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The Making Of History

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Let’s start at the beginning. It’s good. Everything’s got a beginning; the beginning of time, the beginning of a story, the beginning of a relationship. The beginning is always there, always in myths. No one truly knows how it began or what caused it to begin. They just know it did. And, so did this. It began.

This begins with two children, two Great Ones, twins. The shy one and the guarding one. It also begins with a world made entirely for them. A world where creatures could talk, and fantasy was reality. Where a lamppost would always guide you home. It was a world for them to grow and play.

The eldest twin was Orion. God of the Waters. The guardian. With a muscled body and piercing eyes, Orion looked every part as powerful as he was. His hair wild and untamed, his skin tanned to a dark caramel colour. Orion looked powerful. He may have been a kind person, but forgiving was something he wasn’t.

On the other hand, Tora, the younger twin, looked pure. She looked like an angel walking on the Earth, her hair the colour of silver birch bark, her eyes the same silver as moonlight on water – flakes of gold like stardust speckled her iris’, her skin the same pale colour as parchment. She looked like the embodiment of purity, and she was. Her kindness was unparalleled, her heart was infinite, her forgiveness unwavering, her love was never ending. She was everything good in the world. In her heart, she will never stop protecting her family, her friends, and her people. She would never leave them at the mercy of others. 

Tora was possibly more powerful than Orion, she was the Goddess of the Airs, her people adored her while they feared Orion, he was the embodiment of power while she was peace in a human form. Their enemies were few, they weren’t people to have as enemies, they could bring a kingdom to the floor with threats hidden in honey-sweet words, with roses they filled with poison, with subtle messages given over long times. The twins were strong when they were together. The twins were born with their powers, their father was the mighty Aslan, the True King of Narnia. It was a lot for two young twins to live up to their father’s legacy. But they would manage it.


First off, we have Tora. Dear sweet Tora. Her story is one filled with hardship, suffering, loss, guilt, redemption, failure, and success. Tora was a creature of love, she treasured every life as a gift and relished the idea of life beginning. Animals loved her, especially the dragons. Dragons were always a rare sight in Narnia, when Tora was barely 5 years old, the dragons entrusted her with the last dragon egg. When the egg hatched, Aslan made his way over to his young daughter, standing beside her as she held the powerful creature in her hands,
“That, my darling, is the last of her kind. Just as we are the last of ours.” Tora didn’t let her eyes leave the small dragon circling her palms,
“What’s her name, daddy?” Asked the little goddess, Aslan gave her a gentle smile, his human form unfamiliar to him but the form Tora knew well,
“Novissime.” He stated simply, Tora let the dragon curl up on her shoulder,
“Hello, Novissime, I will keep you safe.” Her voice was like a breath of wind, filled with peace, trust, love, hope, and everything good.

When Tora was 7, she became a Queen of Narnia – the Queen of the Constellations. It was something the Narnians rejoiced over, they loved Tora dearly, she had been their queen since before the crown touched her head, they’d always listened to her. Novissime stood behind her at the coronation – the dragon was never very far from her mistress. Orion stood with the crowds, cheering and singing ‘long live Queen Tora’, he’d never been prouder of his sister than in that one moment.


When the twins were 16, they were warriors, defending Narnia from all foe, protecting her from any who wished harm to her people. Tora had become a diplomat, staving off wars on many occasions, Orion was a general, preparing the Queen’s army’s for any battle they may need to fight. Together, the twins were a force to be reckoned with. Novissime defended Narnia from the skies with her mistress while Orion defended from the waters, the lands protected by their armies.

For nearly 900 years, Narnia was untouchable, the twins were still 16 in appearance but in experience, they were as old as the world the loved. For 900 years, they defended Narnia from any who wished her harm. In that time, Orion gained his own companion, a wolf he’d tamed 400 years ago, a wolf named Bellator. He trusted Orion the same way Novissime trusted Tora – unconditionally.

After 900 years, though, something changed, the tree born from the fruit of life died, the White Witch had nothing restraining her power and used her magic to take a hold on Narnia. She made the once joyous kingdom fall, forcing it to bow to her, it was filled with fear instead of love, distrust instead of forgiveness. Everything Tora taught against reigned freely. The siblings were forced to hide. Novissime and Tora taking to the sky while Orion and Bellator fled to the oceans, Orion giving Bellator the ability to stay under the water. The four ran for their lives.

The White Witch took Narnia, many creatures pledged their allegiance to the Witch; the Minitours, the Drow Elves, some fawns, the dwarves, and the wolves. Each one broke Tora’s heart, her people were leaving her out of fear of the Witch. Many creatures swore allegiance only to Queen Tora, their true queen.

Tora watched sadly as a Drow Elf ran for her life, she was one of the few who didn’t follow the dark ways of the Drow. Tora could hear her father’s voice, telling her to save this young elf, she would be important. She spent the next few years watching the elf before finally going to interact with her. She knew her job now. She glanced over to Novissime and the pair flew down to the elf currently fighting a pack of wolves that answered to the Witch. Tora helped defeat the last few before the elf turned her blades on the goddess.
Do not fear, we mean no harm to you.” Tora’s voice was soft, it settled the elf slightly, her mind reeling at the idea of someone offering her no harm.
Who are you? What do you want?” The elf’s voice was still filled with fear and dread, Tora gave her a soft smile,
My name is Queen Tora, Goddess of the Air, True Queen of Narnia, Queen of the Constellations. I been watching you for a while and I have decided to come to offer you a place as a Guardian of Narnia.” The young elf looked at Tora sceptically, indigo eyes refusing to believe her,
Why me?” Tora smiled at her, her features delicate and inviting compared to the Drow’s harsh indigo eyes,
I have been watching you for 5 years and have seen you fight off many attacks, you are requested as a Guardian of Narnia, you will be tasked with the protection of the rightful Kings and Queens and defend Narnia from evil. You will do this for all time if you choose to accept." The elf nodded,
I am Mia, the last of my clan, I accept your offer.” Tora offered her hand to the elf, magic flowed around them, binding Mia to Narnia, her dark blue hair flaring around them as the magic cause a wind to surround them. Tora felt her magic bind to Mia, she would never be able to harm this woman.

Mia and Tora became inseparable over the next 10 years, neither ageing above 16. Tora would defend Mia and Mia would defend Tora. Neither were ever worried, especially when Novissime was protecting the pair of them. The day was cold when Tora was called upon by Aslan. The weather should've been an omen, if that wasn't then the feeling of her powers growing should've been.

The journey to her Father’s Country didn’t take Tora long, though the journey was peculiar considering she was travelling alone. Her brother wasn't far behind her though. Aslan met them as they arrived, Tora noticed he was in human form,
"Dad? What is wrong?" Tora asked softly,
"Your mother passed away this morning." He whispered brokenly, Orion looked at his sister, taking her hand tightly, they hadn't seen much of their mother while they were growing up, but she was still their mother, Orion cried softly, so did Aslan,
"Don't cry, please don't cry. We've still got each other. Daddy, please don't cry." Her voice was soft but not crying, she loved her mother but hadn't seen her in 15 years, she hadn't really taken in what had happened.

Orion was sent on a mission by his father, he was to find the second Guardian of Narnia. He'd spent the 10 years since his mother died with Tora and Mia, but they'd told him to go alone. They were on a different mission for Aslan, they were to spy on the White Witch. The pair were with Aslan, the lion wasn't like how Tora remembered her dad, he was different, and she couldn't quite explain how.
"Daddy? Please, 10 years have passed. She would want you to move on. To keep living. To fight for Narnia. Mum would not want this." Mia tensed at what her friend was saying, Tora's voice was soft and had a way to captivate the listener, using her gift on Aslan rarely ended well,
"Tora, you know that you and I are similar, you will only be graced with love once and someday that love of yours will die." Tora scoffed,
"And I will follow him into the abyss." She said before turning and leaving him. Her mind angry with her father, while he was sat hiding, Narnia was becoming more and more under the Witch's power. Tora felt lost. Alone.

Orion was deep in the woods for 5 years on his hunt when he found the girl, like Tora had told him, instinct led him to the girl. He watched as a pack of wolves surrounded her and she easily fought them all away. Orion moved from the trees to beside her just in time to see another wolf, he pushed her away and Bellator bounded between them, tackling the wolf and tearing at the animal’s throat. Orion turned to the teenage Nymph,
"Do not be afraid, my name is Orion, King of the rivers and oceans, I mean you no harm. This is Bellator, he poses no risk to you. We come to you now with an offer." She lowered her swords and raised a mint green eyebrow,
"I want you to become a Guardian of Narnia, you will protect the rightful Kings and Queens, defend Narnia from invasion, and protect all Narnians." The girl nodded,
"My name is Coral. I accept your offer." Orion smiled. He took Coral’s hand, magic flared around them, Orion knew this would happen from what Tora had told him about her magic binding to Mia, he didn’t expect it to be quite so intense. It felt as though every fibre inside of him was joining with Coral, it was borderline painful but it didn’t last long.

For 70 years Orion, Tora, Mia, Coral, Bellator, and Novissime fought together to protect Narnia. The White Witch had caused pain and suffering on Narnians for 100 years now and they were no closer to defeating her than before. All they knew was a prophecy that said; 'when Adam's flesh and Adam's bone, sits at Cair Paravel in throne, the evil time will be over and done, and one final battle will be won.'

Aslan summoned the Guardian's to the camp at the stone table. The group arrived and to be fair were fairly confused.
"Dad. What are we doing here?" Tora asked, she was a woman of few words but when she spoke she used the right words,
"The time has arrived for the Witch's reign to end." He told them,
"And just how are we going to do that? We've been fighting her together for 70 years and have gotten nowhere." Orion pointed out,
"You are going to go to the human world, Orion, and lead the 4 humans to Narnia, Mia will be waiting with Tumnus and Bellator to help bring them here as will Coral and the Beaver's." Tora stood up,
"No. The human world? Dad he's never even set foot there, he doesn't know how to act!" Tora was furious at the idea,
"That is what will happen Tora. He will leave tomorrow at sunrise." Tora stormed from the tent followed by Novissime.

The next morning was dull, the sky darker than normal, the breeze empty, the water lifeless. Orion hugged Tora tightly,
"I will be back, Tora. I always am." He whispered into her ear before moving to let her go, she grabbed his hand and placed a locket in his hand,
"Take this with you. It'll keep you safe." Orion pulled her into another hug before Aslan came over.
"It's time." Within a split second, Orion had disappeared, leaving Narnia and his family behind to step into the human world.