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In the name of Emrys

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Arthur sat high on his horse, his hand strengthening his grip on the spear in his hand. Looking around to see his fellow knights and a few of the nobles that had stayed over for the autumn festival, all horsed like he was. On the ground surrounding them were a dozen or so servants armed with shields and sticks to drive the boar once they had found it. But for now they just waited for the scouts to find the tracks to follow.

Normally just before the festival a big hunt was organized for the grand feast and this year was no different. The game caught during this hunt had been good, a few dears, rabbits and some pheasants. When Arthur had been satisfied with his haul of kills he returned to Camelot. On his way back he spotted a boar. And not just any boar. It was larger then any Arthur had seen before, yet he didn't had the equipment or manpower to hunt it properly so he had to come back for it after the festival. The festival itself had gone well. It wasn't the first he hosted as a king, but he was always a bit nervous around times like these. He had been all kinds of polite to the nobles that came from all over Camelot to enjoy the food, entertainment and most off all the company of the king. He had visited some of the street performances in the market and overall mingled with his people. There had only been one glitch in the festivities. A druid had worked his way into Camelot and had tried to enchant Merlin (even though Merlin vehemently denied it, "he was just asking the way", yeah right). And now it was all over, most of the visitors had gone home, just two of the nobles stayed, lured in by the promise of a hunt and more importantly some private times with the king.

They had been out here for the better part of the day and still had not found the boar. Arthur was thinking that today was maybe not the day that the boar would be caught. He was starting to become annoyed with the trackers and bored with just siting and waiting. At least he wasn't the only one that got bored. Thinking about it, the other men on horseback where mostly enjoying idle chatter among themselves. He thought about giving up and returning to the camp when his eye caught Merlin. He had decided to drop his shield and stick an sat down at the base of a tree, the lazy sod, Arthur guided his horse towards Merlin,

'Taking a break Merlin?' He said while looking down on his servant. Merlin had the good manners too quickly stand up and looking startled by Arthur's unexpected approach.

'I taught..' Merlin started.

'And that is where you went wrong,' Arthur interrupted. He looked down hoping Merlin would take the bait and quip with him for a bit to take his attention away from the waiting. Merlin just looked annoyed but didn't respond. 'Why did you sit down?'

'Sir Percival and Lord Sebastian are trying to pick up the trail of the boar until they come back we won't move so why not rest and relax a bit, you know enjoy the peacefulness of the forest. It's not like anything goes wrong when were hunting, that would never happen?' Merlin said adding some sarcasm to the last part.

'Are you having one of your "funny feelings" Méerlin?' He stretched Merlin's name out to cover curiosity, Merlin just raised an eyebrow at the question. Even if he would never admit to it, Merlin's "funny feelings" where too accurate not to take into consideration.

'Would you listen if I said yes?' Arthur scoffed at that. Merlin looked Arthur directly in the eyes for a moment and added 'No, I don't have a "funny feeling" it just that druid in Camelot that got me thinking,'

'Again with the thinking Merlin' Arthur teased, he received a angry scowl for that. Arthur just rolled his eyes. 'The one that just stopped to ask for direction?'

'That one,' a contemplative look set itself across Merlin's face. He glanced over to meet Arthur's eye for a second, looking for something that wasn't there apparently because his expression returned to a neutral one and he just continued 'even lost, a druid would never risk..'

'WATCH OUT, MYLORD' Arthur whipped around, the yell came from one of the servants. The boar was apparently also tired from waiting to be tracked and was running right at sir Olsen. The attack had been so unexpected and most of the servant had started scattering all around the clearing to get out of the way of the stampeding boar. The noises of chaos the men produced driving the beast mad. The boar had made it to the center of the hunting party. The servants and knight in no shape to drive or kill it.

'Fan out!' He yelled. And the group broke into two. One part following Leon going away from Arthur and the rest followed him. The half party Arthur was leading came to a clearing. He took a moment to catch his breath and glanced back he noticed the boar hadn't pursued them and he checked who was in his party. Three servants, one of which was Merlin, and sir Devon. A small group but he will make do. 'We will regroup en get ready to strike' he told sir Devon. he saw Devon grip his spear a bit tighter, clearly on edge and readying himself to jump into action. Arthur rode to Merlin and gave him the spear, he rode back to sir Devon, in the meantime he took the crossbow for his back and loaded it up. He was about order the group back when suddenly the boar jumped for the bushes behind Merlin. Merlin had just enough time to turn around but didn't lift the spear. the boar ran right into him. Arthur took aim and let loose. The shaft hitting the boar in it's back. It didn't stop the beast, which continued his path towards Arthur. But just before he could reach Arthur sir Devon intercepted the boar and made the kill with his spear. Arthur jumped of his horse and rushed to Merlin, who lay way to still on the forest canopy.

So this was the first chapter. What do you think, should I continue....
I didn't want to make it too long seeing its my first chapter of my first fic and all. but I hope it is enough to spike some interest.

Tags are hard don't want to leave anything out but don't want to spoil anything either.

In case it wasn't noticeable English is not my first language. So it will no be perfect I'm trying though, and am open for any constructive feedback.