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cherub vice

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hi, i love all of you

that's no way to start a letter but, oh well, i've already done it now.

anyway, i still so floored with the amount of love/appreciation i've seen for this little story. like...i dipped out of writing fics for a minute so i really didn't expect anyone to read this story? and a lot of people did? and i still don't get it???

but that's not why i'm posting this. by the way, i'm sorry if i got anyone's hopes up. i just have no other way communicating with you guys (i deleted my curious cat & twitter a while ago and i don't really want to make new ones) but i still wanted to communicate my thanks to all of you.

the big thing i wanted to ask was...i've been sent a lot of art for the story and all sorts of things over the course of its run. when i could, i put links to those beauties in with chapters and summaries but i want to keep them all in one place and...i think...this is that place. i'd love for everyone who ever reads this story, now or in a few years, to be able to see the art and the videos (oh, god, that video). because it means a lot to me and i feel like it's made the story become even more of a real thing.

so, i'm linking some here but also, like, if you can -- please comment with anything i might have missed? i'd appreciate it. i love you all forever for making this story real, for keeping it alive.

okay, love you all, bye


trailer i love this baby

i love this (bike ride)

i lOVe tHiS

i luvv (first kiss)

just before the first kiss (oh my) 

the first time they met?? jesus christ I'm gonna cry 

movie posters????

y'all have spoiled me, thank you