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Are you sure?

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This can't be happening no no it only happened once. Standing in the bathroom looking at the little white sticks each had the purple plus sign, hands pressed over his mouth he felt he was on the verge of tears no wait he was crying the warm tears streamed his cheeks. He was only seventeen how could this have happend to him. *Thump Thump* his head immediately spun to the door, oh shit how could he have forgotten about his dad?!? The Number 2# Hero Endeavor, how he was going to react? was he going to force him into getting rid of it?"Touya you've been in there for quite some time now."He stared back at the tests swallowing a sob" I-im fine." He obviously wasn't but he had to keep it a secret."Touya your not fine open the door." The door knob jiggled a little he had no choice, he opened the door looking down at his feet he could feel his fathers eyes staring down at him"Touya what wer-" He saw them, He gave into his emotions and started crying right there loud sobs. He felt his dad hands wrap around him shushing him telling him everything was going to be all right, he just cried harder. They started walking to his room then they sat down by the bed, His eyes were red he just sat there looking down at his hands trying to think of something to say but nothing his father then spoke up"Are you keeping it?" He didn't know he shrugged then nodded if he killed this baby it would haunt him forever he would never be able to let it down that he killed his baby, Enji nodded softly rubbing circles on his eldest sons back" I think you should lay down for now and then we can talk about it later, ok?" he nod then layed down on his side. He heard his door shut after a few moments, thinking about everything that just happen he closed his eyes and let sleep take him.

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The thought of him being pregnant didn't sit well in his head it just still seemed unreal it also didn't sit well in his stomach hand over his mouth he rushed over to the bathroom emptying everything he had yesterday, resting his head on the wall he noticed the tests were gone Dad probably got rid of them before one of his younger siblings found them. He sat for a minute making sure a wave of sickness wasn't going to hit him. He slowly walked to the kitchen he smelled bacon. His mother said good morning then so did shouto who was now hugging his mother goodbye then he walked out. He sat at the end pondering if Dad had told them by Mom not crying he probably didn't. His Dad placed a plate of eggs,bacon and toast infront of him then walked out of the kitchen to get ready for work. He took slow bites to make sure it stayed down, He had been having trouble with food staying down thats what really put the thought of him buying tests in his head, he finished eating and put his plate in the sink then went to his room to get dressed, looking in the mirror he saw a small bump starting to form in his lower half, he stared at it through the mirror he wouldn't dare look down he wasn't going to, he quickly put his uniform on then walked out to where he was stopped by his father saying he was going to drive him he said he was meeting somebody near there anyway he knew it was a lie. he sat in the front he kept glancing at the clock watching it slowly tick then his father spoke up once again. it seemed like he always started the conversations now.

"So(he carried out the o)" here it comes."Do you know who the father is" He forgot about him the dad how could he forget him.God his mind is such a fucking mess right now.

rubbing one of his eyes"Y-yea"

"You should tell him it would be easier for you."He just hummed and nodded he wasn't going to tell him, if was going down as a hero who had a child when he was seventeen he didn't want to bring anyone else down with him.

He was dropped off by the gate getting told to be careful. Walking in he saw his friends Toga Himiko, Tomura Shigaraki and Jin bubaigawara. They were complaining about some student doing somthing stupid he didn't listen his thoughts were clouded with how he was going to be that talk of how stupid he was. They got into the class he couldn't focus he just kept staring at the wall clock waiting for the day to be over with.

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What felt like hours was only minutes, it was coming to a point where he just wanted to jump out the window right there and then. Of course Toga or Jin would see him and tackle him shiggy doesn't really care so he would just watch but that wasn't the issue the issue was with him getting out of this room and finally right before he was actually going to tackle Toga and Jin then jump the bell rang it was music to his ears. Grabbing his backpack he started well what would you call it running or fast walking to the door, He was stopped by either a clone and Jin or two clones he never could tell the difference dragging him back to the others. Plopping him on the floor there was a small thud noise looking up he saw the four of them staring down at him"Why are you running away from us Touya?" Toga said with her creepy smile"Hes finally seen how crazy you are thats why i mean seriously Toga you see one random guy every few months and suddenly hes your true love!" Tomura exclaimed,shrugging"he does sorta have a point." the clone and Jin responded in unison. Blinking rapidly he felt a wave of nausea trying to swallow it he had to come up with an excuse or they might know somthings up"Im just tired thats all you guys know how I get when I don't get enough sleep." hoping they bought it he laughed a lil feeling the hairs on his neck stand, Tilting his head to the side Tomura looked at him" You sure its just cause you don't want to go to Soras party?" he said with a sly grin. Fuck he forgot about the party it was to celebrate with him getting a hero license since the year before some guy with a Wood quirk grabbed him by the ankle and twisted it getting him out at the start. Slapping his hand against his forehead he got up" I swear I forgot." Toga swayed her hip to the side and crossed her arms she wasn't buying it."How do we know that you FORGOT?" mocking his voice on the last word Squinting his eyes at her, What did she want him drinking some truth serum would that help cheer her up. After arguing a few minutes with them they finally believed him. after waving bye to the them with a smile, he watched them turn a corner then made a dash for the bathroom, After his stomach was emptied in a violent way he pressed his cheek on the cold tile wall it felt nice but his stomach growled he didn't know if that was him hungry or was his stomach going to flip again. placing his hand on the little bump he saw earlier he stroked it with his thumb sitting there stareing at the wall warm tears started streaming down his face again.

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Two weeks went by pretty quick for some people but not for Touya, his morning sickness was going which was good but his clothes started feeling a litte more tighter then they should be, he had a bump that would be quite visible if he had just one layer on, Good thing it was starting to get cold out so he could wear extra layers bad thing his skin was made for an ice quirk and the cold didn't effect him and every one knew that. Staring at himself sideways in the mirror he tried to suck it in but no luck it was still poking out a little bit he was only seven weeks along and he was this big already his dad hired a private doctor for him and it was only one child but still he thought there was definitely one more. Enji would help him keep it a secret he already had a plan of how they were going to have it, simply Enji would be going on a mission he would take his oldest son to show to train him for the cover up but they would actually be going to a safe house where he would be for the rest of the pregnancy and give birth there also, so it wouldn't ruin his reputation as a hero that he was a single father at a young age. Walking over to the door he made sure it was locked and no one would surprisingly come in then going back to the mirror he placed his hand on the bump stroking it, it still was a shock but he felt a little happy there was voice inside him telling him its ok. Grabbing a hoodie off the floor he put it on then he walked out it was the weekend he decided to go for a walk it would be good for him anyway since soon he wouldn't really be able to go outside but that would be fine since he really didn't like leaving his room while walking he remembered Soras party it was a nice one but it ended horribly, somehow somebody was able to get alcohol so there was a whole bunch of drunk teenagers and of course Sora himself was drunk doing stupid dares and tricks in the air making the litte crowd cheer. Someone must have told him that he wasn't drinking cause the next thing he knew he got swooped up by him got placed on a high window edge and he wasn't allowed down till he did a few shots, he argued with him untill he just opened up the window and jumped down Sora being a drunk idiot followed him and begged him to come back saying weird things about how everyone is drinking and that he should have a little drink, Touya finally snapped he yelled at him saying things he obviously didn't mean at the time but of course came out. The night ended with him walking away and then Sora calling out to him saying to never contact him. He just felt guilt he hated arguing especially with Sora he was his best friend they had known eachother for years but he couldn't be upset he had to stay strong. Walking he didn't pay attention to where he was he just walked and continued to walk, finally snapped out of his daze he looked around he didn't recognize where he was he started walking taking steps backwards hoping to must have turmed the wrong corner but instead he just got more confused until he saw a guy staring at him, blinking a few times the man disappeared but he felt a pain in his neck turning around he saw the man running a hand to his neck he felt a needle he quickly reached for his phone and dialed the first contact that came up things went hazy then black.

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He slowly opened his eyes his head hurt like hell, remembering what happend before he blacked out his eyes went wide and he wiggled around he was tied to a chair his hands were cuffed with special handcuffs that deactivated his quirk and his mouth had a cloth in it, he looked around to see if anybody was there then he heard a few steps behind him," Its about time you woke" a gruff voice said behind him the man stood infront of him he was tall with gray hair,missing a tooth and unexpectedly a gold tooth he smelt like alcohol and cigarettes, the man stroked Touyas face, flinching at the feeling"Your going to make me some money kid, I bet there are loads of buyers for a pregnant omega." the man gave a wicked grin. He shouted into the cloth"or" Touyas eyes went big"I could keep you here till you pop then sell the child, newborns sell for a crazy amount." he shook his head violently while tears streamed down his face anything but that. The man laughed then walked away, Touya held his head low staring at his stomach hoping for somthing to happen

-------1 week-------

He was still there, The criminal would come in the room sometimes a force food down his throat. he was still strapped to the chair he nearly fell asleep tired after staying awake for almost 6 straight days in a row then he heard it a thud and a smack, eyes going wide he screamed into the cloth then he saw shadows coming closer to him, he turned his head and cried he thought he would never be happy to that stupid mask with the white stripe going down the middle"Touya? what are you doing here this is a human trafficking building full of pregnant omegas" the beta said while picking the lock off of his hands, still sitting in the chair looking down he couldn't look at one of his closest friends"A-are you-" Jin looked at him Touya still not looking at him he just simply nodded,Jin knelt down infront of him placing both hands on his shoulders Jin looked at him in the eyes"I won't tell anyone I promise." Touya looked at him,"Thank you" his voice was hoarse. Jin made duplicates of himself while helping him up,with one arm around eachothers shoulder Jin looked at him"Can i be the godfather?"Touya laughed"Maybe." They made it out he raised his hand the sun blinding him,Touya looked at jin"How did you even know to look for me here?" "You actually called me and when you didn't say anything i went to your house you weren't there and yadada you were missing and we knew you were in this area cause of the call." looking at him"Thanks." "No problem I just believe your pregnant."there was a little bit of silence"Dont mention it. Ever." Jin just chuckled,"You hurt?" he shook his head. they made it back to the Todoroki residence his mother ran too him holding him tight the rest of his siblings gathered around him hugging him, he waved bye to Jin since he had to go back to the others. His mother walked him to his room still holding onto his hand, she placed a kiss on his forehead then walked away knowing he was tired and needed some sleep. after making sure the door was locked he sat down on the edge of the bed taking off his hoodie showing the bump he placed both hands on it and wispered "Im going to make sure no one hurts you." he grabbed a few clean clothes switching into them he then layed down both hands still on the bump closing his eyes finally getting the rest he needed.

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Some time passed and ever since Jin found out he had been a little more protective of Touya and more caring well as stubborn as Touya is he’s sorta been enjoying it, whenever he would get stressed he would do his homework for him and they both were sparring partners so they could go easy on eachother which they of course both enjoyed, since they were good friends before so it was normal to see them this close and no one questioned the bump that started to appear under his uniform either they didn’t notice or they were being nice and didn’t say anything ,his cravings, those were horrible to him he just wanted pickles at a random time of the day it was bad just itchin for a pickle Jin would say, and the hormones don’t even get me started they were once walking and they saw a box with a kitten in it he just lost it they had to sit down on a bench and wait before he stopped crying it was terrible. Now he was relaxing on his bed reading a book when his phone buzzed Jin texted.

Winner_winner_Jincken_dinner: Hey man you up for some chicken I know you’ve been craving that for a bit

It was true he was craving some chicken but he didn’t really like but his stomach growling made an answer for him.

I_can_roast_myself_tyvm: Yea sure, I’ll meet ya there.

He sat up and held onto the nightstand for a lil help he hated that he needed somthing to hold onto to help him stand. Grabbing a hoodie off of the floor he pulled it on, flipping the hood up. Walking down the street he waved to Jin who was standing outside waiting for him. They walked in he took a quick scan of the people sitting inside, his breath hitched he then grabbed Jins arm and squeezed it then looked down hoping he wasn’t noticed, Jin turned around with eyes wide Touya was breathing a little heavy one hand under his stomach supporting it the other hand squeezing his arm”What’s wrong?” He whispered in a worrying voice Touya glances over to the tables, he looked around then he saw what he saw, Sora was sitting there with a girl both seemed to be having a good time and haven’t noticed them yet. Lowering his head”They seem to be done so their probably about to leave do you want to hide in the bathroom until they leave?” He nodded and let go of his arm he started heading towards the bathroom when he was stopped by a girl she looked pretty buff had white hair and dark lovely skin. She stood tall and crossed her arms staring at him with an unamused look on her face”May I help you miss?” He tried to act like he didn’t see her before,”Yea actually you can and by the way my names Rumi,Soras NEW best friend.” She smirked at the word she emphasized”..oh..” he turned his head looking back at Sora, he already replaced him. He already cut off anything he had with him, Sora was ready to fly over there, he then went to look at Jin but before he could his face was grabbed by Rumi,”Don’t you look over to your friend for help, your going to answer my questions like why did you not have fun at Sora’s party? I thought you were his best friend.” She was right why didn’t he, he could’ve at least faked something.”I-I don’t know..” looking hard into his eyes” you don’t know. You DON’T know?!? Wow no wonder he replaced you, your a terrible friend.” He looked back at Sora with tears in his eyes and mouthed ‘I’m sorry’, before the tears could even break and start to stream down his cheeks two Jins whisked him away while three held down Rumi and one told Sora off. He was walked into a alley way where he broke and loud sobs came from him he tried muffling them into Jin’s shoulder but they were too loud making some people giving them sympathetic as they passed looks, after some words of Jin assuring Touya wasn’t a terrible person and that he would be a good dad he wiped his nose on his sleeve,” Thanks....but I-i think I’m going to go to the safe house with my dad now.” Jin stared at him” You sure? I mean we won’t see each other for awhile” he nodded and gave him a soft smile assuring him it was going to be ok, he smiled back then lifted his hands”Can I feel them one more time?”he didn’t know the gender and he surely didn’t want to know he though since this whole thing was a surprise the baby’s gender might as well be too” Sure thing godfather.” He smiled a bit while Jin did a lil happy dance then he lifted up his hoodie and shirt to reveal the growth in his midriff, it had looked like he swallowed a large melon fully. Jin placed both hands on it saying weird things that made Touya question to whether it was a good thing giving a title to Jin or not. After a about two minutes he pulled his hoodie back down when a clone came back with a bag full of food, Touya looked at him with a raised eyebrow,” whaaaaat you were hungry ,I was hungry don’t deny it” Touya grabbed one of the chicken nuggets and put it in his mouth,”chu” he said with his mouth full. They both walked away laughing and talking since it would be awhile since they would see eachother again. As they walked away the spot from where they were standing a red feather fell