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yell heah

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Iida Tenya has added glass bones paper skin, ura ura ura raka, strawberry shortcake, and 16 others to the chat Class 1-A


[16:17] Iida Tenya: Hello classmates! I created this chat so that we have an easy way to discuss assignments and so that we have a way to get into contact during emergencies. 


encyclopedia brown has removed grape juice from the chat Class 1-A.


[16:22] popular song: god is a woman

[19:43] geodude: did we all just collectively ignore this chatroom


[19:44] mamma mina: eh momo already defeated the evil. what more is there to do?


[19:47] hanta sero fanta zero: i'm surprised kami hasn’t already come on to send some memes but ill do it for him


hanta sero fanta zero has attached (3) images


[19:53] gone girl: oh guys careful all this tomfoolery might trigger iida 


[19:55] Iida Tenya: On the contrary, Hagakure! I think that allowing us to send images and jokes will help bring us closer together as a class!


[19:56] Iida Tenya: also i don’t have fuckin stick up my ass 


[19:56] mamma mina: SKSKSKSKS


[19:58] gone girl: fair enough

[20:32] pichu: hey class pres is it illegal for me to launch someone into the sun


[20:33] Iida Tenya: Yes, but can I ask who it is that you wish to launch? 


[20:34] pichu: its mineta


[20:34] Iida Tenya: I won't tell if you don’t. 


[20:35] pichu: sweet


[20:42] sugar (honey honey): damn class pres really said fuck mineta lives


[20:44] more hands more hugs: aren’t you and mineta friends, kaminari?


[20:46] pichu: this is slander


[20:46] pichu: grapestain is not my friend!!


[20:48] popular song: but you’re always hanging around him 


[20:49] ura ura ura raka: also you helped him trick us girls into wearing cheerleading uniforms ): 


[20:50] pichu: k i can see more girls typing so im gonna cut that off bc we don’t need to relive all of my past mistakes on this fine evening


[20:50] mamma mina: then why’d you do that stuff kami??


[20:51] pichu: listen yall im sorry and i wont do it again!! I have Learned

Kirishima Eijirou > Kaminari Denki


[20:52] Kirishima Eijirou: bro are you okay?? you seemed kinda skittish on the class chat


[20:53] Kaminari Denki: not really lmao


[20:54] Kirishima Eijirou: whats up my man 


[20:57] Kaminari Denki: okay basically?? im nonbinary and like i told mineta bc i actually did think he was my friend and he flipped out on me 


[20:58] Kirishima Eijirou: bro thats so not manly 


[20:58] Kirishima Eijirou: youre mega valid and mineta can catch these rock hard hands


[20:59] Kaminari Denki: thanks kiri


[20:59] Kaminari Denki: im good now though we can go back to the main chat

Class 1-A


[21:01] popular song: okay well after that suspiciously long interval in which nobody spoke on the class chat, 


[21:01] popular song: its clear that theres something more to this so i say we drop the issue bc i think we’re making kaminari uncomfortable


[21:02] ura ura ura raka: ahh sorry kami, i didn’t mean to make you uncomfy!


[21:03] pichu: eh yall are fine im just Dramatic


[21:04] geodude: >:(


[21:04] pichu: *yall are fine, this is just a bit personal and im not ready to disclose the information yet


[21:05] geodude: :)


[21:06] glass bones paper skin: oh boy a whole lot happened while i was gone


[21:07] strawberry shortcake: oh? a groupchat?


[21:07] strawberry shortcake: nice


[21:12] ura ura ura raka: it feels weird to only have nineteen people in here


[21:13] hanta sero fanta zero: what do you mean our class has always only had nineteen people


[21:13] geodude: nineteen people + one rat that just wont die


[21:13] mamma mina: SKSKSKDSD


pichu has added Shinsou Hitoshi 


[21:14] pichu: problem solved


[21:14] glass bones paper skin: wha??? kaminari you have shinsou’s contact info??


[21:14] pichu: ye


[21:15] glass bones paper skin: wow rude he wouldnt give it to me when i asked


[21:16] Shinsou Hitoshi: yeah but kami took it by force


[21:16] Shinsou Hitoshi: also can yall introduce yourselves with your pronouns n any other vital info?? i have no idea who any of you are lmao


[21:17] Iida Tenya: A great idea, Shinsou! This will also help us grow closer to those we don’t know very well even within our own class. I shall start: My name is Iida Tenya, and I use he/him pronouns.


[21:17] Shinsou Hitoshi: thats intense


[21:18] ura ura ura raka: oh for sure!! anyway im uraraka ochako n i use she/her!! 


[21:18] keroppi: asui tsuyu, but call me tsu and i use she/her :P


[21:18] encyclopedia brown: yaoyorozu momo, she/her


[21:19] popular song: jirou kyouka, she/they


[21:19] monkey monkey monkey man: ojiro mashirao, he/him


[21:20] murkrow: tokoyami fumikage, he/they


[21:20] glass bones paper skin: midoriya izuku, he/him!!


[21:20] im babey: kouda kouji, they/them :>


[21:21] mamma mina: ashido mina she/her !!


[21:21] geodude: kirishima eijriou, he/him!! 


[21:21] hanta sero fanta zero: sero hanta, if you couldnt guess, and im he/him


[21:21] pichu: kaminari denki they/them


[21:22] gone girl: hagakure tooru, she/her!


[21:23] more hands more hugs: shouji mezou, he/him


[21:23] sugar (honey honey): satou rikidou, he/him


[21:23] crab from moana: je suis aoyama yuuga, he/him si vous plait


[21:23] gone girl: aoyama im scared to ask but what does your name mean 


[21:23] crab from moana: shiny


[21:24] strawberry shortcake: todoroki shouto, he/him


[21:24] mamma mina: SKSKSKSKS TODOROKI


[21:24] bakugo away: take a wild fuckin guess


[21:25] Shinsou Hitoshi: damn thats a lot of dudes


[21:25] Shinsou Hitoshi: anyway im he/him


Shinsou Hitoshi has changed their name to cats the musical


[21:26] hanta sero fanta zero: and now back to the regularly scheduled buffoonery B)

[21:27] pichu: yell heah