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Star Damaged

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His body was burning with heat as strong as volcanic lava, burning burning BURNING, and the only one who could save him, was the Alpha before him . . . 

He clung tightly to heated skin and muscle, Omega instincts submitting immediately to a fresh wave of pheromones, losing all resistance as the Alpha took as he wanted . . . .

Pain was all but forgotten as pleasure slowly but surely took over, rising and setting off like fireworks in his mind, a constant rhythm of rising and sinking, rising, sinking . . . . .

And a low voice growling in his ear, rumbling, “Mine—”


“—Hey, wake up! You shouldn’t sleep here, you could catch a cold!”

The sudden sensation of someone shaking his shoulders caused Midoriya Izuku to snap out of his daydream, his disoriented eyes sliding up to meet the Beta nurse’s concerned gaze. In an instant, his guilty conscience made his face blush. He wished he could crawl into the nearest trash bin as he avoided the nurse’s eyes in shame.

Damn, although his heat was over and done with months ago, that hot night he had with Shouto kept popping up in his dreams from time to time. Thanks to his heat, he didn’t remember much from that night. Otherwise he wouldn’t know how to face Shouto...

The nurse could see that he was wide awake and handed him some papers. “You forgot to take your pregnancy results with you. Dr. Chiyo would like you to visit again next week!”

Izuku took the report and smiled sweetly at her as he carefully placed them in his backpack. Shouto was still working overseas, but he was coming back tonight. Thinking about the meeting tonight, he unconsciously tensed up.

Since the area where Shouto was located was secluded and confidential, it wasn’t until Izuku was well into seven months of pregnancy did he finally tell the Alpha. Recalling the shock in his voice once he knew about the pup’s existence, Izuku was a little nervous.

Was it because of the pregnancy that he was feeling overly sensitive? For some reason, Izuku felt like the Alpha wasn’t as happy as the Omega was...

The doctor reassured him, saying that some Alphas were like that with their first pup, their mentality would take some time to change! But it couldn’t be that, he knew that the Alpha was looking forward to fatherhood. Shouto would be the best father for their pup... and marriage?

What about marriage? Don’t tell the Omega that Shouto expected Izuku to propose?

He absentmindedly ran his fingers over the bite mark hiding underneath his collar. Although it was proof that they were mates, it didn’t mean much to society without legal documents. Just how much longer would he have to wait?

Izuku struggled to support his waist as he exited the hospital. By the curb, he was about to call for an uber when a loud engine caught his attention. In his peripheral vision, he saw a dazzling red sports car racing towards him. His heart flinched at the sight.

He took a few steps back, only to hear a loud screech as the car stopped right in front of him, just brushing two feet from his belly. That nearly caused his heart to jump right out of his chest. Tottering further back while protectively covering his unborn pup, he looked up to see a familiar figure stepping out of the vehicle.

“Itsuki—” He gasped in disbelief. How could she be so reckless? “—Are you crazy?!”

Itsuki Midoriya smirked at him before bursting into giggles as she started to walk towards him. Crossing her arms to hold herself upright, she swayed her hips as if she were on a catwalk, attracting a few eyes until she stopped right in front of Izuku. The difference between them couldn’t be any more obvious.

Her green hair was silky smooth and straight, pulled into a side-ponytail with the ends slightly curled, her red eyes accented with the perfect smokey eyeshadow, clear skin glowing with youth, adorned in a brilliantly red bodysuit that hugged her in all the right places and showed off her curves. She was already naturally taller than her elder brother by two inches, but that wasn’t enough for Itsuki as she took advantage of her high heels to look down on him arrogantly.

In stark comparison, Izuku sported some very messy green hair, similar to bedhead, a wild tangle despite his best attempts to tame it. He wore no concealer, eyes lightly ringed with shadows, and a smattering of freckles across his face. His old-favorite, oversized All Might hoodie, ratty jeans and stained red high-top combo didn’t compare to her very expensive outfit. Izuku felt pathetic from comparing himself to her.

“What? Scared that I’ll kill the bastard in your stomach?”

Subconsciously, Izuku crouched to protect his abdomen, taking another step back and baring his teeth at his younger sister. “Don’t you dare, Itsuki!”

“Dare? There’s nothing that I wouldn’t dare to do!” She snarled back, matching him step-for-step. “After all, everything’s all your fault! You’re the one who went into heat and did it with some random Alpha and got pregnant AND tried to trap Shouto-nii into marrying you! Tsk, tsk . . . Izuku-nii, you should be ashamed of yourself !”

“Wait . . .” Izuku froze, his head swimming with this unknown piece of information, “ . . . What are you talking about?”

“Hey, don’t tell me that you really believe that the Alpha who slept with you that night was Shouto-nii, did you?” Itsuki laughed maliciously, tilting her head back to share her glee with the world, before leaning back in to whisper spitefully, “Always saying that you grew up with Shouto-nii since you were kids with every other sentence, constantly claiming that you’re ‘childhood sweethearts,’ and yet you don’t even know what his figure is like?” 

Izuku grew paler as he listened, and despite the blindingly sunny day, his entire body felt cold. 

Yes, the Alpha from that night . . . he had only thought that Shouto was fitter than he had imagined after growing up. Now, with Itsuki’s cruel reminder, he suddenly remembered that other than the body, the Alpha from that night was indeed very different from Shouto . . .

“I’ll just tell you everything that went down that night! At the hotel while you were preparing for your heat, I held Shouto-nii back and distracted him long enough before he could join you. Out of the kindness of my heart, I found you two random Alphas to help you out. But who would’ve thought that another Alpha would arrive at the scene and kicked the other two out!”

“You, who kept yourself pure for so long just for Shouto-nii, gave it up to some wild Alpha instead!” Itsuki cackled in disgust, her true nature finally out in the open as her voice softened but remained as ruthless as ever, “And yet Shouto-nii was too kind-hearted, he was afraid that you wouldn’t be able to accept the truth, so he said that it was him last night!”

“Why, you . . .” Izuku trembled with anger. He had been patient with his sister, enduring all her nonsense up until this point, but enough was fucking enough. He couldn’t hold back any longer and grabbed onto Itsuki’s wrist. “Why would you do this to me? Why! Haven’t you tortured me long enough already?!” 

Itsuki had her eyebrows raised challengingly at first, ready with another poisonous retort on her tongue and about to push her brother away, when she noticed Shouto standing ten feet behind Izuku. Inspiration struck and she switched gears, changing her expression to a sad and pitiful one, pleading, “Izuku-nii, I know I was wrong. I understand if you’re angry, so take it all out on me and please don’t blame Shouto-nii!”

“What are you even–?” Izuku stiffened, bewildered by this sudden change in attitude. Suddenly, his sister threw herself to the ground, positioning herself . . . as if he had pushed her. 

“Izuku! What did you do–!” A scolding tone rose from behind the Omega. He turned around and to his surprise, saw the Alpha heading towards them with a cold, unhappy face.

“Shouto–” Izuku opened his mouth to greet him, but Shouto ignored and brushed past him in favor of helping his sister up. “Itsuki, are you okay?”

She practically pushed all her body weight onto the Alpha, releasing distressed pheromones and crying, “Shouto-nii, I’m s-sorry! I didn’t do it on p-purpose, I-I know what I did was wrong! I-I was just trying to a-apologize to Izuku-nii for causing all this, b-but then he-!”

“Shhhh,” he soothed her, rubbing comforting circles onto her shoulders as Izuku gaped at them in shock. “It’s okay. I’ll take care of everything.”

The Omega’s mind was completely blank as he watched Shouto help his sister into the car before turning back to Izuku with a serious expression on his handsome face. Watched as his mouth opened and closed. He talked for a very long time.

The Alpha spoke of their time together as childhood friends, of his struggle when he fell in love with Itsuki, of his anger when he found out that she had betrayed her brother, of his shock and guilt when he learned about Izuku’s pregnancy . . .

He spoke of how he accepted Itsuki’s apology . . . .

Finally, he said, “Izuku, I’m sorry but I cannot marry you. It’s not because of the matter of that night or this child, you know that I would love this pup as my own, but it’s because I . . . I don’t want to let Itsuki-chan down. I don’t want to deceive myself or my feelings.”

During these past few months, he had been taking Itsuki with him overseas, and after getting along together day and night, it became even harder to separate one from the other. Even though he was the one who had lied to Izuku for being with him during his heat for the sake of protecting the Omega’s heart, in the end, in the Alpha’s heart, Shouto had already chosen Itsuki.

So after knowing that Izuku was pregnant, he couldn’t bear to keep the secret any longer and as soon as he had returned, immediately went to the Midoriya family to explain everything to their parents, and to finally reveal the truth to the Omega.

“Then . . . . Shouto . . . . you knew all along that Itsuki ruined our one chance to be mates? For the sake of protecting her, you told—lied to me that it was you that night?” Izuku finally recovered his voice, only the barest trace of anger in the air as he looked at the ever cool and calm Shouto.

“Izuku, Itsuki-chan already apologized. She didn’t do it on purpose, she’s still young and impulsive–”

“Then what about me?” Izuku cut in, finally raising his head to look at his ex-lover, face full of pain and despair as he finally released his emotions. “Did you ever think about me, or how I would feel? Not even for a little bit?”

The Alpha didn’t answer right away, and after a long while, he reached out to the Omega. “The sun’s too bright here, let’s just go home—”

“No, don’t touch me—” 

Izuku pushed away Shouto’s hands and turned away, little gasps escaping his mouth. It sounded like he was on the verge of tears, but to the Alpha’s surprise, he suddenly threw back his head and laughed. Laughed with tinges of hysteria intertwining with his voice.

Living up until now, Izuku felt like his life was a joke.

In order to live in the same city as Shouto, he had poured all his brain-power into studying to get into a university close by. In order to please Shouto, he had given up his dreams of acting. In order to match his upbringing and background, he had abandoned his adoptive parents to return to the Midoriya family, clumsily trying to please those stuck-up, so-called distinguished figures...

And in the end, what did he get? What powered him through whenever he wanted to cry during tough times, wanted to give up? What did he get for all of his struggles, all of his hard work, all of his hopes and dreams?

In the end, all he got was one sentence: “I don’t want to let Itsuki-chan down.”

Midoriya Itsuki, not only had she stolen his identity, his biological parents, his dreams, but now . . . . she had even stolen away his childhood sweetheart!

Itsuki was still young, so her mistakes could be forgiven?

Then—who would take responsibility for Izuku’s life?

Who would take responsibility for his pup?

He even—he didn’t even know who that Alpha was from that night!

Izuku laughed, covering his face as tears fell in torrents, body shaking fiercely as he was swallowed up into the depths of despair. He walked off on his own, uncaring where he was heading. The Omega would rather be anywhere, anywhere but near these callous two who had viciously ripped apart his seemingly perfect future. 

Shouto watched as Izuku stumbled towards the road carelessly, as if he was stuck in a trance. He took one last drag of his cigarette and tossed it, just about to chase after him, when someone grabbed onto his sleeve. He turned to see Itsuki, who had a forlorn expression on her pretty face.

“Shouto-nii, where are you going?”

He opened his mouth to answer her, and in that instant he hesitated, a loud noise rang out.

Izuku, who had been last seen crossing the road, was on the ground curled up and clutching his abdomen. The driver immediately abandoned his car, running off into the distance with a few brave civilians chasing him down. 

“Hey you! Stop right there!”

“Help, help!”

“A pregnant Omega was hit—”

In the glaring light, Izuku could see two blurring figures, two oh so familiar faces he once loved from the bottom of his pitiful heart. Now, he could no longer stand to see them any longer. The cramping pain from his belly took over, pushing out his consciousness bit by bit.

He blinked, and fresh blood flowed into his eyes as the world turned black.