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Chanced Meeting

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Asami's golden eyes widened, his breath hitched as his senses were filled with the smell and sight of him; the captured omega, a would be slave of some alpha, someone other than him.. another alpha

“Agh!” He bit into his forearm in attempt to get back to his senses, although looking away from the enchanting youth was the hardest thing to do, and called for his right hand man. “Kirishima! Get the beta squad!”
He forced his limbs to move, to get away from the naked beauty in front of him before he did anything he might regret. Still biting his flesh, the raven made two steps back, turning his body away from the run down carriage but that is all he managed to do before his control slipped away when hearing the whines of the young omega.
A hoard of men came after him as he stepped foot once more inside the makeshift prison, restraining his limbs and forcing him away from the other, from his mate.

“Sire, please calm down! Don't give up on your beliefs now!” His right hand man's voice rung in his ears, bringing some sort of tranquility to the chaos in his mind. Reluctantly, he let his body be dragged out of the way as many betas went inside the carriage, tending to their soon to be queen.
Once he was far enough for his thoughts and body to cooperate, the just ruler shook his comrades hands off of him and straightened his clothes, the alpha in him still burning with the desire to tend to their mate but he held back. Harming an omega was where he drew the line, where he would rather die than make such a creature suffer. No matter what, no matter how strong his inner feelings were, he wouldn't do anything, he wouldn't mark and claim the omega as his without the other's consent.

But it was new, this feeling… the feeling of being complete, like he was finally whole. This burning desire in him towards another. It was the first time he experienced it, and, he often wondered, whether there was something wrong with him; why he didn't react to omegas in heat like the other alphas did. Now the answer seemed clear, he had a destined partner, a fated one.

His eyes then traveled to the ones responsible for his omega's captivity, a group of betas who would've most likely sold the young blond to some sleazy king.
Had he not run into them… Ryuichi feared the consequences.


“Sire,” Suoh called as he slowed his mane to a halt beside his. “The enemy troops have been dispatched and defeated, there has been a large number of prisoners, around a hundred or so, and about fifty omegas freed from their clutches.” He reported. “The casualties on our side were few, and they are already being dealt with properly. The belongings of our soldiers will be taken back to their families and their bodies are being cleaned and prepared for the trip back home, so they can be given the true honor they deserve.”

Asami nodded, humming in thought. “Question the prisoners and split their numbers in half, leave an example for the opposite armies when they return. I will not tolerate anyone who dares try and harm my kingdom. Make sure they get the message.” He spoke coldly. The bulky soldier bowed and went to do as told, his face passive as always. Not long after, the raven ordered his horse to move from the cliff as well, knight Kirishima soon joining him.

“Sire.” He greeted his superior and the male nodded in turn. His golden eyes scanned the sky and, surely enough, his long time companion and guardian of sorts was breaking through the clouds. He whistled, a sign that he golden creature had to return, all the while the bespectacled man watched in amazement, the phoenix's beauty always entrancing him. As the creature begun to fall towards them, Asami sighed a gave his final order.

“Gather the troops, have them ready to leave by midday.”

“Hai, Asami-sama.” His right hand man bowed and left him alone with his companion. The bird sat on his shoulder and rubbed its head on his cheek, the familiar tingling of its feathers making him chuckle. The creature always was a bit clingy.
His eyes then scanned the battlefield and all that remained, his heart clenched, there was this bad feeling following him around since their earlier victory. Something would happen, and he wasn't sure what. “You can feel it too, can't you Nyx?” He spoke to the flame wielder. “There shall be storms up ahead.”


It was nearing nightfall, the sun was about to set and leave the place in darkness. The air got chilly and other than the noise of the moving army, all was quiet. Asami stood at the front of his troops, Kirishima Kei and Suoh Kazumi stood behind him. Nyx soared the skies up ahead, its yellowish feathers gleaming brighter in the last sun rays. The phoenix's large view of sight being their trump card to winning most battles as it would let them know if danger was near. Whatever Nyx saw, Asami would too.

That was the reason number one which caused their meeting. The second reason being the group of betas'betas' foolishness.

As they were nearing an open clearing, out of the woods and in close distance of a river, where they would be at the advantage should any surprise attack happen (Asami doubted it, but it was a possibility nonetheless), Nyx suddenly screeched and stopped its flight. With the phoenix's halt, the entire legion stopped its movement, waiting for their leader's orders.

The man himself had an unreadable expression on his face. “Sir?” His most trusted questioned as the raven's eyes became fully golden. Unresponding to the surroundings he was in now, his vision changed and he was looking at the ground from afar, in Nyx's point of view.
In his yellowish colored world he could make out three more carriages not too far away from where they were standing, if they continued walking straight ahead for another half an hour they'd probably cross paths. However the clearing was more to their right, a good distance away from the other party, and they would be too busy setting up camp for the night to notice them pass by.
The small carriages got bigger and bigger as Nyx flew close to them, hiding in the long dried grass and peeking at the males that sat outside. When the creature moved a little closer, Asami could hear someone crying and sniffling while a lowly guard of some sort sneered and kicked at the bars of the carriage.

“Shut up you little bitch!” He yelled, making the King growl from where he stood. “No use in crying, besides,” A sickening smile made its way on his face then. “You'll feel good soon won't you?

“Hey!” Nyx turned its head in the new voice's direction, allowing Asami to see a bulky man sitting with another near a makeshift table, some papers on his hand. “Don't comfort the slaves!” He laughed alongside the other two. As the laughter died down, he turned back to the paper on hand. “Hm… the nearest selling point is two days away. What a bother… think we can get a higher prize for all the hard work?” He questioned.

“Maybe so,” The man beside him spoke up. “Especially for that omega.” He smirked. “He'll be quite wanted in the market. Good looks and everything, plus the heat.” Hearing his words, Nyx quietly slipped away and neared the carriages. Sure enough, other than the crying of some, pants and moaning could be heard as well, they got louder as the phoenix neared the third carriage. Passing the other two, Asami noticed that there weren't just one or two omegas trapped inside, there were more than six in each carriage. His morals kicking in, the leader decided he'd give those three a good lesson when he freed the pronounced slaves.

Changing his field of view to turn back to his soldiers, Asami gave his commands. “There are slave traders up ahead, all of you, go set up camp as planned. Kirishima, Suoh and a beta squad will come with me.” With that, everyone went to do as told, Nyx returning to his side.

The sun set when they were just a few feet away from the traders, so the phoenix lit up the way, serving as a moving light. Two of the males, betas, he noticed, were setting up a place to sleep, while the other, the bulky one, ate contentedly near the fireplace. “'Ey, boys!” He yelled, “Haven't ya ever gotten curious to know what it'it's like to respond to an omega's scent? I mean, if so many alpha's want one so bad it'it's probably 'coz of their scent right? Must be good, since they such money makers.”

As he droned on, Asami made his appearance. Purposefully making noise so he could alert the betas of his presence. “Greetings.” He jerked his chin a little bit, there was no need to show these bastards any sort of respect. Nyx, following his lead, glared them down from head to tow as they gathered in one place.

“Right back at ya.” The bulky man, their idiotic leader, Asami decided, replied. “Who might you be, my good sir?”

“Merely a humble knight of this kingdom.” The king lied. “My fellow knights and I are out on patrol, King's orders.” He explained further, scanning the area with his eyes. Seeing as they weren't that close to the carriages, he couldn't hear anything that would raise suspicion. What would the man say?

“Ah,” The trader stood straighter. “W-well, must've been a long day for you gentlemen.” He stuttered, hinting at some sort of panic arising within him. Asami smirked, this would be like child's play. The traders were so caught up on his words that Nyx didn't even seem suspicious.
A phoenix served only a king, and only with a king would one rest. Looked like the betas were insanely stupid to not even know and notice that much.

“It has.” His right hand man chose to spoke up, those words being actually sincere. “We were hoping that this would be our last task of the day.”

“Oh?” One of the betas was heard. “And… what might that task be?”

“We need to check those carriages.” The blond knight said, making all three betas frown and begin to sweat. “Too much trafficking these days, so, if you got nothing to hide, then you wouldn't mind.” He elaborated and the others tensed even more.

“I see… But um.. As-As you can probably guess, we're just some hunters.” The bulky man took over once more, sweating bullets and stuttering, yet pointing at the different skins draped over the carriages' doors. “Do I look like a bad man to you?” He asked.

Bad, no. Evil, definitely. Asami thought, however he smiled and denied breaking the truth to the trader. “No, of course not.” He shook his head.

“See now,” The bulky leader smiled. “Then, there's no harm done right? Continue on on your journey, I'm sure you must be tired.”

“That we are,” The king replied, kicking his battle horse to move forward. “However, we really must check and see.”

No!” The trader dared to charge and block his path with his body. “There ain't nothing to see!” He yelled, by now, as desperate as one can be. And, while his actions were understandable, they were still unforgivable.
The raven narrowed his eyes, the phoenix on his shoulder ruffling its feathers and starting to hiss at the male.

“You dare stand in my way?” His horse neighed as he pulled at the reins, making the tame beast stand on its hind legs and almost hitting the trader with its front ones. Nyx flapped his wings on his shoulders in sign of danger and screeched at the man. “Step aside, peasant!” Ryuichi commanded, calming his mane enough to be able to maintain control over the situation and the lowly beta's emotions.
As the man cowered and whimpered on the ground, his two partners in crime were easily handled by Suoh and Kirishima.
Not delaying the inevitable any longer, the King made forward and neared the carriages.

Immediately he heard the sounds of despair the omegas made, cries for freedom and pleas for help. He hated hearing them. Oh, how he would break those lowly traders.
Not only were the men cruel enough to imprison the weakest of the weak, but they were so heartless that denied any sort of warmth or bare necessities except some protection from the cold by the animal skins draped over the doors and the side of the bars.
The carriages were far away from the fire, and far apart as well, the bars (the only way of seeing for the prisoners) faced opposite of the fire, leaving them in full darkness. “Lowly beasts.” Asami murmured under his breath as Kei approached him.

“Sire.” He stood at attention, waiting for orders.

“Get them out Kei.” The ruler wasted no time saying. Moving himself, towards the last carriage. Hushed words and whimpers mixed in together with the sound of the night and the male realized that this carriage contained the omega in heat. Seeing as his soldiers were tending to the other omegas, he found himself moving towards the small container. To his surprise, every small space to look inside was covered by animal skin. “Damn them.” Nyx hissed on his shoulder as well, flapping its wings to stand on top of the carriage and pick at where the covers had been caught in.
Asami jumped off his mane and grabbed a fist full of fur, tearing it in one strong pull, a new, sweet scent immediately filled his nostrils. Sweet and tempting… So tempting.

He didn't even notice when his soldiers moved to open the gate and free the omegas, he didn't notice all but one stepping out of the makeshift cage. Not when his Companion cried out in a sign of victory. He only saw the blond beauty.

Asami's eyes widened as he came face to face with the misfortunate captive. What surprised him though, wasn't the godlike beauty the other presented, nor that he was in heat.

What happened to come as a shock to them all was the fact that he was reacting to him. But while the shock faded away, it gave way to possesiveness and his eyes narrowed, a growl sounding from his throat.


The man lurched forward.