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Tony Stark Bingo 2019 - Drabble Collection

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“I can’t find a cell signal, at all!”

Bucky kept layering branches to make a shelter. “Relax, doll.”

Tony scowled. “You relax.”

“I intend to.” Bucky stretched out on the pine needles he’d gathered and patted the spot next to him. “Come on in and get cozy. It’s gonna rain.”

Tony gave his phone a last glare and flopped down ungraciously. The mound of pine needles was surprisingly springy and soft. “Maybe I’ll be able to get a signal after the storm passes.”

“Wouldn’t doubt it,” Bucky agreed gamely, pulling Tony into his arms. “Lemme take your mind off it.”

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Bucky let out a long whistle as he walked around the holo-projection, taking in the details. “Is this a cliff? Like, your house was actually hanging out over the water?

Tony grinned. “Yeah. Every architect I approached said the ground was too unstable and told me to fuck off. I invented new building methods, pretty much just to prove them wrong. God, I miss that place.”

“You going to rebuild it?”

Tony grimaced. “The missiles that blew up the house took a big chunk of the cliff, too. I don’t think it’s possible, now.”

Bucky grinned. “I double-dog dare ya.”


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“She loves me,” Tony said, full of wonder, “with every fiber of her being. There’s no hesitation. No reserve. No fear of rejection, no fear of ever losing me. When she sees me, she smiles, and it’s like...”

“The sun?”

“No, it’s like the moment when I know that I’ve made something that’s going to change the world again, and I’m so excited, I can’t wait to share it with everyone. And that’s... That’s exactly what it is. She’s going to change the world, someday, Pep.” He reached down into the crib to brush his hand over Morgan’s baby-soft hair.

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Bucky walked into Tony’s hospital room, barely registering the flowers, and said, “I’m sorry.”

At the exact same moment, Tony said, “I’m sorry.”

Tony looked exhausted. His beard was grown over in scruff and his right arm had been replaced with a prosthetic that looked startlingly like Bucky’s. (Shuri’s work, of course.)

Tony saw him looking and lifted it, palm-out. “Yeah, we’re twins now, I guess.”

Bucky held up his own, echoing the gesture. “Mirror images, more like.”

“You think? Which one of us is the evil one?”

Bucky reached, touched his metal fingers to Tony’s. “I think maybe... neither.”

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“I came as soon as I heard,” Pepper said.

Rhodey gestured at the monitor. The Hulk Room had been converted into a daycare -- padded and plush and brightly colored.

The Avengers were there -- and most of them were three years old. They were all dashing around at top speed, and even without sound, Pepper could imagine the noise. Tony, the only one to avoid the curse, was cradling an infant Thor.

“Why’s Thor so tiny?”

“Apparently, a three-year-old Asgardian can’t even sit up yet.”

Pepper eyed Tony. “How’s he doing?”

Rhodey smiled. “Honestly, Pep? I think he’s never been happier.”