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falling in love too easily

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It was what you could call nothing but a simple day at the Higashikata home.

Nothing much to be bothered by this morning, as the sunlight came through the glass of the living room window, leaving a lovely color of yellow to shine through.

Faint footsteps were heard by the other two memebers of the family, soon getting louder.

"Daddy I think he's finally awake." Daiya spoke sleepily and leaned back into the green sofa.

"Hm?" the older man adjusted his reading glasses before soon slipping them off.

"You would be right Daiya, no one else I know walks so loudly." Norisuke spoke and set the glasses down with a click to the wood table.

The tall figure made way into the room, with the usual slouched posture.

Joshu made way to sit by his sister, no words spoken yet but he didn't have to speak first.

"You slept late today." she looked over at him, cocking her head to the side.

"It just happens, I lost track of time." he rubbed his eyes lazily, and sighed out a rough breath.

"Dad?" Joshu looked across the room to their father.

"Yes?" Norisuke walked over to the bar and set down a small cup, as if to make a warm drink.

"You know there's usually more of us home. Where the hell is everyone else even?" He seemed genuinely curious but had that intense undertone as usual.

A brief sigh escaped the older mans lips before answering. "Well, Hato went out of town for some modeling, Jobin went out to do something I didn't ask what and I have no idea where Josuke is." Norisuke spoke honestly.

It seemed normal enough, his sibilings were always in and out of home. But Josuke?

'He's been out a lot more lately.' Joshu thought to himself but shook it off, he knew where he probably was, with yasuho.

That alone made him tick but not as bad lately.

If he was honest with himself it's maybe because Josuke wasn't as bad as he thought, they had a few thing's in common and it wasn't impossible to get along but Joshu still wasn't sold on it.

With no further words shared with his sister or father, he walked back to his room. Not the room he was moved to, his room that Josuke had now been in for almost a year now.

That made him tick too, who knew what he could've looked through?

Joshu shook it off and opened the door and flicked on the light, suprisingly it was clean, nothing out of place except the desk chair on the matress.

His eyes focused on it, and he cocked an eyebrow curiously.

'why the hell would someone put a chair there?' he thought but shook his head.

Enough time wasting, he came here for a reason.

Admittedly he wanted to know more about Josuke but could never read him like any other person.

Joshu shut the door, now alone in the room.

"No better way to know someone then to look around a little." he shrugged, no harm done right? It was his room afterall.

He let his eye's look around the room, looking for anywhere Josuke could have stashed something. But that wasn't necessary as something blue caught his eye on the desk.

Joshu walked over to it and picked it up. Lipstick.

It wasn't uncommon, Josuke wore it all the time.

He had wanted to insult him for it but how could he even? Blue wasn't a bad color on him and it kinda looked pretty.

He shrugged, he hadn't found much to work with yet, but for some odd reason felt an urge to keep it as he looked down at the blue stick.

Not wanting to think of why, he just followed what felt right. He slipped it into his pocket.

'its not weird right?' Joshu thought but shook it off. Whatever he's done weirder thing's, this wasn't that bad compared to those times.

He wanted to find something, anything.

Secrets, maybe fears or hobbies that he liked, but he found nothing.

"Josuke has no other things?" he tilted his head and took one last glance through the room.

'wait!' Joshu came up with a thought.

He looked under the matress looking for a laptop but instead saw a dent.

Curiousity fled over him, did Josuke sleep under the matress?

It was weird yes, but Unique too.

Joshu had never met such an eccentric person before, he found it entertaining.

"Where did he move it?" he looked down and saw it placed just beside the bed.

"Ah." Joshu picked it up.

'maybe he's been on it, if so what did he look for?'

The laptop clicked open and the screen glowed, that answered his question as the laptop had been left on.

"Time to see what you've been up to."

After getting to the browser there were a few tabs open, one about the rokakaka, a hospital in morioh and something about a woman named holly kujo, was that Josukes family?

Joshu had no idea what any of this was but just set the laptop down.

With all that time and not a lot learned about him, he stepped out of the room just in time for Josuke to come home.

He wanted to know more but this would do for now.

"Fuck he's gonna see me." Joshu rushed back to his room, shutting the door behind him quietly before pushing the door open slightly to watch Josuke walk down the hallway and too the bedroom.

Josuke turned around to look before going in, he could have sworn he heard something, but there was nothing there. He shrugged slightly and went into the bedroom, closing the door behind him with a light slam.

For some reason he got the same rush as when he used to take yasuhos thing's and observe her, he felt a heat rush to his face and his heart pounding.

in that moment he smiled to himself, learning only one true thing today.

'I guess I found something else than what I was looking for, but that's not a bad thing.'