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Reckless oaths we swore to keep

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5 hours

4 hours



2 hours away from what could be the event that would change his life. Will is staring at a black hole, waiting at the event horizon, readying himself to be swallowed whole. He is hurtling towards the darkest dark, once inside, he would not be able to escape, even light cannot escape. “Point of no return…” he mumbles to himself. What would happen? What is ideal? “Is it ideal if Jack dies” a voice echoes, Will traces the voice and finds the source – Hannibal sitting in his desk the familiar fond look in his face.

“What are you thinking Will? I can help you decide if you let me, may I?”

“Oh… You don’t know anything; you don’t know me."

“I know you more than you know yourself, please Will let me help you.”

“Don’t say that” Will heard himself saying it out aloud.

Will could feel his eyes are stinging, a sensation of tears but his eyes are dry he blinks to get rid of the discomfort, and Hannibal vanishes, his chair his desk vanishes. Will is where he was since afternoon – his own bed, slumped, there is no energy left in him to pull himself up. Two hours left before he would be at Hannibal’s doors along with Jack, Jack is arranging for a team, and snipers, and they would be wearing wires, he would have to get to his car when Jack call, which is anytime now.

“Son of a bitch” Will throws the phone away, Winston is startled and comes up sniffing and wagging, making a low noise.

“Son of a bitch this man is, Winston” Will lightly pets Winston. Son of a bitch indeed Hannibal is he thinks, if only he spared Abigail there would have been no decision to be made, no dinner, no Jack, no deception. He tries to form some focused emotion but his emotions are blurred and kneaded into a lump. He is unable to hate him; he will not be able to kill him he saw that in the farm. He couldn’t watch him die either. Hannibal, son of a bitch, saw to it that Will is driven to a state where he was unable to live without him but would he be ever be able to live with him? With the unspoken knowledge of Abigail’s death hanging in the air, how could he share anything with him.

Will remembers the moment when Hannibal threw a proposal at him, of leaving with him. “We can leave tonight, pack your bag, feed your dogs, leave a note for Alana, almost polite” But more frightening than his proposal was the fact that Will had considered it. Why? What would be leaving with Hannibal mean anyway? What are they? Friends? Family? Enemy? Something more? Something else? Or everything put together?

Will’s train of thought is lost when the phone lit up, Jack… he thought. This is it then. Has he decided anything? No.

Does he know what he can’t afford to lose? Yes, probably.

He sits up in the bed, shushes Winston then reaches out for the phone. It’s not Jack, a number from the Bureau, Jack was not supposed to be at the Bureau now. After a moment of hesitation, he receives the call.


A mild sob, a woman’s, her breath hitching.


“Will, they got him”


He could hear his heart pumping against the rib cage.
“Who got whom Alana?”

“They got him Will, I was so blind, I was so blind. You were always right.”


“I know it is too good to believe.”

“No” he doesn’t know what he is saying anymore, he realized he should stop talking right now.


Will has lost the last bit of ability to converse coherently. He knew what Alana would say. He should have known all along.

“oh N-n-nno… ”

“They found her, she is safe now that is why I called. Listen we should not be talking over the phone, come up right now.”

Will disconnected the call.

Foolish, reckless man. Fool. Stupid man. “Hannibal! Hannibal!” he kept repeating his name, the name on his lips gave him some kind of comfort. Who is the bigger fool here, Will considered it for a moment. How could he not have anticipated this, Abigail Oh my God…

The sound of sharp breaths, Will turns around. The ghost of a man … he looks so different… mussed hair, wild eyes, creased shirt, blood on his collars and blood on his face… the man Will had come to consider running away with… Is that a drop of tear?

“I laid my soul bare for you to feast, but you didn’t want it” said the man, his voice trembling.

“Didn’t I?” is all Will could say, he felt a sharp pain he doesn’t know the source of the pain though, it’s radiating from the core of his body.

He locked the door and got into the car. He closed his eyes, there is only one direction that he could go now, there is only one thing to be done. He thanked Hannibal for making the decision for him. He opened his eyes and drove.