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Whilst what had happened to Lan WangJi could most certainly be described as an inconvenience at best, Wei WuXian was nothing if not an opportunist, and he would be betraying himself if he didn’t take advantage of it whilst he could. 


The unfortunate thing that had happened was that on a nighthunt, Lan WangJi had been hit with some sort of a spell, resulting in his spiritual energy being temporarily sealed. Whilst the two of them had been assured that it was totally temporary and that they would likely return before the night was over. Since he had such a limited time frame to work with, Wei WuXian wanted to exact the plan that he’d been hatching ever since the two of them returned to the Jingshi, but unfortunately his husband had decided to grade papers instead of paying attention to him. 


Wei WuXian was on the bed, lay flat on his stomach whilst resting his head on his hand, watching as Lan WangJi carefully read over each piece of paper, making notes on them as he went along. Whilst it was a rather enticing sight, with Lan WangJi seemingly glowing in the candlelight, Wei WuXian was starting to get bored, and he didn’t know how much longer he wanted to wait. 


“Lan Zhan!” 


Lan WangJi paid him no mind, having learned over the years how to ignore every call that he made to him. He continued to look at the papers without giving him even a second glance, and Wei WuXian pouted.


“Lan Zhaaan.” 


This time, Lan WangJi looked in his direction for a brief moment, though he quickly turned his attention back to his work. Wei WuXian huffed, showing his clear displeasure at the lack of attention his husband was paying to him.


“Lan Zhan, I’m really bored. You should pay more attention to me.” 


Lan WangJi let out a quiet sigh, putting down his brush. Wei WuXian took that as a sign that he was allowed to bother him at last, all but launching himself into his lap, pulling him in for a kiss when he did. Lan WangJi reciprocated, of course, arms wrapping around his waist, holding him tightly. 


When the two of them parted, Wei WuXian leaned his forehead against Lan WangJi’s, wondering what the best way to kickstart his plan was. In the meantime, however, he gently caressed the sides of Lan WangJi’s face, rubbing small circles into his cheeks. 


“Lan Zhan, I think that with your spiritual energy sealed, our ‘everyday’ could be a little more interesting.” 


He kissed Lan WangJi again, soft enough that it had Lan Zhan chasing after him when he pulled away, trying to get more of the contact that he craved.


“Lan Zhan, will you let me do whatever I want to you tonight?” 


There was a brief pause before Lan WangJi nodded, which was exactly the kind of answer that Wei WuXian had expected. It wasn’t as if Lan WangJi would refuse anything he asked, after all, with him being all too aware of the power that he held over his husband. Any request that he had was hardly ever turned down, considering the fact that Wei WuXian had trouble recalling an occasion where Lan WangJi had said ‘no’ to him. 


He didn’t hesitate to kiss Lan WangJi once again, hoping that his spiritual energy wouldn’t return before he managed to ruin his husband, though that was a detail that he would be keeping to himself. Wei WuXian didn’t need Lan WangJi to know the specifics of his plan, after all, and things would be more interesting if he had no idea of where they were going, anyway. 


The moment that the kiss became heated, Wei WuXian quickly began to undress Lan WangJi, removing all pieces of unnecessary clothing. It was usually the other way around, with Lan WangJi stripping him before Wei WuXian could even begin to stop him, though tonight he was determined to have it the other way around. Tonight, he was in control, and he wanted to wreck Lan WangJi until he was begging. 


Perhaps it was a little cruel, though with Lan WangJi’s spiritual energy gone, his stamina wouldn’t be quite as impressive tonight. And with the spiritual energy that Wei WuXian had built up over the years, he’d easily be able to outlast him for once. Wei WuXian also wanted just a little payback for the way Lan WangJi treated him as well, though. He’d been subject to no shortage of merciless fucking, and now that he had the chance to take his revenge, he wasn’t going to let this situation get away from him. 


Wei WuXian tugged at Lan WangJi’s forehead ribbon, which came loose instantly, before he quickly tied up his hands behind his back. It was something that had been done to him a hundred times before, so it wasn’t as if Lan WangJi was in any position to complain. And this way, it was easier for Wei WuXian to do what he wanted without any interference, since Lan WangJi’s hands seemed to love to wander when he was left unbound. 


He leaned over as he tied the final knots, whispering into Lan WangJi’s ear. 


“Lan Zhan, you’ll be good for me tonight, right? You’ll let me do whatever I want to, right?” 


Lan WangJi gave him a curt nod, earning him a delighted hum from Wei WuXian. 


“I can’t wait to wreck you.” 


Wei WuXian moved around to face Lan WangJi again, pulling him in for another kiss, messy but heated , his tongue quickly slipping into Lan WangJi’s mouth. He revelled in the quiet noises that Lan WangJi made, more that he’d ever heard him make before, the effect of his missing spiritual energy apparent. Wei WuXian had thought that the loss would make him more sensitive, though he’d never really had the chance to test it out before now. Considering how Lan WangJi was responding at the moment, however, after he’d done so little, Wei WuXian knew he was right. Now all there to do was test just how far he could push him. 


And anyway, Wei WuXian still owed him for their first time, when Lan WangJi had taken him without a second thought for lubricant of any kind, and had slammed into him over and over for the best part of an hour. Wei WuXian was perhaps just a little bitter about that, especially since Lan WangJi had used his spiritual energy to stay inside of him for as long as he did. At the time, Wei WuXian had been a weak and delicate man, after all, since he’d had little opportunity to train up his body to be stronger, and Lan WangJi might have taken slight advantage of that fact. 


Wei WuXian’s hands travelled down his husband’s body, feeling up his chest as he kissed him hungrily, rubbing his thumbs against his nipples for good measure. The sharp gasp that Lan WangJi gave him went straight to his groin, and Wei WuXian could already feel his erection straining slightly against the material of his trousers. 


He parted from Lan WangJi, watching as the other gasped for air, face already slightly flushed. It was a rather arousing sight, one that Wei WuXian didn’t get to see often enough. Perhaps in the future, he’d see if he could get Lan WangJi to seal off his spiritual energy, as long as he was willing. Wei WuXian wanted to see Lan WangJi be just as affected as he was, to feel all the same things as he did when the two of them first got together. 


Wei WuXian didn’t waste a moment, moving down to kiss Lan WangJi’s neck, pressing his lips against the soft skin. Every so often, he’d mark up the skin, adding to the numerous bruises that already littered it, remarking a couple of fading ones as he did so. Wei WuXian really did love to mark up his husband, he loved being able to lay his own claim on him, and he especially loved the soft gasps that Lan WangJi made every time he sucked into the skin. He almost didn’t want to stop, though when he reminded himself that this really was just the beginning of what he’d planned, it convinced him to move on. 


After all, his goal was to get an honest-to-god moan out of Lan WangJi, and with that in mind, Wei WuXian moved to encase one of his nipples in his mouth. 


Wei WuXian swirled his tongue around the nipple, and the way that Lan WangJi shuddered against him made him feel extremely pleased with himself. He raised his other hand to pay attention to the nipple, twisting and rubbing and abusing it until he felt Lan WangJi buck into him from below, his cock hard against Wei WuXian’s clothed thigh. 


He pulled away, looking up at Lan WangJi with a teasing smirk. “Impatient, are we?” 


Lan WangJi gave him a stern look, or as much of a stern look as he could manage with his face as flushed as it was. Admittedly, it worked against him, though Wei WuXian found it rather endearing. 


“Wei Ying.” 


Lan WangJi didn’t really need to say what he wanted, because it was perfectly clear in his tone of voice. He smiled and started to kiss down Lan WangJi’s chest, this time only pressing his lips to the skin lightly, worshipping it in the way that Lan WangJi had done to him so many times before. Perhaps he was teasing at the moment, but he felt like there was no fun in it if he didn’t. After all, if he was to truly achieve his goal to make Lan WangJi feel exactly the way that he did, then this was an important part of the process. 


Wei WuXian reached down lower, pleased to find that his husband’s cock was already hard and leaking. All of this was clearly getting to him just a bit more than Wei WuXian had expected, though it wasn’t entirely too odd a reaction. It was just odd for Lan WangJi, with his spiritual energy fuelled stamina that took him beyond what was normal for the average person. 


He gently took Lan WangJi’s cock into his hands, lightly running his fingers from the base to the tip, watching with a smug look as Lan WangJi bucked his hips upwards. Wei WuXian purposely kept his tough as light as possible, wanting to drag out the teasing just a little longer. It wouldn’t hurt to do so, after all, and he really was trying to test the limits of what he could get Lan WangJi to do tonight. Perhaps, if he was lucky, he’d even get him to admit what he wanted Wei WuXian to do to him, something that was rarely possible. Lan WangJi wasn’t the kind of person who admitted what he wanted, at the end of the day, considering it far too shameless a thing to say out loud. 


“Lan Zhan, what would you like me to do, hm? I don’t want to do anything unless it’s exactly what you want, you know.” 


He made sure to sound as teasing as possible, putting on the tone that he knew affected Lan WangJi a lot on the other nights that the two of them had done something similar. Wei WuXian was nothing if he wasn’t a tease, after all, and Lan WangJi was very aware of that fact. 


“Wei Ying.” 


“You see, Lan Zhan, there’s just so much that I can do right now… it’s really too hard for your poor husband to decide.” 


Wei WuXian moved out of Lan WangJi’s lap, instead lying in front of him, propping his face up on his hand, so that his husband’s erection was right in front of his face. With an obviously fake pout, he lightly ran a single finger down Lan WangJi’s cock, knowing that it would rile him up just a little. 


“Wei. Ying.” 


Lan WangJi spoke through gritted teeth, and he really couldn’t help but smirk a little, knowing just how impatient his husband was becoming. 


“Come on, Lan Zhan. Not even one work? Not a tiny little thing for your dear husband to go on?” 


It took a moment, and whilst Wei WuXian could clearly read exactly what Lan WangJi wanted from him through the slight glare he was giving him, it seemed like he was really going to put aside his pride to step down to Wei WuXian’s teasing, much to his delight. 


“I…” He paused, taking a moment to gather his words. Wei WuXian found it interesting, the way that he acted as though what he was about to say was simply too shameless to ever be uttered out loud. “I want you to… in your mouth…” 


Pleased with what Lan WangJi had said, Wei WuXian finally took mercy on his husband, proud that he was even able to get as far as he had. He didn’t hesitate a moment longer, taking Lan WangJi’s cock into his mouth as far as he could, causing Lan WangJi to instinctively buck up his hips. Even though he felt it hit the back of his throat, Wei WuXian managed to stop himself choking, thanks to his nonexistent gag reflex and the years of practice that he’d had. Though, he did move his hands to hold on to Lan WangJi’s hips, making sure that he couldn’t make such a move again. After all, he wanted to be completely in control, and making sure that Lan WangJi couldn’t move in the way he wanted to was a part of that. 


He began to bob his head up and down, keeping his gaze fixed on Lan WangJi the entire time, watching as his husband writhed above him. He swirled his tongue around the tip, licking away what precum had gathered there, watching as Lan WangJi closed his eyes, a tremble running through his body. 


Whilst Wei WuXian had expected him to be sensitive, he hadn’t really expected him to be this sensitive, getting close to his release as quickly as this. Though, an idea sprung into his mind at the thought of that, and he decided to roll with it. 


It didn’t take too long before Lan WangJi shuddered, releasing into his mouth. Unlike when the two had first gotten together, Wei WuXian no longer choked when Lan WangJi came into his mouth, something that he liked to tease the other about from time to time. He loved seeing the way that his husband would turn red whenever he uttered something shameless, always feeling a little smug. 


“You really are sensitive today, aren’t you? Maybe… I should see how many times I can get you to cum, hm?” 


He watched as Lan WangJi heaved, his breathing still catching up from his climax, chest rising and falling a lot faster than it normally would. Through doing this, Wei WuXian had come to realise just how much Lan WangJi relied on his spiritual energy to give him the stamina to slam into him all night. It was an interesting thing to learn, especially since Wei WuXian was going to keep it in mind in the future, especially with his growing golden core. 


Wei WuXian pulled him in for another deep kiss, sliding his tongue into his mouth. The kiss was sloppy, mainly on Lan WangJi’s part this time, mouths moving clumsily against each other. When the two of them parted, Wei WuXian dotted kisses along Lan WangJi’s jawline, giving the other a proper moment to regain his breath. 


He stood up and went to retrieve the bottle of oil that the two of them kept beside their bed. Wei WuXian quickly moved the papers away from the desk, knowing that if he left them where they were, the juniors would never be able to look at them the same way again. Not that they hadn’t caught them in a number of incriminating positions before, but he was sure that they didn’t want their reports to be covered with suspicious stains. That would be a whole new level of inappropriate. 


Settling himself between Lan WangJi’s legs, he took a moment to appreciate the view. Whilst he’d managed to regain his breath at last, his face was still ever so slightly flushed, his golden eyes fixed on his every movement. Wei WuXian was reminded just how beautiful his husband was, and how lucky he was to have him. 


Even after years of being together, sometimes Wei WuXian would still slip into the mentality that he wasn’t quite good enough for Lan WangJi, despite how often he was told otherwise. It was a terrible habit really, but it was one that was hard to grow out of, considering the way that others looked at him, how they spoke behind his back. Years could pass, and he’d still never be considered good enough for his husband, who was perfect in the eyes of the world, the only stain on his record being Wei WuXian. 


The intrusive thoughts must have shown themselves in his expression, because when he looked up at his husband’s face there was concern showing in his eyes, and even if he was in such a state he still cared about how Wei WuXian was feeling. 




He smiled and nodded. “I’m okay, Lan Zhan. But are you really in any position to be asking that?” 


Wei WuXian uncapped the bottle, coating his fingers before moving to settle properly between Lan WangJi’s thighs. When he reached down, Wei WuXian found himself rather pleased by the way that his husband parted them just that bit more in anticipation of what was to come. He took a moment to appreciate the sight before pressing into his husband’s entrance, slipping one of his fingers inside. 


It was a practiced motion, one that he’d done countless times before, and Wei WuXian had leaned over the years the best way to work his husband open. After all, he was adventurous as his core, and switching positions every so often was enough to keep a spark going between them. Not that Wei WuXian could ever tire of Lan WangJi, of course. He was sure that he’d be enamoured with him until the very end of his days, when the two of them were old and grey. Not to mention the fact that he rather enjoyed the sight of Lan WangJi writhing beneath him. 


As he worked his finger into his husband, he started to kiss at his neck once more, gentle at first before his movements turned rougher, nipping and sucking at the soft skin. He chased after the quiet sounds that came out of Lan WangJi, the way that he moved his hips to get Wei WuXian’s finger in him a little deeper, the small whine he gave when his hips were held down to stop him moving. When Wei WuXian inserted the second finger alongside the first, he couldn’t help but brush against the spot that he knew would make Lan WangJi tremble, years of practice teaching him exactly where it was. 


Wei WuXian revelled in the shiver that he felt run through Lan WangJi’s body, smiling against his neck as he continued to loosen him up. Seeing his husband like this was one of the greater pleasures in life, and he always found himself feeling a little smug when he got him to react like this. Though, it was even more fun to tease Lan WangJi, and he made sure not to hit that spot again, even when he worked his third finger in. 


Once he was sure that he’d prepared Lan WangJi enough, Wei WuXian swiftly withdrew his fingers, finally taking off the clothes that he had yet to shed. He wondered how Lan WangJi felt about him being clothed this entire time, considering that stripping Wei WuXian down was one of the first things that he did every night. He almost considered taking him in his clothes, though as tempting a thought as it was he decided against it, knowing for sure that he’d get irritated with them in the long run. This wasn’t the first time that they’d done this, after all. 


He quickly coated his cock with oil before hoisting Lan WangJi up so that he was lay across the desk, hair fanning out underneath him. Wei WuXian had been taken on this table more times than he cared to count, though he couldn’t recall a single time that he’d taken Lan WangJi on it. Perhaps it was usually because it would only happen when he was teasing his husband to the point that he lost his patience in the middle of his work, and he wouldn’t even wait to get to the bed before he took him. 


Wei WuXian lined himself up with Lan WangJi’s entrance, and when he sensed no hesitation from the other, he started to push inside. 


With that movement, the two of them both let out a hiss of air in unison. It didn’t matter how many times he did this, the tight heat of Lan WangJi would always take away his thoughts for a brief moment, with Wei WuXian losing himself in the sensation of it. He recalled the first time that they had done it this way around, with Wei WuXian nearly climaxing straight away, overwhelmed by how impossibly tight his husband felt around him. With time, however, he’d gotten used to it, and had learned to stop himself from coming too quickly. 


When Wei WuXian bottomed out inside of Lan WangJi, he took a moment to allow the other to fully adjust. Lan WangJi was flushed once again, cheeks barely dusted red, but just enough for Wei WuXian to notice despite the dim lighting. 


“Wei Ying…” 


Lan WangJi’s voice was light and breathy, and Wei WuXian felt himself grow just that little bit harder inside of him. Lan WangJi sounded beautiful, he looked beautiful, and Wei WuXian was captivated by him. He brought himself down for a kiss, moving his lips gently against Lan WangJi’s, before slowly drawing himself backwards, until just the tip of his cock was left inside. 


And then, in one quick movement, Wei WuXian slammed all the way back inside of him, causing Lan WangJi to arch his back, letting out a strained sound that made him feel delighted. 


“Lan Zhan, tell me, does it feel good? Does it feel good to have me inside of you, fucking you like this?” 


He continued at a slow pace, slamming into Lan WangJi over and over, making sure that he felt frustrated at the speed he was going. Wei WuXian wanted to draw it out, since he himself had been a bit frustrated the other night when Lan WangJi had done it to him. It was only fair, at the end of the day. 


With each thrust, he tried to get deeper and deeper into Lan WangJi, trying to draw out as many sounds as he could from his husband. Lan WangJi was quiet in all aspects of his life, and sex most regrettably, only ever letting out quiet groans and hitched breaths from time to time. On the rare occasion that he did moan, Wei WuXian would treasure it, the sound like music to his ears. Even if Wei WuXian knew he could never get Lan WangJi to make half the noise that he did, he’d try his best to get a few precious sounds out of him when he was given the chance to. 


Realising that Lan WangJi was close to his climax, Wei WuXian quickened his pace, wanting to push his husband over the edge as quickly as he could. With practiced accuracy, he slammed into the spot that made Lan WangJi tremble over and over, listening to the quiet gasps that he let out as he did so. Lan WangJi was writhing a little, eyes squeezed shut as he tried to move his hips to match Wei WuXian’s pace. 


It didn’t take long before he had Lan WangJi spilling over his stomach, but before Wei WuXian could reach his own climax he pulled out, not wanting this to end just yet. He still had one more idea in mind, and he really didn’t want to have to wait to execute it. 


Once Lan WangJi came down from his high, panting slightly, he looked at Wei WuXian with narrowed eyes, clearly displeased by the fact he hadn’t finished with him. 


“Wei Ying…” 


He grinned and pulled Lan WangJi into a sitting position, peppering kisses all over his face.


“I have one last thing I want to do, okay? Do you trust me?” 


Lan WangJi gave him a nod, and Wei WuXian pulled him to his feet. 


“Can you close your eyes for me, Lan Zhan?” 


He was given a suspicious look, though Lan WangJi still obliged, probably knowing that he wouldn’t be let go until Wei WuXian had had his way. Wei WuXian guided him through the room, making sure that he kept his eyes shut. Perhaps this last idea was just a little too mischievous, but he really wasn’t about to let this opportunity go. Furthermore, he was yet to reach his climax for the night, though he was grateful to the extra stamina that his golden core gave him. If it wasn’t for that, he wasn’t sure that he would have lasted this long, no matter how patient he tried to me. 


He seated the two of them down on the floor, pulling Lan WangJi into his lap so that his back was pressed firmly against Wei WuXian’s chest. 


“You’re keeping your eyes closed, right, Lan Zhan?” 




Wei WuXian re-entered Lan WangJi, pulling him down onto his cock, listening with joy to the shaky breaths that his husband was letting out. He pushed Lan WangJi’s hair to the side, kissing the back of his neck gently, feeling him shiver slightly at the sensation. After a moment, he moved so that his lips were just to the side of Lan WangJi’s ear, before whispering to him. 


“Open your eyes.” 


He watched in the mirror as Lan WangJi’s golden eyes fluttered open, drawing in a sharp gasp as Wei WuXian thrust inside of him quickly, watching as Lan WangJi’s face instantly grew a shade redder. Getting his husband to blush like this wasn’t an easy task, though it was worth every ounce of effort that he put into it. It was a look that suited Lan WangJi rather well, after all. 


Now, Lan WangJi was able to see it, and he couldn’t help but wonder how he felt upon witnessing the sight. 


“Lan Zhan, don’t you look beautiful like this?” 


Wei WuXian lifted one of Lan WangJi’s legs up, folding it against his chest, revealing the sight of his cock buried deep inside of Lan WangJi. He let one of his hands wander down, teasing the stretched out rim of his hole with the tip of one of his fingers, knowing how sensitive it would feel. Lan WangJi arched his back slightly at that, letting out a quiet whimper.


“All spread out for me, hm? I really don’t think that I can get enough of you…” 


He thrust in again, and Lan WangJi threw his head back slightly, revealing the long line of his neck. Wei WuXian was determined to get him to come once more tonight, and he really didn’t care how long or little time it took for him to get there. Perhaps he could push him to make an honest-to-god moan, if he was lucky enough. 


When Lan WangJi tried to turn his face away from the mirror, Wei WuXian tutted, stilling in his thrusts to hold onto his chin, turning it back to face the mirror. 


“Lan Zhan, don’t look away. I want you to watch, okay?” 


Wei WuXian continued to rock into his husband, slipping a hand underneath Lan WangJi’s knee in a way that likely wasn’t that comfortable, but it allowed him to stroke his cock at the same time. He was close to his climax himself, but he still wanted Lan WangJi to come before he did. 


He felt as Lan WangJi’s half-hard cock twitched to life in his hand, pumping it in time with his thrusts. Wei WuXian listened as Lan WangJi’s heavy breaths turned into gasps, and how his gasps slowly turned into quiet whimpers. He could tell that he was reaching his limit soon, clearly already past the boundary of overstimulation, occasionally making small fucked-out noises that were also hard to pick up on with the moans that Wei WuXian was giving. 


“Lan Zhan… you’re so pretty like this…” 


Wei WuXian slammed into him quicker now, forgoing stroking his cock in order to be able to lift up Lan WangJi faster, dropping him onto his cock. He could feel the heat pooling at the bottom of his stomach, knowing that he was close. His spiritual energy could only do so much for his stamina, after all, considering that his core was nowhere near as strong as it could be at the moment. 


“You’re so good for me... Lan Zhan, I… I love you so much…” 


In the reflection in the mirror, Wei WuXian could see that Lan WangJi had small tears forming in the corner of his eyes, which had long since been squeezed shut. The fucked-out sounds he’d been making were slowly increasing in frequency as Wei WuXian thrust into Lan WangJi’s sweet spot over and over again. 


“Wei… Ying…” 


Lan WangJi was doing his best to meet Wei WuXian’s thrusts, lifting his hips up and down to the best of his ability, though his attempts were clumsy at best. He was twitching and writhing above Wei WuXian, the image reflected in the mirror a captivating sight. 


“Shh, Lan Zhan. Let me take care of you.” 


It wasn’t long before Lan WangJi came for the final time that night with a bitten-off cry, shuddering above Wei WuXian as he continued to fuck him through it, chasing his own release. It didn’t take too long for him to follow, with the way that Lan WangJi clenched around him tightly, burying his face in the back of his husband’s neck as he released deep inside of him. 


The two of them stayed still for a while, Wei WuXian quickly moving to untie Lan WangJi’s wrists before holding him tightly. It took a few minutes for them to fully come back down from their highs, and exhaustion was about to settle in. Before it did, though, Wei WuXian knew that he had to clean Lan WangJi and himself up before bed. 


He gently pulled out of his husband before going to retrieve a washcloth, quickly cleaning the two of them up before they got into bed. Wei WuXian held Lan WangJi close in his arms, taking one last moment to appreciate him before sleep claimed them. 


“Lan Zhan… maybe you could seal your spiritual energy again sometime?” 


Lan WangJi let out a quiet hum against his neck, his face buried in Wei WuXian’s hair. He smiled, lazily stroking the back of his husband’s head, brushing his fingers through his hair. Wei WuXian turned his head slightly, just enough to press a soft kiss to Lan WangJi’s temple, before he finally closed his eyes, letting sleep claim the two of them.