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Come Into Another World

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First Chapter! I uploaded this fic on fanfiction years ago but i really wanted to get back to writing it again cos I love this series and need more love

so its fluffy at the start but i do plan for it to be more mature later on *winks a million times*

Please enjoy and forgive any grammar mistakes!



It was too early for Sawa Rakan’s liking to have a school assembly today.  Usually he doesn’t mind having the same routine, going to bed early and waking up, it was how things went in his life. Living alone in his grandpa’s house and taking care only but himself put a lonely atmosphere around the teen.


Rakan greeted his classmates everyday, talked to them and delivered flowers but once that was over he left school on his own and wouldn’t be seen until the next day.


The teen blinked and rubbed his eyes blaming last night’s loud weather taking his scheduled sleeping hours off balance. Rakan looked around the hall, seeing every face he greets, the same faces....the same conversations....the same smiles but none are quite real when they smile at me... Rakan thought sadly.


The headmaster signalled the end of his speech of the new school rules, Rakan listened but not with much interest today, geez I’m tired today might not do some shopping today

Rakan and his class stood and walked out of the hall but Rakan felt a thump into his shoulder.

‘’Oh, excuse me-‘’

Rakan felt his voice stop as he looked up properly through his tired eyes.

A tall, dark, handsome student looked down at the fair haired teen with cold eyes. From the second Rakan looked up at him he felt the metallic eyes pierce through his black long fringe. His mouth was a long line of a frown like he just smelled unpleasant

The older boy broke the odd eye contact and turned his shoulder to walk away.

What was that? Well, manners so early in the morning isn’t to be expected right....

Rakan watched the older boy’s back walking away. He searched his head to remember the student but nothing came to mind. I don’t know who that odd



The lunch bell eventually rang and Rakan stretched at his desk. Friends crowded around him for a loan of his notes, the teen already accepted the fate of a hardworking student in a lazy class. Some girls nearby were chatting loudly and squealing but Rakan’s ears perked when he heard of a new student .

‘’Did you see him? Oh gosh he was so dark and brooding!’’

‘’I never saw him before, how did we never see him before! So not fair!’’

‘’We were lucky we stole a glance of him before the senior girls got their hands on him in assembly.’’

Rakan stood and walked to the group of excited girls with curiosity. The girls’ faces lightened up seeing Rakan soft smiling face.

‘’Excuse me but what do you know about-‘’

A sudden crash split through the room without warning. Without a word the teens ran towards the source of noise and leaned out of the open window. Rakan weaved through the crowd to see what happened.

The dark senior stood tall, rooted in the middle of the courtyard with students forming a circle around him quickly. Rakan scanned his face quickly to read the atmosphere but his face was yet hidden by his dark hair. What happened? What it does it have to do with that guy?

Rakan’s attention was grabbed when students ran over to pick up two boys from the ground. They were covered in trash and looked badly beaten up. Wait, don’t tell me this guy did-

Yet again, the dark teen gave a last glare at the beaten boys, turned his shoulder. But at the moment Rakan felt his stare quickly shift to the window where he was. The fair-haired boy only blinked back and watched his back as he walked away again.

What on earth is this guy....?



such a short chapter omg

but there's more to come dont worry