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Conversations after the Chaos

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Tim and Harry watched as Mewtwo flew away. Harry, just separated from Pikachu looked at Tim in wonder and concern and asked “Are you alright? Are you hurt? Please, you have to be alright…”

Tim cut his father off “I’m alright, don’t worry. How about you? And Pikachu?” Tim looked at Pikachu, who was gently leaning against Harry. His actual partner, Tim thought a bit sadly.

“Pika pika,” Pikachu said with glee.

“I’m okay kid,” Harry responded, still gazing at Tim as if he couldn’t believe he was here, confusing him. Technically I’ve been with him for a few days while he was an amnesiac Pikachu…unless he doesn’t remember, Tim realized with a pang in his chest.

“Do you remember what happened?” Tim questioned softly.

Harry shook his head. “I remember the crash, and next thing I knew I was here, with you,” he said, looking at Tim with a look that was filled with love, confusion, and awe. He remembered being merged with Pikachu, but only vaguely.

Tim nodded sadly “Oh, okay. Well, you should go see a paramedic to make sure you’re okay.” Tim was happy that Harry was alive and well, but was at the same time upset that his father didn’t remember any of the bonding they did while trying to solve his own disappearance. Tim stood and helped Harry off the ground, wincing in the process and praying that his father didn’t notice. Of course, Harry, being a world class detective, did see his son wince.

“Are you okay?” Harry asked in a panicked voice, a look of concern etched in his features. He should’ve realized that Tim was hurt from the moment he saw him.

Tim waved his father’s question off as they began walking to one of the ambulances. “It’s just a couple of cuts and bruises, I guess all the adrenaline wore off.” Luckily, one of the ambulances was a few feet away from them. Tim helped Harry sit down in one of them and they quickly explained to the doctors what had happened.

“Look after my son, please,” Harry urged the doctors who were attending to him. He was fine, but he needed to make sure that Tim was okay. Harry had no idea what he would do if anything happened to Tim. The last time he saw Tim was almost a decade ago, and now he was here in Ryme City in the middle of what seemed to be absolute chaos with injuries.

Tim was quick to say “I’m okay, really. He was in a car accident.” Tim allowed his gaze to wander and spotted Lucy and Roger talking, presumably about Lucy’s big news story. He watched Lucy walk away from Roger and got up.

Harry looked at his son, alarm and sadness clear in his eyes. “Are you leaving?” Harry asked, assuming the worst. After all, he left Tim when he needed him the most, so why wouldn’t Tim leave now? Harry swore he felt his heart break all over again as he looked at Tim.

“No, no, I’ll be right back,” Tim assured Harry and he walked towards Roger. He exchanged a smile with Lucy as they walked passed each other before approaching the businessman.

“Hey, Tim, right? Harry’s son” Roger asked.

Tim nodded “Yeah.”

Roger then asked “How are you holding up?” earning a surprised look from Tim. “I guess I deserve that,” Roger said, knowing that he was rude to Lucy earlier, which Tim noticed. He also blamed himself for what his father had done. Maybe if he noticed earlier, things would be different. Maybe he wouldn’t have been replaced with a Ditto, Roger thought, which reminded him. “You fought that Ditto, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m okay,” Tim responded. “I wanted to thank you, actually. You saved my life earlier, so thank you.”

Roger was then hit with the sudden realization that he did something good throughout this entire mess. His mood lightened slightly. “You saved me too, I was tied up in that closet for a long time until you came along. Thanks.”

Tim nodded. He could tell that under Roger’s fake confidence that he was unsettled about everything. “What you did for Lucy, giving her the opportunity to finally tell her story was really great.” Tim was really happy that he met Lucy. Without her, he wouldn’t have solved Harry’s disappearance. He was glad she was finally getting her big break. Lucy deserves it.

Tim winced again while rubbing his arm. Who would’ve thought that fighting a Ditto would be so painful? Then again, who would actually fight a Ditto under any non-life-threatening circumstances? Tim suddenly remembered that he wasn’t the only one who got hurt. “You hit your head after you pulled me back inside the building. You lost consciousness. Did you see a doctor?” Tim asked in concern.

Roger was touched that someone was worried about him. He imagined that the entire city would remain wary of him after everything his father has done. Ignoring the pounding in his head, Roger replied “No I did not.”

Roger’s response did not satisfy Tim at all. “Well, you should go see one. You could have a concussion and not even know it.”

Roger could tell that Tim would probably drag him to a doctor if he refused. Hell, he might get Lucy to help too. Roger suppressed a shudder at that thought. Lucy was a tough as nails reporter who caught on to what his father was doing long before anyone else. Paired with Tim, who probably just became Ryme City’s hero? Those two could possibly do anything. “I will. But before I do, please allow me to apologize.”

Confused, Tim asked “For what?”

“I am sorry for the role that my father played in your father’s disappearance. I’m sorry that you and everyone else thought he was dead.” Roger said sincerely. He felt extremely guilty for everything that happened.

“It wasn’t your fault, Roger. You had nothing to do with it. You aren’t to blame for any of this,” Tim insisted. “Now let’s get you to a doctor.”

“Are you going to stay in Ryme?” Roger asked curiously as he and Tim walked.

Tim shrugged. “I’ll stay until I’m sure my dad is recovered. But after that, I’m not sure. I haven’t seen him in almost a decade…” Tim trailed off.

As the duo approached a paramedic, Roger said “For what it’s worth, I think you should stay a while. And I’m sure Lucy and your father would agree with me.”

Tim hesitated. “I’ll think about it. Are you gonna be alright here? I told my dad that I would be right back.”

Roger nodded. “Yeah, I’ll be fine. Thanks, Tim, you’re a good guy.”

Tim nodded back and shot Roger a quick smile before heading towards Harry. The doctors informed Tim that Harry was physically okay, but he should take it easy for the next few days. Understandable, since Harry is the first person to merge with a pokemon and remain that way for almost a week. After Tim thanked the doctors, he turned to Harry who looked at him as if he couldn’t believe Tim came back.

Harry questioned “Did a doctor look at you yet?” He needed to make sure Tim was okay. After ten years of not being there for his son, he needed to do this. Hell, he was surprised that Tim actually came back. Harry half expected Tim to get on a train and leave, not that he would blame him if he decided to do that.

Tim shook his head. “No, but I’m fine. Just some cuts and bruises, like I said earlier. They’ll heal.” After seeing Harry’s increasingly worried look, Tim sighed. “If I don’t feel well later on, I promise to go to a doctor.”

Harry nodded. “Alright, kid.” It was the best he would probably get from his estranged son. After Harry received a clean bill of health, he and Tim thanked the doctors for their time and walked in silence, except for the occasional “Pika” from Pikachu. Harry observed Tim waving at Roger and asked “You know Roger Clifford?”

“Yeah, kinda, it’s a long story,” Tim responded.

Harry hated not knowing things. It came with being a detective, after all, but apparently everyone, including Tim, thought he was dead for about a week. His son thought he was dead. That really broke his heart. It explains why Tim was in Ryme, though. “Can you tell me what happened?” Harry asked cautiously. He was terrified of saying the wrong thing which could make Tim leave.

“Well, Roger saved my life. After that, he got knocked out by a Ditto but I sprayed some R gas at the Ditto. Then I removed the device Howard wore that made him merge with Mewtwo, who separated you and Pikachu, and the rest of the city with their pokemon,” Tim explained.

Harry took a moment to take that in. Tim son saved the city and he saved him. “Wow, kid, that’s… that’s great. It’s amazing.” Harry felt so proud of his son. “But what about before that?”

Tim replied “That’s also a long story.” He hesitated slightly before offering “I can tell you everything when we get back to the apartment if you want.”

“I’d like that very much,” Harry said with a smile, which Tim returned.

“Okay,” Tim said with a grin. “Hey, Dad?”

“Yeah?” Harry asked with concern.

“I…” Tim began. But what could he say? Could he tell his dad that he loved him after not seeing him in ten years? That he missed him? After a bit of thinking, and ten years’ worth of resentment toward his father that wasn’t going away for a while, Tim settled with “I’m… glad you’re not dead. I’m glad you’re okay.”

Hearing those words made Harry smile brightly. “Me too, kid.” Harry felt a burst of happiness when Tim said those words. His son hadn’t spoken to him in ten years, but maybe he has a chance now. A chance to tell Tim how sorry he is. Even if Tim is planning on leaving Ryme, Harry is going to spend as much time with him as he can.

Tim and Harry headed towards the latter’s apartment. In the wake of all the chaos that happened that day, their relationship began to mend, and both Tim and Harry were happy.