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Lan Wangji had never planned to marry or have children. Growing up, he'd always taken for granted that he'd walk the cultivation path alone, his one important relationship the one to his brother. And then he met Wei Wuxian.

Meeting Wei Ying changed everything, not least of all the way Lan Zhan thought of himself. Suddenly he wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of his life with another person. An infuriating, gifted, complicated, beautiful person, whose smiles easily melted the walls of protective ice he'd erected around his heart after losing his parents.

When he lost Wei Ying, too, first to the unorthodox path and then to the abyss, it almost broke him.

Except Wei Ying had left him one last gift, as unexpected as everything about him had been: A grimy little boy with shining eyes and a warm smile, who clung to Lan Zhan with a trust that made it impossible for him to turn his back on a universe that had lost the sun Lan Zhan had revolved around.

While Lan Zhan never expected to have children, he didn't hesitate. He might have failed holding on to Wei Ying, but he could hold Ah Yuan.