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Class 1-g(A)y

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Iida Tenya added Midoriya Izuku, Uraraka Ochako, and +17 others to Class 1-A.


Iida Tenya: I decided that since summer vacation has begun, we need a way to stay in contact with each other. I would like this chat to be mostly devoted to making plans, but I know that's unrealistic, so just keep it relatively tame. @everyone .


Midoriya Izuku: This won't end well…


Iida Tenya: I'm well aware of that, Midoriya.


Midoriya Izuku: oh well.


Midoriya Izuku changed Midoriya Izuku's name to bone-hurting juice.


bone-hurting juice: if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.



Kaminari Denki: :)))


Ashido Mina: (((:


Kaminari Denki changed Kaminari Denki's name to Discount Pikachu. 

Discount Pikachu changed the chat name to class 1-g(A)y


Ashido Mina changed Ashido Mina's name to on acid.


Discount Pikachu changed Iida Tenya’s name to live-action sonic.


on acid: kami no.


Discount Pikachu: kami yes.


live-action sonic: I'm not quite sure I understand, but alright?


Discount Pikachu sent 1 attachment.


live-action sonic: Oh.


Tokoyami Fumikage: What a mad banquet of darkness…

Discount Pikachu changed Tokoyami Fumikage's name to edgy™.


edgy™: sigh




Kirishima Eijirou: hey chill out bakubro




Bakugou Katsuki has left the group chat.


Kirishima Eijirou: :/


Kirishima Eijirou added Bakugou Katsuki to the group chat. 


Bakugou Katsuki: fuck no.


Kirishima Eijirou: :(((


Bakugou Katsuki: no.


Kirishima Eijirou: :’(((


Bakugou Katsuki:

Bakugou Katsuki: fucking whatever...


Kirishima Eijirou: :)))



Sero Hanta: Well… that was interesting…


Discount Pikachu: sero!!


Discount Pikachu changed Sero Hanta's name to Sticky.


Sticky: that's fair. 


bone-hurting juice: no. 


Uraraka Ochako: why


Discount Pikachu: because ;)


Bakugou Katsuki: would y'all shut the fuck up. I'm trying to tutor Kirishima and he won't stop checking his fucking phone.


Uraraka Ochako: did Bakugou just say y'all?


Bakugou Katsuki: Maybe I did. You won't mention it if you value your life. 


Kirishima Eijirou:  bro not cool. 


Bakugou Katsuki:. Shut the fuck up and get off of your phone shitty hair.


Kirishima Eijirou: fiiinnnne, just let me do one thing…


Kirishima Eijirou changed Bakugou Katsuki's name to napalms.

Kirishima Eijirou changed Kirishima Eijirou's name to pet rock.


napalms: whatever. Now get off of your phone before I blow it up.


pet rock: alright alright I'm putting it down.


pet rock went offline.



Yaoyorozu Momo: oh dear, I didn't see the notification until now, but I think this is a great idea Iida. 


live-action sonic: Thank you, Yaoyorozu. 


Jirou Kyouka: same.

Jirou Kyouka: and since it seems we're doing nicknames…


Jirou Kyouka changed Jirou Kyouka's name to dongle.

dongle changed Yaoyorozu Momo’s name to God is a woman. 


God is a woman: awe, that's very interesting, I like it. Thank you, Kyouka. <3


dongle: asddfhjgkgllh 


Hagakure Tooru: I can hear the gay distress in that keysmash @dongle


dongle: sHUT


Hagakure Tooru: hey, I just call it as I see it


on acid: babe! <33


on acid changed Hagakure Tooru's name to my dearest crystal queer <3.


my dearest crystal queer <3: babe, that's so sweet! 


on acid: you're so sweet <3


my dearest crystal queer <3: no u <3


Pissbaby: you're both pretty sweet ;P


napalms: if you go anywhere near any of my friends or their significant others, I will fucking blast you into the next dimension. Got it, bitch?


Pissbaby: MHM 


on acid: Bakugou, defender of gays. (Thanks)


napalms: fucking whatever, would've done it for anyone, I hate that little creep.


Discount Pikachu: awe you do care! 


napalms: fuck off



Pissbaby: what's with my name? Everyone else's had their actual names and I haven't been online enough for someone to change it.


This nickname has been locked for the next 24 hours. 


Pissbaby: what? Why?


live-action sonic: 


bone-hurting juice: Iida doesn't want to admit that he locked the name and set it to reset the timer anytime m*neta interacts with the chat.


dongle: holy shit, iida, that's great

dongle: but I'll raise you one better


dongle has kicked Pissbaby from the chat.


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Hagakure Tooru added Uraraka Ochako, Asui Tsuyu, Ashido Mina, Jirou Kyouka, and Yaoyorozu Momo to Gal pals group dm.


Hagakure Tooru: I've gathered you all here to discuss our plans to use the pool this summer


Uraraka Ochako: I thought we already discussed it though?


Ashido Mina: yeah, did something happen babe?


Hagakure Tooru: yes. 

Hagakure Tooru: m*neta discussing plans with Kaminari about trying to also use the pool, and knowing that little creep, he probably just wants to have a reason to see us in our bathing suits.


Ashido Mina: ugh, that little perv ruins everything :( 


Hagakure Tooru: yeah

Hagakure Tooru: it's a bit too late to not use the pool since we already got our application approved, so I was thinking instead of giving the perv what he wants, we all wear our school bathing suits. Y'know, the body suit ones?


Uraraka Ochako: that's a good idea


Ashido Mina: It is a good idea, but damn, I was really excited to show off my new suit as well :(


Yaoyorozu Momo: After this time, all of you could visit at my house and use our pool. I believe it's at least a big as the school pool. I've been meaning to ask people over again since after the tutoring sessions I held anyway! 


Jirou Kyouka: that's a perfect idea, yao-momo!


Asui Tsuyu: i agree, kero .


Ashido Mina: So, it's settled? 


Yaoyorozu Momo: I believe so.


Ashido Mina: hell yeah! I can't wait! Thank you, yao-momo!!


Jirou Kyouka: seconded :)


Yaoyorozu Momo: Perfect! I'll see all of you at the pool in two days then! Take care!


Yaoyorozu Momo has gone offline.



Class 1-g(A)y


bone-hurting juice: M*neta and Kaminari approached me with the idea to use the school pool for endurance training! Our application just got accepted and will be from about 1 to 5 pm tomorrow if anyone would like to join us! @everyone


live-action Sonic: What a wonderful idea, Midoriya! I will definitely be there!


Todoroki Shouto: I will be there as well.


pet rock: Sounds great! Me and bakubro will be there for sure!


bone-hurting juice: you got Kacchan to agree?!


pet rock: not yet! But don't worry, we'll be there, albeit probably a bit late.


bone-hurting juice: well… alright! See everyone there I guess.



Shitty Hair



Shitty Hair: hey Bakugou, it's probably none of my business, but I was wondering why you looked so pissed off after you fell into the water and why you didn't change out of your wet shirt? 


Blasty McSplode: hah?! What's it to you, Shitty hair?


Shitty Hair: I care about you bakubro and I wanted to know why you had gotten so upset, but if you don't feel comfortable sharing, I understand.


Blasty McSplode: Oh fuck it

Blasty McSplode: My binder got wet when I fell in and I don't have another one to change into.


Shitty Hair: binder?- Oh! 

Shitty Hair: I wish I could help you out, but I'm really glad that you trust me enough to tell me bro!


Blasty McSplode: ...Thanks for being alright with it, Kirishima.


Shitty Hair: of course, bro!

Shitty Hair: and you called me by my name!





Deku: uh, Kacchan I saw that you got your binder wet… do you want to borrow one of mine? I have an extra one you can use.


Kacchan: fuck off deku. I don't need your pity.


Deku: I'm not doing it out of pity. I'm doing it because I've been in a situation like that before and it sucks. 

Deku: I'm dropping it off. You don't have to use it, but it'll be there if you want to.


Katsuki groans and throws his phone onto his bed, struggling out of his wet binder before collapsing next to it. Fucking Deku, always butting into his business. 


The doorbell rings no more than ten minutes later, and Katsuki hears his mother open the door. After a few more minutes, his mother calls him down and he collects the damned pity binder. Which he does end up using and did feel decently glad to have, not that he'd let the fucking nerd know.

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Deku: my god, uraraka, did you see them?! They both looked so good in their suits! I can't take it, holy shit!


Uraraka: jesus fuck, deku, ask them out already


Deku: W-what?! I can't do that!

Deku: It's also highly unlikely that one of them- not to mention both of them- like me!

Deku: plus, even if they did, I don't even know if Iida and Todoroki would be open to a polyamorous relationship. I can't risk my friendships with them over some stupid feelings!


Uraraka: i guess that's fair, but seriously deku, you won't know unless you ask.


Deku: ugh, I know, I just don't think I can just yet...



glorified aux cord



Explodo-kills: this stupid fucking crush shit is unbearable I don't know what to do


glorified aux cord: honestly

glorified aux cord: so what happened exactly?


Explodo-kills: we ended up in a honeymoon suite with one (1) bed for starters


glorified aux cord: lmao and they were roommates


Explodo-kills: fuck off, I thought you were going to help


glorified aux cord: sorry, sorry, continue on



Explodo-kills: yeah

Explodo-kills: the shared bed in the fucking honeymoon suite was just the start

Explodo-kills: he got us matching suits

Explodo-kills: like wtf?? How did shitty hair get my measurements w/out asking me ahead of time??


glorified aux cord: did he ask your parents maybe?


Explodo-kills: maybe??? But why? Why do that??? I asked and he brushed it off with that 'because you're my bro' shit

Explodo-kills: and I hate that just fucking thinking about it is making my stomach flip


glorified aux cord: oof yah, feelings are a bitch

glorified aux cord: did anything else happen?



Explodo-kills: yeah.

Explodo-kills: after the whole suit conundrum, we left the suite and ended up getting lost in the stupid maze of hallways

Explodo-kills: not that I actually noticed bc I was too busy staring at him in his really nice-fitting suit and his stupid shitty hair 

Explodo-kills:  I kid you not, he was glowing

Explodo-kills: then he went and took a hit for me during the fight on the 80th floor that def would've definitely put me out of commission

Explodo-kills: just,,, what do I do?


glorified aux cord: well… I think the best place to start would be thanking him? Y'know, for the suits and stuff.


Explodo-kills: whatever… I'll try.



Shitty Hair



Blasty McSplode: hey uh… thanks for getting and bringing those suits. They probably weren't easy to get. I… really appreciate it. [Message deleted]

Blasty McSplode: thanks for saving me back there during that fight too… I don't know what would've happened if you hadn't been there. [Message deleted]


Katsuki stares in annoyance at his phone. Everything he's written has ended up way too sappy for his taste. He just wants to thank shitty hair, not reveal his stupid fucking feelings for the guy. 


He lets out a long sigh and types out one last message and hits send.



Blasty McSplode: thanks for the fuckin suits or whatever, shitty hair.


Eijirou looks at his phone with a soft smile, watching as Bakugou sends multiple messages before deleting them in quick succession. He knew his bro wasn't really good with words or emotions or anything else the aforementioned boy would deem 'sappy shit', so it warms Eijirou's heart and brings a slight flush to his cheeks to see Bakugou putting so much effort into thanking him.


One final message pops up, which Eijirou reads over before typing up a reply.


Shitty hair: no problem bro! Anytime!



Class 1-g(A)y 



live-action sonic: With training camp only a few days away, I would like to take this opportunity to tell everyone to make sure they are completely prepared for the trip!

@everyone .


Sticky: thanks class prez.


bone-hurting juice: yeah, thanks Iida!


Uraraka Ochako: huh, I just now realized that I never changed my name.


Uraraka Ochako changed Uraraka Ochako's name to Elphaba, but pink.


Elphaba, but pink: that's better


Aoyama Yuuga: is that a musical reference I see?


Elphaba, but pink: yes it is


Aoyama Yuuga: ç'est magnifique

Discount Pikachu changed Aoyama Yuuga's name to Oui Oui Baguette.


Oui Oui Baguette: sigh…


Discount Pikachu: @on acid @Sticky everyone must be named, lend me your braincells.


on acid: Kaminari, we only have one collective braincell. 


Sticky: yeah, plus how many braincells could nicknames possibly take?


Discount Pikachu: you're right. Let's do it.


Elphaba, but pink: wait

Elphaba, but pink: @pet rock , you might want to warn Bakugou if you're with him.


Discount Pikachu: oh yeah, good idea.



pet rock: he has been warned, carry on with your naming.


Sticky: rad


on acid: let the name-pocalypse begin


on acid changed Satou Rikidou's name to Sugar Daddy.


Discount Pikachu changed Shouji Mezou's name to Handy Manny.


Sticky changed Kouda Kouji's name to human uwu.


Discount Pikachu changed Ojirou Mashirao's name to Kung Fu Panda.


on acid changed Todoroki Shouto's name to Katy Perry.


on acid changed Asui Tsuyu's name to #1 best girl.


on acid: it is done.


Katy Perry: i don't understand mine?




Katy Perry: ...okay?


bone-hurting juice: hmm…


bone-hurting juice changed Katy Perry's name to lukewarm.


lukewarm: this works too, I guess.



Discount Pikachu: we need a new purple boy to replace the one that got kicked.


on acid: i agree


dongle: who are you suggesting?


Discount Pikachu: uhhh idk


bone-hurting juice: how about Shinsou, y'know from general studies.

bone-hurting juice: we've kind of kept in contact since the sports festival, and I think he'd fit right in.


dongle: valid. Send him in.



bone-hurting juice added Shinsou Hitoshi to Class 1-g(A)y.


Shinsou Hitoshi: what's this?


bone-hurting juice: we needed a purple boi to replace m*neta in the group chat.


Shinsou Hitoshi: chill


Kung Fu Panda: oh,,, uhh,,, hi 


Shinsou Hitoshi: hey, uh Ojirou, right?


Kung Fu Panda: yeahh


Shinsou Hitoshi: right

Shinsou Hitoshi: I, uh, want to apologise for using you the way I did during the sports festival…

Shinsou Hitoshi: and insulting you during my match with Midoriya…

Shinsou Hitoshi: i didn't mean what I said during that match btw, I was just trying to rile him up

Shinsou Hitoshi: in all honesty, I really respect you for dropping out like you did, that definitely wasn't easy to do.



Kung Fu Panda: oh wow,,, apology accepted

Kung Fu Panda: and no hard feelings, you were just using your quirk in a way that worked for you.

Kung Fu Panda: though I won't lie, talking to you still makes me quite anxious


Shinsou Hitoshi: that's fair

Shinsou Hitoshi: could I possibly convince you to hang out sometime to give me another chance to get to know you under better circumstances?


Elphaba, but pink: that's gay


Shinsou Hitoshi: I'm gay, your point?


Elphaba, but pink: fair enough, carry on.



Kung Fu Panda: I- uh- yeah sure! That sounds good!


Shinsou Hitoshi: cool, I… appreciate the second chance, I know it's hard to do something like that.


Kung Fu Panda: yeah, but I'm willing to try.


Shinsou Hitoshi: thanks : )

Chapter Text

Eijirou stared dejectedly at his phone, which was lit up with messages from classmates in the group chat, as well as a few personal messages, mostly from Mina, asking if he was alright.


 He sighed quietly, dismissing all of them, not really in the mood to deal with them right now. Bakugou had been kidnapped and he hadn't- couldn't have- done anything to help him. Totally useless,that was what Eijirou was.


 He decided to lie down and bury himself in the comforting warmth of his blankets in a last-ditch attempt to make himself feel better.


It didn't last too long, however. After about thirty more minutes of moping and his phone going off, he groaned and finally decided to read through at least the messages sent directly to him and maybe reply.





Mina: Hey, Ei, just wanted to check up on you.

Mina: you doing okay?

Mina: you seemed really distressed last time I saw you- not that all of us weren't- you just seemed especially bad…


As he was reading, another message popped up. 



Mina: Ei?


Eijirou: yeah,,, sorry

Eijirou: i was sleeping 

Eijirou: and you're right,,, I'm not doing great

Eijirou: planning to visit the hospital in a little while to check on Midoriya and the others



Mina: i think that's a good idea

Mina: the whole class is planning to visit them tomorrow, are you going to come then as well?


Eijirou: yeah, I'll be there.


Class 1-g(A)y 



dongle: @everyone turn on the news right now omg


on acid: is that the Kamino prefecture? 


Discount Pikachu: yeahh, at least what's left of it.

Discount Pikachu: what's going on? It's hard to tell


Elphaba, but pink: it looks like a battle

Elphaba, but pink: all might's there, so there's probably nothing to worry about


#1 best girl: if any of you live in or around that area, please stay safe



Discount Pikachu: holy shit what happened to all might? 


on acid: Kaminari shut up I'm trying to actually pay attention 


Discount Pikachu: k I'm shutting up


Discount Pikachu went offline (1/20 people online)


on acid went offline (0/20 people online)

Chapter Text




Eijirou: Mina

Eijirou: Mina

Eijirou: Mina



Eijirou : Mina please

Eijirou: I'm having a gay crisis


Mina: i heard gay crisis?

Mina: what's up, Ei? 



Eijirou: i think I like Bakugou


Mina : you're just now realizing it?


Eijirou: what do you mean by that???


Mina: Ei, hun, I've honestly been under the impression that you've been crushing on him since the sports festival.


Eijirou: fuck really? 


Mina: mhm



Eijirou: minaaaaa What do I do????


Mina: idk Ei 

Mina: Tell him?


Eijirou: I can't do that!


Mina: well, idk? You won't know how he feels unless you ask. 


Eijirou: hhhhhhh I'll think about it…


Mina: that's my boy! 


Class 1-g(A)y



live-action sonic: I've decided to attempt to bring this chat back for the beginning of the term and for the fact that we'll all be living together. I believe a main form of communication between students will be useful. @everyone .


Discount Pikachu: neat-o


Shinsou Hitoshi: huh I forgot this existed.


Kung Fu Panda: same

Kung Fu Panda: also


Shinsou Hitoshi: also?


Kung Fu Panda changed Shinsou Hitoshi's name to purple aizawa.


purple aizawa: ah.


bone-hurting juice: seems like you two are on slightly better terms

bone-hurting juice: that's good :)


Kung Fu Panda: oh, uh, yeah.

Kung Fu Panda: we hung out a fair amount over the summer and I'm honestly quite happy to say that I consider Shinsou a really good friend. :)


purple aizawa: uhh yeah, I'm really happy that he gave me that second chance

purple aizawa: it's honestly hard to imagine a time when we weren't friends


Kung Fu Panda: yeah.


Elphaba, but pink: *squints eyes* 


Oui Oui Baguette: *joins in the squinting*


Kung Fu Panda: ?


Elphaba, but pink: *squints even more*




Mashirao: i think they're on to us


Hitoshi: it seems that way

Hitoshi: don't worry about it too much, Mashi

Hitoshi: i don't think either of them is going to do anything


Mashirao: alright…


Hitoshi: <3


Mashirao: <3





Tsu: I'm going to be in my room. If anyone asks, could you tell them I'm not feeling well.


Ochako: of course

Ochako: are you alright, Tsu?


Tsu: feeling bad about hearing that the Kamino group actually went through with it. 

Tsu: i need to talk to them, but I don't want to spoil their mood. Could you ask them to meet me out front after the night winds down? 


Ochako: will do


Class 1-g(A)y


dongle: would it be possible for me to get a couple of people to guard the entrance to the showers/escort me back to my dorm after? I'm worried about pissbaby causing trouble.



napalms: me and Kirishima'll watch the entrance.


God is a woman: I'd be happy to escort you, Kyouka


dongle: thanks guys :) I'll be heading that way in about ten minutes.



dongle changed God is a woman's name to certified sword lesbian.


dongle: holy shit

dongle: so I get out and Momo gets ready to escort me and she pulls out a fucking sword 

dongle: my god I'm so gay


certified sword lesbian: if you ever need me to escort you again, please don't hesitate to ask. 



Sticky: on the topic of gay stuff, what're all of y'all's sexualities/genders? If you're comfortable sharing. (I'm pan btw)


certified sword lesbian: oh! Well, as the name says, I'm a lesbian.


dongle: trans lesbian.


Elphaba, but pink: bi


lukewarm: gay


live-action sonic: biromantic asexual


#1 best girl: lesbian


bone-hurting juice: trans, bi, and polyamorous


live-action sonic: oh, I'm also polyamorous!


lukewarm: same


my dearest crystal queer <3: pan!


Handy Manny: demiromantic asexual.


edgy™: queer, polyamorous, and nonbinary (I use he/him, though).



on acid: pan as well! I'm also a demigirl, so I won't mind if you drop a casual they my way every once in a while.


Oui Oui Baguette:  I am bisexual and too fabulous for gender. (They/them)



human uwu: aroace and nonbinary (they/them)


Pet rock: I'm gay! 


Kung Fu Panda: bi demi-guy


purple aizawa: I'm gay


Sugar Daddy: aro-ace


Discount Pikachu: bi af as well as genderfluid (I'll drop a message if I prefer one pronoun over the others on a given day, but otherwise, I'll respond to whatever.)


Sticky: wait,,, are you saying our entire class has been lgbtq+ this whole time? Huh… that's unexpected, but really nice.


purple aizawa: what about the gross purple guy? 


on acid: he's bound to get kicked out at some point, plus he's a horny ratbitch so he doesn't count.

on acid: also @napalms hasn't responded, but yeah, those are still some crazy odds.



napalms: my sexuality and gender aren't any of you extra's business.


Discount Pikachu: c'mon Bakugou, we gotta know if the whole class is queer or not 


pet rock: bro, it's fine, if he doesn't feel like sharing, that's his choice. 


Sticky: anyways, we do have a confirmed 18/20 for the class, and a confirmed 19/20 for the gc.


Discount Pikachu: yeah, that's true.


Blasty McSplode



Blasty McSplode: thanks for saying what you did earlier

Blasty McSplode: i don't feel the most comfortable in large group situations, especially when it comes to talking about shit like that,,, 



Shitty Hair: of course! Though I hope you realize they didn't mean any harm with it.


Blasty McSplode: yeah, I do.

Blasty McSplode: i don't think I'm up to outing myself to the whole class, but I think I can handle the idiot squad by themselves.


Shitty Hair: !!

Shitty Hair: if you're sure, but don't feel like you need to if you don't want to.


Blasty McSplode : I don't do anything I don't want to, Kirishima.


Shitty Hair: right,,, do you want me to make the gc though?


Blasty McSplode: whatever.


Kirishima smiled as he read through the messages, a fresh wave of butterflies erupting in his stomach as he went. 


It took him a couple of minutes, but eventually he figured out how to make the group dm, quickly adding everyone.


Kirishima added Bakugou, Mina, Kaminari, and Sero to Bakusquad group dm.


Kirishima: so Bakugou had something that he wanted to tell you guys, but didn't feel comfortable telling the whole class.


Kaminari: ?


Sero: oh?


Bakugou: yeah, what shitty hair said, I guess.

Bakugou: I'm gay/ace and trans.

Bakugou: didn't want to tell the whole class, but I trust you guys or whatever…


Sero: oh neat

Sero: I'm glad you feel that you can trust us.


Mina: yeah!


Kaminari: nice! That means we're 20 for 20 for the gc!


Bakugou: fucking whatever

Chapter Text

Class 1-g(A)y



my dearest crystal queer <3: hey uhh, this is gonna sound kind of strange, but has anyone else had a problem with laundry vanishing from the laundry room? 

my dearest crystal queer <3:  I wasn't gonna mention it, but now one of my nice, expensive bras has disappeared and that's not cool.


certified sword lesbian: I've had a couple things go missing


#1 best girl: me too


on acid: same 


dongle: yeah


Elphaba, but pink: yeah



my dearest crystal queer <3: uhhh that's strange


on acid: yeah.


Handy Manny: I'm pretty sure I've seen m*neta sneaking in and out of the laundry rooms at weird hours, but I kind of dismissed it as Aizawa telling him he was only allowed to use it at certain times.


napalms: that little pervert 

napalms: I'm going to fucking blast him into the next dimension


pet rock: woahwoahwoah Bakugou wait


napalms: don't you dare try to stop me kirishima


pet rock: first of all, as much as he deserves it, I don't want you to get in trouble for whatever you plan on doing.

pet rock: second of all, I don't think I'll have to. It looks like Iida's beating you to the punch, or should I say, kick.


Elphaba, but pink: Holy shit


purple aizawa: what happened?


Elphaba, but pink: Iida and I were talking when he saw those messages and I just watched him storm into m*neta's room.


Oui Oui Baguette: he's got a death grip on him! C ela devrait être bon!



Sticky: everyone's gathered around the windows

Sticky: A pissed Bakugou and Kirishima have joined.



Sticky: oh damn…

Sticky: Iida just used his recipro-burst to punt m*neta into the principal's office through the open window.


purple aizawa: the principal's window was open, or he kicked him from an open window?


Sticky: principal's window was open.


purple aizawa: damn

purple aizawa: @live-action sonic i respect you so much


live-action sonic: It was just something that needed to be done.


purple aizawa: oh shit, a humble badass, quite the catch.


Kung Fu Panda: babe


purple aizawa: just joking around Mashi 

purple aizawa: <3


my dearest crystal queer <3: wait excuse me since when?!?!?


purple aizawa: oh shit whoops


Kung Fu Panda: it's alright, Toshi, it was gonna come out sooner or later.


purple aizawa: okay, and I guess that means I can do this.


purple aizawa changed purple aizawa's name to dating the tailman.


Kung Fu Panda: gosh, you're such a dork 


dating the tailman: :) <3


Kung Fu Panda changed Kung Fu Panda's name to dating the purple dork.



Elphaba, but pink: sorry to interrupt this cute moment (congrats btw) but deku is bright red and literally hasn't moved from his window spot for the past five minutes.

Elphaba, but pink: i don't know what to do. should I move him?


certified sword lesbian: I seem to be in a similar predicament with Todoroki.


Elphaba, but pink: oh gosh, Todoroki noticed Midoriya and tapped him on the shoulder, which caused him to jump and blush even more.

Elphaba, but pink: god this is such a gay mess



bone-hurting juice: u r a r a k a


Elphaba, but pink: what? :)


Teacher's lounge



The Principal!: The actions of a certain student have been brought to my attention by the class of 1-A and I would like to discuss the idea of expulsion of said student.


Yamada: Why are we doing this over texts? 


The Principal!: This is a matter that I wanted to handle immediately. 


Aizawa: let's just make this quick.

Aizawa: I am already fully aware of the student in question, and I propose that we replace him with Shinsou Hitoshi from general studies.


The Principal!: That's the student that you took as your responsibility to train, correct? 



Aizawa: Yes. He is quite capable, and with the proper training provided in class and my supervision, I believe he will make a valuable asset to the hero course.


Yamada: Well said, Shouta.


The Principal!: I agree, Shinsou will make an outstanding replacement. I'll finish up the paperwork tonight and Shinsou will join the class by the beginning of next week.


Class 1-g(A)y



The Principal! has joined the group chat.


Sticky: ??


The Principal!: Hello, it's me, your Principal! 


live-action sonic: Ah! For what reason have you joined our chat, sir?



The Principal!: I'm here to inform you that Mineta Minoru's expulsion has been finalized and that Shinsou Hitoshi will be taking his place as of today.


dating the tailman: oh, sweet.


dating the purple dork: Congratulations, Toshi! 


bone-hurting juice: Yeah, Congrats, Shinsou!


The Principal!: Well, with that handled, I will take my leave!


The Principal! has left the group chat.

Chapter Text

Class 1-g(A)y



Discount Pikachu: okay, so two things:

Discount Pikachu: first, she/they for me today

Discount Pikachu: second, we should host a party to celebrate shinsou joining and the rat's expulsion



on acid: firstly, noted, and secondly, hell yeah we should!

on acid: kami, you, me, and @my dearest crystal queer <3 are party planning committee

on acid: @Sugar Daddy can you make something sweet for the party?



Sugar Daddy: yeah, no problem. I think I'll skip out on the actual party though.


on acid: fair, and thanks.



on acid: the party will commence at 8 tonight!



pet rock: sweet!


napalms: there is absolutely no way you can get me to go to some stupid get together


Discount Pikachu: c'mon man, it's for a good cause! Plus, you don't wanna miss out on the Uno tournament


napalms: I don't give a shit about your stupid games, Sparky.


lukewarm: I didn't take you for a coward, Bakugou.





pet rock: there's the Bakugou I know and love! [Message deleted]


Elphaba, but pink: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


on acid: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Oui Oui Baguette: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


dongle: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



pet rock: shUT



napalms: what the fuck are all of you going on about?


pet rock: absolutely nothing, right guys?


Elphaba, but pink: yep. Nothing at all.



napalms: sounds fake, but whatever

napalms: just shut the fuck up, I'm working on homework.



pet rock: oh! Can you help me out on the math work? I can't figure out how to use the formulas.


napalms: fuckin whatever, shitty hair

napalms: just get in here now before I change my mind.


pet rock: thanks, bakubro!



Discount Pikachu: can you help me with the math as well? @napalms


napalms: no. Fuck off Sparky. I can only handle one of you idiots at a time.


Discount Pikachu: rude



on acid: @everyone get downstairs right now, the Uno tournament is starting! 



Elphaba, but pink: @napalms stop staring at kirishima and take your fucking turn


napalms:  shut the fuck up, I wasn't staring, round face!


Elphaba, but pink: the fact that it's been your turn for three minutes and you haven't played anything while looking at him says otherwise.


napalms: I'll kill you!



pet rock: bro, don't do that

pet rock: and I don't mind the staring, I know my manliness is pretty irresistible. ; )


napalms: dgfhjgkhlhl [message deleted]


dongle: holy shit Bakugou just keysmashed


Elphaba, but pink: don't worry, y'all, I got a screenshot as well as pics of him blushing. [message deleted]





Kirishima: please send me those pictures 


Uraraka: of course

Uraraka sent 4 attachments



Kirishima: t h a n k y o u


Uraraka: anything for a fellow pining gay


Kirishima: Tsu?


Uraraka: mhm


Kirishima: nice.

Kirishima: I wish you luck

Kirishima: Oops gotta get back to the game, Bakugou's trying to look at my phone to see what's keeping me from playing


Class 1-g(A)y


pet rock: alright alright, I played



bone-hurting juice: Uno



napalms: Uno





bone-hurting juice: I'm sorry kacchan, it was the only card I had left


pet rock: woah woah woah, chill out Bakugou





Elphaba, but pink: so wait,, where did 

kirishima drag Bakugou to?


on acid: to the gym to spar to 'blow off energy' ;p

on acid: i have a movie that was going to play later tonight, but ei said they should be back by then, and to go ahead and watch the movie.


Elphaba, but pink: aaaahhhh ;)



on acid: alright! Ei and Bakugou are back, so we're starting truth or dare! 


pet rock: alright! Who's starting?



on acid: guys, we're gonna finish the game that text, tsu fell asleep.


Discount Pikachu: nbd, I'll wake her up


on acid: Denki, don't you dare



Discount Pikachu: okay okay I won't wake her up, please stop sending me dms of the knife emoji


on acid: well! Now that that's settled, who wants to start the game back up?



Elphaba, but pink: I will!

Elphaba, but pink: Bakugou, truth or dare?


napalms: dare.


Elphaba, but pink: hold kirishima's hand for the rest of the game.


napalms: what the fuck, round face?


Elphaba, but pink: ;)


on acid: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  


napalms: how the fuck am I supposdd to tupe with one gsnd?


Elphaba, but pink: figure it out. 


napalms: fucc youu


dongle: why did he go to the kitchen??


Sticky: oh?



napalms: deku, you fuck, truth or dare?


bone-hurting juice: I'm going to regret this, but dare.


napalms: come into the kitchen.


dating the tailman: this is gonna be interesting…


pet rock: Bakugou, please don't kill Midoriya…


napalms: Deku, confess to any crushes you have currently or take a shot of hot sauce for every person at UA that you've had a crush on.


Elphaba, but pink:   ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



dating the tailman: did,, he just down the entire bottle, or am I hallucinating??


Elphaba, but pink: holy shit deku, how many crushes have you had?!


bone-hurting juice: y e s



bone-hurting juice: Todoroki, truth or dare?


lukewarm: after that display, to be safe, I'll say truth.


bone-hurting juice: alright, something about you that you haven't told anyone else?


lukewarm:  I have a conspiracy theory YouTube channel.


on acid: w h a t?!


lukewarm: yeah


bone-hurting juice: wait holy shit

bone-hurting juice: are you theorydoroki?!?!


lukewarm: yes, you've heard of it?


bone-hurting juice: how could I have not heard about it?? 

bone-hurting juice: you have over a million subscribers

bone-hurting juice: holy shit, I've been following your channel for at least a year, how did I not know it was you??


lukewarm:  I don't know? I know I've been following yours for a while as well. Hero theory, I believe?


bone-hurting juice: h o l y s h i t afshrjjgkhk



dongle: wow

dongle:  I know what channels I'm checking out, I guess.


Elphaba, but pink: same


dating the tailman: most definitely


on acid: yea


certified sword lesbian changed lukewarm's name to theorydoroki.



theorydoroki: okay.

theorydoroki: Shinsou, truth or dare?


dating the tailman: truth.


theorydoroki: are you the child of aizawa-sensei?


dating the tailman: uhhhhhh 

dating the tailman: kind of?


theorydoroki: kind of?


dating the tailman:  I mean,, I was adopted?


theorydoroki: but you're so alike?



dating the tailman:   I dunno what to tell you man

dating the tailman: kaminari, truth or dare?


Discount Pikachu: dare!


dating the tailman: seven minutes in heaven with Sero.


Sticky:  what?


Discount Pikachu: what??


dating the tailman: you heard me.


Discount Pikachu: shit,,, uh,, okay


Sticky: let's… go, I guess…



on acid: they've been in there for a while…


dongle:  ugh I'll get them.



Discount Pikachu: guess who has a boyfriend!!!


on acid: Hell yeah!!!


Sticky: thanks, Shinsou.


dating the tailman: thank Mashi, he came up with it. 


dating the purple dork: :)


napalms: that's sickeningly sweet


pet rock: awe, I think it's cute


napalms: whatever…


dating the purple dork: you're literally holding hands with kirishima rn


napalms: stfu, it's just because of the dare fuckass.



Discount Pikachu: yaomomo, truth or dare?


certified sword lesbian: hm… truth.


Discount Pikachu: what's the weirdest thing someone has asked you to make?



certified sword lesbian: m*neta has approached me before asking for things. I think that's enough said.


Discount Pikachu: gross,, yeah


dongle: ew


certified sword lesbian: Uraraka, truth or dare?


Elphaba, but pink: dare!


certified sword lesbian: stay floating for two rounds.


Elphaba, but pink: alright, but I won't be able to check my phone, so someone will have to cover for me.



on acid: i will 


Elphaba, but pink: thanks, Mina!

Elphaba, but pink: before I start floating, Shinsou, truth or dare?



dating the tailman: dare.


Elphaba, but pink: make Bakugou do something via mind control


napalms: fuck. no.


dating the tailman: :)



napalms: what the fuck did you make me do? I let you do whatever stupid shit and I snap out of it and I'm standing up and kirishima's as red as his hair.


pet rock: you… uh… serenaded me?


napalms: you fuckin purple haired dick


pet rock: no worries, man, it just surprised me.


on acid: lmao I filmed it


 napalms: you better fucking delete it you pink area 51 reject


on acid: hmm too late ;)


napalms: you fuckiagsgfbnhjdkfk



pet rock: okay, uh, me and bakubro are gonna retire for the night

pet rock: have fun with the rest of the game :)



Discount Pikachu: am I stupid, or were they still holding hands?


on acid: yes they were


Discount Pikachu: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



dating the tailman: continuing on, deku, truth or dare?


bone-hurting juice: truth!


dating the tailman: k

dating the tailman: so

dating the tailman: what the fuck is your quirk?


bone-hurting juice:



Elphaba, but pink: deku no 

Elphaba, but pink : okay, I think we should end this before deku drinks a third bottle of hot sauce.


bone-hurting juice: good idea, Uraraka!


Sticky: yeah


dongle: agreed.