he looked at Mina and Sero they seemed to be shocked and in awe at the same time. He smiled at them tiredly, before leaving the room to head to bed.

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Since their fight the other night Bakugou and Kirishima didn't talk to each other, evenso it seemed that Bakugou kinda listened to his friend. He was still isolating himself and his overly Angry demeanor didn't change but his excessive training stopped so far. Though now it was incredibly awkward when Bakugou was around the Bakusquad. Kirishima didn't even try to talk to his best friend so there was always an uncomfortable silence in the air. Mina and Sero tried talking to Bakugou but he would always either just nod or snap at them if he decided to answer at all.

Now, after almost two weeks since Kami went missing, Aizawa called for the Bakusquad, as well as Midorya and Yaoyorozu for some odd reason.
When the group arrived at his office, Aizawa was on the phone with someone and appeared to be rather distressed. The small group of students stepped into the room and silently waited till their teacher was done, even so Bakugou tapped his feet on the floor impatiently.
When Aizawa finally put away his phone with a tired sigh he looked at his students. It was quiet for a moment. Bakugou wanted to tell their teacher to finally say something, but the hero was faster.
"We found him." he simply said.
The room was immediately filled with startled gasps, as the students started whispering.
"Well then were the fuck is he." Bakugou growled loudly, shutting up everyone else in the room.
"I was just going to explain... After we confirmed that Kaminari went missing, we contacted some of our underground agents to look around for him. We couldn't be sure if Kaminari really got into that kind of trouble but we considered it one of the more likely possibilities. They found him, but it was hard for them to contact us without blowing up their cover, that's why it took so long, but now we know were he is." Aizawa told them.
He laid out a picture on his desk for the students to see. It was some strange, black logo that looked very simple. A black ring with the hint of a bat inside of it.
Aizawa continued as the heroes-to-be looked at the image. "The people, with this logo took him. They an organisation from the league of villains and call themselfes 'E.S.'. It seems that they were seeking for someone with an powerful, electronic related quirk to absorb the energy of their quirk and use the person as some kind of batterie."
There were shocked gasps coming from the students again. Mina was almost crying as Sero tried to calm her, Bakugou clenched his fists and also the rest went stiff as they waited for Aizawa to go on.
"Where are they..." Bakugou growled dangerously.
Aizawa held up a hand to stop him. "I'm going to tell you, but you have to listen first... We are going to safe Kaminari but there are a lot of heroes on missions outside the country right now, so..." Aizawa sighed heavily. "I really hate to ask that of you, but we will need a few of you to help us."
Before he proceeded he looked up at his studends who watched him with some new found determination in their eyes he hadn't seen in two weeks.
"We will bring you in and out as fast and unnoticed as possible, so there will be a smaller risk of you getting in trouble or injured. This will also mean, there won't be any meanderings from the plan. No one will wander around on their own, their will be no dangerous stunts. Even so this Organisation is small and not as strong as the league, they are still dangerous. It would be dump to provoke a fight with them. Do you understand?"
The students nod.
"Sensei, you said only a few of us will participate in the plan. Who would that be?" Yaoyorozu asked.
"Bakugou, Kirishima, Yaoyorozu and Midorya. I will discuss the plan tomorrow when everything is ready, that's why I will ask you to go to bed immediately. This mission will be very dangerous so you have to be rested. You can go now." Aizawa dismissed them.

The group found new self-confidence after the news. They were determined to get their classmate and friend back. No one could stop them.

Kirishima was going to follow their teachers command when someone called for him.
"Kirishima." An all too familliar voice said.
He turned around to see Bakugou. His friends focus was more on the ground then on Kirishima.
"Whats wrong, man." Krishima asked.
"What I said the other day..." there was a pause before he very silently continued "...sorry..."
"What was that?" Kirishima asked quirking up an eyebrow.
"You heard me! I'm not going to fucking repeat it." Bakugou yelled.
For a moment Kiri was startled but then he grinned widely. "Don't worry man I understand."
Now Bakugou looked up seemingly getting his self esteem back. "Yeah I fucking hope so."
Kiri held out his hand for Bakugou to take. It didn't take long for his best friend to do so.
"Don't worry, man. We are going to get him back." Kirishima said determined.
"Who's worried, asshole!?" Bakugou growled but there was no real bite behind it.
Kirishima snickered as they let go again. Bakugou turned around without saying anything strolling away, probably to his own room.
It wasn't the right time right now but later on he would definately tease him about actually saying sorry once in his life. When they had Kami back, he would also spill every little detail about how worried Bakugou was.
And they will definately get him back.

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It was hard to get into this damn hideout, the E.S. had. It seemed to be an underground basis, since the building they approached, seemed to just be a normal shop in a run down part of the city.
The undercover agent got the heroes-to-be a map of the ventilation system and temporarely shut down the camera, that would have caught them as they got into one of those ventilation shafts.

They needed to crawl threw the shafts, trying to be as quiet as possible, to not attract any attention. This was more difficult than you may have thought since they manually needed to stop the Ventilators with screw wrenches.

Additional to that, Yaoyorozu, who was leading the group with the map until then, seemed to have a problem to read it at some point, which really pissed of Bakugou and he started wispher shouting. Both started to argue with each other and got louder and louder until Kirishima was able to stop them. Just at the right time because they suddenly heard sounds getting louder under them. It seemed to be a a few guards, chatting as the luckily didn't hear them and walked passed them.
After that Yaorozu gave the map to Bakugou and they proceeded.

After half an hour of wandering around in the sheer endled ventilation system they heard a few guards talking. Since these guards took a break, the heroes-to-be couldn't wait for them to leave and had to go on as quiet as possible. But suddenly Bakugou stopped as something one guard said caught his attention. Not able to go on, since Bakugou was in the very front, the rest of the group had to listen too.
"This kid from U.A. we captured…" one guard begun.
"I had to watch him the other night, as he was put to sleep."
"Yeah, and?" Another guard asked a bit annoyed.
"Well...I kinda thought he was cute… If it wasn't for those damn security cameras I would surely have done a bit more than just watch him." the guard who started said with a sickening grin on his face.
As the Group heard that, they stiffened. Bakugou clenched his fists and gritted his teeth as he tried to hold the little composure he had. He was disgusted to hear something like that. The only thing stopping him from bursting through the small grille, that made it possible to see the guards, and blowing those bastards faces off, was that they obviously didn't get the chance to touch him… also there was Kirishimas death grip around his arm. Even so, only the mere thought of someone watching Kami sleep and having those sickening thoughts to assault the defenseless boy, was driving the explosive blonde crazy.
"Dude, what's wrong with you? Are you a fucking faggot?" the annoyed guard from before said.
"Oh, come on. Did you ever look at him? He doesn't really look that manly and we are never allowed to go anywhere, so don't blame it on me." the guy who started it said.
"Yeah, when I watched him, I had similair thoughts." The third guard said.
"You guys are sick." the annoyed one said. "It doesn't matter anyway, he's getting weaker, so he won't last much longer. I'm surprised he could keep up until now."

The whole group was shocked at that statement. Kirishima tightened his grip on Bakugous arm, partly to make sure his friend wouldn't really burst through the wall at the end, partly to keep up his own composure. They had to act really quickly now. Who knows what's meant with "he won't last much longer".
So they tried to ignore the guard and hurried forward. They were almost there now.

It didn't take long until they stopped at one of those grilles again. They looked down into a control room now. A few guards where stationed there, but they shouldn't be a problem and the group didn't have the time to wait, so after a small arrangement, who would take down who, and a warning to Bakugou, that he had to take down the guard without blowing him up, they bursted down into the room and quickly took down the small group of guards, that didn't stand any chance. Yaoyorozu made a few handcuffs and Midorya helped her put them on the unconscious guards.
While they did so Bakugou and Krishima tried unlocking the big door, behind wich they hopefully find Kaminari.

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His body felt numb as it shook with all the electric shocks still going through him. All those days in this damn room made him somehow accept the pain. He still wasn't used to it of course but his body seemed to slowly go weaker and more numb, slowly becoming unresponsive to the pain, evenso it was still agonizing whenever the machine started again.
At first he screamed his lungs out as he was tortured. His whole body twitching. His limbs, his torso, his head, everything hurt to no end. He always felt like there would be no release for him. Only when the prosedure stopped he had time to breathe.
Now his voice was hoarse from all the screaming. These where replaced with pained whimpering and sobbing. He cried a lot and he was surprised he still had tear fluid left. His body still twitched but he didn't pay any mind to it. The torture got to him and this evil little voice in his head was now unbearable loud.
It screamed at him, that they would never come. They would never save him. He just wasn't worth it. They thought he was a burde and they are happy that he's gone.
Whenever it was too quiet in the room, the voice became louder and evenso he tried blending it out, he still started to believe it. No one was going to save him. He was going to die. He would die all alone and in pain.

Today really might be that day since his body wouldn't listen to him at all. Whenever the machine stopped to absorb the energy still left in him, he wouldn't be able to even lift his head. All he could see was the ground right in front of his eyes and tears that wet the floor.
He felt himself getting weaker and weaker even faster than the days before. His sight was blury and there was a certain darkness slowly, slowly closing around his field of vision. There was a ringing in his ears and he felt like there was drippling something out of them.
His mind also started to slowly slip away from him and for a short amount of time he thought he would be fine with dying, since nobody seemed to care.

The voice in his head was now much more present than before. It was the only thing he could hear. It drowned his sobs and whimpering and even the ringing in his ears.
It was screaming that he finally would die and he should be thankful for it. For a short amount of time his own thoughts were ripped away from him and he really just waited for all of it to end.

But than there was another thought of his fighting it's way through the agonizing voice, telling him to wait just a bit longer.
They would come. They didn't forget him. They really cared for him.
Memorys of his friends were playing right in front of his inner eye.
Memorys of Mina and him gossping, joking about their classmates and putting make up on each others faces.
Memorys of Sero and him sending each other memes at three a.m. or just sitting next to each other laughing about the dumpest jokes.
Memorys of him and Jirou as he listened to her playing her instrument in front of him.
Memorys of Kirishima dragging him to the gym or the training field forcing him to do the same work out as he did. He knew his friend just wanted the best for him and do something fun together.
He remembered all the funny movie nights, all their training sessions, everything he ever did with them.
He remerbered every little glances he and Bakugou shared, all the times he caught Bakugou staring at him and all the times Bakugou caught him. He remerbered every word of support the explosive blonde muttered so quietly only the two of them would hear it. He remerbered Bakugou caring about him when he was sick and he remembered when he yelled at him to fucking rest because they had school the next day. He remebered how Bakugou was teaching him for hours, trying to make him understand the things he wouldn't get during class so he wouldn't fail his tests. He even remembered everytime his friend almost blowing him up for teasing him so much, evenso it hurt sometimes, he did it again and again. He just couldn't help it. He loved Bakugous irritated face way too much. He loved spending time with him.
He loved him.

It hit him with a pang.

He didn't wanted to die.
He didn't wanted to die, he wanted to live.
He wanted to live and make much, much more memorys with his friends. He wanted to see them smile again, to laugh with them, to learn with them.
He never confessed to Bakugou. He couldn't die without doing so.
He pleaded in his head, screaming he didn't wanted to die.
"Please." he begged with a hoarse and tiny voice. "Please save me."

And with that, his mind was slowly drifting away from him again and darkness tried to settle in again, when suddenly the door in front of him flew open.

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Before all of his already fading hope and confidence in his friends left him he took all of the strength that was left in him and raised his head to look at whoever just came through the door. In his blurry sight he could barely make out who the four figures were. It weren't guards cause they always wore dark grey uniforms. These peoples' outfits were more colorful. In his blurry sight it took him a while to recognize who they were, but these two heads of colorful hair betrayed them. As he realized who they were, his tears started to stream down his face once again and blur his sight even more. He was just so relieved he was right. They are here. Here to save him. They didn't Forget him. They cared about him. He didn't have to die.

When the little group barged through the door they saw red.
There was Denki, hands chained, one at either side of his head, against a strange dangerous looking machine. He didn't seem like he could hold himself up, if it wasn't for those chains. Very slowly he raised his head, looking at them and he teared up. The group snapped aout of their trance and started to run towards their friend.
Suddenly there was some kind of surring coming from the machine. The group wasn't even halfway to Kaminari, when the machine started to electrocute Denki, partly giving of the electricity to the room.
Momo was quick to create some kind of blanket to protect the group from it. Though they couldn't see him anymore, they could still hear his blood curdling scream.

Because it hurt. It hurt so much more than everything he had experienced until now. It was like his body was ripped apart. But it wouldn't. If it would, the pain would stop, but there wasn't any kind of relief. It was so incredibly painful he couldn't even hear his own scream. /> He didn't notice, how the group moved near him with the blanket infront of them. When they were near eneough Midorya an Kirishima gripped the chains, with the blanket around their hands, each of them gripping one shackle. They ripped them of with the help of their quirks and all the might they got, freeing Kaminaris hands.
As soon as the chains didn't capture the boy anymore the lightning surrounding them stopped. Kaminari disn't have any strenght left in his sore but numb body to hold him up any longer, so he fell. Bakugou sprung forward, catching Denki right before he could hit the ground. Together they sunk to the floor as Bakugou held the smaller Boy in his arms. His face was incredibly pale, almost as white as a sheet of paper, he had bags under his eyes, darker than Shinsous' and Aizawas' together and there was blood trickling out of his ears and nose.
The others also quickly scurried around their friend, looking at him concerned, waiting for something to happen. Kaminary was barely conscious but he still looked around, recognizing them. He started smiling. "You came..." he said in a hoarse voice, small and barely more than a whisper.
The group was taken aback, but Kirishima still reached out to him, taking Denkis hand in his own.
"Yeah man, don't worry. We are going to get you out of here." he sais smiling, with relief and at the same time, pain in his eyes.
Denkis smile widened a bit but it soon vanished, as his eyelids slowly drooped and his hand let go of Kirishimas. The short relief the group had felt was ripped away and turned into panic, while the small boy went completely motionless in Bakugous arms.
At the same time Bakugou snapped ot of his shock he was in just from looking at his friends' condition, and he shouted:"Oi Sparky, don't you dare close your eyes. Hey! HEY!"

It didn't matter how much he shook him or how loud he yelled, the boy in his arms didn't react. Bakugou got louder and louder. He wasn't dead. he couldn't be dead. He wouldn't let him die. He was here to save him, not to see him die. He would never let that happen, so he just kept yelling.
At some point, he couldn't even hear his own voice anymore. He just stared at the boy, lying lifelessly in his arms.
It was scaring him to no end. He didn't know someone could be this afraid. The seemingly dead body of his longtime... friend, was so scary he somehow felt like he couldn't breath anymore.

It was Momo who finally snapped him out of his state.
"Bakugou, please pull yourself together and stop shaking him. I have to observe him." she said loud and clear, almost calm, evenso you could still hear the worry in her voice.
Bakugou wordlessly did as she said. She then put two fingers against Denkis neck pressing gently. After a few seconds she bend down, putting her ear right above his mouth.
The group looked at them, holding their breath.
"He is not dead." she then said. "just unconscious. We should leave quickly, so he gets proper treatment."
Midorya and Kirishima nodded. The green haired boy turned to Bakugou.
"I'm going to carry him." Midorya said. But before he could even touch Kaminari, Bakugou moved away and growled. " No you won't. I will."
"We need you to destroy the control system, Kacchan." Midorya said, trying to stay calm. "Just let me carry him. I will protect him. Trust me!"
Bakugou growled once again but gave in eventually and let Midorya put Kaminari on his back.

When they were done, the group left the room.