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End of Imperialism

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" We can not just sit here not doing anything." Winston Churchill shouted

" We are not Winston we are building a ship that can carry all of the Citizens and refuges. Anthony Eden replied

The Supreme War Council were meeting for their bi-weekly conference the council consisted of:

Winston Churchill Prime Minister Of The United Kingdom

Anthony Eden Forgien Secratary

Franklin D Roosevelt President Of the exiled American Government

Douglas MacArthur Chief Of the defence staff

Dwight D Eisenhower Supreme Commander of the Armed forces

Paul Von Hindenburg Chief of the Imperial General Staff

Erwin Rommel Reichsmarschall

In 1930 a infection had been reported in Peru and quickly spread to all the other countries in South America. The UK started a general reararment programme. Their was no action till 1933 when it spread to America and Africa from there is spread to Asia, Russia and Europe and by 1934 The UK was the only safe haven. The refugees numbered:

180,000 Americans- Government

4 Million Russians- Government and House Romanov

300,000 French- Georges Clemeancau and Charles De Gaulle and Phillpe Petain

400,000 Germans- Government and House Honzelnellom and general staff

200,000 Dutch- Royal Family

190,000 Belgians- Royal Family

100,000 Italians- Victor Emmanuel III and Pietro Bagodli

90,000 Romanians- Royal Family

90,000 Bulgarians- Royal Family

80,000 Hungarians- House Hasburg and Government

80,000 Greek- Royal Family

40,000 Latvian,Estonian and Lithuanian

30,000 Swedish, Denmark and Norwegian- all three Royal Familys

10,000 Japanese- Imperial Family

5000 Chinese- Puyi and Chaing Kai-Shek

300 Koreans and Indiams

250 Canadians,Malyasians and Australians- John Curtin

200 Africans

All refuges were placed in Iceland were the British Government and the Supreme War Council were. all of the Irish and British Citzens were evacuated to Greenland. The War Council were building a Spaceship ( The Windsor) to house all of its Citzens and Refugees.

Military Commanders like Chester Nimtz,Andrew Cunningham, Franz Halder,Gerd von Rundset and Georgi Zukhov were all evacuated to help command the allied armies. Hitler had handed over leadership of Germany to Hermann Goring before Goring went with the evacuees and Hitler died defending the Reichstag. Paul Von Hindenburg had been helping the British co-ordinate the evacuees under the codename Operation Dynamo on the condition he would be a member of the Imperial General Staff. Hermann Goring named Erwin Rommel Reichsmarschall the ceremony was witnessed by George VI. The Allied Armies toatled 5 Million Men.

The Spaceship was under the supervision of Hugh Dowding and Count von Zepplin it was under the codename operation Last Resort. Artifacts from places like The Louvre, Buckingham Palace, Notre Dame, The Kremlin and The Imperial Palace in Japan were placed in a warehouse with important documents and two copys of every book ever written to be loaded on the Windsor when the storage room was complete. Benito Mussolini had lead waves of Italians against the zombie menace and before the last wave had handed Emilo de Bono a letter to give to Pietro Bagodli and Victor Emmanuel III. Prince Rupprecht of Bavria had helped organise the collection of priceless artifacts,antiques,furniture and portraits with his help the British were able to tansport every artifact in th world to Iceland to repay him he was made King of the free state of Bavaria

Intellectuals,Scholars,Scientists and Businessesmen were evacuated first with their families Albert Einstein formed the Scientific Council for Research and Development to help further research which had members like Edwin Hubble, Werner Heisenburg and Werhner Von Braun whereas Henry Morganthau jr formed the Finacial Council for Investment and Improvment which had members like Fritz Thryssen,Oskar Schindler and George H Bush

The Council for Homeland Defence members were Hugh Dowding,William Hasley, Alfred Tirpitz and George Patton their purpose was to defend Iceland and Greenland as well as make sure no infected were within their borders. Winston Churchill gave permission for Heinrich Himmler and Louis Mountbatten to form a secret police and Joseph Goebbels permission to form a Propaganda Ministry their purpose was to help keep stability and the people calm.

The Navy of all exiled countries were combined and made the United Navy under the command of Alfred Tirpitz who was retraining all navy officers in all countries naval doctrines

Whereas the United Army was under the command of Archibald Wavell and Paul Von Lettow-Vorbeck who also retrained the army officers in the Blitzkrieg doctrine

The same with the airforce under the command of Arthur Harris who belived in the night bombing doctrine.

The Structure of Parliament had it so all members of parliament from all exiled countries were combined into the Aliied Parliament which included the House of Lords. All Leaders agreed to make George VI the King of Earth it allowed him to help the Government and War Council.

Stalin had been evacuated from The Kremlin to the Glorious by Georgy Zhukov to lead the exiled Russians and he finally saw how bad communism was.

Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt had survived the infection by moving to Iceland in 1930 they were instrumental in helping keep the American Refugees calm.